Well Well, crooks holding a meeting. Was it any thing like the one they held before they built the bridge to Chocowinity when it was really needed down east to cross the Pamlico. What did it cost 292 Million to build a bridge from Washington NC to Chocowinity NC. Charlotte Observer ask why it was built where it is and not down east where it was needed? Ask who sold the most land and who stands to benefit the most in Chocowinity, Washington area.
Hwy 17 should have been built from Plymouth NC, Hwy 32 to the Aurora Ferry Site then 306 to 55 and 55 tie back to Newbern.. But that is not what happened. The bridge to Chocowinity benefits a hand full of wealthy citizens in Beaufort Co. It wouod have saved the state Millions, but the good ole boy Net Work at Work stealing.

The bridge down east would have brought real development to Beaufort county instead it only enriched a few.
plus to building down east.
Schools would not need as many. Share with a Bridge down east,
Emergency services log way to south side of River.
Law Same.
County services, it is an all day trip from Beau county Court house to Hoboken and return.
Less school buses needed if bridge had been built.
Down east folks who shop in Newbern would have brought additional revenue to Wash and not further south.
Business corridor down east with Highway 17; but the wealthy think it will come to Washington, Chocowinity. No it will bypass wash they lost just do not know it yet.
On end the citizens of Beaufort County lost to a Hand full of wealthy County Commissioners.
Corruption at its finest, southern style, good ole boys at work here...
Charlotte Observer publish that.

Another:r Why was the job development center built West of Washington to provide jobs to people in Pitt county. should have been built down east where the community college is. Down east is where the majority of people live. But built on the Greenville Pitt county side of town WHY? Right along with the bridge that would have brought the county together.. and more students much closer than New Bern is. Yea why were they built where they are???

Ahhh Look into who owned the land it sits on .
Charlotte Observer another good ole boy thing.
But do go and ask the questions