Review: Tender Care Transport Inc

Review: Tender Care Transport Inc

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Do not trust

United States

#1 Aug 4, 2009
The above speaks for itself. The drivers and dispatchers are rude hurtful and do not care for the people they transport. The links above prove they do not care who they hire and that they cheat Medicare. I am forced to use there service because they have the contract with my city for reduced medical care. The have injured a member of my family and been cruel to people in there "care". If you report it they refuse to transport you leaving you high and dry. They take advantage of the elderly and handicap for there own gain...DO NOT TRUST YOUR LOVED ONES WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!

Roosevelt, AZ

#2 Aug 8, 2009
What kind of corrupt outfit is this. If you can't get any kind of help from the managers or owners of this business then you need to contact medicare, the city of Eau Claire, or some kind of government agency. Allowing these people near old or sick people is a crime. They should be run out of business.
WC Guy

Eau Claire, WI

#3 Aug 14, 2009
You should see how this company acts in public.
One day in mid July I was at the Luther clinic on Clairemont for an appointment. I drove myself there but I am in a wheelchair. As I headed toward the main door, one of their vans was parked right in front of the main door. The driver was standing outside of his van smoking. He had a person in a wheelchair waiting on him asking him, asking him if he was ready to go. I heard him say to the lady "You can just wait until I am done with this smoke, it's not like you are paying for the trip anyways. Just be glad you got a ride"
These people are rude, disrespectful, immature, you name it.
I will never ride with them as long as they exist. I do not care how many more owners they go through.

Wausau, WI

#4 Aug 16, 2009
Very well said, all of you. I used to be in this type of work. This company is well known throughout the Chippewa Valley for horrid customer care and bad employees.

I have seen it first hand many times.

Stay away from them at all costs.
EC Girl

Eau Claire, WI

#6 Aug 19, 2009
I don't have any feedback as a customer, but I do see the Tender Care Transport vehicles quite often, as I have several elderly and disabled neighbors.

I have a very bad taste in my mouth after what one of their drivers pulled yesterday morning (Tuesday, August 18th) at about 9:30 am.

I was coming down the street and was about to turn into the entrance to the apartment complexes, but one of the Tender Care Transport Buses was in the way. So I stopped and waited.

His bus was empty and he pulled in to the entrance of our apartment complexes (the main entrance, which is by the mailboxes and where you can get a newspaper) and turned the engine off, parked his bus RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ENTRANCE, got out of the bus, walked over by the newspaper stand, put in his money and got a paper. Now at this point, I am STILL sitting there waiting for him. Once he got his paper, he looked towards me. So he did notice me waiting for him to get back in his bus and move. What does he do? Opens up the paper and skims it a bit as he sloooowly walks back towards the bus, and gets in the other way, bending down to pick some stuff up off of the floor. Then about a minute or so later, he finally turns the ignition back on and moves the bus.

I find that extremely unprofessional and rude. Even if I hadn't been there waiting, he had no right to park his bus there and sit and lolligag and get a paper, blocking an entry way into several apartment complexes! We have enough of a problem around here with tenants just parking there while they get the mail or non-tenants who stop by every morning and park there to go get a paper, it's just the icing on the cake when a big old bus parks there and blocks anyone from getting in. And just to make it even worse, he KNEW someone was waiting for him to move, and he made no effort to get out of the way quickly.

I will certainly be reporting this to the company, and I will go out of my way to make sure that nobody that I care about uses their service, if they are going to hire rude, disgusting, unprofessional slobs.
Do not trust

United States

#7 Aug 21, 2009 %... ... ... ...

Had to use there service again yesterday because of there contract with the city of Eau Claire. The driver was very rough loading and unloading, not taking the time to back out the wheelchair just letting in roll back. As they loaded my mother into the van for the return trip the driving not paying attention to how he loaded her got her feet wedged between her chair and the ramp. From across the parking lot i could hear her and see her scream in pain and he did not back it down to relieve the preasure and get her foot out. I had to tear through the parking lot to get to her and make sure she was ok and show him how to do HIS job. Now we may have to make another trip as she is having a lot of pain in that foot. Just more pain and tears due to this companys incompetent and hurtful drivers.
Do not trust

United States

#8 Aug 21, 2009

Eau Claire, WI

#9 Aug 21, 2009
I have to agree with all of you. I live in a complex where a lot of people here use them and I see them in and out of here every day.

Please call City hall and complain when you see this. Our tax dollars pay for this crap.
Do not trust

United States

#10 Aug 21, 2009
I'm sad to say we have. We took our complaints to tender care one time. The woman on the phone actually cursed at me. Then we went to the city. Nothing was ever done by either place. Tender care tried to refuse us service at one point until we got the city involved.

Saint Paul, MN

#11 Aug 22, 2009
Keep going after them, do not give up no matter what. Call every single day. Write letters. Go down there in person.
Clinic Door Greeter

Rochester, MN

#12 Aug 27, 2009
As a Door greeter at a certain clinic, I see Tender Care drivers every day. They are rude, disrespectful, unprofessional, uncaring and downright ignorant of their job duties.
I deal with them face to face 10-20 times a day.
Please, do not use the people. Call the city and county and put a stop to this. This is just sad.
Why does the company not properly train their employees? Do they screen them at all?

Rochester, MN

#13 Aug 27, 2009
I drive out of MN for another company and have ran into Tender Care drivers on occasion in Rochester.

These people are a joke. We all laugh at them when we see one of them. Unprofesional looking ragtag fleet of random vehicles, unkepmt drivers. You name it. We do not even talk to them when we see them. No need to or desire to.

After 21 years at this job, I pity anyone who rides with them. What a shame that you people are forced to deal with them.

I feel sorry for your family when you put them in Tender Cares hands.
Woken up long ago

United States

#14 Aug 28, 2009
I have had the displeasure of WORKING for these crooks. I have handled their inner-guts of their office. Their staff is disrespectful to their disabled, and elderly medicaid clients (whose business is it who pays the transport bill?!) There was alot of bogus billing, and not following the rules for medicaid reimbursements (drivers were NOT CPR certified..I notified the proper authorities, hence the federal lawsuit and penalties). Look at the sexual molestations that occurred by TenderCare drivers! Wow! Several employees have had wage garnishments too (what does that say about their personal character?!) The owners are a miserable bunch, Guy and Judy Wood. Why would Guy Wood be appointed to serve as a Small Business Administration Advocate at the State level in Madison by our 'dear' lame Governor Doyle for a three-year term?! TenderCare needs some stiff competition to find its way to the the Titanic did. No more special treatment by Wisconsin programs for TenderCare Transport!

Ottawa, Canada

#15 Apr 15, 2010
I don't know who you people dealt with a TenderCare but my driver was kind, courteous and took the time to talk to me. Let's hope some of the folks who have had good experiences speak up and challenge the bitter writers here.
Dont trust

Waunakee, WI

#16 Apr 15, 2010
You don't have to be bitter to warn people about a bad company. They should have lost their contract with the city of Eau Claire when one of their drivers raped a woman. Let along their bad drivers and the fact that there vans are is piss poor shape.

Chippewa Falls, WI

#17 Sep 23, 2010
MY husband works for tender care. He does not do it for the money he does it because he likes helping disabled and elderly people out. He respects all of his clients. Sorry you all have bad trips with them. Not all the drivers are that bad they do have some that really care about their clients. Tender care is working hard every day to make sure their clients have a safe ride.
Telling it like it really

West Bend, WI

#18 May 3, 2011
Why is this horrible, rip-off company still in business?! Clearly, Guy and Judy Wood (owners) do not see beyond the medicare/medicaid/insurance money that lines their pockets. This couple has been laughing all the way to the bank for years! They have made enough money to send their daughter to the Island of Grenada Medical College, finance lavish foreign excursions, and acquire large amounts of real-estate.
Their employees (several) have had extensive court run-ins (domestic abuse, garnishments, etc.) Don't waste your time complaining to the owners..go straight to the Dept. of Human Services, Social Security Office, or Office of the State Commissioner of Insurance - WI. Turn this company in!
In disbelief

Eau Claire, WI

#19 Aug 23, 2011
It is unbelievable that this company is still in business! What a dis-service to the people of West-central WI! Ripping-off the SS program, hiring employees with very questionable backgrounds, mistreating those being transported, and having negative employment practices, does not make this a credit to Wisconsin!

Waunakee, WI

#20 Aug 26, 2011
I posted this a few years ago. It's sad to see that people are still responding and adding new complaints. I suggest Patent express. They charge alot but you get treated like a valued person and they go out of there way to make sure you and your loved ones are treated with the respect and care they deserve. First time we used them they sent a van to small to fit our needs and when the woman driving saw the problem she went out of her way to call another van from Chip and stayed with us until it arrived. We have used them a few times now and we are always treated like family.

Eau Claire, WI

#21 Nov 12, 2011
One of their drivers almost killed me Thursday morning. I am not exaggerating. I was driving down London Rd just past Damon St, and one of their drivers was barreling in reverse out of a driveway not looking. I slammed on my brakes and laid on the horn for several seconds before he finally slowed down and stopped *just in time*. After that, he took off very quickly, I can only assume because he didn't want me to get the plates or follow him. I was already going to keep going that way anyway, I was going about 35 or so, he had to have been going more than 40 to get away from me. So, a near accident and speeding. Nice.

Then today, I was on my way to Gold's Gym, and in the opposing lane by Lorch and the dealership, a Tender Care driver was stopped at a green light reading some kind of paper while people were honking at him and giving up and going around him.

I will be phoning in this complaint. This company is horrible.

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