Shannons Mom wrote:
<quoted text>you know when this all first happened I was so upset and Hated Lindsey Lewis with a passion, but as time went on i started to realize that she did me and my family(Shannon's family)the best opportunity of a life time.Yes he is still in prison and will be for a while but he has such a different outlook on life now and can see clearly now.This has been the best rehab anyone could ever ask for.He got his GED, which he had wanted for a long time that he is very proud of.He has found out who his true friends are,which are very few, hes not smoking or doping he looks really good. Better than I have seen him in a long time He has made class 1A and will be leaving Tuesday to stay and work at the Governors Mansion until his release.He has a new girlfriend actually an old one that looked him up and they will be getting Married in November, so congrats to them.She doesn't and has never done drugs and is very supportive of him.So overall he is doing better than he has in a long time and better than if he was in ElDorado.This about sums it up for Shannon.There is one more thing I would like to clear up at this time.I DID NOT write all these post a couple yes but nothing like i am being accused of.I don't blame Lindsey for anything that Shannon did, only for sitting in that courtroom lying out her butt.Thanks Lindsey for the favor and giving me the chance to have my son back.Not the meth addict but Shannon Spooner himself.HE HAS A BIG HEART AND I HOPE he will continue handing it all to the Lord.Now, this is the real Mom of Shannon Spooner. Hoping that one day LL will be able to get a prospective on life and do the right thing.Getting high and being a drug addict is not life.
hats right LL, at least one good thing come out of your nasty, lying ass. But, I am sure it doesnt make YOU happy. So, whats the next step Skankaroo?