Bail Bond Industry Facing Crackdown

Bail Bond Industry Facing Crackdown

There are 25 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Mar 21, 2007, titled Bail Bond Industry Facing Crackdown. In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

State Lawmakers Urge Stricter Oversight After Arrests In New Haven Bribery Case March 21, 2007 By COLIN POITRAS , Courant Staff Writer Lawmakers are calling for more stringent oversight of the state's bail bond ...

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Washington, DC

#1 Mar 21, 2007
If this story is accurate, all of should be jailed. Sorry having money keeps you out of jail, 9 out of 10 times. Especially in Connecticut.
Injustice Guy

South Yarmouth, MA

#2 Mar 21, 2007
Corrupt, all of em: the bail bondsmen, the cops, the prosecutors, the judges, and--yes--the incompetent public defenders who play ball with the worse-than-incompetent prosecutors. Where do you think they draw their pathetic paychecks from? What a joke and a total charade, Corrupticut, the Unconstitution State, a state in Denial.(Denial is not a river in Egypt.) Don't say I didn't warn you. Down, down, down she goes, where she stops, nobody knows. Can you say Class Warfare?

Morris, CT

#3 Mar 21, 2007
Connecticut is a national leader in incarceration rates. Also, a national leader in public corruption.. This system needs a complete and total review and analysis. The question is who can undertake that and have it be credible.

The Legislature should have the professional staff at Program Review look into this. They will likely find over-zealous state prosecutors and incompetant judges to be a part of what is fueling this breakdown of the system.
Steven_G_Erickso n

Westfield, MA

#4 Mar 21, 2007
Self-policing doesn't work for priest it doesn't work for bail bondsmen, police, or anybody else.

What if investment bankers were regulating the investment industry?

What if lawyers regulated themselves? Well actually they do and that is why just about anything goes in Connecticut. Lawyers butter their bread in the judicial branch and bureaucracy, unfairness, injustice, and strife all puts money in lawyers pockets.

A very large percentage of lawyers are elected as legislators in Connecticut and that is why there is not representation for the taxation.

Judges and prosecutors have qualified immunity. The police investigate themselves and have a police of "arrest and discredit" for those that complain.

DMV personnel were selling driver's license out of the back at $3000 to $5000 a pop. What state would be good for terrorists to get a fake ID?

DCF is such a fiasco it has to dance with Federal control.

The State vehicle inspection system has had so much bribery and fraud it can be shut down.

Connecticut Ethics commission was shut down because its own members could not act ethically.

Rell's Chief of Staff may have helped commit election fraud and the Chief State's Attorney didn't prosecute as Morano told me that staffers didn't knowingly break the law until after they did. M. Lisa Moody authored a memo of what not to do and then did follow her own policies. If a citizen breaks the law, knowingly or not, that citizen is arrested and faces prison.

Follow the money. Do judges in Connecticut profit from organized crime public works projects? Well if judges are the main investors in bonds to be paid back by taxpayers, then it might smell a little. In Naugatuck CT, there is allegedly an 8 million dollar condo project to be paid back by taxpayers. If that town only has about 35,000 residents my quick math that is probably wrong says that it will have to be paid back at about $20,000 apiece for each resident without the interest. The contractor can get paid before starting. Is the Mayor of Naugatuck going to get some special position, secretly offered, by Rell's office?

If the courts in Connecticut can be proved corrupt, all that is under it is also corrupt. There is no quality control if those that are supposed to get justice are abusing the justice for profit and influence.

The bail bonds scam is just a little piece of Connecticut's Culture of Corruption.
Injustice Guy

South Yarmouth, MA

#5 Mar 21, 2007
Thanks, Ginger. At least I'm not alone. The criminal "justice" system in Ct. is neither systematic nor just. It is completely and totally broken and dysfunctional, if not corrupt. I know wherefore I speak. No elected representatives in Ct. want to hear this. Their heads are in the sand. They cannot face the truth. They don't know what to do. They're afraid. No elected representatives in Ct. will take my phone calls or answer my mail, in over 6 years of trying. They don't want to hear from me. Ditto, Mass.

Although the situations here may be better, a criminal trial in Mass. is still a crapshoot. Witness the Trial of the Year: Mass. v. McCowen, Barnstable County,'06. The best defense that money could buy was unable to achieve even one not-guilty verdict in this high-profile case. The judge railroaded the jury and refused to set aside verdicts which were clearly inappropriate and wrong. I blogged extensively regarding this trial. Boston had a "clearance rate" of 30% in murder cases last year, which is poor. This is a national problem, but Ct. is one of the worst, if not the worst.

I witnessed the false conviction and sentencing of Mr. Edward Grant, New Haven, in '02. Mr. Grant is an innocent man. The State's case against him is simpley incredible, trust it. I spoke to his attorney this week. The City and State have yet to make one arrest in the murder of Yale senior Suzanne Jovin, East Rock, 2000. They are unable to solve real crimes, so they go after low-level offenders who cannot afford attorneys, and throw the book at them in order to get easy convictions and/or plea bargains, which make their numbers look good. That's how they justify their unearned paychecks.

Shelton, CT

#6 Mar 21, 2007
Is there any court order prohibiting the 3 Jacobs arrested in New Haven still work as bail bondsmen while out on bail?
Injustice Guy

South Yarmouth, MA

#7 Mar 21, 2007
Good question, New York. My guess: No, no court order. These people are all in the soup together and simpley too short-sighted. Nice job, Vermont. You must be a refugee from Ct. as well.(You know too much.) This may all be much ado about nothing, as the various parties get "taken care of," and behind-the-curtain deals are made.

Hopatcong, NJ

#8 Mar 21, 2007 in the corruption capital, The politicians rely on misinformation and our press organizations to keep things hush hush. Us as regular working people need to pull together and get a grass roots effort going to force the politicians to do what is right and according to the law. it will never change on its own. we all need to speak up and send letters and emails Every Day to let them know we are watching. Look at all the career politicians who continuously do nothing! its time to get rid of ALL of them. let them know we wont tolerate it anymore. look at lieberman....why would anyone vote for him? hes been doing nothing all this time and still got back in office, he is useless!


#9 Apr 27, 2007
gee wrote:
If this story is accurate, all of should be jailed. Sorry having money keeps you out of jail, 9 out of 10 times. Especially in Connecticut.
Every one keep looking at The 3 bondsman like they were at fault.. The police were stealing drug money from drug dealers no one is talking about that. the bail bondsman was just paying someone to pick up there skips just happend to be a cop. whos to say the police didnt call the bondsman up and extort them saying they have there fta in custody either pay them or they would let the criminal go and the bondsman would be forced to pay 90%+ more to the state..... so leave them out of this lets focuse on the real problem that is the corrupt police depts..
Fellow Man

Dover, NH

#10 Apr 27, 2007
Dear Fellowbondsman, Thanx for your belated contribution. Grammar and punctuation leave a little bit to be desired, but maybe we get the picture,...ahem! Don't make yourself scarce. We need the "inside poop."
bail bonds woman

Glastonbury, CT

#11 May 12, 2007
I am starting to think that the corruption goes well beyond the bail bonds business and the judicial department. I agree its on the political end and the politics continue along with the corrupt money that runs it all.
bail bonds woman

Glastonbury, CT

#12 May 12, 2007
It will have to take a legislature's wife and kids to be car-jacked by a convicted felon that got out on bond and payed half of what it was supposed to be,,,, before anything is done about the rebating of bonds in this state. The problem is no one knows how to clean up the mess.....
bail bonds woman

Glastonbury, CT

#13 May 12, 2007

Shelton, CT

#15 May 23, 2007
It's really kind of funny that the people that are trying to push this reform have no clue how commercial bail works. All they see and believe is that we have a licence to make money, do they not realize we have to pay premimums, skip tracing cost, have overhead among other cost, oh yeah we do bring back defendants to court when they skip, do they ? as far as price cutting we are not ,whats wrong with payment plans we try and collect do they help us ? of course not they treat us worse then the defandents charged with the crime, how about if they don't pay us issue a warrant, go ahead and pass this reform but be prepared to build more and bigger jails because you will need a place to house your inmates, what a farce and what a corrupt bunch of idiots we have making the decisions in the wonderful state of CT. and finally to the other bondsman jumping on this band wagon get a life and stop all the bs because you can't compete this is business learn it or get out.

Shelton, CT

#16 May 23, 2007
MORT wrote:
Is there any court order prohibiting the 3 Jacobs arrested in New Haven still work as bail bondsmen while out on bail?
Believe it or not they are still writing bail!
NC Bail Bondsman

Dunn, NC

#18 Jul 4, 2007
You think you guys have problems? How about judges that openly brag about "creating new law" from the bench? How about prosecutors that refuse to equally enforce the law by prosecuting certain "businesses" worthless checks "criminally" and declaring others are "civil" issues, forcing some business owners not to take checks. Yes NC is a very corrupt state and our judicial activists are thriving. In one district, the 13th judicial, a resident superior is operating an illegal video poker and gaming enterprise. His home is larger than our governor's mansion. Please God send us a federal investigation.

Glastonbury, CT

#19 Feb 24, 2008
there is a very good reason why the bail bonds business is not being cleaned up. Its called politics and money. Reform can't happen unless laws are passed and that won't happen because of money and politics. Someone should keep track of the people killed by defendants who get out on discounted bonds. BRING ON THE FORENSIC ACCOUNTANTS PLEASE CAUSE REMEMBER ONLY THE ACCOUNTANTS COULD BRING DOWN CAPONE

Brooklyn, NY

#20 Feb 25, 2008
Stick to the Constitution. All Judges Prosecutors and other Court Officials need to be impeached if they violate their oath. First an oath needs to be established, many are running vacant offices. Go ahead and contact the Secretary Of State and ask for a copy of a Judge's Oath and see what they say to you.

Whats reall going on is the Judicial is really part of the Executive.
Those cops that arrest you are no more than Corporate Security Guards working under the Cities Corporate Charter.

Mount Dora, FL

#21 Mar 18, 2010
buck the system. A bailbondman actually conviced my friend that she would be able to do a walk through. End up putting her in jail. handing his crd to her telling her to call him when they post the bond..LOL he promised her no jail if she complied with him.
I cant wait to graduate from college and become a lawyer. Make all them eat ish

Amherst, MA

#22 Mar 30, 2010
Chew on this....Bail Enforcement "Agents" as they like to call themselves (clowns everyone else calls them) go running around rounding up all the muts that skip out on the bonds that they get them out on. Furthermore they do it with guns. They have minimul training, maybe 1/10 (being conservative) of what cops do and they have 100% the rights that cops do when trying to find these a$$ hats that the police already caught once. Maybe if we fix this bond thing here in CT and actually set % standards that they have to follow we can get rid of these yahoos. Imagine this for a second. Your home in bed. A hard working law abiding blue collar guy. All of a sudden at 0 dark 30 your door comes flying off the hinges and your house is filled with a bunch of uneducated undertrained fat bodys all wielding guns. Your dog starts barking and they kill it, then throw you family on the ground....only to find out they have the wrong house. Its happens all the time. Bail enforcment agents are a bunch of wannabee cops who didn't have the physical or mentalo tools to do the job. I can't stand them. Especialy when they try to act like they're working with the police. I dont know a singlt cop, or criminal that has one ounce of respect for any of them. Dog the Bounty Hunter....what a jerk

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