Can a man love two women at the same ...

La Mesa, CA

#87 Sep 20, 2012
Correction I'm 26!!

La Mesa, CA

#88 Sep 20, 2012
I have not been intimate with him since our break started and he still wants me around, talks to me throughout the day N asks me to sleep over. He and the other girl (so he tells me) are not having sex again because it complicates things more..he tells me He love me more, but how can he love 2 ppl at once in a romantic way. I feel like he loves me cuz he knows I'm a good woman with my shit together and no one could love him like I do and I feel like he loves her cuz she's young and doesn't exspect things from him, they smoke pot together and have stoner conversations and they share the same friends he tells me they have been through a lot together and I get that, he tells me he wished he never touched her and his solution to the issue is going away for a month and clearing his head, then coming back to me and says he won't ever talk to her again.


#89 Sep 23, 2012
this is the first time m commenting hopefully it makes sense and helps some one in a similar situation..i was in love with a guy whose in a long distance relationship with my best friend..i knew it was soo wrong but it felt it was right so i went ahead anyway..he made the 1st move..he said he loved me n he pursued me till i admitted my feelings..n i hate to admit that we made out. he used to say he trusts me n he loves hanging out with me coz he feels good..and this was the second time he was cheating his gf..i didnt know how to react and i couldnt bring myself to ask him to leave his took me a year n finally i came to my senses and finally asked him to choose bw me n his gf..he flipped..all his friends know his gf but not me..he said he couldnt do now we arent friends anymore. i thought id never say this..but m relieved that its over..i need a man who ll have the balls to stand by me and fight for me..i knw i deserve that much. u might think its ok to be the other woman..but in time ull always want more..ull always wish he had chosen u instead n ull feel he only used will break u. better to leave before ur left. atleast ull have ur dignity
indira singh

Brampton, Canada

#90 Sep 28, 2012
bobby dhanraj sucks cock and sallows.

Mumbai, India

#91 Sep 29, 2012
hai, i am in love since four years.he is a more lovable person on me. he is a half part of my soul. he also thinks me like that.unfortunately he love other girl still two months.he thinks i dont know about this matter but i know.some more time i had think to leave him but he is involved me not to live my thought also if i forget him i never live.i got more confusion.for this reason i never concentrate to other please help me in this situation what decision i will take? pls dont ignore this pls help me to clear my mind.

San Salvador, El Salvador

#92 Sep 30, 2012
I'm with a marry man, he tells me he loves both the wife n me, but I don't believe him, yet I can't leave him, I love him and it hurts , I've been trying for 10 months now, I haven't seen him , but he calls me n messages me all day n sometimes at nights when he sneaks out...
noone Really

La Jolla, CA

#93 Oct 2, 2012
I love two women. i always thought it couldn't really be that way. but I do. i care very deeply for both. Sexuality aside, the love I feel for both is the same type of love. I can't imagine not having either one, and I am grateful for them both. I'm sorry it doesn't fit our culture, but I'm not sorry I feel this way.

San Salvador, El Salvador

#94 Oct 3, 2012
noone Really wrote:
I love two women. i always thought it couldn't really be that way. but I do. i care very deeply for both. Sexuality aside, the love I feel for both is the same type of love. I can't imagine not having either one, and I am grateful for them both. I'm sorry it doesn't fit our culture, but I'm not sorry I feel this way.
. So it can happen a guy can love 2 girls

Spring, TX

#95 Oct 4, 2012
im in love with 2 woman and i dont have sex with eather one of them.. there both my best friends... and has been for miny years... so u can be in love with two woman ..... sex dont mean shit when you truey love some one.... so all man Anit the same... and i Anit gay....
Go Blue

Miami, FL

#96 Oct 6, 2012
I've been remarried 22 years, and my exwife is dying of cancer....i kinda love both, but different...

Suri, India

#99 Nov 19, 2012
My gf love me very much but i have to marry wid gf dnt want me to sleep with my fiance after gf want to b wid me badly...she become crazy now....but i ll hate both of them or i love both same...i m confused....i afraid that i cannt handle 2 women....
The realist

New York, NY

#100 Nov 19, 2012
Im loosing my mind right now. Love is for two people to enjoy with one another. These selfish comments is what spreads disease. That and lack of condoms and reality. The problem was not that in the 50s woman accepted cheating men, because they was the bread winners. Its the fact that women allowed those men to get away with it. Plus on the flip side, sticking around for money and shelter, well thats still tricking to me. What yall "little boys" want is sex. Not real love.... if so you would not have time to do that 50/50 b.s. Lets all grow up and live life the correct way, and stop justifying nonsense please.
The realist

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#101 Nov 19, 2012
As if one of your girl friends or lovers are going to help you choose between them. 9 times out of ten they dont know of eachother. And im so curious if one doesnt look amazing in your eyes why are you with her. Smh....why cheat....just be single.
The realist

New York, NY

#102 Nov 19, 2012
noone Really wrote:
I love two women. i always thought it couldn't really be that way. but I do. i care very deeply for both. Sexuality aside, the love I feel for both is the same type of love. I can't imagine not having either one, and I am grateful for them both. I'm sorry it doesn't fit our culture, but I'm not sorry I feel this way.

United States

#104 Dec 4, 2012
Im in a hard position boyfriend and have ben dating four monthes .and recently we both agreed to take space due to a little jealousy..he left back to Hawaii and we been communicating by phone until one day he told me that his ex wanted hi back....and they had a seven year relationship..but then he says he has feelings fir both of us..but realy wants to ne with me and he cant let me go....and the ex has no idea that wre still togther....she believes they are help im stuck need advise im inlove with this man..?

United States

#105 Dec 5, 2012
Forget to say that my boyfriend is 22 and im 32.. this man has changed my whole life in a goodway...dont understand if he really wants me and inlove with me wy does he keep saying that he trys with her cuz of there past history of 7years wen they wre together..? But now she found out that we have talking and he finally told her that he still loves me:)..of course she flipped out blocked my number thinking that would work...but nope he calls me using other family members phone that know we talk and she has no clue...i love this man and inlove...cuz he really makes me feel that he really wants to be with me...! So please help me need advice do i get him to just tell her so we can move on..!!!
Lake lady

Puyallup, WA

#106 Dec 13, 2012
Lunar eclipes wrote:
I was listening to a song the other day that left me a lil confused. The lyrics explained how big his love was for these two woman and how he could not live with out either of them. Is this even possible? is his love different for each one of them?
I ask my friends the same question. My boyfriend is married. I found out he was married 5 months later. We've been together for 9 months now. He stays with her during the week and stays with me on the weekend. They are supposed to be separated but just living together cuz he wants to help her finish her school. My boyfriend calls me in his lunch at work everyday and call me after work until his wife comes home. I want to break up with him but he is been so good to me and never break his routine with me. I feel like he is more proud of me than his wife cuz he takes me out to the club or dinner on the weekend and always hugging, kissing and always hold my hands. Sex is not what he is after cuz when he comes to my house he likes to cuddle. I don't know what to do. I'm falling too hard and hurting cuz I don't know what he does with his wife or ex when he is home with her. Maybe it's true that guys can be inlove eith two girls at the same time.

Dindori, India

#107 Dec 17, 2012
pre HIS story wrote:
when it comes down to it before modern "civil"ization
having more than one spouse was fairly common and the norm in many cultures. and i dont mean just middle east harems I mean a family with two wives raising there kids together communally.
only with the proliferation of the monetary system where paper and property needed to be divided fairly in divorces and legal disputes did it become necessary to have legal weddings to one partner.
I live with one all week and spend weekends with other. they are both happy and free to pursue other interests if they wish. but they don't.
cuz guys don't know how to not play games nowadays im honest and when i say i will do something i do neither is lacking of anything a lot more than they would get with a lot of these clowns out there.
you only have one life to live dowhat makes you happy even if its unorthodox those who judge need to mind there own spouse and not worry about what you doing.
if no one is getting hurt live free dont let others opinions or archaic religious beliefs stop you.
most of the religions where created to hold down the surfs and peasants and put fear in their uneducated minds evolve and live.
if you don't agree that's fine but get your head out of the window and worry about your own home.
Please don't be misguided about this man's perceptons of polygamy. At that time the culture was different especially in the middle east. at that time the survival was not so easy. The hunter never knew that they would live to return to their cave. in middle east, the kings and merchants required many sons to look after their kingdoms and business. and let me tell you why women moved out into the next room to allow the next wife BECAUSE SHE HAD NO CHOICE AND NOT BECAUSE IT WAS NATURAL. SHE HAD NO MONEY AND EXISTENCE FOR HER CHILDREN SO SHE HAD TO LIVE THERE. AT THAT TIME ESPECIALLY IN THE EAST WOMEN WERE NOT TREATED EQUALLY. THEY WERE CALLED 'PARAYA DHAN' AND ONCE MARRIED THE PARENTS NEVER ACCEPTED HER BACK SAYING THT SHE WILL GO FROM HER N LAWS HOUSE ONLY IN A COFFIN. THAT IS WHY MANY WOMEN COMMITTED SUICIDE BECAUSE OF THE TORTURE OF INLAWS. very few people actually loved the women. THEY JSUT ENJOYED THE PLEASURE OF HAVING MANY ONSIDE . MAYBE THIS MAN NEVER SAW HOW 60 YR OLD MAN MARRIED A 16 YR OLD FOR HIS PLEASURE.
and you are perfectly right asabt the media how it highlights only one issue. You only saw the many wives of the east but failed to see the untied culture and languages, the virtue of people, the strength of joint families and wisdom of eleders.
everyone follows east when it comes to many wives but no one sees the joint family which exists here with grandparents, children and their children. they don't leave their parents to die in oldage home. IF YOU ARE TALKING OF ONE ASPECT OF EAST YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT OTHERS OTHERWISE YOU HAVE NO RIGHT. to say anything. I respect you for having all women in your life equaally but most of the time polygamy is just for pleasure. and please don't take example of east, you don't know how it is. it was just a way of replacing the one they got bored with.

Dindori, India

#108 Dec 17, 2012
I know many people have been able to follow polygamy and I salute those people who are raising both their families with love and dignity. I really salute them but for est, go back in time and look at the virtues and morals of Indians. Go develop that and then talk and take examples of east. I actually am favour in men like you who take responsibiltiy than swingers who ceat both and many for pleasure. You live a dgnified life and give equal status to both women I really respect you and also agree that this type of relation can exist. but it really hurts me when they talk of east unknowingly. I live here and I know what men used to do in name of polygamy.
Polygamy is not for someone' s selfishness or lust. It is a relaton of respect and trust from all 3 parties . in east also, the proper non swingers and good families, the wives called each other as Sisters.
Don't compare with the kings. there most of the marriage were political alliances and many women would flock by to earn status and money and everything. while some kings really maintaned all their wives.

Georgetown, Guyana

#109 Dec 18, 2012
unbelievable wrote:
I can't believe how morally and emotionally irresponsible most of you are. When you truly love some one you don't hurt them. I notice that the people who are in more then one relationship are the ones who are doing all of the dirt. I wonder if you all would be so open if you were one of the lovers. Its selfish of you all to try to justify your actions. If you were faithful in the first place you wouldn't go around starting all of these side relationships. Opening yourself for problems. There is no one person with all the qualities we may want. Look in he mirror are you everything to one person. Its sad that no one know about loyalty or commitment anymore. Just excises for being selfish. One thing you all got right your confused and confusion is of the devil. "Unbelievable"
I like your reply . It makes alot of sense and while reading all those person with excuse I was thinking the same thing.

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