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Newark, NJ

#1 May 9, 2007
how many of you live in east orange and have a problem with the overnight parking rule. you cant even have someone spend the night because if they park on the street they will get a ticket .i dont think its fair if you have guest they have to leave at 2am some people dont get of work until 12 am so there for you can only have company fot 2 hours iths just sick. and another thing suppose you borrow someones car you have to take the risk of getting a ticket because if you try to park in the back of your building you have to wait ay least 2 days until they give you a spot

Newark, NJ

#2 May 9, 2007
i say they lift the overnite parking rule or at least make it certain days but everynite is just crazy and to top it all of the street cleaner doesnt even come everynite anyway

Toms River, NJ

#3 Jun 26, 2007
I woke about 4:30 am and I saw East Orange P.D. placing tickets on peoples car windshields. The overnight parking was granted in East Orange for the last few months. When was it put back into effect and Did they even give notice if it was?
Mr and Mrs

Lake Hiawatha, NJ

#5 Aug 7, 2007
We brought a house in east orange almost two years ago. I would like to know how did this come to be. I believe it is there way of getting as many people out of east orange and 2 o'clock is when it begins. I believe you can go to the E.O police department, for some kind of document so that your guest could be permitted to park over night. I am not exactly sure.


#6 Aug 14, 2007
This law is very crazy. I cant understand why they dont allow people to park their cars outside of where they live. I was told I can park my truck in the driveway but the fire marshall told my landlord that my landlord would recieve a fine if I continue to park there. Where in the world do they want me to park.

Holtsville, NY

#7 Oct 3, 2007
I think this rule is also ridiculous. I also heard that the rule was lifted so i parked in the street for about 3 days and the 3rd night they gave me a ticket. East orange just love giving tickets it took them forever to fix the roads. Why dont they just make up their minds????(preferrably let us park on the streets)

Nutley, NJ

#8 Oct 8, 2007
I had a family emergency this week so my family drove 6 hours to get to East Orange and arrived on Friday. Out of the 5 nights they stayed with me they received tickets for 2 nites and they just had it. They packed up and left! I don't see my family often and it was great seeing them, but how are they suppose to visit me when I can't provide parking or explain why E.O. cops give out crazy tickets. If you are from another state then how are you suppose to know the parking rules if signs are not posted. I wish the E.O. police dept. would be out on the streets helping all those innocent hard working people who are targets in the middle of the night. A homicide happend this week in E.O. near Grove st. where in the hell where the cops to save that guy. I'm sure they were out just giving tickets.

Brooklyn, NY

#9 Nov 17, 2007
I recently relocated from Philadelphia, and the parking here in east orange has been a nightmare. I had no knowledge that you weren't allowed to park overnight. And when I used my assigned parking space, which I had to pay and additional $35 a month for, my car got broken into! This is absolutely rediculous.

United States

#10 Mar 7, 2008
Had I know about this law previously to me moving to East Orange, I wouldn't have moved there. It just makes no sense at all.

Since: Dec 07


#11 Mar 7, 2008
Has anyone gone to a town meeting and brought this up? I live in Belleville so I had no clue this law was even in effect. The reason I asked about the town meeting was because I would like to know the city counsels thoughts on this.
Maurice Pope

Montvale, NJ

#12 Apr 3, 2008
I live in East Ornage, and I have got tickets for over nite parking, but I they do not tell us why we can not park over nite in East Orange, for one there is no sign that states that,I know they do not do street clean everynite.
enough is enough

Hillside, NJ

#13 Apr 21, 2008
I have been living in E.O. for 8 years and have been driving for 4 of those years. During the 4 years I have been driving, I paid close to $1000 dollars in parking tickets. A few of them were accidental but even these are extreme injustices. Even with reasonble explanations, the Judges in E.O. for the moste part will still make you pay the ticket if you have a N.J. license plate. I went to City Hall a few years back requesting info on why they had the overnight parking law and no one could answer the question. The only response I got from one employee is "Its been around for as long as E.O. has been around". Daaaa, a long time ago, the population of E.O. was probably less than half of what it is now. The bottom line is that E.O. is making tons of money from overnight parking and refuses to get rid of the ordinance even though they know that most residents, especially the ones living in buildings, do not have off the street parking. The least they could do is grant 1 parking permit per household for tenants who do not have parking at their residence. The city is totally disregarding the interest of the residents and are only concerned with the $$$$ that they rake in yearly from the tickets. I don't know if there is any action being taken but the citizens of E.O. need to get together on this and put pressure on the municipality until action is taken. I know that just passed some law last year that permits people ot park on certain blocks if they pay a yearly fee for a permit. This however does not address the issue for the remaining tenants in E.O. What makes it so bad, they target blocks that they KNOW have limited off-street parking. In addition, it seems like they sit and wait until 2:00 am to start putting tickets instead of policing the streets and addressing more serious issues. Is overnight parking in E.O. a public nuisance, or safety issue? We may never know. If someone has an answer, let me know. Aren't there more serious issues that City Hall should be concerned with enforcing such as the sub-standard rentals in E.O. and rent control? These landlords are charging too much for apartments and the City does not even enforce the property maintenace code that requires landlords to have apartments inspected prior to renting them. This is an area that they could place resources using some of the money they get from them damn ticktes. As a people, we need to learn how to play the political game. In other areas outside of the hood, citizens vote, and collectively make their voices heard when they have issues like this. This is what we have to do. It would not be a sound business decision for E.O. to solely make the decision to abolish the overnight parking ordinance since they would lose tons of money. We can not expect that our good Mayor Bowser will and city counci will one day wake up and say "lets relax the overnight parking ordinance since we know we have a highly populated city, and there is not enough parking for the residents". I'm not the community activist type simply because I believe I would start and uprising because I'm fed up with the pussy footing treatment that we receive from our City Government. I challenge anyone out there who is already involved in Community activism to start a petition against the overnight parking ordinance. It definitely would not be hard to get signatures from over half of the residents in E.O.
Fed Up

Passaic, NJ

#14 Jun 13, 2008
Hello all who share my concern. I live on a culdesac type one way street and the only activity that occurs is when the Mosque has prayer. Other than that NO ONE travels this block except for the hard working people that live there. I do not think its fare for a city to make a rule and not put up signs or send out letters. They just make up the rules as they go along without warning until you come out of your residence to go to work and find a big fat 42 dollar ticket on your windshield. They know it is not enough parking in the city, especially since the city is mostly multi dwelling units. They do offer parking for a fee in city lots three or more blocks from your residence which is not safe. It is not safe because while the police are writing tickets they are totally ignoring the important crimes like vandalism, robbery, and violence. I do not mind paying a fee since money is the motive and I can park in front of my door. EAST ORANGE NEEDS TO CATCH UP WITH THE TIMES. I like where I live but if something is done to compromise this issue I will be forced to move.

Wayne, NJ

#15 Dec 6, 2008
Call the police department and get permission to park overnight

Wayne, NJ

#16 Dec 6, 2008
[Some one has to get a petition going. Yes it has been around since I was a child and I am 61. A very important point, EO is not the little suburban 2 car family town any more, all of Newark pratically has moved there, it is now a 3/4 car family. There is no place to park. Get the petition going on.

Wayne, NJ

#17 Dec 6, 2008
Overnight parking is allowed for out of towners. You just have to call it in to the police department, they give the tag numbers to the patrol car in that area

Darlington, UK

#18 Feb 6, 2009
I'm so glad that others share the same feelings that I do regarding this parking issue. I just moved to EO last week and last night I callel the police to register a car for an overnight guest and they told me "If they are not from out of town, a family emergency or a funeral, then they would not register my over night guest. I WAS DISGUSTED TO SAY THE LEAST! Some one please let me know who we can talk to about this because it's ridiculous! The whole city should get together and have some sort of bill or law passed. I mean I can understand it keeping certain people out of the neighborhoods, but I mean can't we least register our guests so that in some ways we would be responsible for them. It's even worse that I was never even informed about this before I moved.
EO Captain - Retired

Brooklyn, NY

#19 Feb 9, 2009
Everyone appears distraught at the Police Department for giving out overnight parking tickets. Let me make it perfectly clear so all can understand. The Police Department does NOT enact, pass or endorse City ordinances Laws like overnight parking. The law (ordinance) was passed and encouraged by City Council many years ago. The police only enforce the laws passed by the State of New Jersey and the City of East Orange. Secondly, Police Officers do NOT issue overnight parking tickets; the summonses are issued by civilian Police Aids operating regular Police vehicles. On rare occasions when the Police Aide is off-duty, out sick or on vacation, the Police Officer assigned to that particular zone is ordered to write the overnight parking tickets. I do agree however, the overnight parking laws must be relaxed in certain circumstances to accommodate special needs. If one contacts the Police Department before 12:00 AM and explains the special circumstance to accommodate overnight parking, most of the time the request is granted. If you want the Law changed, take your grievances to City Hall, they are the ONLY entity who can invalidate a city ordinance like overnight parking.

Hackensack, NJ

#20 Feb 10, 2009
Way to go Gene, you still tap dance for a City that couldn't care about you living or dead and was happy to see you leave...your white!!!

Saint Petersburg, FL

#21 Feb 11, 2009
Cecelia wrote:
Overnight parking is allowed for out of towners. You just have to call it in to the police department, they give the tag numbers to the patrol car in that area
The catch to that is they only give you three passes. My parents stayed with me for a week and the officer told me they would not accept the pass after three days

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