WILD FIRES IN EAGLE MOUNTAIN: Wild fires in Eagle Mountain leave re...

There are 18 comments on the Fox13Now story from Jul 17, 2010, titled WILD FIRES IN EAGLE MOUNTAIN: Wild fires in Eagle Mountain leave re.... In it, Fox13Now reports that:

Two serious wild land fires were put out by the National Guard and fire crews late Friday night at Camp Williams.

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NOrth Ranch Resident

American Fork, UT

#2 Jul 17, 2010
I was called by a neighbor at 1:10 about the fire. It was burning LONG before 2. EM Fire sat at the water tower while we fought for our homes.
Ranches Resident

Eagle Mountain, UT

#3 Jul 17, 2010
Guess what, The fire was being handled by Camp Williams fire crews because it was on Camp Williams land, so get the facts straight. Eagle Mountain Fire was not in charge. And for all that know better, the fire never jumped the road and barely made it on to Eagle Mountain property. It came close to the property that is close to Camp Williams fence line. So you are getting mad at the WRONG guys.
Trisha B

Eagle Mountain, UT

#4 Jul 17, 2010
I know some of the guys on our cities department and I know they were there that afternoon until at least 7 this morning and again this afternoon. This news spot is totally unfounded and slanderous.
Fire Fiasco

American Fork, UT

#5 Jul 17, 2010
What prevented EM Fire from protecting our homes? Why were there no trucks in the neighborhood? There was 1 truck on SR73 (doing what?)... not close to homes and the brush trucks were at the water tower.

Camp Williams protected Camp Williams, as they should. EM Fire should have protected EM residents. They didn't. I don't blame the fire fighters, they were doing what they were told. I blame an incompetent and out of touch chief.
Trisha B

Eagle Mountain, UT

#6 Jul 17, 2010
Fire Fiasco wrote:
What prevented EM Fire from protecting our homes? Why were there no trucks in the neighborhood? There was 1 truck on SR73 (doing what?)... not close to homes and the brush trucks were at the water tower.
Camp Williams protected Camp Williams, as they should. EM Fire should have protected EM residents. They didn't. I don't blame the fire fighters, they were doing what they were told. I blame an incompetent and out of touch chief.
To the chiefs defense, he is not involved in the tactics of fire very often. This fire again was being ran by the guy in charge at Camp Williams. Just because it jumps a fence, the responsibility doesn't just change hands. I hope this is helpful, but I fear the outsiders are getting the wrong idea about our guys. They are always there and do a great job with the little staff that they have. So, give them a break.

Syracuse, UT

#7 Jul 17, 2010
The Eagle Mountain Fire Chief was the Incident Commander,he had command until relieved by Utah County Fire. He ordered his firefighters go to the city water tank to try and fight the fire on the hillside. He cancelled air helocopter (Provo Helitac 27S) at 110 pm. At 1545 Utah County Wildland called in Provo Helitac to stop the progression of the fire threatening Meadow Ranch. Utah County took the fire over and ordered the city firefighters from the line above the water tank. Crews made a hasty retreat and abandon their hose lines as the fire was treatening their very lives.
Normal wildland urban interface tactic are to protect structures, evacuate citizens and prepare homes to survive the flame front. A structural triage to determine those homes that have a defensable space (30 foot nonvegitation or fire resistive vegatation).
This fire could have been stopped and controled long before it threatened the subdvisions had the air resource had not been canceled. Retardant lines and bucket drops would have controlled the southern flank nearest the subdivisions.
The lack of an air attack placed our city and mutual aid firefighters into a loosing battle trying to stop the southern flank with 1200 feet of progressive hose lays. Hats off to their efforts as they are bound to follow their orders from their superior officers. The came through without injury by the grace of God.
Be safe brothers, remember in your IRPG you can respectfully refuse an unsafe order.
fire hound

Eagle Mountain, UT

#8 Jul 18, 2010
My brothers that were on the fire, great job. Good tactics. Don't worry about what will regenerate itself again next year. The homes were never considered in danger, and that is why they were not in front of their property. Fox 13's comment of the flames being only yards from the homes is an out right lie. The fire stopped well before the road which was supposed to serve as a fire break. Although the residents saw big flames, they don't realize we know how to read and stop a fire. And by the way, how if the fire crews never showed up did the fire go out. And where did the pictures show up from the news helicopters? It shows EM fire crews fighting the fire from the service road. Apparently they were there. And had anyone mentioned that the fence that is there is camp Williams property. The problem is that many people do not understand our purpose and definitely don't understand how to stop a wildfire. You never try and stop a wild fire head on. Huge no no. So, people, before making comment on how the fire department abandoned you, maybe you should understand that we do things. No-one came to your house and asked you to abandon it, or get ready to evacuate. If that had been the case, then you might have cause to complain.

Kaysville, UT

#9 Jul 18, 2010
No houses were burned. Get over yourselves.
Fireline Resident

American Fork, UT

#10 Jul 18, 2010
Really wrote:
No houses were burned. Get over yourselves.
True. Regardless, it was too close for comfort and winds out here pick up very fast. I have personally seen other fires out here breach firelines due to the winds (which it did in two areas). Thank God we were safe. But it was only because of our own initiative we made sure of that, not because of the efforts by EMFD. Thank you Camp Williams Range Control and County Fire. On a side note, your unkind words are unwarranted. Don't be so harsh on your fellow man. If you were in our situation, your arrogance would quickly wither.
Fire Dodger

Eagle Mountain, UT

#11 Jul 18, 2010
I think the real problem is information. None given on request. EMFD is the best. That has never been in question. Our homes were in danger. If you had been here to see that for yourself you would understand. We needed the direction, instruction or even a presences of strength in our moment of need. We had Women and Children working along with our men. It was a huge effort.
It would be best if those who are in authority would address the chain of command and help us plan for future fires, which I am certin there will be.
north ranch resident

United States

#12 Jul 18, 2010
Wow. Some real miss information. I saw the fire start on the eagle mountain side of the fence. Then it moved to Camp Williams. If no homes were in danger then why did Camp Williams send a bull dozer to help create a fire line? The fire jumped the road again on the EM side just before it approached homes so the thought that no homes were in danger is interesting. By the way thanks for getting the fire under control. If it was your house I think you would have a different opinion.
North Rancher

Syracuse, UT

#13 Jul 18, 2010
[Fire Hound seems more interested in supporting his fellow firefighters than in getting his facts straight. The fire came right down to the road and crossed over it in two places with homes just yards away. This is to the west some distance from the water tower (North Ranch Subdivision). EMFD was not close to the area most at risk. Hoses would have reached from the front of the properties to the Camp Williams fence line and would have been added support as the fire not only burned right to the road but did jump the road in two spots. The fire came within feet (not yards) of several property lines with outbuildings, animals and hay feet from the flames and homes just yards away. Those who were not near the area of the homes in North Ranch need to get their facts straight before telling those of us who were there how close the fire came. The photos showing the subdivision that is near the water tower do not tell the story of the homes west of the water tower that were in terrible danger. Next time a fire is coming at me only a few yards away I will take comfort in the thought that if there is a wire fence between me and the fire that it is someone else's problem not mine. I applaud those who did not rely on the EMFD and fought for their homes as best they could without the support of their city fire department. ]
ranch resident

Salt Lake City, UT

#15 Jul 18, 2010
If my house catches on fire, I wont wast time with 911 and EM Fire, I will just get my hose out and deal with it myself. From the crooked government of EM comes the Crooket higher managers of the city including fire cheif.

Eagle Mountain, UT

#16 Jul 18, 2010
Really wrote:
No houses were burned. Get over yourselves.
It's easy to say that, but when you have flamed just YARDS from your home, it's kind of a big deal. I doubt the camera pictures showing the fire YARDS from property lines shown on the news spot were doctored just to make the fire department look bad.

EM citizens had to call dispatch over and over to find out where the EM guys were. I can't fathom why the EM Fire Dept. didn't talk to the residents if they were there, especially with residents on farm equipment and using power tools to cut fire lines. At very least, communication of EM's services to citizens stank and the Chief comes across like a condescending prick in his news quote.

Eagle Mountain, UT

#17 Jul 19, 2010
It seems there are a lot of people that have a very strong opinion on this matter. I suppose there are truths from all sides but what is certain is that the fire department lacks the amount of personnel to have a massive showing. This is true. EM lacks the very funds to help in this cause. I believe that the community did a great job in coming together but the boys that were there at the fire from Eagle Mountain deserve to be given better praise from the citizens than to bash and criticize. I too would of fended for my home in the same way all those had to. I believe the city needs to address the amount of funds given to such a cause. As you can see, this would definitely help the initiative. Good luck.
Another Fireline Resident

American Fork, UT

#18 Jul 19, 2010
A sincere, heartfelt thank you goes out to Camp Williams and County FD from the residents of North Ranch. Camp Williams is a great neighbor to have. We are so grateful for your efforts and support. God bless.
Another North Rancher

Logan, UT

#19 Jul 19, 2010
Yes thank you very much, Camp Williams and Utah County Fire. You were great, to bad you could not have taken control from the idiot EM Chief much sooner. I know you are much more skilled at what you do then that idiot, I am sure you would not have called of air support at 1300 hrs and put us all in danger. Also thank you to the fire fighters of Eagle Mountain that put there lives in danger. We are not upset with you. You were doing as you were told by your idiot chief. I am sorry your chief put you all in danger and also lost 1200 feet of hose over his stupidity. The EM Fire Chief needs to be terminated today!!!!!!!!!! He is a damn joke.

Northridge, CA

#20 Jul 19, 2010
Wow....seems like there is a lot of opinion from folks that were not there in the heat of the battle. I am one of the residents whose entire back yard was dug up to build a fire break and this was done by my wife, friends and strangers...NOT ONE EM FIREMAN.....I was out of town, so I can only form an opinion based on the frantic phone calls that I received from my wife and friends. So for those of you that were not there, which based on what I have read, was many of you on this post, I suggest you talk to those that were there, before defending EMFD. Let's see how you all respond when it is your property that is endangered and your city, including the Mayor, seem to not care. I understand that the juristiction was not EMFD, but how about coming out and helping a neighbor. So much for all that 911 brotherhood business......

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