Menu for hiring at Nassau jail?

Menu for hiring at Nassau jail?

There are 30 comments on the Newsday story from Jul 23, 2007, titled Menu for hiring at Nassau jail?. In it, Newsday reports that:

Ed Gavin of Massapequa finds himself vexed these days by what he has read, heard and learned about the Nassau County jail, including the meteoric rise of Michael Sposato from civilian cook and cook-supervisor ...

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Since: Mar 08

New Hyde Park, NY

#21 Nov 22, 2013
Who did you guys vote for this past election. I didn't even bother I personally felt it was a lose lose situation. I think my brother and father voted predominantly republican, with a few democrats here and there.

Honestly were just sick of the high taxes.

“bar0ckalypse n0w”

Since: Mar 10

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#22 Nov 22, 2013
We wouldn't need more jails if liberals didn't destroy America's schools and family structure.

Police now need tanks and body armor because socialists continue to give generational welfare to illiterate teens to spawn future felons by the half dozen.
dennis woody sr

Clinton, MD

#23 Jun 7, 2016
the truth wrote:
is it rue Michael sposato taken out of Nassau jail in handcuffs yes or no?if it is this is a bad reflection off the mangano administration and should be address
I don't have a response regarding whether Michael j. Spasato was carried out in hand-cuffs:however, The Cook should be in hand-cuffs for Tampering with government protected files.
Darryl Woody died on Jan3, 2011. His death was said to be by hanging. Darryl was on suicide watch at the time and was on 1 to 1 observation. His death is a homicide covered-up to liiopk like a suicide. Spasato was t he under-sheriff at the time. He and the NUMC Risk management unit both claim the video depicting this homicide was recorded over 24 hours later!c A Lie. Suicide or Homicide_You decide! "We Can Handle The truth!" "What About Darryl woody!"_ NCCC: Nassau, Corrupt, Conspiring, Cover-up! NUMC: Nassau, Under-Staffed, Malpractice, Center. NCCC blames NUMC> NUMC blames the NCCC=Both hide the Video!
dennis woody sr

Clinton, MD

#24 Jun 7, 2016
"What About Darryl Woody!" From Thomas Pizzutto in 1999 to Paul Ryan. "What about Darryl Woody!" The Cook Did it!" and the 80 year old lady. Norma Gonsalves (Spasato neighbor and confidante) cover-up for the Former cook. The Jail advisory Board failed to make account for the missing VIDEOS. You are absolutely right about the Former Cook. What is he cooking up now? He still has to answer for the videos in the court of law in a lawsuit. How will the NCCC, The NUMC, The homicide Squad The jail advisory Board, the federal investigators who did the probe ALL miss the Video before it was said to have been recorded over 24hours later.. all of these individual agencies including the Da's Office failed to get true video. All of these investigative agencies investigating and not one thought to mention, view, or retain this evidence? It's a major cover-up/ scandal that also involves the County Courts. The system is covering up for Spasato and the NUMC! Trial begins in july of 2016. It took six years and there are still no answers or Videos. My attorney is not what he claimed! He's in the pockets for the County. He's a Fraud and should be dis-barred for incompetence and collaboration!

Flushing, NY

#25 Jan 5, 2017
Long Island native wrote:
Like I stated before, Sposato is the nephew of Peter Heelan,former Undersheriff and related to a former big wig in the Republican Party. Some sort of political "payoff" here? Sposato was removed from the NCJ in handcuffs in the early 90's also. Sposato doesn't have the brains to get out of the rain. He is the perfict "fall guy" for the Department. Reilly,the sheriff wants the Department run like Rikers Island where he worked as a lower level manager. He was hired by Gulata and left in place when this County Ex. took over. Moral there is at an all time low. Badly needs Spitzer to have someone investigate the whole mess. There are a lot of skeletons to be dug up in that place.. Some stuff would amaze the citizens of Nassau.
He is nervous they will investigate and finfd that he probably doesn't belong in position he got because his grandfather has connections and was put in sherriff position through favor and etc...i'nm sure during the Town of Oyster Bay investiagetion with Vendittio it will be uncovered.
Dennis Woody Powers

Oxon Hill, MD

#30 Mar 21, 2017
Since the change to Armor Health Nassau County, NCCC, and NUMC along with multiple investigative and over-site agencies that include: The Federal probe ordered because of the four deaths occurring at the jail from January 2010 and Darryl's death being the fourth death under Mangano's Administration in 2011. The NYSCOC who wrote the Final Report On The Death of Darryl Woody; No mention of the Video Recordings of off it's destruction(!) The NYSCLU, The Human Rights Advocates for inmates including The Jail . Not one of these public agencies came to the aid of or called for full disclosure of the facts! Nassau County's Former County Executive Thomas Gullotto had the Surveillance Cameras installed at tax payers expenses the numbers in excess of two million for the vast net work of cameras and digital storage and security of theses highly sensitive government protected digital files. This Corrupt County Executive Mangano failed to even take a cursory view of the circumstances that puts Nassau County residents and tax payers on the line for the payouts in lawsuits. You mean Nassau county is faced with a $140 million dollar lawsuit and the County Executive don't make use of the digital video surveillance records? Maybe He" Couldn't Handle The Truth(!)" The truth is; Conspiracy to defraud tax payers of accountability implements and components purchased at the publics expense in an effort to ward of frivolous litigation for abuse complaints involving Correctional Staff at the jail. I'm talking Waste, Fraud and Abuse by the Corrupt Executive Branch and his Enterprise Corrupt Regime at the Nassau County's Sheriff's Department: Michael J. Sp[asato, his wife (also chief Council) Elizabeth Loconsolo,and their next door neighbor Norma Gonsalves Top Legislator of the Jail Advisory Board and now head of the Board Of Visitors along with her politically connected cohorts;soon to be co-defendants in her racketeering campaign to protect her friends and political donors NUMC and the County Executive.That list also includes protecting her neighbor; the Sheriff and His wife Mrs. Spasato, AKA Elizabeth Loconsolo from any public scrutiny. Thde Old Lady Must Go!
Dennis Woody Powers

Oxon Hill, MD

#31 Mar 21, 2017
It's time for the residents of East-Meadows to wake up and recognize  That Eighty year old Norma Gonsalves has reached her twilight and outlived her usefulness as a competent Advisory Board member that's'n bed' with County executive Magano and The NCCC's Michel Spasato who just happens to be Mrs. Norma Gonsalves neighbor. Mrs. Gonsalves political ties and failures to properly evaluate the incidents that occurred at NCCC on her watch makes her just as guilty for the mis-management and the atrocities reported there. For too long county residents have allowed this Chair person a free hand in dealing with issues regarding NCCC functions and safety. Apparently no one is calling her out! Well, Mrs. Norma Gonsalves. "What about Darryl Woody!" You stated that when incidents occur at NCCC you and your advisory board members ask the hard questions(?) Well what was the hard and obvious questions asked about Darryl Woody homicide investigation? The first questions should have been directed to The former under-sheriff Michael J. Spasato (Her Neighbor and confidante) That question should have been What Happened to Darryl Woody! What was the causes and the circumstances who was involved and was protocol followed. Then the obvious next line of questioning would have been "Who's at fault and what procedures wasn't followed." This would have led to the discovery of the video surveillance recordings that Norma Gosalves and her Advisory Board Members would have had knowledge about. I'm sure that the Advisory Board members knew of this video surveillance system. It was purchased on the tax payers dollars to help aid in these excessive force investigations. Mrs. Norma Gonsalves is either incompetent, infirm or just a corrupt 80 year old installment who has out lived her usefulness as a legislator, Board or Committee member. The old lady must go, her driving privileges revoked and and a retirement home considered for her last years on this planet. Under her, and the Advisory Board's watchful eye NCCC has deteriorated and became,, CONT...
Dennis Woody Powers

Oxon Hill, MD

#32 Mar 21, 2017
A Den of Terror!according to the Justice Department. Why is this old women still calling the shots. I thought the retirement age was sixty-five. This woman has reach her shelf life and has outlived her objective usefulness. We'd love to see you go Mrs. Gonsalves! You are a liability for county tax payers. Here inherent despicable failure to perform her required services and evaluations of the violation plagued County jail contributed to the mis-management and mis-conduct perpetrated by the Administration and ranking officers that ran the daily operations for the jail. Her ties with the Top Cop Sheriff Michael J.Spasato and The (Corrupt) County Executive Ed. Magano should  therefore rule her ineligible for the Advisory Board Post and would constitute a conflict of interest in performing her duties as a Board Of Visitors member or any other public servant duties that involve overseeing County business. Now, one would argue that that's is being a bit rough on the old woman but, that's exactly the the criticism she shall be conflicted by_"The Truth Hurts!" She disrespected herself and her reputation for being a fraudster for the Nassau County Jail Administrators and to the NUMC Corporation. Where was she during the investigation of Darryl Woody's death? Her failures to act reflects her incompetence. She needs to be forced to realize that she is just as guilty and complicit in all the deaths and abuses that was(and still are) being perpetrated against inmates. We need  a real champion. Not just an old wind-bag who can't seem to insure that the safety and proper management standards are performed at NCCC. How many preventable inmates deaths have occurred while she dawned the chair of the Advisory Board Committee? What has the Jail Advisory Board Members and NCCC Council done in accordance to the damning DOJ Reports determining the Nassau County Jail "A Den Of Terror etc…? Well the NC County Executive Thomas Gullotto and the District Attorney ordered the installment of Video Surveillance Camera placed through-out the Correctional Center to aid in investigations. Former Sheriff Jablonsky stated that he would have the cameras installed for the safety of the inmates and staff to ward in efforts to off lawsuit claims. CONT...
Dennis Woody Powers

Oxon Hill, MD

#33 Mar 21, 2017
Since the inception of these video cameras the county would have irrefutable proof about allegations of abuse and excessive force violations. Since the camera were being utilized_only one incident has occurred that was reviewable by the public. What about the rest of the deaths previous to Andrew William Sasser's video; assaulting an inmate? Where was Norma Gonsalves hard-line questioning then? Does she know that "THERE ARE VIDEO CAMERAS AT THE NCCC/ NUMC (the former secure medical ward)? No! She's too close two the administrators to be fair and objective!(I Typed that big so that she might be able to read it in her feeble state of mind.) Why is it that in all of these death or reports of excessive force complaints was there never a mention of the Video Surveillance Cameras? Tell 'US that 'WE'_'The People_"Can't Handle The Truth" Ignorance is not bliss on her part_NOT when it cost lives while she ages_un-gracefully. This lack in her ability to be fair and objective is the very reasoning to supports her immediate removal from those boards and committees as a trustee and council. Her awards from NUMC each year will not allow her to aggressively investigate the hospital for answers for the Gross Negligence and Deliberate Indifferences to Inmates medical care. Darryl Woody's homicide should have gotten more attention by the Jail Advisory Board members. They should have requested the surveillance records that they know exist_or had existed! They are all guilty of omission and breach of office for failing to perform their government duties as public officers and srevants! You work for 'us' the citizens! Not for the jail administrators and terror-dome guards stationed there. What is the County waiting for in expediting her immediate removal/ dismissal_Retire her NOW (or at least surrender her license to operate a motor vehicle before another pre-trial detainee gets mowed down by her lack of vision when it comes to viewing the obvious;obstruction Of justice. Before more deaths occur because of her infirm dated council out-lived Council. It's Highg-time for a new direction and a younger  more agile, objective and intelligent person to fill (all) her position(s) And please _don't let her get behind the wheel of an automobile! Darryl Woody's voice is silenced because of her and the Boards in-ability to ask "The hard questions" and the one question that many will soon be asking: DID SHE KNOW OF THE VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM at NCCC/ NUMC's EVIDENCE TAMPERING or ( criminal) DESTRUCTION of government protected records/ electronic files_(The Video!)? "I Don't Know" won't suffice when the Former Undersheriff (now  acting-Sheriff) Michael J. Spasato (in her description){almost}"Next next door neighbor to Sheriff Michael J. Spasato and the former Cooks wife Lying Elizabeth Loconsolo. The Joe Isusu of NCCC! CONT…
Dennis Woody Powers

Oxon Hill, MD

#36 Mar 21, 2017
This lady and her Board /committee members failed miserably and should be made to face the truth_that is: Norma Gonsalves is a fraudster and should be held responsible (after-the-fact) for aiding and abetting _and coddling with known (and un-known) Enterprise Corrupt Human Rights Violator. She's short on time cause time is not on her side!" and shall it be inscribed on her tomb: "She did not care! Why else would she stand against the adoption of The Board of Visitors to handle inmates care and complaints?  She knew about all of the abusive activities reported at NCCC? Where was she when Mark Barber took over as the Grievance Officer; a known abuser and later President of the Sheriff's Officers Union; 80 counts of sexual abuses later at NCCC"s Inmate Complaint Department. Where was Norma Gonsalves and the Board when the former intake officer (who later became President of the Sheriff's Officer Union} beat a mentally retarded inmate with a frying pan? Where was the Former CC titled COOK when his frying pans got to flying and being used as a tennis racquet on inmate Thomas Donovan Jr? Who was the other officers that would have been charged for failure to report the incident,a case where the court proceedings was abruptly ended because if it had proceeded, "it would have implicated other ranking officials. Well, Maybe Former Sheriff Reilly owed some CC titled Cook a favor "You can be my next Under-Sheriff in charge of "The rackets((no pun intended{Operations Manager}: THE ENFORCER! "We need people like you (Spasato)" "You Proved Yourself Worthy of the Committee_ Advisory committee!{You Get It(?)}" "HI Good Neighbor!' Where was Norma Gonsalves when the (acting) Sheriff was The COOK! She's The Sheriff's Neighbor and Confidant; even willing to back the Sheriff's (proven lies) I'm sure they got together (as neighbors to share the daily accounts of "Recipes for Disaster!"  Oh. I'm sure she's a lovely old lady but old people become feeble and can be taken advantage of. It would be nice to see her Go but even nicer to see her Tell The Truth on her way out the door! "The Board of Visitors: It would be redundant and a draw on already strained County's budget!" was the words of Elizabeth Loconsolo; the County's lying Spokes person,council(conspiring-conc eal) and also  The person-in_charge of the FOIL Appeals Division for The Courts! Lying Elizabeth Loconsolo!} Then the re's the corrupt appointments of the selected members of the County's Mandated/ Court Ordered compliance to the Overs-site Board (Past and present) Appointments that once included my present attorney and (self described)-superb trial lawyer: Mr Eliot Bloom Esq. And the present day appointment of NUMC's Very-own Risk Management Team Chairman_{Michael J.Farrendino! The man in charge of investigating safety and risks at the NUMC former(secure prison medical ward)_The very defendants that we are suing was appointed to investigate Darryl Woody's Homicide on January 3, 2011. This Risk Management Chairman is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the retention of the Video Recordings at NUMC.

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