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no love in Calvary Chapel

Memphis, TN

#1 Apr 6, 2009
I have been a CC "member" since the mid 1970's. One thing I know to be true is that the pastor seldomly answers to anyone. Even their own elders or board have little or no authority whatsoever! And worse, if a marriage breaks up for whatever the reason my be, the man is blammed 90% of the time! If you "act the part," and show up at church, the pastor will believe just about anything you say to him. It is a unloving hurtful organization that I will never again attend. I pray that God will awaken new leadership within and cause them to actually love the people! Not just from the pulpet, but in actual life itself! If you can "act the act, and fake the walk," you have it made in Calvary Chapel! Beware if you have a cheating wife who is popular in the church. the pastor will still back her no matter what!
no love in Calvary Chapel

Memphis, TN

#2 Apr 6, 2009
P.S., the last posting has NOTHING to do with Mountain View Calvary. It is actually a Southern U.S. Calvary I am referring to...

Santa Ana, CA

#3 Jul 17, 2009
Calvary Chapel is dangerous - unbiblical, unaccountable, abusive, unloving, and just plain sickening. SO thankful to have found true churches out there who do not operate like this corrupt organization posing as a church.

United States

#4 May 28, 2010
I hate calvary phony chapel

United States

#5 May 29, 2010
Um, why would you post this in "Mountain View, CA"?

Elgin, IL

#6 Dec 14, 2010
Calvary chapel is a cult of deranged lunatics and pathologocal liars. Avoid them like the plague that they are.
Gordon snow

New Bedford, MA

#7 Mar 12, 2011
I became a catholic in 2010, glad we left Calvary chaple of Rockland, the Catholic church was founded by Jesus Christ we have the real presence of Jesus in the Host, Jesus said so himself This is my body which is given for you.
We have a number of resons we left.I found out a lot about the Catholic church by reading, listening, and they are very bibilcal in there teaching, Calvary you are only beliving what you are taught, did into the scriptures more and Catholic is all in the word of God.I am more Christ centered now than before, I am in the word now more than ever, Calvary come to the real Church that Christ Jesus started no man
O1020903840OOO74 65

El Cajon, CA

#8 Mar 13, 2011
Your all a bunch of drones.
Quit believing in ghosts and fairy tales.
No Santa. No Easter Bunny. No God.


Rockland, MA

#9 Jul 18, 2012
Basically a fool is someone who doesn’t know God (Psalm 43:1 53:1). They do not respect God; they mock God (Psalm 74:18, 22 Proverbs 1:7).
Fools “despise wisdom and discipline” and “hate knowledge”.(Proverbs 1:7, 22).
Fools “…do not know that they do wrong” Ecclesiastes 5:1.
Jeremiah complained that his people were fools because they didn’t know God and worshiped idols (Jeremiah 4:22, 5:4, 21, 10:8).
Fools do not obey Jesus (Matthew 7:26, 25:1-13 Luke 6:46).
Jesus calls the hypocritical religious leaders fools (Luke 11:46).
Fools are those who do not consider eternity but think only about the things of this world (Luke 12:20).
Fools consider themselves wise but became fools because they did not consider God (Romans 1:22).
Fools do not believe and so perish (1 Corinthians 1:18, 20, 3:18-19).
Fools consider wisdom foolishness:
“The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.” 1 Corinthians 2:14
Fools are those who follow “the god of this age” 2 Corinthians 4:4.
When we did not believe in Jesus we were fools (Titus 3:3).
A fool is someone who acts (or condone others who act) any way he pleases and thinks just because he has “faith” he is OK:
“You foolish man, do you want evidence that faith without deeds is useless “ James 2:20

Irvington, NJ

#10 Jul 23, 2012
Calvary chapel kearny nj...beware of carmen solis the pastor's wife she is satan

Aurora, CO

#11 Aug 25, 2012
Most of the posters here are simply "haters" who are acting unchristian like in judgement. The name calling is inexcusable, thank the lord for forgiveness.

FYI, the Catholic Church was NOT, I repeat NOT started by Jesus Christ. Christ was a Jew, he never came to abolish not one pen stroke of God's law. The term "church" refers to the entire body of believers in Messiah, Jews and Gentiles alike. The Roman Catholic Church was started by Constantine who was a Roman himself. Romans were like "The Borg" (star trek) as they assimilated bits and pieces of the religious beliefs of cultures they conquered. Christianity was no exception. The Roman Catholic movement stripped every bit if Jewishness out of Christianity and made believers denounce all forms of Judaism. Over the years the Catholic Church has included idol worship, and praying to dead saints and worshiping the Virgin Mary. All of these things are forbidden under the laws and religion practiced by Jesus Christ.

I've attended Calvary Chapel. I find nothing but solid biblical teaching with a modern flair and plenty of opportunities for fellowship and a place to do so. Of all of the complaints here on this board I find none legitimate because all are vague and hostile.

Brothers and sisters in Christ should not act like heathen fools.

Payson, AZ

#12 Oct 14, 2012
I was attending Calvary chapel payson and found the pastor to be very controlling and even micro managing everyone's lives. Sound like a cult leader to you. I find that no ones behavior is Christlike because no one is Jesus Christ but Jesus Christ. I find Calvary chapel payson to be a bunch of sin sniffing self righteous Hippocrates who are not patient and definitely not kind. Guilt is the pastors biggest weapon and he runs around with no checks and balances. I can only pray that god will show him the error of his ways.
Scott Ryan

Doylestown, PA

#13 Dec 6, 2012
I read all of these negative comments, and I KNOW the Holy Spirit didn't put these words in your hearts. If you've had a bad experience at a clavary chapel, leave and go where The Lord directs your heart. Don't bash the body if Christ. I attend two calvary chapels on the east coast and I love the people and the pastors at both. A Church will grow if it is blessed by Jesus. Without Jesus a church will die, he will take away their lamp. Stop the hostility and love The Lord. Find your place of worship and be happy. Look at the signs of the times. Jesus is coming!

United States

#14 Dec 15, 2012
I have been to calvary chapel. almost everybody that attends there, is either gay or bisexual. they are a cult. they constantly preach about the end times, use a poor bible translation, are arminian, and speak poorly of rob bell. I would not recommend ANY Calvary chapel!

Santa Barbara, CA

#16 Jan 22, 2013
Unfortunately, many cultic practices abound in the Calvary Chapel movement. Not every Calvary Chapel church exhibits cultic mentality, but too many do, beginning with the almost god-like authoritarian attitudes of the pastors, elders, and other church leaders. Exceptions exist. I could find absolutely nothing wrong with Calvary Chapel Philadelphia. It seems to be about as perfect as a church can get. Amazing. Incredible teaching. Loving congregation. Truly CCPhilly is the Body of Christ.

On the other hand, without naming names, I have experienced a Calvary Chapel that was so cultic the pastor was passive-aggressive and needed a treatment plan straight out of the DSM-IV-R. Scary. I found leaders in the Calvary Chapel movement whose DSM designation could easily be Borderline Personality Disorder. Now that's REALLY scary. This is NOT the Body of Christ but is something else entirely. We should all pray that God will change these churches and bring repentance and healing to all involved. To God be the glory. Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.


#17 Jun 25, 2013
I thought I was the odd one out until l just out of curiosity typed three simple words on Google,"calvary chapel complaints" and low and behold hundreds of complaints and comments -calvary chapel tel Aviv Israel - you would believe they are doing so much but their web site is a lie-no center yet they continue to show a video and photos as if the place is still operating -no accountability since they are not registered officially in Israel - their pastor has no resident permit and travels in and out on a tourist visa-treat Israelis as second class citizens -use and abuse for the cheap labour and when you complain show you the door -


#18 Jun 25, 2013
]I read all of these negative comments, and I KNOW the Holy Spirit didn't put these words in your hearts. If you've had a bad experience at a clavary chapel, leave and go where The Lord directs your heart. Don't bash the body if Christ. I attend two calvary chapels on the east coast and I love the people and the pastors at both. A Church will grow if it is blessed by Jesus. Without Jesus a church will die, he will take away their lamp. Stop the hostility and love The Lord. Find your place of worship and be happy. Look at the signs of the times. Jesus is coming!
Calvary and some other churches work on the principal that if you complain or ask for accountability they sling at you the very same comment-its not the Holy Spirit-as believers we should leave it to God to sort out the problem-its not christian etc.etc.that way its a very handy way out for them-you don't know the Holy Spirit didn't put these words in my heart-you can love someone but you don't have to love what they do-even pastors are accountable.
Enlightned One

Torrance, CA

#19 Jul 25, 2013
geeze, you're all nuts... sounds like you all come from the same church; the church of hate.. smoke a joint. I don't want to join any church that demonizes me or my neighbors.

United States

#20 Aug 2, 2013
I grew up as a Catholic that only went to church once a year. I believed in God but didnt really know Him. My dad got remarried to a woman that attended a Christian, that's where I learned about Christ and started my relationship with Him. After moving, Some young kids were going around the mall where I worked sharing the gospel and inviting people to church. I went that week and it was different to what I was used to. But I loved the word, it was powerful. I started stepping out of my confort zone and made many friends. God blessed me with that church. I stopped being this religious judgmental person and have become more open-minded and loving towards the lost souls. I can't speak for everyone... but at the same time who am I to put down the body of Christ. Instead of bashing it, I should make the change. Know one thing, every church has hypocrites, that's why we go... to get better. Just like Jesus told the Pharisees, He did'nt come for the healthy, but for the sick. We all are hypocrites, were human, we say were for God but how many of us are really like Jesus? None. Were human, were imperfect but His Son died to cover our shame. Rejoice! Love each other and seek God daily:)

Hesperia, CA

#21 Nov 12, 2013
I attended a Calvary Chapel for a short time and noticed a few things. The people there were pretty much follow-the-leader types. So they didn't seem to mind the Moses Model. But the pastor was arrogant and disprespectful, both in-person and from the pulpit. They were definately not theologically adept. These folks were pretty basic and prone to stereotyping. I wonder whether that's representative of the CC movement as a whole. Any thoughts on this?

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