My Teen Verbally Abuses Me
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South Africa

#89 Sep 21, 2012
I have had it! I thought I the only one going through this and that I must be the worst mother out there , but I see it happens to many of us !! I'm taking my emotions out of this and dealing with it like the crap mother my daughter says I am. As from today she will have no cell phone , will be grounded , have nothing !! I'm not standing for this shit any more , my heavy heart has lifted !! Thanks .. Realizing we all can't be such bad mothers !!
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Rustenburg, South Africa

#90 Sep 21, 2012
Jessica wrote:
My 16 year old daughter called me a "stupid bitch" yesterday for the firsttime and I still recovering from it. My initial reaction was to go over and kick her ASS! but i refrained from doing so because I don't want to get physical with her. I am still thinking of a consequence for her. I want something that is going to hurt her and make her feel disrespected as much as she hurt and disrespected me. According to her dad, she wants to apologize but is she really sorry? Kids these days apologize but say it in order not to get the consequence and think that it makes everything better. It sometimes doesn't. Any ideas?
the best thing to take away is her means of communication - no cell phone !! That hurts the most !! I'm going to do with my daughter.

Houston, TX

#91 Oct 9, 2012
Hello everyone,
I have a 19 year old son who was the sweetest little boy then he started acting different when he was 16 he got kicked out of a "Christian School" because he said he was "gay", I talked to him and try to give him support but it was not enough, he is mad at me because I didn't sue the school, i did some searching and I couldn't because of their rules, my son stayed home for a while, and got very depress, he didn't want to go to a public school because he was afraid of been bullied, we started home school and it didn't work, he got stock and I couldn't help him, he end up getting a GED, when he turn 17 he wanted a car, so he can go to school and work, I put the down payment for him, he started working and making the car payments, from that job, he decided he wanted to work at a "gay bar" he did, not for too long, someone in there gave him an opportunity to work in an office, and he did, I had to put him on my car insurance, hi was driving everywhere, of course when I added it went up, so he started giving me $750 per month to cover the car and insurance, then I found a cheaper one, but didn't tell him about it, he kept giving me the $750, someone at work told him that that was too much for insurance, but I was using the difference to pay other bills, when he found out he got really mad and called me a "thief", i tried to explain and it didn't work, he lost a tooth because my youngest son hit him after a fight they had to stop him been mean to my youngest son all of his life,(he was only mean to him, no one else, and I always got on him because of that), when he called me a thief, he said that he could be saving to fix his teeth and he couldn't because I was stealing from him, it was not that much maybe $100 less, so I was paying a bill, he quit that office job because it was too boring according to him, and took a "bartender" course to work as a bartender, I still have to continue making payments on the car and he refuses to pay it because all the money i stole from him should cover it, he moved out to a friend's house, came to pick up his stuff and wanted to fight with my youngest son and I tried to stop them, he called me a "bitch", and all kind of ugly names, it was very painful the way he acted he even pulled a knife to defend him self, we were not doing anything but he wanted to fight my other son, I didn't want to call the cops because I knew it would be a big trouble, i am very devastated, don't know what to thing, i am at work and can't even do it right, I just don't know what happened/???

any comments
sad san

Uckfield, UK

#92 Oct 15, 2012
My daughter is 30. Yes 30. She lives with her partner. Is expecting a daughter of her own. She is moving house and wanted my help packing. I wasnt doing it right and got a mouthful of abuse. Was told to and dont come near her again. This has been going on for years and i thought when she left home it would all stop. If anything she is worse. God knows how her partner feels. I dread what she will be like with the baby. I can come home but i get very upset. Then she is on the phone all pathetic saying sorry. But its too late. I may forgive but i never forget.

Lansdale, PA

#93 Nov 20, 2012
A common denominator here seems to be divorced parents. My 14 yrd old daughter has been giving me an extremely hard time but so far im still married to her dad but yes she has witnessed many arguments between us where im the one doing the yelling and she has built up so much anger toward me. I feel very guilty about this but at the same time can only be so understanding before i lash out at her for this treatment! I have two older sons who were much easier! They are both in college and grad school so its my daughter home without her siblings which is a factor also in her sadness i think. I dont want to get divorced especially given the affect on kids. Feeling angry sad guilty depressed...


#94 Jan 19, 2013
fed up wrote:
i also have a 16 year old daughter who is very abusive ive had her in councelling for 2 years now and her behavious is getting worse my ex( her father) was and still is very abusive towards me (mentally now) and has destroyed my reputation beyond belief the biggest problem im having is i have rules and morals he goes against every decision i make on my children i say no he says yes to them, as he told me years ago when we broke up he would make sure my children hated me, so he buys there love with mondey. i have no family support and have just asked my daughter to leave if she doent want to live by my rules (my rules are not harsh)as she is so abusive that i am becoming so depressed. We will talk abt whats happeneing and she will say im sorry for how i treat you but if u say no of course im going to abuse u and go to dads as he will let me do anything i want even buying her alcohol to go to all night partys.the lastest incident was 2 days ago i had a call from the police to pick up my daughter as her and her father got into a physical altercation of pushing and shoving when i picked her up i told her the same story u have to abide by rules she said sure i will and said she understood she went to a friends house i had a curfew and she broke it by 12 hours to find she had gone to a party at a males home and stayed there and got drunk her father went and picked her up from a local mall and dropped her here i never answered the door as im sooooo angry and discusted by the lack of respect that i cant even look at her now she has now gone to her grandmothers (on the fathers side) who will reward her behaviour by taking her shopping for new clothes as they have done the same thing in the past i have reported this to her councellor and the police but they say unless they see it not alot they can do (shakes head). Im continually told to hang in there but am finding it impossible Im in the process of moving to a new state to get away from all the abuse from my ex and dont think i can take my daughter as i know ill end up ending it all as the abusive nature is never ending ( ive come from a very abusive home myself )and just need a relaxed life now the hardest thing im finding is as a parent i have limited rights where as the child has many and the law is in no way helpful in this situation so id like to know from anyone who has been in a similar situation how a positive outcome can be achieved as i love my daughter so much but cant take her abuse
can you contact me our situations are very similar. Would like to chat see if your situation was resolved. Thanks x

Livingston, NJ

#95 Feb 2, 2013
My son when he doesn't get his way calls me a f***ing as*h**e and yells at me. He 15 gonna be 16 in a few months. I have beat him, grounded him and it doesn't work. He is fine most of the time then goes off if he doesn't get his way. I now try not to react and just thank him for being a loving respectful son when he curses me. He then states I always yell at him. I tell him any parent whose teenager curses will argue with that kid. I tell him just zip his lip when he wants to go off and he won't have conflict with me. I don't know what the answer is accept don't get pulled into the teenage tantrum ... Stay calm and focused ... He then will curse my girlfriend and say she is a hitch .. don't go back at him .. just tell him,he is wrong and thank him for being such a loving respectful son ... He then will text me like an hourvlater and apologize ... I then text back and forth ... I hope he grows out of this cause it is stressing me out.
Funny AsHell

Vinita, OK

#96 Feb 11, 2013
Depressed5675 wrote:
So I know that things could be worse.... she could be meaner.... but what she is doing is causing me to feel depressed. Lately I don't look forward to the days anymore. I know at some point in the day she is going to call me a fucking bitch, stupid, ugly, fat, etc. Now that she is always in trouble she calls me a snitch too.
I do my best to not react and usually I succeed but lately I can't help but to feel very sad.
I divorced her father years ago and he treated me very badly. Now I feel like I am stuck with another abuser that I can't get rid of.

My son cussed me out 2 weeks ago. We had his funeral last Thursday. Problem Solved, he doesn't cuss at anybody now.

Good Luck.

Madison, WI

#97 Feb 14, 2013
Depressed5675 wrote:
So I know that things could be worse.... she could be meaner.... but what she is doing is causing me to feel depressed. Lately I don't look forward to the days anymore. I know at some point in the day she is going to call me a fucking bitch, stupid, ugly, fat, etc. Now that she is always in trouble she calls me a snitch too.
I do my best to not react and usually I succeed but lately I can't help but to feel very sad.
I divorced her father years ago and he treated me very badly. Now I feel like I am stuck with another abuser that I can't get rid of.
My 18 year old adored me up until she was 13. Because her mother would disrespect my in front of her, now she has no trouble calling me asshole jerk whatever. I'm 57 and even though all teens rebel I never called my dad a name. I am heartbroken.

Madison, WI

#98 Feb 14, 2013
Truth, generations past, if I were to disrespect my dad in any way, I got his huge hand slapping my mouth. Kids have no fear of authority because there is no longer any consequences for bad behavior. The bible says "spare the rod hate the child"
It's true!

Windsor, CO

#100 Apr 11, 2013
I gave my 16 yr daughter a car to drive to school and back. She skipped an entire day of school within the 1st week of having the car. She is failing one class and has C's in the rest. I took the car away from her and she has been verbally abusing me every time she sees me (she lives with my ex wife most of the time). My daughter told me she doesn't want to see me or have anything to do with me unless it involves her getting the car back. I told her I will not tolerate her foul mouth and hurtful name-calling any longer. I am sad about this, but not too sad. I have been dealing with her selfish, lying behavior long enough. I love my daughter dearly, as we all love our teens, but I refuse to tolerate her mouthy, selfish behavior any longer. I was hoping she would become more responsible when I gave her the privilege to drive. She absolutely hates the fact that I monitor her grades and attendance online

North Vancouver, Canada

#101 Jun 4, 2013
It's been really helpful reading all these. Thanks. My son is 12. He calls me lazy, fat ass, stupid, idiot, bitch you name it. Now my 11 year old son is starting. My 10 year old daughter told me to "shut-up you idiot" when one of her brothers was trying to tell me something at the same time as her (she had been talking for a long time) and I told her that it was his turn for me to listen. It is soooooooo depressing. I am considering leaving my family. It seems hopeless at times.


#104 Jun 19, 2013
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San Pablo, CA

#105 Jun 22, 2013
is all your fault because your a bad mother. u didnt take the time to really care for her and neglect her needs. now it comes to bite u in the ass. in more civilizes countries , doing this people throw there selfs to atone for what they did. but not u i hope u can live with yourself.

New Orleans, LA

#106 Jul 3, 2013
I'm reading this thread because I KNOW where you guys are totally. I too have a 16 year old daughter, who 90% of the time is a hateful bitch to me. ANYTHING I say gets an eye roll or a sigh, or she doesnt look at me when she talks to me. She apparently is the keeper of all knowledge because I know nothing and she has all the answers. Im just essentially here to pay her phone bill and buy her clothes. She knows better then to ever call me a bitch because she knows it will get physical but every word I speak to her seems like he is being tortured to listen to it. She basically hates my guts, and thats the part that hurts. But I know as her mom, its my job to PARENT her not to be her friend. We will be friends later.

This morning she basically told me that I am the reason for all of her insecurity. Why? Because I didnt let her keep her large cup of coffee in my car to get spoiled in the summer heat (which I told her this as she started making the coffee). I told her to take it with her. Also I told her the 20 bucks I gave her was for streetcar fare and nothing else because so far Ive given her 40 bucks this week. Its only wed! OOOOH mean mom!

The thing you all need to realize is these kids are hormonal and not in their right mind. Physically they are not. You are asking for an irrational person to be rational and make sense. THIS is impossible for most of them. EVERY thing with them is high drama and magnified by 300000%. I try to remind myself of that. Their brains are developing at an alarming rate and their hormones are way out of control. It is your job to be consistent and sometimes life will seem like WWIII but its just something you have to do. When DD told me I was the reason for her insecurity, I looked at her and said your the reason for my migraines. Have a nice day and take your cup with you. Thanks.

She keeps this up the phone will be taken. The tv will be taken, the computer will be taken. Hate me all you want. But if my daughter ever PHYSICALLY assaulted me, that would be her last time. You bet your behind the cops after I finish scrapping it out with her circa Brooklyn 1992... and the cops would be called.

Parenting is the hardest job in the whole world and teenagers are manipulative and nasty. It will totally pass but man, get your hard hats ready until it does!

Best of luck!
Imperfect Parent

Louisville, KY

#107 Jul 13, 2013
WOW.I thought it was just me!To all those that say to step up and be a parent,I will tell you that if you do that you will have social services and the cops at your door.I have a 15 year old daughter who should have been spanked every day of her life.Now I have a kid that call me a fucking bitch,spits on me,calls me a loser,P****y fat bitch, etc.This has gone on for a while but has escalated since school got out.She will tell anyone who will listen that I abuse her.Social services has been out to investigate (and that's pleasant)She has run away 3 times.She says she hates me and wants to stab me.The police cannot do anything.I have now taken out an out of control order on her.We are trying a few things through the court system before they send this on to the judge.I keep a diary of what happens.We have a recording of her ranting and raving cussing for 20 minutes.I am ready to have the state take custody of her or have her go into residential.I have 4 other kids at home (2 small children)and she has started on them.I will not take her physically abusing those kids.I hate it when she is home.Now I just say what I have to and no more.

London, UK

#108 Jul 14, 2013
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Red Hook, NY

#109 Jul 23, 2013
Hi there,
I divorced my abusive ex at the close of 2008 - he verbally and physically abused me for 20 + years off and on. He had severe anger issues, was a habitual liar, had ADHD and dyslexia.

Anyway, my 23 year old son and I have always been very close. Within the past year I believe my son is talking with his manipulative father much more often and now my son is calling me names. He calls me ignorant, a whack job, insane, nuts, etc etc when he gets frustrated with me (he visits me, trashes the house and I ask him to clean up and this is the response). Or I am sharing my thoughts with him about a subject and he call me 'dumb, how stupid, etc etc. It is so disturbing. I tell him he is verbally abusing me and it MUST STOP. And this only happens when he is frustrated or thinks he is more intelligent about something. Also, he has his Master's Degree and is pursuing medical school and I am the only one he does this with apparently. What to do. I don't even want to see him much now unless he is with his girlfriend then he acts completely fine. I am here alone in my home and he visits very rarely, but when he does, I get hit with verbal abuse enough to last a lifetime. He acts like he hates me - has not told he loves me in at least four years - I tell him 'how would you feel if mom died tomorrow and you don't say you love her' no response. I pay for his car insurance, EZ pass, AAA top line, help out with car bills, etc and truly don't have the money but continue to do this. He visits and I go all out to prepare wonderful meals, taken him out to dinner, etc. Very sad.

Bismarck, ND

#110 Aug 22, 2013
Ellen wrote:
<quoted text> You do not deserve to be called harsh hames nor sworn at and although you reacted in a strong way - it is understandable. As a mom you love and have taken such good care of your daughter, Im sure. When teens do this, they know its wrong, you know its wrong, everyone knows its wrong - and I would stick to my guns on this and let her go her way and think about it, even if that means that it isnt easy for you. In fact, I think one of the worst things to do is when the abused tries to make ammends right away with the abuser. When she has cooled down - she should tap into her memory of her loving mom and how all you can have is one mom, so she certainly shouldnt abuse her like this. Im tired of hearing psychologists saying - try to find out whats wrong - Ill tell them whats wrong - they think its okay to spew their anger on people who they know love them, and they dont have to impress, and they wouldnt dare do it to others they are trying to impress. You and your husband need to go to some kind of counseling though - the problem lies with him too- your daughter is using you, him and the grandparents like a ping pong game. Whenever something gets a little tough, dad pulls her out and brings her to grandmas house?? What kind of message is that!
OMG---I am so very thankful there is other parent's out there that have been going through the same & or similar situation's as I! I have felt so alone, getting more & more depressed. I live with the man I fell in love with over 16 years ago. He has one son who lives with us. At the beginning when we first moved into our home. All of the anger was geared towards his mom. Then when I started catching on to his lies. Thinking that he couldn't see that well & feeling sorry for him. When in reality he could see pretty good & when confronting him about that he said yes I can see pretty good. So, I asked why would you let every one feel sorry for you? He said because I am lazy, with a smile on his face laughing!! I explained to him that you should not use that as a crutch for getting your way & then to be lying about it...not cool at all. As time went on trying to teach him the importance about life,. spending up to three hours nightly at our kitchen table for over two years has turned into an extreme horror show in our home. He can do what he wants, even though he has caused a lot of stress in our home. He has physically come after me a few times, has out raged, screamed, yelled, got up into my face, then will want to come up to me & give me a hug. I have a real hard time with that. I have been called a fucking son of a bitch, a bitch. Yet, he want's me to help him buy things on e-bay. I have lost the interest in even wanting to cook anymore & I love to cook! His Dad I feel does not completely understand me a lot of the times. It is his son & he feels bad for him, because he thinks that his mom had a lot to do with his behavior & the fact that he had a shunt & does not have perfect vision, well I have seen children go through a lot more tragic things in life & have managed to come out pretty darn happy! at least have an appreciation for what they have in there lives & not take everything for granted!

Knoxville, TN

#111 Aug 28, 2013
Unhappy Mother wrote:
I have a 14 year old step son who is very difficult to deal with. He doesn't care about school and currently flunking 5 out of 6 classes. All he wants to do is hangout, go online, play games and talk on the phone with his girlfriend all night long. He called me a fuckin bitch yesterday and broke two of his brother trophies out of anger beacuse I cut off his phone at 9pm so that he can study of his finals. He also told me that I am not his mom and for me to get the fuck out of his room. This is a child I helped raised for 12 years. What should I do? My husband is afraid of loosing him so he hasn't done much to discipline him.
Tell your husband to man up step up and take care of it! Your husband is the problem!

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