One would hope that no one ever would count Hollywood as the font and source of "A boy's guid to proper manners". The shame of it all is that in the past, they have produced a few "B" grade excellent, light, and family oriented films depicting the innocence, humor, and struggles young boys and girls alike face growing up. It is just unfortunate that today, too many films are devoted to sex, violence, perversion and the worst sort of gross, profane, ill attempts at (non) humor. Gone, I'm afraid are all the old time real comedians to their graves who started out on vaudeville staqes as sub teens for a few dollars a show and worked decades to become famous nd loved and respected. Now all we have left are a few drug and alcohol soaked would be replacements whose vocabularies seem to all be limited to words that start with an "F" and are here today and gone tomorrow - many to rehab centers.