wease does 24 hour telethon for monro...
Justice will be served

Rochester, NY

#26 Jan 5, 2013
slammer wrote:
.D is very very defensive of Alan for the sheer reason that Alan hates any one who offers a different opinion that he disagrees with.
I can only stomach about 3 lines worth of your pablum.
Who in the hell is this "D" you refer to? More of your made up delusions?
You need some serious mental health buddy, I sure hope you dont have any firearms at home.

Holley, NY

#27 Jan 6, 2013
Billy is sort of a lost soul who will be left in the dust when Alan is shown the door.I mean really ,what is he going to do ??

As far as Fire Arms I do not own a gun but that does not mean I agree with what the Government is trying to do right now with second Amendment.As a matter of fact I believe Alan has some hand guns ,which again I have no problem with.But as with most issues Alan is a hypocrite and a phony.

I want to try to find one positive aspect about Alan and I just cant seem to think of any.I guess maybe because he is a member of the richest two percent he is an even bigger target now.I guess one simple ? is If Alan earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a year ,how much of his own money has he ever donated to his cause celeb?

Actually I will give credit to Alan for actually believing he is a good DJ and convincing himself that no matter how old he is he can still pretend to run with the other shows.People have no idea how much effort goes in to a daily show and the hours are horrendous.But yet there he is ,approaching 70 and still trying to act young..Props to Alan for even deceiving himself .

Since: Jan 13

Santa Barbara, CA

#28 Jan 6, 2013
I stopped listening to Wease after a day or so. He obviously has no regard for the opinions of women, nor anyone else who happens to disagree with him. One of his most-used phrases on the last show I heard was, "Listen, honey, let me tell you why you are wrong." He is boorish, self-centered and arrogant. You're right the dial works fine; turn it just a little bit and you never have to hear his dreck again.

Holley, NY

#30 Jan 6, 2013
Well well well,D is in rare form once again.Making up lies to defend a man who humiliates any one who disagrees with him.By the way I do agree with Keukasmallie because when I was with the show degrading woman and using them as props seemed to be the norm.Certainly the way women are portrayed constantly as sex objects can not be good. But as I have repeatedly said ,Alan has one goal and one goal only and that is to earn as much money as he can to stay in the top 2 percent of richest people in the USA.

If Alan truly believes in what he says he might want to rethink how he uses his platform on the air.

As far as D believing I listen to the show Alan is on I have to laugh.The reason I know as much as I do is because of the many connections I have with people in the industry and the abundance of media ,internet and news outlets where any thing that is happening is broadcast almost immediately .As i have stated I knew something was amiss on the show and of course I was proven correct again.And as usual ,Alan is marching to the orders issued by management.Alan always takes care of himself first.

Look for Alan to continue to work as hard as he ever has and it would seem the hours and the stress will eventually cause a forced vacation .People really do not understand how much effort goes in to a daily show and it is daunting to think how he is still able to stay relevant at his age.

Holley, NY

#32 Jan 7, 2013
why not feed us some more BS ..D .Why dont you tell us how Alan feels about jammie no longer being with the show Alan is on ?? I cant wait for this answer.But please do me a favor and keep the hate speech at a minimum as it makes you sound really really foolish
Danny Fishcharge

Rochester, NY

#34 Jan 7, 2013
Slamer's family needs to have him mentally committed, it's obvious he has obsessive behavior and is rambling. Put him away before he pulls a Lanza/Spengler on Hilton.

Holley, NY

#35 Jan 7, 2013
People who always call names and lie to divert the subject at hand do so for the sheer fact that they have been defeated factually and accurately in a debate.
And by the way ,in no way is any of this personal.I merely am pointing out facts and using some opinions to show people what I believe to be an accurate representation of what he is really like.
Once again I can tell you that he hates any one who disagrees with him and he degrades and tries to humiliate them and he does this in a very personal and destructive fashion.He also really really hates people who call him out on his age and he is obviously sensitive to this issue.But facts are facts so I guess one would wonder why if he is in his late late 60s that he just does not roll with it.As Alan used to say ,he believes in logic and facts so ,just learn to live like you only have a little time left according to the statistics.
Hell I still cant get an answer as to how much of his own money he has ever donated to any of his cause celebs?
Either way ,as a fact besides the mid 40s apprentice /helper /dog walker/semi slave assistant not one person is left from the show Alan is on.Any one in radio will tell you continuity is a key to having a successful show.
Common Cents

Rochester, NY

#36 Jan 7, 2013
Is this the same stupid Slammer who calls into the sports shows on WHAM and WHTK always talking about Tiger Woods?

Holley, NY

#37 Jan 7, 2013
Notre Dame should have never been allowed to get off the plane.It would have saved them alot of trouble .It is as if CC is filled with moronic Djs who have trouble stringing 2 sentences together that makes logical sense. Well the small markets are probably going to get spun off soon as the debt CC is under is enormous and the little crap stations like Rochester are under the microscope. Look how they keep pinching pennies and disrupting shows.\\
Either way Notre Dame is being routed and I love it.I wonder how many fans are thinking about jumping off bridges tonight

Holley, NY

#39 Jan 8, 2013
well,it seems as if Alan is escalating what was more or less a minor debate with a local talk show host.I can not get in to the small details but I can tell you that Alan is very upset about a contest that he was nominated for and Alan is very very very upset about it.

As I have said Alan is very egotistical and as he gets older it is getting even worse.He truly believes that the show he is on is better than the other local shows and he honestly thinks he has paved the way for them .In the end the contest being talked about was and is more or less a joke ,Alan probably believes it is not in good taste but i can tell you that He is the Last person on earth to have any opinion on what is in good taste.He is one of the rudest crudest Djs on the planet and he talks down to people with the snobbery of the most elite selfish people on the planet.And for him to pass judgement on any one is ridicules and absurd,but this is what Alan does.

What Alan needs to do is to accept responsibility for his own actions and not pass judgement on the way another local host runs his show.Alan should concentrate on what can keep the show he is on relative and find some way to keep people on for more than a year or so.Show some pride Alan and stop slamming other people in the local radio market.

Rochester, NY

#41 Jan 9, 2013
slammer wrote:
Notre Dame should have never been allowed to get off the plane.It would have saved them alot of trouble .It is as if CC is filled with moronic Djs who have trouble stringing 2 sentences together that makes logical sense. Well the small markets are probably going to get spun off soon as the debt CC is under is enormous and the little crap stations like Rochester are under the microscope. Look how they keep pinching pennies and disrupting shows.\\
Either way Notre Dame is being routed and I love it.I wonder how many fans are thinking about jumping off bridges tonight
Can anyone interpret this post for me? Gary, you really have a problem. It amazes me that you are still posting the same things you have been posting since Wease came back on the air, and this post may have taken the cake. What was your point? There has to be something more to your life than obsessing over Wease. Really, you have some serious issues.
For the person that asked if Gary is the same Slammer that calls 1280, No he is not. First, it appears that Gary is afraid to call a radio show. Second, the guy that does call actually has a little intelligence. Gary on the other hand, well his posts speak for themselves. He has some problems, plus the rotten teeth.

Holley, NY

#43 Jan 9, 2013
Hey if you want to jump on my bandwagon that is fine with me.The show Alan is on has been through huge changes from members to hours to advertisers .But one must give credit to Alan for his ability to act as if nothing changed and to continue to work harder than he ever has while getting close to the milestone of being 70 years old and still on the air.

By the way radio 101 is to stir any emotion you can ,even if it is hatred.You will never find any hatred in any of my posts whatsoever.You will however find accurate and truthful predictions of how selfish Alan truly is and why he still must work in to his late 60s and his need to cover up the massive changes on the show he is on by not even talking about a comedian that he has been quoted as saying was funnier than Tommy.This is what Alan does ,he attacks any one that he feels does not respect him.Alan is a real ego maniac and I can also tell you that D is terrified to ever allow Alan to read any thing that is remotely negative.Alan is very very sensitive to any comments about him and D is well aware of that.It is why he would not even dare allow the truth to be shown to him.Just another enabler who is probably on the dole.

I can tell you this that Alan will not make it past the balloon payments that CC is on the hook for within the next 2 years and the people who have been misled by Alan will be left for dead while he skips away as he always has.It is why I have enormous respect for Jamie as he was smart enough to see what Alan is truly like and he jumped before the ship went down.Look for Alan to eventually talk bad about him as he has done with Tommy and billy Moran.Alan really must get over billy putting Alan in a pool of ,well lets call it people who probably will not be around next year.Alan has no reason what so ever to talk behind Billys back.

Alan the wease el levin seems to need people to defend him as is witnessed by this poor schlepp who thinks Alan being a member of the richest 2 percent in the USA and who has no problem allowing his own daughter to live off the working people in the State of PA is not one of the most ruthless ,cold hearted selfish unkind rich fat cat in the world.To this day he still will answer a simple ?? of how much has Alan ever donated to his own cause celeb.What a schmuck

Holley, NY

#44 Jan 9, 2013
By the way ,Alan was sued twice for sexual harassment in the work place.Some liberal he is ,belittles woman in the work place while being in the richest 2 percent of the capitalistic pigs who enrich themselves on the backs of the middle class.

What a hypocrite ,but in the end he has been able to mask this by actually making people in the small market of Rochester NY think he cares about them.LOl,Alan only cares about Alan.

Rochester, NY

#45 Jan 10, 2013
Is it me or are Gary's late night posts even more stupid than his regular posts that are already very dumb? Gary, you sad little pathetic creep, you need to get some sort of a life. People are laughing at you and its not just your teeth that they are laughing at.

Holley, NY

#47 Jan 10, 2013
You still can not even deny that Alan might have never ever donated one penny to his charities while he acts as if he really cares but asks the hard working people who are already hard pressed by enormously high taxes and a loss of good jobs to donate the little money that they might have.

What kind of man would do this to people ,answer Alan the wease el Levin.He actually supported the waste of over 100,000,000 million dollars on a ferry that no one wanted besides himself and now he feels he can actually ask people to donate money to a hospital that could have uses that 100 millhouse ?/ What a creep and a horrible horrible selfish man.

Look Alan has been sued for sexual harassment more than once and as a previous post has stated he talks down to woman and tells them they are wrong .It is of my opinion that he does use his stature to control people.Look how hard D tries to defend Alan knowing full well what the facts are.

I will simplify this to one easy ?? that does not involve Alan leaving his first born daughter ,or possibly not leaving her in his will ,or him being sued for sexual harassment by 2 separate woman ,How much has Alan donated to his own cares charity?

People deserve to know if a man who uses pure emotion to garner what he wants truly means what he says by donating his own money.Ahh the hypocrisy of people who only view other with the same vitriol that he has for any one that disagrees with him.Is Alan a bad person ,depends if hypocrisy is in the mix because he certainly fits that description .

By the way ,I want to reiterate that I have no ill will towards Alan and I only wish to let people decide if he is what he says he is.It seems obvious as to why he evades and avoids a real debate.

Holley, NY

#49 Jan 12, 2013
For now I will take you at your word B_ that Alan Levin actually took 5,500.00 $$ out of his pocket and contributed it to one of his causes.Just to clarify ,this is not some calculation of his time or some Company owner who made a deal with Alan to get air time by donating money to one of his cause celebs ?.

As you have stated this is Alan Levin donating 5,500 dollars of his money and actually writing a check for that exact amount to a charity that he controls in the calender year of 2012 .This is not a car that was donated for that amount that allowed Alan to claim he is some great humanitarian or air time that is equal to what he deems to be the same as cold hard cash .This is Alan Levin taking money from his pocket and handing it over with no strings attached.Please forgive me for being cautious for many people have gamed the system to take advantage of the many loop holes in the system.

The IRS watches these charities like a hawk and even though it is a more or less a feel good charity that in essence produces a sugar high for children and does not help them in the long term by stressing education ,it is what Alan deems to be important and if he really has donated his own money for the calander year of 2012 to that cause ,it is a substantial amount.

This particular defender of Alan the brother wease el Levin is paramount to some crazy sports team fan who is beyond reasoning with.I am eager to find out If Alan has ever donated that amount to any single charity and I will certainly applaud him if that is the truth.Alan is a phony on the air and he certainly has helped Politicians that he deems as good with their re election efforts even if they have thrown 100s of millions of dollars out the window of fantasy ferries that every one knew would fail.I actually believe even Alan will tell you that he can not manage money so why in the world he would applaud one of the worst mayors in the history of the USA is very strange or simply stupid.But this is what Alan did and that mayor did waste an incredible amount of our money and he walked away scott free.That is injustice in the worst way but it is what Alan defends.

But I must give Alan props if it is true for actually pulling his own money out of his pocket .And as i have stated in no way do I dislike Alan in any way.Why Alan takes everything so personal is beyond me.....

Holley, NY

#50 Jan 13, 2013
Wow. Garys is Crazy.

Holley, NY

#51 Jan 13, 2013
Just trying to defend people who are easily misled by people like Alan the brother wease el levin.He actually has people think he cares about them and he asks them to give money to what he believes helps children.What a deceiver he is.

Holley, NY

#53 Jan 15, 2013
Relax B ,you need to find a life besides defending a man who left his first born daughter and first wife to fend for themselves.

You might dislike me but Alan is a phony and a fraud and he walks over people to attain what he wants .

And by the way ,I see he was beaten again in the ratings. If you had any smarts you would have left when Jammie left.He obviously saw the writing on the wall with what is happening to the show Alan the brother wease el is on.You might want to find another job yourself for you will see what the real Alan is when he dismisses people he has known for years .This is what Alan does and he will continue to always put himself first over every one///...

Holley, NY

#55 Jan 16, 2013
BK you need to find a hobby.Defending a man who has been married three times and walks away from a baby by agreeing to pay the minimal amount to mother and child is not a good way to live. I wonder if Alan the brother wease el Levin feels about what he did.

My guess would be that As always Alan says he is not the only one to do abandon a baby and because other people have done this ,it allows him to justify what he has done.What people must understand about Alan is he always has an excuse and he actually lavishes in belittling people in what he has done to hurt innocent people to make himself feel better.

Alan is a bully of bullies and that is why in my very very humble opinion the show he is on is unable to gain any traction in the small market of Rochester NY.D- L has a soft spot for Alan and probably does not want to see another family torn apart ,but who knows how long Alan can last with the many changes happening to the show he is on.It surely seems as if Alan can not maintain a consistent show because of internal strife and mismanagement.

What you can count on is Alan always looking out for himself as he always has and always will.It is becoming increasingly clear that my posts are very very accurate and Alan is a very selfish man who is not a nice person and the false persona on the air is nothing but a ruse.

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