GunNut posting stupid posts!!!

GunNut posting stupid posts!!!

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Stop lying

Houston, TX

#1 Dec 21, 2012
No one believes your stupid comments pendejo!!! Guns sales soaring!! NRA donations. Thanking Connecticut for the killings. You really are the stupid idiot on topix.
Google It

San Antonio, TX

#2 Dec 21, 2012
Stop lying wrote:
No one believes your stupid comments pendejo!!! Guns sales soaring!! NRA donations. Thanking Connecticut for the killings. You really are the stupid idiot on topix.
I never expect anyone to believe the content of my post! Actually, I hope people "Google" it so they can see for themselves!!!
Check and see how the NRA is doing and how the guns shops are doing in light of the big massacre!!!! Here's a little tidbit for ya.... LMFAO

NRA Memberships And Gun Sales Soar After Sandy Hook Shootings!!!!

As the year 2012 and its seemingly endless series of tragic shootings — most notably the Sandy Hook Massacre — draws to a close, you’d think that hordes of horrified, hollow-eyed, gun-toting Americans would be swarming their local recycling centers to dispose of their lethal stash to prevent future mass murders from taking place. If so, you’d be totally wrong!

A source from within the National Rifle Association told Fox News that an average of 8,000 people per day have been signing up for NRA memberships since the Newtown, CT shootings, and contributions have spiked as well.

In addition, gun sales are soaring through the roof, according to Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelley.

Kelley’s colleague Trace Gallagher explains why gun sales always ‘rise dramatically’ after mass shootings:

“If you go back to Columbine, Aurora, and Virginia Tech, every time there is a mass shooting in this country, gun sales dramatically rise. Experts say that is for a couple of reasons. One: For personal safety; and Two: Because people believe the government will ban certain types of weapons, like assault rifles.”
Lovin It

San Antonio, TX

#3 Dec 21, 2012
Like McDonalds says... I'm lovin it!!!! Jajajajajaj
Let Me Know

San Antonio, TX

#4 Dec 21, 2012
I have tons of other sources, so let me know!!! I get excited just reading them!!! Try reading the news sometime!!!! You won't look so stupid!!!!
Enough Yet

San Antonio, TX

#5 Dec 21, 2012
ASHEVILLE, N.C.— The line ran almost out the door at the On Target gun shop and shooting range here on Thursday.

At Hazelwood Guns in Waynesville, N.C., the flood of customers left owner Cecil Brown so swamped he barely had time to take a phone call.

The avalanche of ammunition and gun sales, particularly of AR-15-type assault weapons, comes as an unintended consequence of the mass school shooting in Connecticut and subsequent talk about re-enacting the Brady gun control laws. That measure curtailed sales of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines for 10 years ending in 2004.

"Our sales have quadrupled or even more," Brown said. "We're almost out of the black guns. Normally, we keep 75-100 in stock."

The story has repeated itself at gun shops across the country: High-capacity .223-caliber assault weapons, as well as the ammunition and magazines for them, are selling out. The shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut used a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle, and legislators are now talking about banning similar weapons and large-capacity magazines.

"We've got no .22-caliber ammo or .223 left. That stuff is just getting sucked up," said Dawn Stucker, co-owner of the On Target gun shop in Asheville. "Election years are always iffy. Then you had (Friday's) nightmare, and now it's Christmas. So it's a combination of things happening all at once."
And Another

San Antonio, TX

#6 Dec 21, 2012
December 19, 2012

A revitalized movement to ban some types of firearms in the wake of a deadly school shooting has some Montanans reaching for their wallets and Billings-area gun dealers running out of merchandise.

Owners and managers of several sporting-goods stores and gun shops in Billings said Wednesday that sales of AR-15 rifles and high-capacity magazines have increased dramatically in recent days.

The local firearms dealers agree that the run on guns is a reaction to the possible reinstatement of a federal ban on semi-automatic rifles like the one used Friday to kill 26 children and educators at a Connecticut elementary school.

"This tragic event has certainly brought the politics (of gun control) to the forefront," said Chuck McKenzie, the vice president of store operations at Big Bear Sports Center on King Avenue West.

McKenzie said the store has seen an "uptick in gun sales" since the school shooting last week and subsequent push for more restrictive gun laws.

"The trend this last weekend has been people buying up AR stuff," McKenzie said. "People are afraid they're not going to be able to have them in the future."

The owners of two gun shops in Billings said they have seen a similar increase in the sale of AR-15 rifles in recent days, although gun sales of all types have been on the rise for several years.

Still, the recent momentum behind a possible reinstatement of a federal ban on some semi-automatic weapons has caused many gun enthusiasts to buy now.

"We sold out yesterday," said Wade Fredrickson, owner of Three Sights Indoor Shooting Range, which also sells firearms at the business located off Central Avenue.

Fredrickson said he has ordered more AR-15 rifles. Customers have been placed on a waiting list.

"I will have some here in three days, and they will probably leave the same day," he said.

Fredrickson said many customers have expressed the same concern while visiting his businesses.

"A lot of people really don't want to lose their rights," he said.

Lon Bauer, the owner of Butt's Gun Sales on Main Street, said Wednesday morning that he still had a few semi-automatic rifles on the shelf, but he didn't expect them to last long.

Although a small percentage of his overall gun sales, semi-automatic rifles are currently the focus of most gun shoppers.

Customers are also buying ammunition, Bauer said.

"So far for us, business has doubled in the last week," he said.

Like the shoppers at Three Sights, customers at Bauer's business are also concerned that they may lose the opportunity to own a semi-automatic rifle if they wait too long.

"That's what they are worried about," he said.

Not surprising, business at a Billings firearms distributing company, Accusport West, has also increased in recent days.

Read more:
And Another

San Antonio, TX

#7 Dec 21, 2012
Gun sales soar here in Western Mass.
People concerned about gun control

Updated: Wednesday, 19 Dec 2012,

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass.(WWLP)- In anticipation of todays announcement from the President, gun sales have been skyrocketing.

It's something shop owners say they've come to expect.

President Obama gave Vice President Joe Biden until January to make recommendations to combat gun violence.

The anticipation of renewed gun control efforts sent gun sales soaring nationwide and here in Western Massachusetts, according to Guns Inc. General Manager Philip Marcil.

"We do see an increase after any of these incidences because of the fear of what's going to be taken away from them," Marcil said.

Customers say it's the uncertainty of the future of guns that makes them buy even more than they normally would. Guns don't come cheap, customers say in recent years they've been paying a lot more.
And Another

San Antonio, TX

#8 Dec 21, 2012

Sales of AR-15 semiautomatic rifles around the country are skyrocketing after the shootings in Newtown, Conn., including at a gun store in downtown Fuquay-Varina.

The sales at Fuquay Gun & Gold match a national trend. Clay Ausley, of Fuquay Gun & Gold, said 1,200-1,500 people a day come to the store.

"We went through several hundred of that type of weapon in the past two days," Ausley said.

"Everybody in the shooting community is disgusted by what went on, but it's got to be realized that the guns did not do that, the person did."

Ausley said customers have been motivated to buy now because the weapons might be banned. And that has been the national trend after Adam Lanza killed 27 people, and then himself, Friday in Newtown, Conn. President Barack Obama on Wednesday demanded “concrete proposals” for curbing gun violence.

Obama, who had not previously pushed gun control in his administration, visited the families of the Newtown victims on Sunday. "This time, the words need to lead to action," Obama said.

What happens next is hard to say. Eddie Caldwell of the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association said an NBC-17 reporter was the only person to call him this week on the issue of whether further gun control was necessary. He said the sheriffs in the state’s 100 counties had not been raising the issue this week.

He also pointed out that regulation in other forms, such as of underage drinking and the use of illegal drugs, doesn’t solve the problem.

Regardless of the future, sales have clearly been brisk nationally.

Larry Hyatt, owner of North Carolina-based Hyatt Gun Shop, told The Huffington Post he had a long line of customers on Saturday and had to call in extra staff to handle the demand.

“We already have tons of customers because of Christmas, hunting season is peaking right now, and, not to mention, the election,” Hyatt said.“But this tragedy is pushing sales through the roof. It’s like putting gasoline on a fire.”
And Another

San Antonio, TX

#9 Dec 21, 2012
Firearms are flying off shelves around the country.

Several South Dakota gun dealers say they see the increase in sales.

Poll: What is causing the jump in gun sales?

“It’s been very busy. I haven’t even had time to look,” Tony Naatjes said of sales increases at Gary’s Gun Shop in Sioux Falls.

“Folks are a little nervous about the election,” he said. But he also pointed out Christmas is approaching, in South Dakota the modern firearms deer hunting season only recently closed and pheasant and predator seasons still are open. So there are plenty of reasons for firearms to be on people’s minds.

Vic Carter of Kones Korner in Castlewood, like Naatjes, said firearms sales are soaring. But he thinks the re-election of a president whom some gun enthusiasts are convinced is poised to call for new regulations on semiautomatic rifles and handguns in a second term is helping to drive the sales boom.

He dismissed the holidays as having a big role in robust gun sales.

“We haven’t even started selling Christmas guns yet,” Carter said.“You’ve got to hide that gun in the house from the person whose going to get it, and we have seen a big influx after the election.

“Farming was done a month early,” he added.“People have money and can go to town to spend it. But I think the big spike we’ve had is because of the election.”

Dale Dixon, a partner in DC Guns and Sport in Aurora, agreed more people are looking at firearms, especially semiautomatic rifles, because of fears about the possibility of new regulations. But he’s not sure that is driving sales.

“I’ve had a lot of people talk about the election. But as far as buying stuff they are afraid they may no longer be able to get — no,” he said.

“It hasn’t hurt sales, I’ll say that. But I don’t know if you can blame the upswing on who’s in office right now.”

Houston, TX

#10 Dec 21, 2012
Looks like no one is buying guns but hillbilly rednecks. Go figure. Those crazy bastards think they can do whatever like have sex within their own family and have kids. No wonder they all come out retarded. And that's the truth.
Billy Bob

San Antonio, TX

#11 Dec 21, 2012
Poncho wrote:
Looks like no one is buying guns but hillbilly rednecks. Go figure. Those crazy bastards think they can do whatever like have sex within their own family and have kids. No wonder they all come out retarded. And that's the truth.
Yep, but the key is, no one messes wit us cuz we all be armed to da teeth!!! hehe

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