Man charged with lying about job, income

Man charged with lying about job, income

There are 22 comments on the Belleville News-Democrat story from Dec 5, 2007, titled Man charged with lying about job, income. In it, Belleville News-Democrat reports that:

“It's a clear example that when you are under oath, you're obligated to tell the truth”

An Edwardsville man was charged with lying in front of a judge in an 2005 child support hearing.

Treefon Siampos, 44, was arrested Monday and charged with perjury after he admitted to lying in the child support hearing about not having any income or job to provide any money.

'It was a situation where he was in the hearing because of the child support he was going to have to pay,' Madison County Sheriff's Capt. Brad Wells said. 'At that time, he told the judge he wasn't working and didn't have any income to pay.' Read more

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Saint Louis, MO

#2 Dec 11, 2007
I would like to know how this man was arrested for perjury when I,along with many other mothers in Madison County do not receive child support on a regular basis and, quite honestly, my ex has lied in court on numerous occasions about his employment status and has never been charged with perjury. Lying in Madison County courthouse amongst non-custodial parents is a normal, expected, and accepted occurence. If the non-custodial parent is required to pay his support and actually take care of his child or children then there is no reason for lawyers and no reason to pay them. Which is why judges, who are lawyers, are reluctant to push the child support issue. They know that these irresponsible parents would rather pay them than their support. This occurence is strange to me. I would like to know what avenues I have to go through to get my own case treated in the same manner. I also posted a comment to this same effect yesterday and it is no longer posted here. I also find that strange. I will continue to post until I see my comment permanently posted I feel it is important that this issue get out.

Since: Jan 08

Downers Grove, IL

#3 Jan 1, 2008
I am with you irritated- I wanna know too! My ex OWNS a barber shop that stays packed with customers (I put him through the program and investested in the barbershop- he contributed nothing) yet he has been able to get away with only paying $35 a week for each of our 2 kids no matter how many times I tried to get it modified! He even offered to cut the judge's hair after lying about only making $250 a week... and the judge just lets him continue to get away with it- he says he "has to take his word for it since he gets paid from his clients in cash". UNBELIEVABLE!!
2 cents

Saint Louis, MO

#4 Jan 12, 2008

your post looked like it has a flare for pro female agendas. men get custody too and females lie just as much as men do in court. i just figured i would toss that in before this topic becomes bloated and becomes flamed due to gender bias and politics.

Saint Louis, MO

#5 Jan 30, 2008
2 cents wrote:
your post looked like it has a flare for pro female agendas. men get custody too and females lie just as much as men do in court. i just figured i would toss that in before this topic becomes bloated and becomes flamed due to gender bias and politics.
To set the record straight. I did not at any time mention that this was a gender issue in my response. It is an irresponsible parent issue. I really get annoyed when father's rights activists try to make this a gender issue. It isn't the female activists it's the lawyers, who can make more money of of non-custodial parents than custodial parents since they usually do better after a break-up with no children to support. It's the common problem of greed standing in the way of our children's financial stability. I say these parents have no children to support because in this state child support is not a requirement. It doesn't matter if a person is black, white, fat, thin, male, female or anything else. You make a child you have a responsibility to take care of them if you lie in court you need to face consequences and that isn't happening in this state. It needs to. A simple way to have that happen is to vote any judge in office out of office. It's obvious that across the board they aren't doing the job they're supposed to be doing. They are corrupt and are acually causing the residents of this state to have high health insurance and few qualified doctors to choose from. Let's let these judges know that we are not satisfied with the poor job they're doing.

Granite City, IL

#6 Feb 5, 2008
My ex lied in court on several occasions. His accountant faxed 2 different W2's on accident.
I have a 18 page order that said he lied 23 times.
I would like to know who to talk to on this perjury issue also.
Another State

Nashville, TN

#7 May 25, 2008
I too, am in the same dilemma. The court accepts whatever is told to them by the other party. Even though my ex owns an airplane, takes lavish vacations, drives brand new luxury autos and lives in a small mansion. He gets away with saying his business only makes $25,000. a year and he can not pay. In the meantime he continuously harasses me through the court system over any little perceived wrong that he believes I have done in mot keeping up my reports to him. The system has become totally whacked and needs an overhaul. In the meantime, I drive a 10 yr old car, work full time, pay all health care costs and pray that no emergencies arise

United States

#8 Jun 10, 2008
The total amount of child support contained in my agreement with my ex-wife was approximately $35,500. I paid every last cent of my child support obligation owed to my ex-wife plus about $4,500 more because of a bonus I received over the course of five years. What do you suppose the got me? All I got was a lot of bitc**ng and complaining, a strained relationship that eventually broke down, estranged children who have no bearing on my life and I have no bearing on their own, insults, snubbing, etc.

Recently I saw a CNN or Fox news report about how many people (both male and female) who are avoiding marriage today. The number of men who are avoiding the “big plunge” is growing and when asked, they state they are not afraid of marriage but they are very afraid of marrying the wrong person (translation – drama queen “goddess” with a giant sense of entitlement). The way I saw it, I was “damned if I did and damned if I didn’t”. Any young person (especially a young man) who bothered to ask me my thoughts on marriage / kids – I’d tell them “Don’t bother. It is a vastly overrated source of happiness at best, a long term exercise in irritation management at mediocre, and a royal pain in the a** at the worst.” Personally, I’m seeing the “end of the tunnel” now and you couldn’t pay me a king’s ransom to risk going back on another train ride into “dysfunction junction” with another “goddess” at the controls.

United States

#9 Aug 30, 2009
First off, the courts need to look at litigants that lie. Period. Family court or no. Second of all, how are all these noncustodial parents getting away with breaking court orders? Whether it is support, a traffic ticket or any other kind of law. What's with this? I commend the judge for having the guy arrested. He not only lied, he broke the court's court order. If I was a judge I would be pissed. Think about how expensive this system is to the taxpayer. Why are people allowed to break court orders in this system, that's my question. And what's with these people running all over the country? If the schools had to deal with student running all over the country, and they had to search for them to teach them, this would end quickly. I think the system itself is teaching this. People who jump support, and let the welfare pay for thier children, or are allowed to run all over the place like "arrogant delinquents" should be called to the fore. Why should we teach kids to be responsible, when you have a government system like this? Kids get the message real fast. If parents can do it, I can do it. Why would we back a government system that shows kids bad behavior can be rewarded? This is getting to be chronic. People who commit crimes are being let out, especially sex offenders to do it again. Even though they have long wrap sheets. What's the deal here? Is this gender based? I don't think so. I've heard guys talking about how soft the courts are, and how you can get away with whatever. So they just pass it around. Kind of like students who think a teacher is a light touch. I see one post after another where the courts are allowing others to get away with lying, running off, not paying their bills, committing crimes. Look at our economy. Here's a bunch of people who are supposed to be responsible for the banks. What happens? They get bailed out, because we are in such dire straits. This system looks more like everyother system. The question is not with what's wrong with the "deadbeat", it's what's wrong with how our government treats all "deadbeats" in every area of the law. Just recently it appears that some judge let out a sex offender, and he held a girl for 18 years, because the judge did not have any insight? The guy had a "wrap sheet". I think the real question is how the law treats offenders in every area of the law. It's pretty much child psychology. If you let you kid run the streets, he will. So good for you judge. It's nice to see someone in the legal community that finally has enough "balls" to defend your legal post in life. Lying to judges, cheating on your income tax, running the streets with gangs. It's all the same thing. A lack of respect for the legal community. Three cheers for you judge!!!!!!!!!

United States

#10 Jan 4, 2010
Who knows who will finally make these people accountable. My ex lied about his income. He makes over $200,000 a year, claimed he made $42,500. I get a very small child support and alimony a total of $700 and I have my girl 95% of the time. I can't even buy a new tire for my car and he just bought a new vehicle, a plasma tv and a fingerprint computer within this past week. I haven't heard from my attorney since August of '09 and cannot afford another one while my ex pays a dirty attorney and is being able to live a life of luxury while my daughter basically lives in poverty while she is here. It's sickening that this goes on and knowing I'm not alone only proves that there something drastically wrong with out system. I called DHS because he kicked my little girl in both shins leaving bruises. I have not heard from them since in about a month. No one is being forced to be held accountable for their actions while others struggle and no one out there cares that a wrong is justified. Kudos to the blind system in a great Country.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#11 Jan 6, 2010
I think marraige could be wonderful with the right person and for the right reasons. If your relationship is strained with your children, my personal thought is because your personal issues were not set aside with your ex and a relationship was not built by love with your children, it was built on funds called ask your mother for it, I pay her child support.

United States

#13 Jan 20, 2010
My observation to all of this is that the Sexual Revolution directed at both men and women was a great mistake. I don't see having sex with people whose only goal in life is to flop into a relationship to fulfill their sexual needs kids are no kids is a responsible way to live. It appears the people who are not supporting their children want gradification up front, and then they will decide later up the road if they want to pay for it. It is sort of like living in your rental apartment for a year rent free, and then bailing. I don't think marriage has anything to do with it, nor do I think that the gender has anything to do with taking care of your responsibilities. I think we have a generation that wants instant gradification whether it be credit, food, cars, money or whatever. This includes sex also. What you are seeing is a certain kind of personality. These are you dine n dash freaks.These are the people that see sex like they see a hamburger. I'll gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today. Being with these people are like being in the car with a careless driver and hoping they won't get you killed with their carelessness. Back in the 60's when sex became a prerequisite to marriage and everyone wanted to experiment with their sexual lives all this occured. Children came out of these relationships. The need for personal rights out did the responsibility to take care of your children (ie do your own thing). Not only did people stop taking care of their children they stopped thinking about how thier sexual gymnastics impacted family and children, not to say how many of them passed around diseases. The only place people learn responsibility for their own actions is from their core family. You either are, or you are not responsible. Perhaps background checks of your future relationships might be helpful. Employers are running background checks on others and finding out how much people really do lie. Marriage is not the problem, what is the problem is people who are out for themselves and do not want to risk giving anything. Marriage and relationships to them is like lending them 10,000 on a promise. You may or may not get it back. It is my estimation that people who lie, men or women are out for themselves. They see relationships only in the light of what they can get out of them. Whether it be friendship, marriage, or parenting. I've had as many friends take advantage of me and lie, as people I've had relationships with. We are no longer living in a system that is that promote family life or any kind of cooperative living with others. The kids certainly get a raw deal out of the whole damn thing.

United States

#14 Jan 20, 2010
Since you cannot use more than 4,000 characters to post I will continue on this post. I think we go into relationships expecting things from the other person that they may or may not fulfill. I think we are a place in our society that people's words are worthless and have to be proven. It is my thoughts that our society has promoted free love and now they are paying for it. It's a crap shoot. Taking the time to really get to know who a person is before you make a contract with any of them makes sense. We are no longer living in the 50's where the majority of society fulfilled their social contracts. We are no living a society that promotes individual rights. This is the way the boomer generation wanted it, and this is what they got. Do your own thing. Unfortunately, or miserable society is now paying for the who damn thing. The Boomer generations ideal of the buy now and pay for things later is the cause of this, not marriage. We wanted to change all the rules and now we are living with our idealistic thinking. It is sort of like a teenager who wants a car, and we cosign for it, and they bail on the payments. Now they bail on kids and marriage. Another thing that is promoting irresponsible behavior is that the only goal in life is to reach the American dream faster than your buddy next door. This insane, low self esteem attempt to be rich has really cost us, and our children as we can see with the housing collapse. Was all that running up and down the freeway hours and hours per day to get ahead of your brother worth it? Do we really need these overpriced houses and cars and other things to make ourselves feel good?
This is where the problems lie. Think about it!

United States

#15 Jan 20, 2010
And last but not least. Judges. The American society votes you into these positions. How in the hell can anyone run up a 20,000 child support bill in our society and get away with it? This could never happen unless you have a judicial system that supports this kind of behavior. Not only is this a problem for the custodial parent and the kids, it is a big problem for the noncustodial parent. Who in the hell made up a rule that the noncustodial parent can run all over the United States like a wild animal and not take care of their offspring, and then to boot create a system that chases them at the expense of the taxpayer. This is like having two students in a classroom, and one has to study and the other one can just leave and get a good grade. And the government will get down on their hands and knees and chase them!!!!!!!!!! Lets see how many teachers, policemen, soldiers, firemen, doctors etc. are going to chase others to get them to do their jobs. And if your kids don't go to school they get thrown into juvenile hall the taxpayer doesn't chase them around. They court marshall soldier who don't show up and do their job. What's with the child support system? I can say it in one sentence. Is it gender biased? maybe? But I think their is another reason. FEDERAL FUNDING TO THE STATES. If judges are going to put thier signature on a court order they better back it up. Either enforce the law, or throw your damn legal books in the trash and forget it. Put up or shut up. People running all over the place and the society chasing them is not cost effective, and you are wasting this societies money chasing them, it could be used more effectively. It's and then you put these people on welfare!!!!!!!!!! If judges enforced the law and did not allow people to wonder around our society, then they won't. But you let them. Why? Because it is easier to get a federal paycheck. If you would stop letting these people run around you would soon clear up this problem and why would you need federal funding?

United States

#16 Jan 20, 2010
The thing we like about the Clint Eastwood movies is that he is a good guy who hauls in all the law breakers. He doesn't let them shoot up the town and get into drunken brawls and just sit in the chair. So if you have a bunch of lawbreakers who break court orders and they do it right in your face. It's no different then shooting up the town. Simple.
A court order, is a court order. How hard can it be?
What you are really showing future generations is that it is ok for some people to break the law and not others. Your very system of not collecting child support is showing children that it is ok to break the law, even if it your own relative. This is hypocrisy. So judges and lawmakers. Either you will enforce the law in our states, or get off the job and give it to someone who will do it. Setting up a government system to chase antisocials all over town because they think your court order is a joke and they just won't follow it is no different then the drunk who shoots up the town. Let him do it and he will.

Lexington, KY

#17 Oct 24, 2010
first off ,i cant type well ..staight to the point ,,

my brother is not married, but has a kid with the x girlfreind

his support was 1000, a month

her attorney got that raised to 3000k a month
her attorney got an award for a 35k car allowance
her attorney got an award for 10k for volleyball
her attorney got an award for 19k for future attorney bills
her attorney got and award for 8k more office expenses
her attorney got and award for private schooling
her att got 65k in the beginning ,,part for the mother and part off exspenses

my brother has never missed the monthly support but her attorney keeps asking for more and more ...
he has appealed all of this and more ,(about 10 more items )
the judge make my brother give most of this money directly to the attorney and mother
even though is all under appeal which takes atleat aa year and a half to appeal .
my brother attorney has not won 1 thing ,, not even discovery on the mothers lies and income and asets ,aand lot of pugury .
the judge just says pay right now or go to jail ..
what can my brother do ,, is there a end ? the daughter just turned 16 y/o . thanks for any input ,,

United States

#18 Mar 2, 2011
disheartened wrote:
Who knows who will finally make these people accountable. My ex lied about his income. He makes over $200,000 a year, claimed he made $42,500. I get a very small child support and alimony a total of $700 and I have my girl 95% of the time. I can't even buy a new tire for my car and he just bought a new vehicle, a plasma tv and a fingerprint computer within this past week. I haven't heard from my attorney since August of '09 and cannot afford another one while my ex pays a dirty attorney and is being able to live a life of luxury while my daughter basically lives in poverty while she is here. It's sickening that this goes on and knowing I'm not alone only proves that there something drastically wrong with out system. I called DHS because he kicked my little girl in both shins leaving bruises. I have not heard from them since in about a month. No one is being forced to be held accountable for their actions while others struggle and no one out there cares that a wrong is justified. Kudos to the blind system in a great Country.
wow I think allimony is stupid and selfish for one, I do think people should pay for basic needs for a child on both sides. If both parties have the child equal then no support should be issued. I think anything over base pay for whichever party pays should be their own not the ex. This is not meant for the dead beat parent who doesent ever see or do anything for the child its for the ones who really want to take care of the child.

United States

#19 Mar 2, 2011
I don't understand why a lot of courts are for females more then males or why the female automaticly gets primary custody right off the get go. Just because the male coulnd not physicaly have the child dosent mean they care about or love the child any less. I think both should have the child equal and if both are working at the time then split babysitting cost. I believe michelle had some good points respect and morles have flown out the window. I don't understand why people get together if they don't want to be faithful.

Pompano Beach, FL

#20 Apr 26, 2011
Okay I got finally divorced in the end of 2009. It took me two years to get divorced with 10 contempt orders from the judge against my ex for failing to produce documentation pertaining to his business income. Every court order was followed by other hearings to set the contempt aside etc. In the end I owed almost 165 000K to my attorney and 65000 to a forensic accountant. Prior to the start of our divorce hearing the judge instructed both attorneys in regards to the length of time it took to get this to court. He then proceeded to tell my ex's attorney that because it was obvious that he was at fault in dragging this out and that had repeatedly ignored the courts rulings of contempt that the court and settle things with me prior to ruling. I had told my ex at how much alimony I would need to afford my lifestyle (alas leaving him that mansion, his dreamhouse etc at which time he refused to accept anything that I came up with. His idea was that he would pay me $2000/month for one year and that I should consider myself fortunate because there were many woman that did not receive anything!)
In the final hearing my ex (a physician) had the gull the ask the court that I pay his and my attorney fees as well as spousal support (that actually drew a chuckly from the judge). I had been married for 19 years with 3 children (2 minors at that time).
I initially worked 7days/wk to pull my ex through med school and residency. I deferred my education during the time of my marriage and became a stay home mom and his personal caretaker/assistant.
Anyway, during the divorce hearing he was telling the judge that he was earning approximately $220 000 and that the temporary support that he had been ordered to pay ($8000/mth) was way over his ability. In the two years it took to get divorced he refused to pay any mortgages/creditcard debts etc), so the money I had received actually maintained somewhat the properties we owned. I had no idea that his income supposingly went so low and almost "fell" for his trick. The forensic accountant was up next and tesitified that according to the financial review of his accounts he was bringing in around $650 000/year!!!!!
Needless to say I was shocked awarded more alimony that I had originally sought in mediation or would have settled for (plus my ex got stuck with paying all attorney as well as accountant fees)
I am shocked how horrible my ex has been in regards to settling things with me. He recently called and said that he is making less money.. he wanted me to volunatrily reduce alimony (which I considered). We had another court date because he had failed to adress any issues on the divorce degree ---(because he is broke)
He stood in court (he failed to pay alimony and childsupport in January)-- only then it was discovered that he had just gotten paid and had around $63000 on him. He rather goes to court and gives the money to charity or attorneys then paying alimony. Anyway the court fined him for contempt ( I still haven't received the fine), I was a warded a judgement against him because he still owes me money from the equalization etc..
he filed for bancrucpy (didn't qualify), gives his money to charity etc and now lost the mansion because he "couldn't affort to pay the maintenance.. this from a guy that brings in around $40 000-50000 a month). Now to top it off he had the nerve to serve me with papers to reduce alimony because (he is earning less, and secondly because I have a bf that supposingly supports me). So now my alimony is going to my attorney to fight this stupid idiotic claim which I know already is going to cost another fortune.. BTW he lives 20 min away and doesn't make any attempts to see his 13 year old daugher (the last time she spent 2 hours with him she called me crying because he was badgering her about everything pertaining to the divorce. My other kids come every so often and TELL ME that I am wasting their "inheritance"

Festus, MO

#21 Aug 31, 2011

New York, NY

#22 Nov 27, 2011
I would love to trade places with any other dead beat dad out there and I am sure you woman would love to have me. I live in ny and was ordered to pay $1,173.65 a week for my one and only daughter and I am unemployed. I heard kids was expensive but got damn.

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