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I am zippy tard

Elk Mound, WI

#6 Aug 26, 2017
The repubs created the debt Baaaahahahahahahahhahahaa!!!!! !! smegma smegma smegma nuts to my chin!!!!!!!!! nuts to my chin!!!!!!! Bill-n- hillie need more money cuz their broke,,,,,and they just want to help the little man......Nansleaze peloose broke ,,,,, Beebee boxer broke,,,,,, charline wankgle broke,,,,,rhon hinder broke maxy watters broke ,,,,,so very modest,,,just want to help the poor folks. Oh!!! don't forget Denna Phiensteen just getting bye
Carl Criag

Cadott, WI

#14 Aug 29, 2017
I am zippy tard wrote:
The repubs created the debt Baaaahahahahahahahhahahaa!!!!! !! smegma smegma smegma nuts to my chin!!!!!!!!! nuts to my chin!!!!!!! Bill-n- hillie need more money cuz their broke,,,,,and they just want to help the little man......Nansleaze peloose broke ,,,,, Beebee boxer broke,,,,,, charline wankgle broke,,,,,rhon hinder broke maxy watters broke ,,,,,so very modest,,,just want to help the poor folks. Oh!!! don't forget Denna Phiensteen just getting bye
Well I could use some help
In Charge

Eau Claire, WI

#30 Sep 15, 2017
Who bagger asking for more sexual favors on the intertubes? You crazy conservative types are sure enough weird in your sexual endeavors.
Do you do the foot tapping thing in public restrooms also? Just wondering?
And quit calling yourself "zippytard from elk mound" we all know who you are.
Who Tee Who the guy who likes my nuts on his chin. Bwahahahahaha
Lock Him Up

Eau Claire, WI

#31 Oct 7, 2017

Caroline Myss


This mounting madness is not about guns. The cowardly, money-grabbing, weak, spineless politicians are right about that. Guns are the result of a population that lives, eats, breathes – and believes – the endless diet of fear-based spin it has been fed since 911 about the world “out there” and impending invasions from evil foreigners and propaganda fueling hatred between the various different types of Americans: Black and White, Democrat and Republican, Northern and Southern, Male and Female, Left and Right, Up and Down, Short and Tall – any division you can think of, really. What it amounts to is this is a cracked and broken nation in which brother and sister citizens have been turned against brother and sister citizens. And as Abraham Lincoln so wisely said,“A nation divided against itself cannot stand.”

And in our hearts and souls – we know that. And we feel that fear in our souls, most of all. We are suffering a soul sickness – perhaps soul shock or soul numbness. Or maybe too many people no longer trust that anything changes when they engage the power of their soul. I am not speaking about religion. I no longer deal with religions. The soul is a religion-free force. It has never had a religion. It dwells in a cosmic power zone. But if you don’t know that…well, some people grab their guns to deal with the desperation of powerlessness. Shooting someone – anyone – they believe, will resolve this fear.

But who is out there to inspire the souls of Americans? When is the last time Americans have heard someone speak soul words of inspiration and wisdom?

Let me remind you of the greatness that once came from American leadership:

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it we be because we have destroyed ourselves.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
~ John F. Kennedy

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Unless a man is master of his soul, all other kinds of mastery amount to little.”
~ Theodore Roosevelt

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt

American Presidents and social leaders were once known for having souls of philosophers. They were men of courage and vision and the led America from one era into a better one. They inspired and uplifted Americans because grace flowed from them and into the souls of Americans. They seemed to rise out of the soil of our nation when we needed them. They were also a reflection of our collective souls – all of our leaders reflect who we are. All of them speak to us about what we have become – and the choices we must now make as we go forward.

It is clear to me. We must “Make American WHOLE again.” We must retrieve our soul. It is shattered and fragmented from decades of fear. And we cannot tolerate – we must not tolerate – the deliberate, calculated strategies to keep us drugged, shattered, and divided any longer. Politicians are right: Guns are not the problem – THEY ARE.

Lock Him Up

Eau Claire, WI

#32 Oct 7, 2017
How Wisconsin GOP uses computers to maintain control "in all but the most extreme circumstances"-NYT

How Computers Turned Gerrymandering Into a Science

MADISON, Wis.— About as many Democrats live in Wisconsin as Republicans do. But you wouldn’t know it from the Wisconsin State Assembly, where Republicans hold 65 percent of the seats, a bigger majority than Republican legislators enjoy in conservative states like Texas and Kentucky.

The United States Supreme Court is trying to understand how that happened. On Tuesday, the justices heard oral arguments in Gill v. Whitford, reviewing a three-judge panel’s determination that Wisconsin’s Republican-drawn district map is so flagrantly gerrymandered that it denies Wisconsinites their full right to vote. A long list of elected officials, representing both parties, have filed briefs asking the justices to uphold the panel’s ruling.

Other people don’t see a problem. Politics, they say, is a game where whoever’s ahead gets to change the rules on the fly. It’s about winning, not being fair.

But this isn’t just a politics story; it’s also a technology story. Gerrymandering used to be an art, but advanced computation has made it a science. Wisconsin’s Republican legislators, after their victory in the census year of 2010, tried out map after map, tweak after tweak. They ran each potential map through computer algorithms that tested its performance in a wide range of political climates. The map they adopted is precisely engineered to assure Republican control in all but the most extreme circumstances.
Lock Him Up

Eau Claire, WI

#33 Oct 7, 2017
October 6, 2017
Jessica Kwong
Posted with permission from Newsweek
The de facto head of President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission drafted a proposal for the administration to amend the National Voter Registration Act with a proof of citizenship requirement to join the rolls, documents unsealed by a federal judge show.

Though heavily redacted, the two single-page documents that Judge Julie Robinson opened late Thursday shed light on Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s efforts to expand the controversial requirement he implemented in his home state, and possibly even his motives on the commission.

One document—the same one Kobach was photographed carrying into a meeting with President-elect Trump in November—is his strategic plan for the Department of Homeland Security in the first 365 days. The entire document is blacked out except for the final section,“Stop Aliens from Voting,” and one point beneath it,“Draft Amendments to National Voter Registration Act to promote proof-of-citizenship requirements.”

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) demanded the document and others pertaining to the act as part of its existing lawsuit against Kobach, claiming that his Kansas law effective in 2013 requiring voters to show proof of citizenship violates the act’s “minimum amount” of requirements to register.

A federal court issued a preliminary injunction on the law in 2016 ahead of the election. Kobach appealed and tried to keep the documents under wraps.

“We’re really grateful that the court has rejected secretary Kobach’s months-long effort to hide this information because the public has a right to know of the secretary’s efforts to lobby to make it more difficult for individuals to vote,” ACLU staff attorney Orion Danjuma told Newsweek.

In the other document, a list of five amendments to the act, Kobach seeks to replace the language,“may require only the minimum amount of information necessary to—" register to vote, with,“may require any information that the state deems necessary to—" register. He also adds,“Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent a state from requiring documentary proof of citizenship from any applicant.”

Kobach imposed the Kansas law on his belief that noncitizens were voting. Little evidence of that has surfaced. The ACLU argued that the statute in the act would have to be rewritten in order for Kobach to have grounds to bar noncitizens from registering.
Lock Him Up

Eau Claire, WI

#34 Oct 8, 2017
Here's What You Need To Know About BuzzFeed's Breitbart Bombshell

Andrew Lawrence

October 8, 2017 5:52 am

Buzzfeed News has obtained and published “an explosive cache of documents” confirming Breitbart as the mouthpiece for neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the racist right-wing movement known as the alt-right. Buzzfeed’s entire report on Breitbart management’s courting of neo-Nazis and white supremacists can be found here.

Buzzfeed reports that a March 29th Breitbart article titled “An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right” was written with editorial input from numerous white nationalists and neo-Nazis. Prior to writing the article, Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos reached out to the system administrator for the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer, Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, editor of the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance, Devin Saucier, and “neoreactionary” Curtis Yarvin to solicit ideas. All responded at length with suggestions. Saucier, who Yiannopoulos described as his “best friend,” responded that Steve Bannon was “sympathetic to much of it.”

Additionally, Saucier suggested ideas for articles that were later published on Breitbart, including in an email titled “Article idea: How trolls could win the general for Trump.” Yiannopoulos forwarded the email to a Breitbart writer and ordered him to “Drop what you’re doing and draft this for me.” The following day the article appeared on Breitbart. Saucier also killed a story Yiannopoulos had written on class-based affirmative action. After sending a draft of the article to Saucier, he replied,“I would honestly spike this.” The story never appeared on Breitbart. In a July speech in Warsaw “that was celebrated by the alt-right,” President Trump used a line from a Breitbart story that Buzzfeed reported was “all but line-edited by a white nationalist.” Referring to remarks about free speech on college campuses, Yiannopoulos remarked that Trump “used phrases extremely close to what I say — Bannon is feeding him.”

Furthermore, the Breitbart article written with the help of white nationalists and neo-Nazis,“An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right,” received notes from former Reagan and George H.W. Bush staffer James Pinkerton. Buzzfeed also reports the collaboration of “conservative thinkers” with Yiannopoulos that led to Breitbart articles, such as correspondences that included Rachel Fulton Brown, a University of Chicago medievalist, Scott Walter, president of the Capital Research Center, and Ghaffar Hussain of the controversial organization Quilliam.

Mueller Time

Eau Claire, WI

#35 Oct 10, 2017
Mike Ditka on NFL protests: No oppression in the last 100 years that I know of

Even before this NFL season, which has featured team owners linking arms with players as shows of solidarity amid sharply critical comments from President Trump, some players were noting that the original message of protests during the national anthem had been largely lost. To them, the cause of bringing attention to racial injustice, in particular police brutality against black men, had been overshadowed by a heated national discussion over the merits of taking a knee during the national anthem.

To former NFL coach and ESPN analyst Mike Ditka, however, that cause made no sense to begin with. In a pregame interview before a radio broadcast of Monday night’s game between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings, he said,“There has been no oppression in the last 100 years that I know of.”

Saying that “you have to be colorblind in this country,” Ditka noted that “the opportunity is there for everybody.” He added that the place to protest was at “a ballot box,” and that people should “respect” the winners of elections.

Ditka is the quintessential Trump supporter. Racist, ignorant and obnoxious.
Mueller Time

Eau Claire, WI

#36 Oct 10, 2017
Trump challenges Tillerson to IQ test after secretary of state calls him a moron

President Donald Trump challenged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to an “IQ test” while talking to a reporter at the White House.

The secretary of state reportedly called the president a “f*cking moron” during a Pentagon meeting in July, although his comments weren’t reported until last week, and Tillerson didn’t quite deny making them.

The secretary of state, however, insisted the president was “smart”— but he refused to answer a specific question about whether he’d insulted Trump’s intelligence.

The president disputed the NBC News report during an interview with Forbes published Tuesday, but he also took a shot of his own at Tillerson.

“I think it’s fake news,” Trump told Forbes,“but if he did that, I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests — and I can tell you who is going to win.”

It ain't him hahahahahaha
Mueller Time

Eau Claire, WI

#37 Oct 10, 2017
Satire was officially declared dead at approximately 8:50 Eastern time this morning.

The cause of death was listed as the fact that the individual who on Twitter referred to a sitting US Senator as "Liddle Bob Corker" was not actually a poorly disciplined eight year old boy on the playground somewhere, but rather someone who had purportedly been sworn in as President of the United States this past January.

Satire had been on life support since earlier in the morning, where the fact that the President of the United States had challenged his own Secretary of State to an IQ test was not something that was reported by The Onion or the New Yorker's Andy Borowitz, but rather as something that actually and honest to God really had taken place.
Zipp the Zit

Eau Claire, WI

#40 Oct 11, 2017
I am zippy tard wrote:
The repubs created the debt Baaaahahahahahahahhahahaa!!!!! !! smegma smegma smegma nuts to my chin!!!!!!!!! nuts to my chin!!!!!!! Bill-n- hillie need more money cuz their broke,,,,,and they just want to help the little man......Nansleaze peloose broke ,,,,, Beebee boxer broke,,,,,, charline wankgle broke,,,,,rhon hinder broke maxy watters broke ,,,,,so very modest,,,just want to help the poor folks. Oh!!! don't forget Denna Phiensteen just getting bye
They are my Gods I worship them!!!
Velveeta Mussolini

Eau Claire, WI

#41 Oct 11, 2017
Open Letter to CNN (Lemon and Burnett)

TO: Don Lemon and Erin Burnett, CNN

Today I heard both of you comment about Hillary Clinton and the Obamas finally “breaking their silence” with respect to Harvey Weinstein. You both tsk-tsked disapprovingly, implying that there was something untoward about the timing:“What took them so long?”

Well, let me explain something to you – something you both should (and probably do) already know. Hillary Clinton and both Obamas are now private citizens. They are under no obligation to anyone to make public statements about anything. And they certainly aren’t under any obligation to express their opinions in accordance with whatever timeline you have decided is appropriate.

I find it particularly appalling that anyone from CNN – or any other mainstream news media outlet, for that matter – would dare to question what took Hillary, Barack and Michelle five days to condemn Weinstein and his behaviour. The more important question is what took you, and your news media colleagues, so long to speak up about Donald Trump?

Trump’s history as a sexual predator was known long before he launched his presidential campaign. There were countless allegations against him, including an allegation of raping a 13-year-old girl. It was also well-known that he regularly cheated workers out of their pay, used his “charitable foundation” to pay personal debts, boasted about his own donations to charities that were known never to have happened, had ties to organized crime – the list goes on.

Where were you when CNN was airing Trump’s campaign events in full, thereby providing him with an endless stream of free publicity? Where were you when Trump repeatedly made statements that were outright lies that you never even mentioned, no less challenged?

Of course, now that Trump has labelled CNN “fake news”, you’ve all got a lot to say about him. Now his lies, his bizarre behaviour, and his past are considered fair game. But the question arises again: What took you so long? Why did you think it appropriate to keep Trump’s sordid history, sexual and otherwise, off the table until he specifically insulted you?

Harvey Weinstein never ran for president. Donald Trump did. It was your obligation as journalists to inform the public exactly who he was. You didn’t. Maybe you were just too busy talking about Hillary’s emails and Benghazi to mention all of Trump’s past transgressions, including his sexual harassment and/or assaults on women.

As disgusting as Weinstein’s behaviour is, it does not obligate anyone to comment on it, opine on it, or release a public statement about it – especially private citizens. To even hint that Hillary Clinton and the Obamas “took too long” to do so is beyond insulting – particularly in light of the mainstream news media’s behaviour in the lead-up to the 2016 election. It’s not that you “took too long” to even mention Trump’s past history – you simply didn’t do it at all.

And now the self-proclaimed pussy-grabber is in the White House – no small thanks to self-proclaimed TV news journalists who are suddenly appalled that someone didn’t immediately speak-up about something when they could have.

--- NanceGreggs
Extremely Irate US Citizen
Velveeta Mussolini

Eau Claire, WI

#42 Oct 11, 2017
I Hate Everyone in the White House!: Trump Seethes as Advisers Fear the President Is Unraveling

Source: Vanity Fair

At first it sounded like hyperbole, the escalation of a Twitter war. But now it’s clear that Bob Corker’s remarkable New York Times interview—in which the Republican senator described the White House as “adult day care” and warned Trump could start World War III—was an inflection point in the Trump presidency. It brought into the open what several people close to the president have recently told me in private: that Trump is “unstable,”“losing a step,” and “unraveling.”

The conversation among some of the president’s longtime confidantes, along with the character of some of the leaks emerging from the White House has shifted. There’s a new level of concern. NBC News published a report that Trump shocked his national security team when he called for a nearly tenfold increase in the country’s nuclear arsenal during a briefing this summer. One Trump adviser confirmed to me it was after this meeting disbanded that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a “moron.”

In recent days, I spoke with a half dozen prominent Republicans and Trump advisers, and they all describe a White House in crisis as advisers struggle to contain a president who seems to be increasingly unfocused and consumed by dark moods. Trump’s ire is being fueled by his stalled legislative agenda and, to a surprising degree, by his decision last month to back the losing candidate Luther Strange in the Alabama Republican primary.“Alabama was a huge blow to his psyche,” a person close to Trump said.“He saw the cult of personality was broken.”

According to two sources familiar with the conversation, Trump vented to his longtime security chief, Keith Schiller,“I hate everyone in the White House! There are a few exceptions, but I hate them!”(A White House official denies this.) Two senior Republican officials said Chief of Staff John Kelly is miserable in his job and is remaining out of a sense of duty to keep Trump from making some sort of disastrous decision. Today, speculation about Kelly’s future increased after Politico reported that Kelly’s deputy Kirstjen Nielsen is likely to be named Homeland Security Secretary—the theory among some Republicans is that Kelly wanted to give her a soft landing before his departure.

Read more:

He acts just like you Whotard.
Orange Shartgibbon

Eau Claire, WI

#44 Oct 18, 2017
It must suck to be a deplorable now. They can't even live vicariously through their favorite athletes any longer or enjoy their beloved Concussion Bowls without being reminded by those same athletes of what hateful, bigoted trash they are, or of what an ineffectual, abysmal failure and scorn-worthy punchline their beloved Dotard-in-chief is.
Fitzwalkerstan Survivor

Eau Claire, WI

#45 Oct 19, 2017
GOP Senate Confirms Known Adulteress As Vatican Ambassador
send the whore from Whitehall

By Frances Langum
10/17/17 11:32am
GOP Senate Confirms Known Adulteress As Vatican Ambassador
Credit: Frances Langum (Photoshop)
That's "Jesus defends the adulterous woman" in the background, and "The GOP ignores the woman's adultery" in the foreground.
I wrote about Callista Gingrich at the time Donald Trump had the chutzpah to nominate her as Ambassador to the Vatican.

And now it's "Character Counts Week" at the Trump White House, so the Republican Senate decided it would be a great time to "pee pee tape" right in the baptismal font of the Holy Roman See, and confirm her nomination.

At the time her appointment was announced last May, there was a question whether the Office of Government Ethics might hold up Callista actually taking the job.

I'm sure after five months of Trump in the White House, the "Ethics Office" has just given up and is waiting on Mueller to make it all go away.

Interesting that Newt Gingrich got an $85 thousand dollar advance on his "Understanding Trump" "book" which clearly paved the way for Donald to give the little mistress her little job.

Congratulations, Mrs. Gingrich. Not only will you be an ambassador, the Catholic News Agency noted your six-year affair without comment as part of your bio. And your obituary is bound to include that tidbit as well. It's good to have a legacy!

The final vote was 70-23 with seven Senators including John McCain and Lindsey Graham not voting. Roll Call is here.
Bone Spur Donnie

Eau Claire, WI

#46 Oct 24, 2017
Trump’s Next Stunt
October 21, 2017 By: El Jefe

It’s becoming clear that Trump is getting ready to pull some stupid (read dangerous) stunt in the next couple of weeks. This morning, he tweeted that next Thursday, he is releasing all classified documents about the Kennedy assassination investigation. The documents are believed to be a treasure trove for historians (and conspiracy theorists) and should cause quite an uproar. This tweetnouncement comes on the heels of a puzzling WH announcement yesterday that Trump has signed an amendment to GWB’s Executive Order 13223 signed in 2001 right after 9/11. The original order was given to activate the ready reserve of armed forces and the expand the authority of the Secretary of Defense as he was ginning up the “War on Terror”, meaning he was going to attack Iraq.

When Trump signed the amendment yesterday, questions started flying about what it meant. No one really knew, until word got out this morning that Trump signed the order so the Air Force could recall 1,000 pilots. That’s right, kids, 1,000 pilots who’ve moved on in their lives are being recalled.

This goofy sumbitch is going to start a real live rootin’ tootin’ shooting war to distract from the FBI investigation and the chaos that has become a part of our daily lives. Oh, and there’s this little detail: There are 3 special elections coming up in November and December to take Jeff Sessions seat in Alabama, Jason Chafetz seat in Utah, and Tim Murphy’s seat in Pennsylvania where Dems stand a chance of gaining ground on the Repubs prior to the 2018 elections. In Alabama, the Repubs nominated lunatic and weirdo who wears a tiara on his cowboy hat, Roy Moore, to run against Dem Doug Jones who wasn’t give a prayer to win even a month ago. Now, the latest poll, conducted by none other than Fox Noise, has Jones TIED with Moore. Is it because Jones is that strong? Not likely. It’s more like, as written by John Archibald wrote in , Roy Moore is falling in the polls because,

“…every time Roy Moore speaks, Roy Moore comes out of his mouth. And as history has shown, the more Moore is heard, the more Alabamians – even staunchly conservative, deeply religious, red-on-red Alabamians – begin to have doubts.”

If Alabama goes to the Dems, that makes the Senate 51-49, making control even more possible for the Dems in 2018. Repubs always do better in elections when the government has voters terrified of dark skinned scary people, especially when those dark skinned scary people don’t like the US.

Am I saying that Donald Trump is going to start a shootin’ war to distract from his own troubles and get Republicans elected to Congress? That’s EXACTLY what I’m arguing. Even in the chaos that is today’s US government, patterns emerge. And one pattern that is clear is that Trump will do ANYTHING,(like releasing controversial classified material or starting a war) no matter how many people will get killed or lives destroyed to make himself feel or look better, at least in his own mind.

And I’ll bet you a loaf of my homemade bread and a case of my home brewed beer that I’m dead on with this one (no pun intended).
Bone Spur Donnie

Eau Claire, WI

#47 Oct 24, 2017
The republicans are starting to jump ship. Sen. Flake reads a scathing speech to congress and says he won't run again and Sen. Corker has given up on babysitting the moron in the white house.
Just two people right now but this will make 2018 a good year if the stoopid sum bitch in the white house doesn't get us all killed first.
It would have been nice if they had come to their senses before the election.
Maybe we can say good bye to the turtle faced asshole in charge.
Its Mueller Time Bro

Eau Claire, WI

#52 Oct 28, 2017
Monday the 30th Oct will be like an early Christmas. The draining of the swamp in the whitehouse will begin.
Do you think the whole GOP is involved and waiting for their report cards?
Its Mueller Time Bro

Eau Claire, WI

#53 Oct 29, 2017
Conservative Site Admits They Were First To Fund Fusion GPS Research On Trump

President Donald Trump holds his hand to his ear to hear a reporter's question as he walks to Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House to depart en route to South Carolina, Monday, Oct. 16, 2017, in Washington.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Alex Brandon/AP
By ALICE OLLSTEIN Published OCTOBER 28, 2017 9:38 AM
The editors of the conservative news site Washington Free Beacon disclosed Friday night that they were the entity that first contracted the opposition research firm Fusion GPS to investigate Donald Trump during the 2016 GOP primary—work that later led to the production of a controversial dossier on Trump’s ties with Russia.

“Since its launch in February of 2012, the Washington Free Beacon has retained third party firms to conduct research on many individuals and institutions of interest to us and our readers,” the editors wrote in an open letter Friday.“During the 2016 election cycle, we retained Fusion GPS to provide research on multiple candidates in the Republican presidential primary, just as we retained other firms to assist in our research into Hillary Clinton.”

The Free Beacon insists that none of the research they paid for made it into the dossier written by former British government spy Christopher Steele about Trump’s connections with the Russian government, who was brought onto the project in June of 2016. Though the publication had previously reported that an “unknown GOP client” first funded the project—its editors admitted to both the House Intelligence Committee and the public on Friday that the unknown client was in fact the Free Beacon itself.

“We do not apologize for our methods,” the editors wrote.“The First Amendment guarantees our right to engage in news-gathering as we see fit.”

The Washington Post reported earlier this week that the Fusion GPS research was later taken over by a law firm with ties to the Democratic National Committee and the president campaign of Hillary Clinton—revelations that Republican officials have called the “real Russia scandal.”

Sioux Falls, SD

#59 Apr 17, 2018
it seems this post is nothing but people regurgitating spoon fed media soap operas, I had more hope for americans to think for themselves and go by what they see happening all around them, instead of screaming for meixcos gun laws and catering to every failed communist genocidal country that runs here to tell americans what they need to do ,as if they had a clue.and just as planned white folks doing their best to cater to what everybody else tells them to do,building slave quarters doghouses and toolsheds for their fellow americans while financing thousands of illegals college tuition,anchor babies and free medical care. and all so you can "feel better about yourselves " turning in dissent and self loathing for themselves and any white American, they can to enable and fall over each other to finance universal genocide and call that "progress" according to what mother media tells them ,just gluttons for misery,joining the Marxist "oppressed victim class" right in line with the nwo agenda.dividing and conquering what you made here in America, 4 wars of dead veterans who died fighting against fascism,tyranny and oppression , just to cater to it from every other country, because you have been programmed to feel some sort of guilt and shame for accomplishing something ,everybody in the world envies and wants,but don't have to because they can just guilt trip you and the medias "hitler boogeyman" to trigger your guilt and comply submit to doing what every other failed country dumps on you to take care of and finance, under the "we are all the same" refried communist rhetoric.-keep sipping the koolaid loony left

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