Support for priest growing stronger

Support for priest growing stronger

There are 83 comments on the Home News Tribune story from Jul 24, 2007, titled Support for priest growing stronger. In it, Home News Tribune reports that:

Iam responding to a July 13 letter 'Priest's accusers robbed of justice' regarding Monsignor Michael Cashman.

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Remember the victims

United States

#61 Mar 21, 2010
Now it's in the hands of the Vatican. Are you now going to call the Pope a living lie?
It's evident why victims typically don't come forward (and why other victims of Cashman have not). Look at the hell they have to go through and the abuse they edure from the abuser's supporters. It is now clear why this is the road less traveled. Victims get punished for stepping up, telling the truth and defending what is wholesome and pure - the lives of innocent children, not a sick pathological lier who hides behind his supporters. Such a weak man to be put on such a tall and strong pedestal. Tell him to shave the beard he's been hiding behind all these years and take a good long look at himself.
Follow the Money Trail

Monroe Township, NJ

#62 Mar 24, 2010
In the past year, the bishop has in his hands a guilty verdict on 1 of 3 victims, and Canon law requires him to strip Cashman of his preisthood. Why has he hesitated? He could have done this despite a Vatican appeal. I still want to know why the panel didn't believe the testimony of the other two victims. Did they have contradictory testimony? Something still doesn't add up.
Wake up

New York, NY

#63 Mar 26, 2010
Lets clear up some facts. If the bishop could remove Cashman without the Trial, he would have. His only recourse was to have the trial. The reason the Bishop is appealing to Rome is because the judges fell short of removing him. To leave a man in the priesthood after even one charge has been found viable is as absurd to the bishop as it is to you. This speaks to what is wrong with priests judging priests. It is how the church got into this mess in the first place...because priests kept protecting the predator.

East Brunswick, NJ

#64 Jun 13, 2010
Someone somere in all these posts asked how you can show your support for Mike.

Quite simply, hit them where it hurts. When Mike was accused I (and my entire extended family) stopped sending payments to the Bishops Annual Appeal, one of the larger fundrasing efforts in the Diocese of Metuchen. I received numerous calls asking me to resume my payments, and I politely told them, when they reinstated this innocent man, I would resume my payments.

I have a friend who recently did this same thing. She received the same phone call, asking her to reconsider. When she explained why, they point blank told her "he is a pedofile" (Quite frankly, I think Mike should sue for slander!)

Until God himself tells me that Mike is guilty, there is no one who will convince me otherwise.

ANYONE can hide behind a blog. Even the person who claimed to have lived in the rectory with Mike can very will have made up every single word of that post. Hell, I oculd sit here right now and type up a story of abuse....or support.....or whatever I want. No one can prove or disprove anything I say.

Facts talk. the rest is bull. Show us facts if you have them (which you don't) or clear this man's name and reinstate him.

New York, NY

#65 Jun 15, 2010
You wrote in your post that you will ONLY believe it if you hear it from God himself...and nothing else will convince you...therefore...even if you were provided with wouldn't believe it...your mind is made may need some therapy to open your mind to the real world. Get some.
Dear Luckyroot

West Berlin, NJ

#66 Jul 4, 2010
What would you say if you had the facts proving he abused those 2 children? Would you then believe he is a pedofile? No one is "hiding" behind a blog, in fact, we are wasting our precious time answering to radical Cashman supporters in hopes to get them to believe and understand that these children were indeed abused by Cashman. It's a losing battle not worth fighting. Go ahead and support him for the rest of your life. Obviously your need to support him (no matter what) is far more important to you than protecting innocent children. Knock yourself out. I'm done wasting my time.
The truth

Woodbridge, NJ

#67 Dec 22, 2010
A common quote from guess who. "IT PLAYS SO WELL? YOU ARE LIVING A LIE.
Kiss this

Atlanta, GA

#68 Mar 16, 2011
Judith Psota was the one who gave Fr. Cashman the kiss on the lips. On the steps of St. James Church shortly after The bishop was to be insalled????
What the

New York, NY

#69 Mar 22, 2011
These last 2 posts make no sense.

New York, NY

#70 Mar 28, 2011
As a former parishner of Fr. Mike all I can say is that the whole situation is sad. The accusations are difficult to believe simply based on the man's charater. But that doesn't mean he's innocent. The children who were victimized are a tragedy. They're lives forever affected by such an enormous sin. No one wins here. Fr. Mike has lost his priesthood and his reputation. The Church has lost an excellent priest and young children allegedly their innocence. Pray the truth be known.
to unfortunate

United States

#71 Mar 28, 2011
Dear Unfortunate:
As a former parishoner I agree. It is very sad. Yes, Cashman has lost his reputation but can't agree that the church lost an excellent priest. He is a very sick man who unfortunately was unable to face his truth. One of his victims was even prepared to forgive him if only he was able to publicly admit to what he had done. I know first hand how hard this has been for the victims. Enough about the mother. This is about the adult children who finally came out of the shame and darkness. The "mother" did not initiate any of these allegations. Let's take a moment to think and pray for the brave survivors who continue to work with the diocese to try and get this right. These are extraordinary people (and parents of their own children) who are only fighting for not only themselves but other victims, survivors and the future of their own children. Trust me, they would not be going through all of this if it weren't true. Their lives are forever changed. They struggle everyday to look to the future and try not to allow this abuse to define them.
A respectful thank you to "Unfortunate" for even acknowledging that this may actually be true.
Fess up judith

Linden, NJ

#72 May 20, 2011
I You are the kissing bandit........
Give Thanks

Woodbridge, NJ

#73 Jun 7, 2011
I'm disturbed by the "victim" who wants to barter with something that they do not have. If Judith Psota was doing her job. She should advise this "victim" to give thanks for Fr. Mike.
This is a call out to Judith. Stop teaching God's plan,this is not possible,in regards to anything. Teach God's word and will.
Incoherent ramblings

Woodbridge, NJ

#74 Jan 3, 2012
To the person who posted the last few posts....What are you talking about?????
Fess up judith

United States

#75 Jan 4, 2012
It's all about control/money Judith,Carl,Ron,and of course Paul. Hiding behind a semblance? Not giving any details. They are in control they Don't have to answer to any one in this world. The church in metuchen is not a democracy the bishop desires are you will be given so much information on any case. The people who do not believe him can leave the church. Having witnessed Judith's phony act makes me sick. Knowing this wack can be head if family life ministry is disturbing..........
Important Facts

New York, NY

#76 Jan 23, 2012
4 Common Myths about Child Sexual Abuse:
Myth #1: You believe that since you live in a nice, safe neighborhood, where you know all your neighbors on a first name basis, and your children play with their children, hanging out at each other’s houses etc, that all is well on the home front.
Fact: Child sexual abuse can happen anywhere, in any neighborhood, in every religion or church group, covering all racial boundaries or ethnic groups, and it certainly doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are. You can live in a beautiful, gated-community of homes worth millions of dollars, and your child is still not protected from being molested or abused.
According to the U.S. Department of Justice national statistics, 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys will become victims of sexual abuse by the time they reach their 18th birthday. Not only that, but statistics show that children in elementary school are the most vulnerable and likely targets, and children with disabilities have even higher risk factors. That’s not good news for parents with little children, making it vitally important for parents to become educated about the prevalence of child sexual abuse in society today, without becoming completely paranoid about it.
Myth #2: You have already talked with your children about not allowing anyone to touch their private parts, perhaps even calling those body parts by their proper name, and you believe that’s pretty much all there is to do. You may even have said to your children something like,“No matter what, you can always tell me anything that is on your mind, and I will believe you”.
Fact: Sexual abuse occurs by forcing or manipulating a child in a way that allows the sexual offender to touch the child’s private parts (which may or may not include penetration), or takes photo’s of children without any clothes on, or when an offender exposes themselves to a child, etc. Children need to be taught about sexual abuse, and they need to learn and know the words “sexual abuse”. Listen, you can tell your children over and over about “good touch vs. bad touch” and proper names of body parts, but if your child doesn’t know the correct terminology, how are they going to know how to tell you they were “sexually abused”?!
Myth #3: Most sexual abuse cases are committed by people who are complete strangers to you or your child.
Fact: Closely monitoring the online database for sex offenders who may have moved into your neighborhood simply isn’t enough. 85-90% of child sexual abuse cases are committed by trusted family members and close friends. That includes fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, babysitters, daycare workers, boyfriends of single mom’s, fellow church members and clergy, and so on.
If I have to write a thousand more posts about sexually abused children, to make it crystal clear who the most likely offenders are, I will write them gladly if it will help just one more parent develop greater awareness to this issue.
Myth #4: You believe that your child would automatically tell you that he or she had been sexually abused. You may say to yourself,“My child and I have such great communication, that I KNOW my child would come and tell me immediately”.
Fact: Most sexually abused children do not tell anyone they were abused, even when directly asked by parents or other authority figures. Victims of sexual abuse are often too afraid that the news will hurt their parents, or they are afraid of not being believed, or they were threatened in some way by the offender.
While some schools offer programs that provide useful information and resources, for children and parents alike, the responsibility of educating children about sexual abuse belongs to the parents. And by the way, sexual abuse does occur in schools too!
Fess up judith

Richmond Hill, NY

#77 Jan 23, 2012
Sounds like you are trying to cover up something? What was the charge? The more defensive you get the more I believe this is a lie just like the kiss Judith gave. If you recall that was Fact # 7.
get the facts

United States

#78 Jan 26, 2012
Who the hell is Judith?
Fess up judith

Massapequa, NY

#79 Jan 26, 2012
Judith Psota is the head of family life ministry for the diocess of metuchen the wife of Carl a deacon. A very close bond with the bishop. In fact Carl the tough guy can be considered the enforcer for the bishop. Have Wittnessed the act Judith put on 10 years ago on the steps of St. James I knew the bishop had a plan knowing his deep seeded insecurity and need of control. The plan was set and their was no turning back. "I have control now I will decide the decidtion will be up to me"
Fess up

Indianapolis, IN

#80 Jun 6, 2012
Judith save your self. The pains of purgatory or hell. The act/sin of calumny is very serious. It would "play so well" if you can come back to St.James as a "special guest speaker".
Confession is good for the soul. It is God's will.

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