Fort Bliss soldier, 18, dies in car c...

Fort Bliss soldier, 18, dies in car crash in Northeast El Paso

There are 60 comments on the El Paso Times story from Sep 1, 2008, titled Fort Bliss soldier, 18, dies in car crash in Northeast El Paso. In it, El Paso Times reports that:

An 18-year-old Fort Bliss soldier was killed Sunday night after a one-vehicle crash in Northeast El Paso.

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El Paso, TX

#22 Sep 2, 2008
The times ran this article.
I'm sure there are civilian fatalities also, but something needs to be done about this. More driver's educations maybe. Maybe a lesson in responsibility. Too many meaningless deaths. Think before getting behind the wheel.

Soldiers in fatal crashes
Other deadly crashes involving Fort Bliss soldiers since December:

Aug. 15: Sgt. Joshua U. Rodriguez and Pfc. Paul A. Honto were killed in the 5100 block of Alabama after Rodriguez lost control of his 2004 green Kawasaki ZX6RR motorcycle.

June 14: Deron Kemp Rodriguez, 19, was driving a 2001 black Ford F-150 pickup south in the 4800 block of Dyer in Northeast El Paso when he struck four women crossing the street. One woman died. Charges against Rodriguez were later dropped.

April 9: Spc. Zachary D. Tucker, 21, died when he ran a red light on his motorcycle and slammed into a van in Central El Paso.

March 8: Mario Oscar Batres, 23, of the Lower Valley was killed when the car in which he was a passenger was hit during a suspected street race between Army Sgt. Trevor Leigh Fisher, 23, and Spc. Travis Enloe, 27.

Feb. 23: Pvt. Phillip Harris, 18, died when the car he was driving hit a rock wall on a curve on Airway Boulevard.

Jan. 11: Staff Sgt. Garfield Green, 27, died when his motorcycle collided with a tractor-trailer on Walter Jones Boulevard.

Dec. 29: Valerie Talamantes, 19, was killed when her car was hit from behind at a stoplight by a car driven by Staff Sgt. Edison Bayas, 35, on Montana Avenue at Hawkins Boulevard.

Dec. 22: Spc. Charlie Messer, 20, died when he lost control of his Honda Accord on Loop 375/Purple Heart Memorial Highway in Northeast El Paso.

El Paso, TX

#23 Sep 2, 2008
That's 8. While ONE is too many, how many OTHER fatal crashes, INCLUDING the one last night are NOT perpetrated by Soldiers?
irvin lee cady jr

Gainesville, FL

#24 Sep 3, 2008
he didn't just a bad decision!
i love him!
why did u have to go?
why did u have 2 leave me?
i was countin on 4-ever!
High School Teacher-Kirby

Interlachen, FL

#25 Sep 3, 2008
We are shocked and devastated over the loss of Irvin at his high school in Florida. Irvin was a great, well-liked, well-mannered young man. He has siblings, parents, friends, teachers, and JROTC instructors in mourning. Please do not talk about him as a number, a percentage, or in some other manner like he doesn't matter. He is not just an example of another person or soldier, in particular, that made a bad decision about alcohol or drugs. We all make, or have at some time made, poor decisions over any number of things. We, who are still here, just haven't been unfortunate enough to die from them yet. My condolences to Irvin's family. We loved him here at IHS. We deeply mourn the loss of his life. This is my third student to die in a vehicle crash. This is my fourth year at the high school. Please...young people, and old for that matter, if you're going to party, don't drive!!!!! It CAN happen to YOU.
~Rest in Peace, Irvin.

El Paso, TX

#26 Sep 3, 2008
Ahh I hate antimilitary posts. These people have no life and get attention by disrespecting the people they dont even know. They are just insecure because they dont have the courage that so many of these young people have. Insecure men I bet are the main ones posting that nonsense.
Josh H utcheson

Miami, FL

#27 Sep 4, 2008
so much life to live so much love to give
love grand pa
Josh H utcheson

Miami, FL

#28 Sep 4, 2008
Again wrote:
He just didn't want to go to Iraq. Mission accomplished.
he was not a coward like you
Josh H utcheson

Miami, FL

#29 Sep 4, 2008
Opportunity Knocks wrote:
<quoted text>
Good for you! Damn shame you can't leave. As if we give a fawk if you like it here. You're just seen as a walking wallet, fool, nothing more. I myself am "serving my country" and keeping the wives of soldiers who deploy company. I am their "USO" and "ACS". So please, Uncle Sam, keep keep sending us "heroes" so that we can cool stuff at the pawn shops. I will be seeing many of them the 1st and 15th of the month! Ca-ching! Huah!
best thing about texas is leaving it
Josh H utcheson

Miami, FL

#30 Sep 4, 2008
tiredofthischit wrote:
ANOTHER MILITARY dumb SOB.... Slow the Fk down. I'm so FKING tired of reading about this crap every day/week.... Speeding Motorcyclists... Speeding Motorists..... Get a freaking bike and speed all you want.... At least NO INNOCENT people were hurt.... Hey EL PASOANS, it's only gonna get worse with these "can't do anything but join the military people because we have no skills". How many people have died because of TEENAGE military ignorance while driving/riding a motor vehicle??????? I'm not turning a blind eye on other teenage dipchits either. Not all are military, but you do the math--at least a good 90% are. The other 10% are "I was gonna join the military but got killed before I could........"
Hey other BLOGGERS!!! Don't start of flame on me for the anti-military stuff. Save your breath.... I'M RIGHT!!! AND MANY OTHER EL PASOANS PROBABLY/MOST LIKELY/ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!!! So, before you waste your time replying, my dollar and a quarter has been said and anything you'd like to say to me---just blow it out your MILASS!!!!!
what a dumb ass you are
Big J

United States

#31 Sep 4, 2008
I have to say, after reading not even half of the posts here I am appalled. But I hold nothing against anyone for what they have said. The cruel, obtuse, and ridiculous comments are made in utter ignorance to the facts and how things work in not just the US military, but all over the world. I'm a good friend of Cady's and went through basic training with him. No. Not went through it with him, but endured it with him. He was not some stupid Joe that never once gave a thought to others. He wasn't some shitbag that only thought of himself. I will admit, he screwed up. We all do. If you say you never drive a bit too fast, or drink when you shouldn't you're a damn liar. But seriously. He was a responsible young man who I would have gladly fought next to and died for in combat were it to come to that. He would have done the same for myself and everyone else in his platoon, his company, and the entire battalion and more.

And what's more, think about it. The military is but a small percentage of the population of this country. Just how many people do you think die and/or kill people in vehicular accidents each year? The numbers are staggering whether its military or not. It's not just us Army guys, or Marines, Airforce, Navy or whatever branch a person chooses, that are getting into fatal accidents. It happens to everyone. It could happen to you harsh critics tomorrow. You don't know. Some 15 year old stealing his moms car to go for a joy ride could run you down in the street because he can't see over the wheel. You could fall asleep at the wheel. A piano could fall from the sky randomly and hit the top of your car as you're at a stop light, I don't know. Fact is, this stuff happens everyday, in every state, in hundreds of major cities. It happens all over the world. So please, don't single out this one young man, my friend and my battle buddy, as being nothing but an irresponsible shitbag, because he was far from it. He made a mistake and has paid the highest price for it. I'm not saying forgive him all his wrongs. I'm saying have a heart. We all fuck up.
Opportunity Knocks

El Paso, TX

#32 Sep 4, 2008
Josh H utcheson wrote:
<quoted text>best thing about texas is leaving it
Good for you! I'm also glad you're gone. Less inbreds from Florida to worry about.
Aunt Lissa

United States

#33 Sep 5, 2008
I was blessed many years ago by this beautiful boy coming into my life.Irvy was not only a handsome lil devil with a smile that would light up your world but also one of the sweetest,most loving children I've ever known.Irvy(although we'd like for them to stay little forever) grew into a bright,responsible young man.To hear someone talk about him in such a way makes me so angry I can barely stand to write this instead of going out there & finding 'you' myself to teach you a lesson on respect.I know you must hear about these kinds of accidents all the time...lucky for you you must be a perfect angel,never had made a mistake in your life.I'm sure your children are angels too and you have never suffered a loss this great.
Back to my wonderful nephew that we all will forever mourn.I am so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to have such a kind soul be a part of my life.He has always & will continue to own a very special part of my heart.I love you baby!
Your Aunt Lissa

United States

#34 Sep 6, 2008
Enough with hating the soilders. I had a friend who was stationed in Fort Bliss and he died Febuary due to losing control of his car. He ran into a brick wall. Now i have know him for 8 years and not once did he ever drink. That was not the type of person he was so quit blaming them for it.

Brownsville, TX

#35 Sep 6, 2008
As long as there are people who hate Soldiers, they will use any excuse to vent their hatred. We as Soldiers cannot use this luxury as we must respect all people, except those who attempt to kill us or harm our nation. Statistically speaking, not very many Soldiers are killed in vehicle accidents or even drink and drive compared to the local population. No, it's not the Soldier's fault and they should not be blamed for it. Who SHOULD be blamed is the idiot(s) in El Paso who sell alcohol to minors.

El Paso, TX

#36 Sep 6, 2008
hey who ever f**king is posting dumb sh*t about this young kid you never knew the kid so where do you have any right to talk anything about him he lived with me and was a great kid. So you know right now he is sitting up in heaven lookin at you dumb as$ sayin these idiot are really talkin this dumb talk and didnt even know me. And if his mom or dad knew who was writing this they would prop woop your as$ because i knew them to there all great ppl and yes this is the worst place to live and yeah all the mexican or what ever you ppl are we fu*k your wifes because they love us because were better lookin just like cady was. so to all you dumb as$ holes that are writing bad i hope you all go to hell and eat sh#t and some one hits your as# while your doing your job.

“I Love Life, People & Animals”

Since: Feb 07

El Paso, Texas

#37 Sep 7, 2008
I've lived in El Paso from 1973-1978 and 1986-Present. I've also seen the problems of drinking and driving along with related deaths on the roads throughout that time. And those problems still haven't gone away.

So, all some of you can do is bitch about one or all the soldiers who got killed on our roads here in El Paso?

We have had countless people (civilian & military) killed here in El Paso. What a shame that some of you have no value(s) about LIFE!

Other countries are doing things to decrease the deaths on their roads and it's working for them. So, what are you doing about it here in El Paso?

It takes the whole community coming together in fighting and changing this situation before we're ever going to see any changes or reductions on the deaths taking place on our roads.

Yet, I haven't seen many people raising hell with our city and county leadership about this problem.

Until everyone wakes up and gets off of their complacent butts to raise hell with the El Paso
leadership, we're going to continue seeing this problem taking place and seeing people killed every year!

Gainesville, FL

#38 Sep 22, 2008
i cant believe it youre gone i miss you and love you youre friend kaylee
Always his army wifey

High Springs, FL

#39 Oct 10, 2008
Irvin was everything to me..
you wouldnt even begin to understand..

i loved him so much..
and just to think,
i was the first to find out he was pronounced dead..

i miss him soo frickin much..

i love u forever baby =/
Always his army wifey

High Springs, FL

#40 Oct 10, 2008
Opportunity Knocks wrote:
<quoted text>
Good for you! I'm also glad you're gone. Less inbreds from Florida to worry about.
dude screw u! dont say that crap about my frickin boyfriend!
Opportunity Knocks

El Paso, TX

#41 Oct 10, 2008
Always his army wifey wrote:
<quoted text>
dude screw u! dont say that crap about my frickin boyfriend!
Hey, you talk shite, you gotta take it.

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