IKO Shingles - problems?
Tammy St Andre NB

Edmundston, Canada

#124 Oct 25, 2011
We have run into the same problem. Had our Renaisance IKO shingles installed in 2001 and the are cracking, curling and have had a couple of leaks. We have contacted our lamber/hardware store and they came and took pictures and also informed us not to expect anything from the company. They have had several claims up in this area and nothing. This was a couple of months ago and still no news. You would think that in this economy this company would want to keep its customers happy. Any news about a class action suite here in canada please post so that we can join.

Glen Spey, NY

#125 Nov 17, 2011
My roof was done in 1998 with IKO- Cambridge AR- It is swiss cheese...leaks all over -It has ruined my house- Spent 12k on garbage- they are brittle and crumble in your fingers....I've had two contractors look at it and they can't understand how it's only 13 yrs old...IKO will have a lawsuit with this one...

Thunder Bay, Canada

#126 Dec 12, 2011
having the same issue with my roof, did you get anything out of iko, they will reinburse me for 49 out of 100 bundles, and no labour!!!!!
P Harper Toronto ON CAN wrote:
New roof 25 yr iko Renaissance shingles in 2002...in less than 7 years cracking,curling..just a mess!
Any other Toronto homeowners experiencing the same?
I have photos and will start a claim although other
commenters do not sound very optimistic as to a resolution!

Moncton, Canada

#127 Dec 15, 2011
My house is only 9 years old, with Renaissance Shingles installed from day one. This spring my house had one hell of a leak, causing considerable damage to my ceiling and walls. Was not it was caused by ice dam backup. When the insurance ajuster and roofer came to my house. We all went up to inspect the roof, I connot believe what I saw, all my shingles were all cracked and curling up at the ends. Which only should be happening if yor rood is 30 yrs old, more or less. I called IKO on this and was told by one rude lady in customer service saying this was normal. Because it was only a service crack and not all the way threw. I exlpanied to her my problem with leak and that the roofer cannot find where the leak could be. And advised her that the only way possiable to find leak is to open up my ceiling and find out from there. I told her what would be involed to do this and the inconvience of not being able to live in may house for about 3 weeks due to the contractor saying they would need to open everything up to let the walls and ceilings dry out. And since I have nevered filed a claim before with my insurance company, I would be losing my claims free discount on my policy, which was about 25%. So for the next 3 years My home insurance was going up over $250.00 per year. And if I wanted to save some money on my insurance, that I would need to increase my diductable which was $500.00. So to get my rate down I would need to put my deductable at $1000.00. So now I was being srewed by IKO and my own insrance conpany. I DON'T THINK SO. The lady told me the same story that everyone else needs to do..send in this and that, take pictures etc etc etc. and 2 pieces of damaged shingles. I GOT LUCKY THIS TIME THOUGH, SHE DID NOT ASK ME FOR BLOOD WORK OR A STOOL SAMPLE. I told her why in the hell do I need to do threw all this bother off getting all this information, when IKO is being sued left and right and there is hundreds of complants regarding the same issue. I said I think a proof of receipt and proof of ownership of this house when I build it was enongh. and the 10.000 pictures I was going to send along with my stool sample. No way would she move on there policy. Find I said, make sure you send my a check for the full amount off replacing the shingles with the same 25years to life quarnatee, plus the labour cost to redo roof which runs around the same price off replacing shingles. Nope she said we only refund the amount for shinles only and maybe $50.00 for me to go on the roof to get two shingles. I told her what if I fall of the roof while I'm doing it. she said hire someone who is a roofer, and I asked her who is going to pay him...quess who!!!!!! me me me. she gave me a claim number and said thats it..good bye...and hung up. I think my chances are better for a refund on my STOOL AND BLOOD, than my chances on getting a refund on shingles...way to go IKO...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Stittsville, Canada

#128 Dec 20, 2011
P Harper Toronto ON CAN wrote:
New roof 25 yr iko Renaissance shingles in 2002...in less than 7 years cracking,curling..just a mess!
Any other Toronto homeowners experiencing the same?
I have photos and will start a claim although other
commenters do not sound very optimistic as to a resolution!
My mom's roof was completed in 1998 complete removal of old shingles, roof was leaking so I went up to check and they are cracked, curling as well as some pieces missing. I spoke to the company who installed them and he told me good luck with the fight. He stopped useing them years ago because of the problems. Looking at the way to get the warranty covered, I might just bite the bullet and replace it.(even though that is what IKO wants)
Just Curious

Durham, NC

#129 Jan 4, 2012

I also purchased a home from Hart in 1999 and am having problems with my shingles curling and cracking. I just requested a claim packet today from ISO. What ended up happening with your claim from ISO? Is the trouble worth my time and money?
Chrissy1998- wrote:
I live in Des Moines, Iowa.I to am having the same problem with my shingles. I purchased my home in 1998. I have sent in the 2 shingles and photos and they sent me a letter and said that they needed proof that I was the original owner. By the sound of things this will get me nowhere. I purchased my double wide manufactured home from Hart Homes, I do not know how many of yo purchased a home from them, but they seem to think that they are not responible for this problem. Can anyone give me more information about the class action lawsuits and can I become involved in them. All help is appreciated.

Frostburg, MD

#130 Jan 24, 2012
I had new IKO shingles put on my entire house three yrs. ago and by the second yr. they started curling. I have no money for another roof!!

South Hamilton, MA

#131 Feb 6, 2012
We put IKO shingles on in 1998 and I had noticed that they were not wearing well. Now I have two different contractors saying our supposedly "30 year" shingles have to be replaced. I called IKO and they said we need the actual receipt from the lumberyard, which they don't have after 14 years. IKO will not come to see them. I have heard other people in our area have the same problems. I'm not sure how to move forward. Better business bureau?
Patricia Zullo

Gloversville, NY

#132 Feb 16, 2012
In 2004 my contrator installed IKO 35 yr. Harvard Slate Architectural Shingles and there have been continuous leakage damages occuring since. In the beginning my contractor covered the repairs but now the repair costs are falling on me and have reached the $3000 mark. Periodically I have found pieces of roofing shingles on my lawn and driveway but thought they were from homes that had older roofing shingles but now I am saving the pieces as I have realized they match mine. Currently I am preparing to file a suit against IKO but have heard they don't back up their product. My frustration level is at its max.
jackie purdy

Moncton, Canada

#133 Feb 26, 2012
I have put on the Royal Victorian roof & have had to repair it 5 times now,,, now today lost 2 more different sections, I am running out of extra shingles we had & can't get them anywhhere...any Canadians ever sue them??jackie.purdy@hotmail.com
S and R wrote:
We just purchased a house in Waterdown with these same shingles, and after receiving a quote from 3 different roofers with an average price of $12000, IKO has offered to pay $870. These are 25-year shingles and have lasted less than 10 years.
Anyone out there in the Toronto area launching a claim? If so, should we also begin a class action suit? This amount of warranty is quite unacceptible!!
<quoted text>
Jerry L

Northville, MI

#134 Mar 10, 2012
I had IKO shingles installed in 2001 seven years later I noticed them curling.I went to the distributor and he said good luck with IKO,I will never buy IKO products again unless they make good on there warranty

Woodbridge, Canada

#135 Mar 11, 2012
Reading these posts, I don't feel so hard done by. My thirty year IKO shingles have lasted 20 years, but the ones with southern exposure now have no granular left on them and more blow off with every wind. Fortunately I shingled the roof myself, made liberal use of Ice Guard, and covered the roof with roofing felt before applying the new shingles.
The Canadian class action is at http://www.classaction.ca/actions/products-li... .
The American class action is at http://www.ikoshingleslawsuit.com/ .
Good luck!

Moncton, Canada

#136 Apr 7, 2012
Have noticed my Rennaissance shingles looking prematurely aged,like big time worn, lots of grit in the gutter and on the deck. No leaks yet \ I'm just finding out about this problem, the house is only 7 yr. old and by the information I read things are not going to get better. some one should pay. I thought I bought the best shingle avalible to protect my home for at least 20 or more years, I have the reciept but sounds like a waste of time to persue for pennies

Osseo, MI

#137 Apr 28, 2012
Built my house in 1997, 2006 shingles falling off curling and had to replace valleys .
Leek in bedroom. IKO Shingels
Debbie - Brampton ON

Brampton, Canada

#138 May 11, 2012
So i see the Aristocrat Shingles are a problem for every one... not just me... redid our roof 1999 .. water leak through out livingin room ceiling Nov 2011... tried to claim to insurance but adjustor said that is was an old roof and needed a new (LOL) to it was not covered...i submitted claim when I original spoke to the claims on the phone she advised that they would only replace the shingles... finally got my offer.. I need 54 bundles their offer are you ready for this 22 bundles ... that may do my garage ...what a slap in the face..I purchased in good faith something that I thought would last longer 11 years (adjustor said its been bad for a few years) my husband only checks the roof every few years.. hey we purchased top of line 25 year shingles didnt think we would have to worry about it for a a while... so get screwed by insurance and now get screwed by IKO...claims where going to look at their offer and see what they could do .. i also asked for a discounted price on the other 32 bundles i have to buy they pay for someone to install.. they i have to fix 3 ceilings in my home becuase of the water damaged caused by the leaking and get the electrical checked since the water dripped through a light fixture. I am so so mad right now...... how they can get away with providing a defective shingle and the ones they want to give me are marathon.. sound like they are not any better....

Mount Carmel, PA

#139 Jun 6, 2012
I had 20 year IKO Shingles installed on my home in around 2002 (I was not given a warranty by my contractor) and they are all cracked and chiped and will have to be replaced now in 2012. I can't afford to have the whole house done at one time so I will have to have one side down now and next year another side done and was considering IKO again since it is the only brand that matches the color -- I was told by my contractor that they (IKO) have made improvement to their product. I hate to use their shingles again, but since both sides of my roof face the front of my house, I have to stay with the same product because of the color difference. Do you think I am making a mistake?

Scarborough, Canada

#140 Jun 20, 2012
I have got quote using IKO shingles, which is best rate but seeing all these comments I'm worried if I should trust IKO shingles, my roof is already leaking and being unemployed I'm pulling hardly managing. Wonder if its' worth it to trust IKO product with best quote aroud half of what others are offering?

Princeton, IL

#141 Jul 16, 2012
I had installed IKO Crowne 30 Midnight back in 1996 on a 8/12 and 10/12 pitched roof, however around 2000 I installed IKO Gentry 25 year shingles on a 3.5/12 pitch deck roof and those are curled breaking. The Crownes are holding up just fine, but the Gentrys are not.. We are near Chicago.
tawassailor wrote:
has anybody else had issues with the IKO Shingles? My experience below:
Recent windstorms have us replacing our roof, which is no big deal.
I was offered IKO shingles, and said absolutely not.
My home in northern Michigan, a relatively gentle climate, had IKO shingles, brand new, when I bought the home. I didn't like the ventilation, so added 7 roof vents, and new soffit 2 years after buying. Plus added 8" of insulation. This was 1994.
8 years later, Memorial Day 2002, the IKO shingles, now 10 years old, were cracked, curling, brittle, dry, broken.
I went to the local lumber yard where the shingles were purchased, and they just said forget dealing with IKO. They had told the lumberyard don't even bother calling them, and there were no adjustments to be made.
Many home owners across the entire northern region were in the same boat, from what I heard from 2 lumberyards.
The opinion of the lumberyards were that IKO flooded the market, and now the roofs were leaking.
I stripped the roof completely, and was shocked how easy the shingles came off in broken chunks.
It was a 3 day job for me. Stripped front half, repaired, cut for the ridge vent. since the pitch was 3.5 - 12, used ice and snow shield across the entire roof.
Used the Certainteed 40 year AR Colonial Slate Architechtural shingles.
Then did the back half. It was actually a great 3 day project. the roof was 58 feet long, 36 feet wide, measured as a flat surface.
But the IKO shingles were absolutely crap in my opinion. They also failed way to early, especially since I had upgraded the ventilation. They were 25 year shingles, and barely made 10.


#142 Jul 21, 2012
We need approximately 12 bundles of the IKO Renaissance shingles, color "Weathered Slate". We know they are discontinued but some supplier / dealer or individual may have them in some stock yard wanting to get rid of. Please let us know if you have any available.

Oscoda, MI

#143 Aug 27, 2012
buid a new house in 1998, Renaisance shingles they fell apart and I have leaks, never buy IKO

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