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enough is enough

East Orange, NJ

#42 Jun 17, 2010
I agree with the retired captain. City Hall is where we should be however, I have been in E.O. for the past 10 years after moving back to NJ from Washington DC. The ticket situation is only one of the problems that needs attention. I would rather move to a community where the citizens have a voice in City Hall. Most of the people that complain are not even registered to vote. People need to stop looking to the Police, and Gov't to diagnose and provide solutions for them and start participating by voting, attending meetings, and community activism amongst other things. I have had enough of E.O. and I'm moving so don't count my ballot. I think Obama put it best... "Personal Repsponsibility"

Philadelphia, PA

#44 Oct 26, 2010
I've lived in East Orange for a few years now.I originally thought the over night parking ordinance was for street cleaning.I live on Washington street and I remember seeing the street cleaner go by in the early morning some time ago.Well I haven't seen the street cleaner in a long time,but what I do see is the same police officer giving out tickets every night.Asst. Officer Badge # 4421.There's something wrong with a system that allows police officers to ticket residents for parking in front of their own dwelling.Especially for no apparent reason.
So I decided to play ball and went down and paid for a parking permit, and what do you know.I'm still getting parking tickets.Asst.Officer: badge # 4421 again!
Asst.Officer 4421 : Please take notice:I will not go down to the courthouse and allow the judge to just dismiss the tickets that you keep giving me on my permitted car.But I will be requesting your presence to explain way you keep ticketing my car.

Union, NJ

#45 Oct 29, 2010
Bad enough its a recession now I have 2 pay some woman on my block 2 use her garage 2 park my car so I won't get a ticket...like r u serious come on now I have kids who wants 2 park 4 or 5 blocks away just get over night parking They need to stop this law...sometime it makes me wanna move back to my old neighborhood where parking is free

Union, NJ

#46 Oct 29, 2010
I love my home but this overnight parking rule makes me hate e.o no offense residents

Union, NJ

#47 Jan 4, 2011
I hate east orange so much this overnight parking is the worst rule ever. I don't understand why I don't have the freedom to park outside in front of my damn house, tonight I was going to park in the driveway because my backyard is covered in snow I feel sleep woke at 6am ean outside to find a ticket on my car you can imagine how angry and frustrated I was. I have no where to park and the streets are still coverd in snow so if there is no overnight park ing on the street because of street cleaners why should that matter if the streets are still covered in snow!? I hate this place with a passion, I miss my house in union park wherever I wanted at anytime even on the opposite side of the street, nice clean area and it didn't take them years to fix a road. East orange just late last year fixed that huge pothole at the end of my street, felt like I was on a roller coaster every time I drove down street and even after they fixed it it's still not completely covered, something needs to be done about it's so unfair.

Union, NJ

#48 Jan 4, 2011
Kelly Rogers wrote:
<quoted text> Your reuest is about to be answered!!! I am in the process of working on a Petition for this issue right now. Don't be surprised when I am ringing your doorbell for a signature!!
Hi, are you still doing the petition? I am so ready to get something done about this.

Cedar Knolls, NJ

#49 Jan 5, 2011
Hi Everyone I purchased an overnight parking permit to park in front of my home.And to my surprise I continued to received parking tickets.I was told I had to come to the East Orange window to have this dismissed with receipt of my parking permit.And when did I was informed the rules have changed I have to go to court.I had to miss a day of work and go to day court.I advised the clerk at the Eat Orange municipality that I needed night court.To my surprise when I received the summons it was day court.After going to court getting the ticket dismissed.Two Weeks later I received the same summons in the mail.Giving me a final warning and my ticket increased from $42.00 to $54.00.And if this amount was not paid a warrant would be issued for my arrest.I notified the municipality court and was told I have to come back to court.So I had to go back to court and the tickets were dismissed.But this was an inconvience and a system screw up.Another inconvience is that the town doesn't collect the leaves on the street anymore.The town will just tell you to sweep them on the street.HOW CAN LEAVES BE ON THE STREET AND YOUR VEHICLE AT THE SAME TIME?

Hackensack, NJ

#50 May 4, 2011
I too had my run ins with E.O. but i got something for them. if they want to be all corrupt and give out bullshit tickets to hard working people then i'll have them explain it to the media what there doing. im pretty sure they'll be happy to hear the many stories that we all have. i just moved to carnegie ave and im terrified to park my damn car there because i know E.O will try to come and put tickets all on my car. I dont have any place to park because i dont have a driveway. im going to get a permit on friday to see how that turns out but by reading yall posts about the permit and still getting tickets i dont know if thats a good idea or not. Not to mention i have a sign in front of my house that says you cant park on Mon-wed...then theres a sign that says you cant park anytime after 2am...then theres another sign under it that says you can only park only if you have a permit..WHAT KINDA NONSENSE IS THISS!!!...so im going to fix E.O Ass once and for all. Stay tuned people you might be seeing me on the news very very soon.

West Orange, NJ

#51 May 11, 2011
The overnight parking rule sucks because everyone don't have a driveway to park in and every night you park on the streets you get a 42$ fine that's highly unfair they don't care about if you have to eat or need money for gas to get to work or pay rent electric and gas . What goes on during night that we can't park on the streets the street sweeper come thru once a month

Maplewood, NJ

#53 Jun 16, 2011
I hate NJ and if New York had cheaper apartments I'd leave in a heartbeat. I have out of town friends who refuse to visit because they are afraid of getting their car towed. In New York, folks can park their car in the street and cops don't bother them but East Orange has these stupid rules and its time for a change. I've been living out here for 2yrs and not a single family member has come to visit. A friend of mine from down South brought my god son for a visit and after getting his car towed for parking behind my building he said he'll just send me pictures instead. 60 N. Arlington Ave has so many residents who moved out I ask myself how in the hell am I supposed to keep track of parking spaces. A few months ago, there was a shooting in East Orange and the cops showed up the very next day but yet are quick to give out a ticket.

East Orange, NJ

#55 Jul 26, 2011
Unfortunately, I had to resort to this website in order to vent my frustrations regarding a city that is full of nothing but nonsense. Day in and day out I go to work and try my best to park in the parking space provided to me. There are some days that I am so tired from work that I park in the street so as to make it easier for others because I work earlier than everyone else, and I have the common courtesy to not try to wake up people at 5am to move their cars in order for me to go to work. However, does the city give two shits about this? Definitely not since I have gotten 4 tickets already. It seems like it doesnt matter what the sign reads, if you park overnight you are guilty! What upsets me so much about this matter is that you see the same dirty ass bums hanging around your corner selling drugs and the cops do absolutely nothing about it. Yet they have the odacity and yes it was a police officer who wrote those tickets (P.O. Velez to be exact)to sit around and just wait for the clock to hit 2a.m. to put money in their greedy pockets. The system of E.O. fails to see that once you begin to charge people for things that in life are expected to be free you run into a lot problems....People lose trust, faith, and just become overall annoyed with a system that doesn't give 2 shits about you!

Thanks topix for allowing me to vent, I feel a little better now.GN

United States

#56 Jul 26, 2011
What people want to do on the parking see my friend live in a house without parking lot so they have to found a lot across the street from they live and pay rent every month and been doing it for 3 or 4 yrs and getting tired my question to all is everyone getting tired of it or is they only one

Dryden, VA

#57 Jun 5, 2012
Please notify me when the petion starts.....jaebaby78@gmail.com . I'm in.

New York, NY

#58 Oct 13, 2015
WHY the overnight Street parking law can not get to be change. To accommodate the Orange Residents?. it will be more easy to alternate parking in the Street overnight or offer more parking space available in public places like, Library, Hospital, Schools and Government Buildings. It's a headache to pay $55 a month for parking. what happen it your income is too low or subside income, how can a family afford to make that payment. it's ridicules that the city hall plaza offer the affidavit for Overnight Parking Permit I just called but the lady said it end at the calendar cycle. we are in October 13, 2015 and you pay $150 dollars for the permit but it end in December 31, 2015. I would not be paying for a year permit, it's only for 2 and haft. it's RIDICULES
Buffie Simmons

Newark, NJ

#59 Nov 3, 2015
As a payer of high taxes in West Orange i find it outrageous that residents get ticketed for overnight parking.They should start mailing out sticker passes for cars enclosed with the tax bill.
East Orange and Orange should not be complaining. They are not considered nice enough towns to prohibit overnight parking anyway so that's a non issue. I personally avoid those towns as I do not feel safe parking there even during the day.

Scotch Plains, NJ

#60 Dec 1, 2015
Buffie Simmons are you really this ignorant?

Woodbridge, NJ

#61 Mar 26, 2016
I received a notice from East Orange Court, NJ that I was late for a parking ticket - fines have been added.

I should pay up or arrest warrant will be issued.

I have never been to East Orange, NJ let alone 'William Street' where the violation occured.

Since I or my car have never been to East Orange, NJ - I don't have the original ticket.

I don't know what was written on the original ticket.

Any input is appreciated.
Confused much

West Orange, NJ

#62 Apr 9, 2017
I got a ticket while parked in my parking space at my apartment complex

Orange, NJ

#63 Apr 10, 2017
Orange cops have a problem Reading and understanding what is been read , no wonder why the FBI is investigatigating the over whelming corruption in that city, need to bring my 4yrs old to explain to some of these cops what " no parking with out permit from 2am to 6am Monday through Friday except holidays, Saturday and sunday" now what is so difficult to understand about that, got a ticket 3am Sunday morning , this is either harassment, extortion or that cop doesn't understand english, starting to wonder what are the requirement in becoming a cop in orange cause it seems reading and understanding is one of the requirement , seems to me as long as u know someone at city hall u can become a cop in orange, u don't need a high school diploma or a college degree, it's about who u know, what a shame, no wonder why there is so much killing going on, the last murder case in orange had to be handle by Essex county prosecutor office cause orange couldn't figure out what was going on cause they were too busy extorting the hard working residents of that city, the feds need to take over that city police department so that things can become normal again ,

Orange, NJ

#64 Apr 10, 2017
Kay wrote:
I received a notice from East Orange Court, NJ that I was late for a parking ticket - fines have been added.

I should pay up or arrest warrant will be issued.

I have never been to East Orange, NJ let alone 'William Street' where the violation occured.

Since I or my car have never been to East Orange, NJ - I don't have the original ticket.

I don't know what was written on the original ticket.

Any input is appreciated.
That is extortion or ticket fixing

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