AREU5REAL wrote:
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I can't just drop everything and run off to Austin. I have mouths to feed. Did you tickle Mike's mustache? And ever get a photo with the Sprint Cup girls? Those broads are hot! And did you meet Kimi? That guy is off the chain, IMHO. By the way, the dude who posted about your mother is a fake, fraud, liar and fornicator. He might also be the one who groped a UTEP coed as is now wanted by the law.
Hell no, Mike's bigger than me. F-1 girls are much hotter, its cool when you need to look up at them . I have pic's of Kimi, Schumacher, Hamilton, Can't stand Alonzo. And others from the past. Glad to see anybody, but Alonzo win the championship . The NASCAR girls are dingbats. Watch a post race interview in winners circle. There nodding their heads like bobble heads. The best picture I have is, Big E sitting in his car. More like laying in his car, that seat was low & layed back