On July 11, 2008 I was forced against my will in the emergency room for at least 6 hours for no reason. I drove myself there with a relative. My stomach was burning and I didn't sleep the night before due to the pain. I had a doctor in NYC that I could not drive to that day due to fatigue. I was hoping for a referral to a local doctor and something for my stomach. Instead someone took it upon themselves to call the Westchester Co Crisis Team. I was not a danger to myself or to anyone else. My mother was with me if such was the case. I was ordered into a room, screamed for my mother who ran down the hall and they shut the door. Told me Mom left the building but was pacing back and forth outside the door. I was kept in there, under guard, and not allowed out of the room. I was scared to death. Out of network red tape made it hard for my NY doctor to get involved. This was the closest hospital. 6 hours of hell, no food, no rest, no sedation, terror and feeling like a prisoner of war....I have claustrophobia and had to keep myself together or God knows what they would have done. I was tricked into signing a paper. Their medical records have been reviewed and it is known I had this experience but the records were "doctored up" so that it is well hidden. I called the Bronxville Police and was told to get a lawyer. Lawyers only take cases involving wrongful death and injury during surgeries. My case was vague and litigation runs into the thousands. I was taunted many times by Mr Schoener who refused to let me file a complaint with their administtration. He told me I was free to leave at any time. Not true. A guard was there until they switched shifts. This is not going away, Lawrence. It is still being presented to different authorities and I will find one that will hold you accountable for your lies, your violations and the utter cruelty and torture you put me through. When a switchboard operator tells me that they can hold me against my will anytime they want, I know your hospital is in serious condition. Mr. Schoner, you are dealing with human beings. I hardly think you have any feelings because you never so much as apologized for the suffering I went through. You'll never lie your way out of this again. Your medical records are filled with half truths and mistakes. You have the compassion and the heart of a lizard with arthritis.