The plumber arrives and says that he would snake it. After he snaked the drain water poured through the ceiling of my first floor under where the shower is installed. He apologized and said he would fix the leak that he caused but he would have to make a hole in the ceiling. After he made several holes in my ceiling he stated he could not locate the pipe and gave me the number to his friend who would be able to open up the ceiling and find the pipe for a "good price" and than he could fix the pipe. At this point I decided that I should call another plumber. Once the other plumber looked at the holes in my ceiling and than my shower he just started shaking his head in disbelief. He told me that this shower should never have been snaked because he could see from the drain that there was a flexible pipe and that type of pipe would never hold up to the snake. He than said there was no need to make holes in my ceiling on the first floor because this was a standalone shower and there should be a place to access the plumbing in the back. He pulled the shower away from the wall and sure enough there was access to plumbing and he was able to replace the flexible pipe. It took him about 30 minutes to fix. Now I am stuck with holes in the ceiling that I need to get fixed that . even though there was no need to make any holes in the ceiling. Based on my experience I would not recommend to anyone. EDIT to respond to the post by the owner: I don't know if the technician never fully explained to you the type of shower we are talking about. The shower was an ariel 300 steam shower and if you research it you will see that this is a self contained or standalone shower that is not installed into the wall or into the floor. It sits on top of the floor and is connected to the water and drain by flexible pipes. Since it sits on top of the floor you can slide and move it. So yes the second plumber was able to fix it in about 30 minutes by simply sliding it on the floor away from the wall and accessing an opening in the back of the shower by the floor. He ran some water and saw the leak was coming from the flexible pipe so he removed that pipe and attached a new one. Than he slid the unit back against the wall. It took about 30 minutes total. Yes you are correct I never called you back because after the second time your technician came to repair this pipe and made holes in my ceiling below where the shower was installed than told me to call this guy Mac in order to open up the ceiling completely in order to find the pipe, I decided I should get a second opinion. I am glad I did because the second plumber fixed it as I stated without causing further damage from your plumber. As for you not getting paid for replacing a valve on toilet I would gladly pay you if you will pay for the damage to my ceiling that your technician needlessly caused.