Hope the New Police Chief Has Morals ...

Hope the New Police Chief Has Morals - No Gays

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San Antonio, TX

#1 Apr 23, 2013
I hope this new chief has morals and ethics and cleans house on gays. He need to set a positive example! We need a christian community for our children to grow up in!
Ron Kardasian

Eagle Pass, TX

#3 Apr 23, 2013
Wait wrote:
Christian community? There are Christian church's where gays are accepted and Mills comes from Austin where gays and lesbians are part of the police force. He would only encourage our local gay and lesbian police men and women that they are equal and that it's acceptable. You on the other hand is old fashioned and can't seem to get over the fact that we don't live back in 1959!
You either need to move to a country where it ain't accepted. And maybe have a gay son or lesbian daughter so they can kill them in public. Would you be there throwing stones and hitting your child with sticks til they die just because they were born gay? Bet you wouldn't so shut the FK up!<quoted text>
. Why are you so angry? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You should learn tolerance for people that don't share your beliefs. Come on people. Lets be civil here.

United States

#4 Apr 23, 2013
Sorry, but the word of God never changes. Screw tolerance. I'm sticking with the Holy bible! Gays are horrible!!!

San Antonio, TX

#7 Apr 23, 2013
Sure but wrote:
Yarayarayarayarauarayara! That's all I hear coming from your mouth. Ate you speakin in tongues again? I god made us in his creation then he made us all different. If you can't accost that then you have personal issues with yourself. Grow up and hope god forgives you for not loving thy neighbor. It's in the bible so follow your commandments idiot. Stop the hate because from the looks of it you're going to hell..<quoted text>
Please don't kill the messenger. Most of you don't care what's in the bible because you don't attend church, so it's understandable.
But the bible clearly says that gays are an abomination! I didn't write it, so keep your comments to yourself! LMFAO
Thats On You

San Antonio, TX

#9 Apr 24, 2013
YouAreWrong wrote:
The problem is that you give yourselves stupid titles like messengers of god. You sin every day and posting stuff about gays is sinning. So you clearly ain't no messenger of god. Stop claiming yourself worthy to even enter heaven when you can't love thy neighbor. What you need to so is stop hating and judging because that is so ungodly and god doesnt like people who judge others. As far as I'm concerned your hell bound. You ain't no devote christian. Real christians wouldn't even waste their time getting on topix and bashing gays or lesbians. So that proves that you are just as evil as any one else who sins everyday.<quoted text>
Look, if you don't agree with the bible, that's on you! But don't bash others for spreading the will of God! If you don't want to attend church, that's on you as well! I'm going to spreads God will to ends of the earth! So get over it!!!! God was very specific about gays. He said they are an abomination!!!! Take it up with Him if you don't like it! jajajajajajajajajajaj
Joe Osteen

Eagle Pass, TX

#12 Apr 24, 2013
Yuppies wrote:
This is why our city sucks. No one agrees with nobody. And those who feel they need to judge others and follow their religious views seem a bit crazy. Nobody really cares if people are gay or lesbian. We don't pay their bills or run their life's. People need to grow up here and worry about themselves instead of worrying about the next person. Especially those crazy christians who get on here thinking they will make a difference. No one cares what you or I think. Anyone and everyone will do as they please with their life's.
. Calm down people!! Why are you spreading hate? Just because YOU don't agree? What makes you so self righteous? You don't make any sense especially when all you do is spew hate on anyone that has a different opinion than yours. We ALL have freedom if speech rights in this country, especially when it comes to our own Christian values. God Bless the USA!!!!
Thanks Joel

San Antonio, TX

#13 Apr 24, 2013
Joe Osteen wrote:
<quoted text>. Calm down people!! Why are you spreading hate? Just because YOU don't agree? What makes you so self righteous? You don't make any sense especially when all you do is spew hate on anyone that has a different opinion than yours. We ALL have freedom if speech rights in this country, especially when it comes to our own Christian values. God Bless the USA!!!!
I hear ya Joel! People disagree with the Word of God and then get angry at people who cherish it. If you don't go to church or read the bible, many of us do!

San Antonio, TX

#16 Apr 24, 2013
These days the bible and God means nothing, especially here in Eagle Pass. So it's hard to find people that will stand up for what is right. Most just want to go with the flo. It's such a shame to go against God and promote gayism!
Joe Osteen

Eagle Pass, TX

#18 Apr 24, 2013
Mormons rule wrote:
You mean you try so hard to force others on your religious point of views. I ain't buying it and FK the gays and lesbians. Why should I follow your religious views? I could care less if you're trying to promote it here. Preach all you want but I can't follow your views when my religion ain't Christianity. I'm a Mormon and will be til I die. But you don't see me posting that stuff on here. I know when an where I preach and practice my religion. It doesn't work here because others will get on here and talk smack. So stop it.<quoted text>
. This country was founded by people that sought religious freedom! End of story. Period. What don't you understand about Freedom of speech! For heavens sake just accept it as a fact it is part of the Constitution of this land. No one can silence God. Woe unto you that calleth the wrong right and the darkness light. There is only one God the God of Abraham and Issac, the Yeshua God of Israel Jesus!!
Dont Count On It

San Antonio, TX

#20 Apr 25, 2013
Most new Chiefs are going to want to blend in and not make any waves, so I seriously doubt that he will clean house on gays. Maybe once he's in and get's use to all the politics and corruption, he will being morals and ethics to his position and fire the gays. Keep your fingers crossed.

United States

#21 Apr 25, 2013
I don't think any gay person deserves any rights at all cause they try to compare their movement to the civil rights movement which makes no sense at all because gay is not a race it's a choice and a terrible one to because it increases childrens chances of getting bullied to, i hope something changes in the nearby future

Washington, DC

#22 Apr 25, 2013
pabol is a stupig idiot ignorant to the max. believe in what ever you want to believe and let the rest of te world live moron. 10% of the population is gay so, where do you want to send them. plus, according to your religion pabol, god made us all didn't he? then he made them gays too. don't be ignorant, there is a gay person in every family. your cousin is gay or your brother or sister or aunt or uncle. maybe your dad or mom is gay but you don't know. please shut your cock holster. go get ripped of by that clown at roca firme and all their stupid moron, ignorant, blind fools. miracles? please people.

Washington, DC

#23 Apr 25, 2013
the first thing that idiot at roca firme asked, was how much i made a year in income. come on people that guy is nothing but a clown and fake. he has no powers. nobody does. he is worse than paulino bernal. he doesn't ask for money, he demands money. only the fools at roca firme believe him. the last prediction he made caused all the moron imbecils at roca firme to sign their cars and lots and land to him because the world was going to end. imbecils, he kept everything and the world didn't end. miracle smy god dammed baseballs. he is nothing but a mortal just like everybody else. the only power he has is the power to convince most people that he is a prophet?
want to know

Torreón, Mexico

#25 Apr 25, 2013
Ok, everybody has an opinion on gays, lesbians, straigth, bi or whatever, but I dont see names, who do you know is gay, lesbian or bi curios on the police force in Eagle Pass...

Saint Paul, MN

#26 Apr 25, 2013
if you want to live in the 1950's go to Eagle Pass!! Lots of homos actually come from Eagle Pass, they just get the f-out of there and now I see why. Let me tell you about your precious bible and your lord and savior Jesus Christ. The bible says that you're not supposed to associate with a women when she's on her period, you're not supposed to eat shell fish, if a daughter loses her virginity before marriage she should be stoned to death. If that was the case every bitch in EP would be stoned LOL!! it's all based on interpretation and you fools with little brains use the bible as a tool/weapon as an excuse for your intolerance, bigotry and hatred amongst a group of people. Isn't religion supposed to show you to love thy neighbor, not to judge? If Jesus were alive he's embrace the gay community and shove you bigot's intollerant sticks further up your Asses!

San Antonio, TX

#27 Apr 25, 2013
Yes, that would be so nice to have a new chief with a mind of his own. One that does not cave in to peer pressure. Hopefully he is a man of morals! Keep gays in the closet! Good luck sir! Glad you are here in Eagle Pass!!!
Joe Osteen

Eagle Pass, TX

#29 Apr 25, 2013
God dont choose sides wrote:
I can't believe how these so called devote christians think gay is a choice. They obviously have no idea that one of their family members is one or closeted. I am not choosing sides but come on now. People are who they are. You may feel its wrong because of your bible but really everyone was created by God. That also included gay, lesbians, transgendered people. God also made people with Down syndrome. Is that a choice? People born with illnesses like cancer, leukemia, premature babies. Is that a choice? If God made everyone then he made everyone no matter what they are or how they look. It's not like they were made from another God. My point is you can't go around thinking you are saved and that you have to shun others for being different. I have gay friends and let me tell you some of them have this feminine side that makes one think this is a man but acts like a woman. From the way they talk to the way they dress. I don't think it was their choice to be that way. They are who they are. I am happy I ain't narrow minded. They are wonderful people. Maybe you need to watch some episodes of MODERN FAMILY just so you can get a glimpse of how a gay couple acts and does in everyday life. It's a comedy show but the reality is that gay people are who they are. You need to accept what you or I cannot change. It's been like this as far as humans have existed on earth. The bible says David and Jonathan in 1 Samuel 18 gave sexual reference as them being lovers. So gay people were around way before we were born. Lot also has gay reference. I know because I read my bible and I don't judge. And Jesus never mentioned anything about homosexuality or condemned it so if its good in his eyes it's good for everyone else. You just need to let those who are live how they want because we sure don't support them. We don't pay their bills, their taxes, their mortgage. That's why I sometimes hate my own religion because there's always a constant war against what the bible says. It could be worse like in the other side of the world where their religious wars cause people to kill just because they believe its wrong. And if hate gays so much or are against it I say move to anothe country where they kill gays and lesbians. Maybe you will have a gay child and they will gladly kill it for you. Would you be there to kill your own child because they were gay? I rest my case.
. Wow, so much anger and so little sene. From someone who gets his theology from TV. What do we expect? Please ask for wisdom before you speak about things you don't know anything about. Especially when you insinuate that King David might have been gay. No sir. Or even Jesus? You are way, way wrong.

Dallas, TX

#39 Apr 25, 2013
Sorry wrote:
I'm sticking with the Holy bible! Gays are horrible!!!
You must have had a bad encounter with a gay person. Share your story that makes you so hateful.

San Antonio, TX

#42 Apr 25, 2013
I'm sorry to say that I don't think it really matters anymore. People are so against God and his teachings that we are past the point of no return. Although most of know that gays are an abomination, many that are not close to God, condone this! Look at the country we have become. Many will find out at the final judgement!
Thank you

Houston, TX

#43 Apr 25, 2013
You sir have done the LGBT community a great favor. I had to do some cross reference and what you posted here is all in the bible because I thought someone was punking me or my gay brothers and lesbian sisters. Like you said it all in the bible in plain black and white. You have opened my heart to dedicate myself to God. In fact my partner and I will be attending your great church Roca Firme. You really ain't evil like many who have posted stuff on here.
Pastor Herrera wrote:
The conclusion to this is what we were taught that we must honor and love who ever we choose to.
In the first chapter of 2 Samuel, the author tells us that after Saul and Jonathan were killed in battle, David tore his clothes and fasted, a sign of deep mourning. He wept and wrote a song, which he ordered all the people of Judah to sing. In that song, he included these words, which are Exhibit D:
“Saul and Jonathan, beloved and lovely!
In life and in death they were not divided;
they were swifter than eagles,
they were stronger than lions.
How the mighty have fallen in the midst of battle!
Jonathan lies slain upon your high places.
I am distressed for you my brother Jonathan;
Greatly beloved were you to me;
your love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women.”
(2 Samuel 1:23, 26-27, emphasis added)
Here it is in black and white. David states the love he shared with Jonathan was greater than what he had experienced with women. Have you ever heard a heterosexual man say he loved his male friend more than his wife? This goes well beyond deep friendship between two heterosexual men.
In this story, we have a direct biblical answer to our question: Can two people of the same sex live in a loving, committed relationship with God’s favor? The answer is “yes,” because Jonathan and David did, and the Bible celebrates their relationship.

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