Levittown woman with bird mites relea...

Levittown woman with bird mites released from hospital

There are 34 comments on the Newsday story from Jun 12, 2008, titled Levittown woman with bird mites released from hospital. In it, Newsday reports that:

The Levittown woman who was infested with bird mites from a nest in her bathroom vent has been discharged from the hospital and "wants to get her life together," her lawyer, Kenneth Mollins, said yesterday.

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Laveen, AZ

#24 Apr 6, 2010
These little creatures get into the pores of your skin and live there.

I have found that certain items can help clean them out !!!

Avon Skin so Soft (body oil,get the big 32 oz pump bottle), pour on the skin and rub it in. It gets out the bigger adults and egg sacks.

Theraneem Neem lotion,by Organix (Whole foods, or on web) rub onto skin, wait till it starts to dry and then rub hard. It will dry and start flaking off with bugs in it. Wipe the bugs off and re-apply as needed to clean area. Cleans out the smaller (infants)bugs.

Sulfur8 (Walmart) Rub it in hard and re-apply. Seems to be one of the only items that works well on the Male privates. Also keeps the area clean by coating with it for daily use.

BEWARE: try not to use the bath ..... the bugs do not get killed, they just migrate up your body to a part that is not underwater, and then dive into your pores. Use a shower instead.

Ivermictin paste (horse) can be purchased at a Tack and Feed store. Make sure it is ONLY 1.87% Ivermictin and has nothing else in it. It has weight measurements on the applicator. This is used to kill the mites that have burrowed into you. It will NOT kill any eggs though. One dose is good for 3 days.

Permithrin (used for scabies) will NOT kill mites !!!!

Still looking for something that you can eat, that will come out when you sweat, and make the mites not want to be in your pores ??

BORAX kills the mites in clothes, along with really hot water. Use lots of it !!!! Also soak your clothes (if you can) in bleach over night.

Really haven't found a way to completely clean all the mites out of the clothes, other than boiling them. And I am not sure that is killing all the eggs.

Don't use Cotton clothes, the mites can live in them. Use Polyester or silk, which the mites have a harder time getting a grip on.

Steri-fab is an insecticide that is supposed to kill the mites in their living environment. You spray it on. Used by exterminators, or you can buy it off of EBAY.

Still looking for something to get rid of the "jumper" mites that are in your pores, and they jump out day and night when you least expect it. They can jump up to 6-12 inches away from you.

The more bugs you can cleanse off your body, the less there is to multiply !!!!!!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#25 May 9, 2010
Eileen- need more help wrote:
ok what the heck are these things. 3 perm treatments, trip to 2 derm. with no scrapings should be done with the scabies according to them. trip to emergency room for scraping which showed possible "lint." these are small white mites which burrow under skin. they also can fly not hop. almost like dust particles. do you find other dermatologists? can I treat with perm again-last one was 3 weeks ago and I am the only host. I have no answers but to go off the deep end. Was told to consider counseling because it is in "my head " at this point-but I can see with magnifiying glass and was bitten in car again tonight. I am off suger but not helping. Praying and pleading to be released of this crap in my body. SOMEBODY HELP -WHAT ARE THESE THINGS?
Before asking "What are these things?" you need to answer this one questions: Do you have a bird??

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#26 May 9, 2010
...answer this one "question" (that's what I get for multi-tasking).

Pittsburgh, PA

#27 May 17, 2010
Okay, I see a lot of people have been living with this scourge for several yeas now. I have been battling them for over 3 years now - on and off - and they become really active in the springtime. My husband does not get bit and because these mites are so small - he thinks I am delusional. I AM NOT! My daughter is starting to get bit - and I have been trying to fight this problem on my own - without any support or help from my husband. IT IS HARD - I AM SO TIRED, but I CANNOT GIVE UP! I have been vacuuming like crazy, spraying windex mixed with borax, and then alternating with mixture of water and dawn dishwashing detergent (the surfactants break down the mites' exoskeltons), and also use menthol (on vicks vaporizer) because the mites hate menthol......I have felt less bites and the creepy crawlies but if you let up, they come back with a vengeance. aSoem days are good and some are bad...I do not know up to when I can keep up...tired both physically and mentally. How can we get the CDC or the County Health Authorities to help with this problem..I have done some researcha dns tumbled upon an australian website that has a number to report birdmite cases and a local office that handles these reports......how can we not have one like that here in the USA? it is totally unacceptable but it looks like we have hundreds, maybe thousands of people suffering from the same plight - just silently suffering. WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT? THERES GOT TO BE SOME HELP OR AN OFFICIAL ADVISE FROM THE CDC OR HEALTH AUTHORITIES. Please respond if you have some information because if we can group together - there is strength in numebrs rather than trying to fight it on your own. Thanks and hope we can get rid of this scourge - this is hell on earth! And anyone who has suffered and has been bit, will totally agree with me. We do not deserve this suffering and we need to do something about it.

Oakland, CA

#28 Jun 17, 2010
We had an infestation of D. gallinae, the red mite, formerly known as the poultry red mite before it was known that they can live on, and reproduce on, human blood (Check out the 2009 book "Control of Poultry Mites (Dermanyssus)", ed. by Olivier Sparagano, for up to date info).
Here are some things that helped bring the infestation way down over the past year:
1. Move out. Don't take anything with you. Replace your stuff with stuff mites don't like (metal chairs and tables, etc.). No carpeting!!
2. Replace your car with a Honda Element or a Jeep, with no carpeting and easily cleanable seats
3. Clean the living daylights out of your place, your car, and yourself -- frequently.

4. When you get new beds in your new place, just leave on the heavy plastic they come in.
5. Use dehumidifiers 24/7 in every room and in your office at work. Home Depot carries them.
6. Keep lotion or oil with essential oils (peppermint, eucalyptus, red thyme, sweet orange) on your skin all the time. If you don't want slippery feet, use essential oils in witch hazel. Neem is good too.
7. Swim frequently in a chlorinated pool.
8. According to the Sparagano book, garlic kills 100% of them. If you can stand to put it on your skin, great. If not, eat a clove now and then.
Last but not least: Somebody mentioned Isopropyl. Be careful. That stuff is bad news. Don't put it on your skin and don't breathe the fumes.
Good luck to all,

Bremerton, WA

#30 Aug 18, 2010
Hi Jody, thanks for the info. Very useful. Just wondering - how did you identify the mites? Are they somewhat visible? I've tried for the past 5 months to identify a mite, even with a microscope, but no luck. Also, how long did your infestation last?

Roosevelt, NY

#31 Aug 19, 2010
I am itchy just thinking about this.
I would get a trailer on my property and live in it for a year, while heating or cooling the house to a degree that would kill them!!

Sunbury, PA

#32 Sep 22, 2010
Diesel fuel will kill mites,lice,etc.One gallon is plenty to kill these parasites.Dump on head and vigorously rub into scalp and work your way down until you have covered entire body.You will have to take several baths and or showers to remove diesel smell.It is advisable to clean your filthy house and bath on a daily basis

Bolton, UK

#33 Nov 6, 2010
I had this but I'm pretty sure its going.
The facts: They are tiny and you can't really see them even though you itch or feel pin prick bites.(Save on to cellotape and look under microscope. They multiply quickly so if you think you have them you need to get rid of them immediately
The ONLY thing that kills them (and I should know as I have tried over 40 things) is
House: Only use a pest control company who has special bird mite knowledge. Rentokil or Ecolab) Ulta low volume sprayer - ulv 500 tetametratin and dithinoflin -(it is a liquid put through a machine). Flea sprays and smoke candles dont work.
Clothes: Wash at 60 degrees or freeze in freezer for 48 hours
Hair: Coal tar shampoo (T/Gel) or lice shampoo

Oakland, CA

#34 Dec 15, 2012
Did anyone find a solution - I find small black mites and also white residue that I find in my bra and underpants now after 5 mos. Now my eyes are getting crusty after sleeping. Initially had home sprayed for fleas and no end.

United States

#35 May 29, 2013
I live in north Texas and have been at war with mites in my rent house for the last year. I have sealed all exterior cracks and crevices. These mites can be seen by the naked eye. They are about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. I am a 39 year old female that lives with a husband, a daughter and a son. I am the only person in the house that gets attacked by these mites. Any professional that I have met or spoken with refuses to believe the problem is mites. Tomorrow I will be taking mite samples to the Texas A&M agrilife extension office. The entomologist on staff has agreed to identify the bugs. Citrasolv Valencia orange oil cleaner kills the tiny mites on contact. They will come back though. I use diluted tea tree oil on my skin and it works without fail. Do not use it full strength as it will irritate and burn the skin.

Houston, TX

#36 Nov 6, 2013
Michelle wrote:
I contracted bird mites this summer, and live in silent pain. My first cries for help was seen as dramatic, and I have been ignored. My doctor insist on trating for scabies, now I am studying & researching to find a cure of my own. Eradication of this mites is a goal that drives me crazy. I of heard of those who commit suicide & hope I never suffer such fate.
I can't believe you have been fighting this battle for 10 years. My heart & prayers for your recovery.
Feel free to reach me at [email protected] place bird mite sin the subject line.
<quoted text>
- Please keep researching! I'm begging!!

Toledo, OH

#37 Mar 30, 2015
Itchy wrote:
I am itchy just thinking about this.
I would get a trailer on my property and live in it for a year, while heating or cooling the house to a degree that would kill them!!
I did buy a trailer , things are on my face all day no matter what I do . I've soaked my head in very powerful stuff .
Qiru Walder

Fort Lee, NJ

#38 Apr 5, 2015
I've been tortured and haunted by bird mites for almost two years. I[ve exhausted all the means, fumigation, thermal treatment and self demiting to no avail, including showering twice a day, laundering once a day, and even had my hair shaved off. Recently, I moved in with my ex, but they are still following me! How can I get myself admitted into a hospital to have this problem eliminated once and for all??

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