how's eagle butte doing?

Phoenix, AZ

#1 Dec 21, 2009
anything new going on in this town? anything that's old in this town that should be new?????
Simply Human

Eagle Butte, SD

#2 Feb 2, 2010
You BOOB! If you picked up the telephone and called your relatives that live here, you would know whats going on. Ice storm, no electricity, no water, ice covered roads, the list goes on. Eagle Butte is pulling through, but the damage is intense. So many power poles down, the electrical crews worked through the high winds and blowing snow to put back the electrical poles that splintered under the ice. Emergency workers are maning the phone lines to get bottled water to as many people as possible, but bodies are wearing out and tempers are flaring. So, when you ask what is new? There it is in a nut shell.
Linnette Raven Torbet

Mansfield, OH

#3 Feb 3, 2010
Trying to keep people updated is like lokking through a fog. The news here hasn't said a word about any of this. I've been updating info on as many sights as possible sometime threes times a day. It's uppseting when what info I can get is sometimes two days old. It's like it is happening on another planet!!!!
Simply Human

Eagle Butte, SD

#4 Feb 4, 2010
There are so many donations coming into Eagle Butte, yet getting the donations of food, water, wood, lamps, lamp oil, flash lights, batteries, blankets and so on into the Districts is a large undertaking. Coordinating crews to move, at the same time attempting to keep the emotions in check is a large undertaking in itself. We have crews and crew leaders getting worn out. Lack of sleep and water and suitable food is taking its toll on the crews and the crew leaders. We have volunteers, but in my opinion, there are not enough relief crew members. The eastern half of the reservation is still without power and this reservation that spans two and a half counties has yet to hear if the water is drinkable.
indian dude

Lake City, FL

#5 Feb 7, 2010
well to reply to the other kid. im sure hard times have fallen on eagle butte. but your inquiry was in december. long before this blizzard hit eagle butte. the people in that area have either forgotton how to take care of themselves, without the power companies. or have never learned. that is our faults, as gthe older generation. many of us talk a good game. but in reality. the ones who handled themselves the best are the people who have lived thru this type of scenario before. many of our young people are not schooled in life without technology. on another note. there have been funds for disaster preparation, available from homeland security, since 2004. homeland security is a well of funds, that can be tapped by our tribal grant writers. but all in all. i hope our tribe learns from this. and prepares for the future. there used to be a saying on the rez, in the 60's. it goes like this.( a white man plans for tommorrow, while an indian doesn't know what happened yesterday). lets not prove this type of thinking true.
Simply Human

Aberdeen, SD

#6 Feb 11, 2010
Hey Indian Dude. You are just as much of a BOOB as "the other kid". Talk a big game, but if you were here and went through what we did and still have wits about you and most of all are able to still smile and laugh, now thats a big game. You are not here, you talk about learning from mistakes.....have you? I don't think so. Talk to the people that are here. We are planning. We are writing grants. We are alive because we are survivors. Stay away from "white man" thinking and you may go farther than you think. Have faith brother, faith in your own people. Tell that son of yours to do the same. You fool what were you thinking when you typed that poop anyway.

El Mirage, AZ

#7 Feb 12, 2010
thanks dad...i do believe i already understood that =].

as for simply do understand that we're from Eagle Butte to right? we just simply...moved away and thought of the better life. yknow...when we moved i never understood why...but i guess almost everyone is either simple minded in EB or prejudice against their own kind. who knows...there may be some good in EB...but's too small of a world yknow. anyways...i asked that back in december so no idea why your trying to get mad or sumtin <_<

West Fargo, ND

#8 Mar 2, 2010
People are not realizing that the water situation on the rez is simply the fault of the tribe. Sure they couldnt control mother nature, but they know they live in SD and know the weather so they should have had generators that were proven to work properly. no excuse allowed on that subject, now they are wanting FEMA to help them, but FEMA is meant for natural disasters, since the TRIBE was irresponsible it is a man made disaster. Tribal council cries for help from the government and the state and just about everything they ever need but then they CLAIM to be a sovereign nation..How is asking for funding being sovereign? I am a member of the CRST and love my people,i simply hate the tribal govt and the tribe is full of people that are only worried about filling there own pockets and dont give a crap about the rest of the people
Simply Human

Eagle Butte, SD

#9 Mar 15, 2010
Update. So the ice and snow storm and the lack of electricity and water kicked our butts in January 2010. Now as a result from all that snow and ice, it is all melting and causing flooding. We should be ready, since we had the same thing happen last year around this time. A meeting was called to figure out what should be done. LOL, we didn't learn from last year? Or all the other years it flooded? No. Crazy man, many roads in the west part of Cheyenne Rez washed out last year and will again this year, and we are calling meetings to figure out a plan of action. You know very well a call will go out to get money from the State or FEMA.....again.
SD Original

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#10 May 18, 2010
I have to laugh at all the comments from Arizona, Oklahoma, and the Virgin Islands. They seem to make many comments, judgements and they talk a big talk and all. But I laugh at them still because they are NOT in Eagle Butte experiencing it. That is their issue and can't seem to get their heads out of well where the light won't shine and think logically. Sure make your suggestions and all that junk. What it all comes down is junk. You aren't there, you haven't experienced it, you didn't survive, You didn't make the effort to understand. My saying as a native american woman is you must be a man if you aren't doing anything. I still laugh because, well WE HAVE SURVIVED. We have survived the floods, the storms, and the white man crap. Thanks for giving me the ammo to be even prouder for being a member of my tribe in Eagle Butte, SD. Small none the less mighty!!!

Yuma, AZ

#11 May 19, 2010
and you've failed to understand that we are also from Eagle Butte. living in a different place doesn't mean we forget where we came from. for some Eagle Butte is a haven and ppl are proud of that...and then for some Eagle Butte is a hell hole. So its good that you see EB as a place to be keep that. but don't tell sumone that they're shi+ because they're not there.

and as for the whole "the white man crap"...that's rather an old way of thinking so please GTFO

West Fargo, ND

#12 May 24, 2010
to SD Original ...i lived on the CRST rez for 24 yrs and i am a member of the tribe.. i was there through the 96 -97 storms so i have witnessed the severity of the winter storms and you assuming i dont because it says oklahoma under my handle. So who is judging now???? You are right, i wasnt there in the storms this winter...but i f was i would at least understand that the Tribe is the reason you and the rest of the rez had the problems you had this past winter. And the "white man" is the one who bailed you all out. So hate the "white man" all you want but in the end he has done more for you than your people "tribal council" ever have or will. I not saying the PEOPLE failed you but your government sure has .. i am still proud of my people and where i come from but the govt needs to be drastically reformed ...stop and think before you get to defensive and think

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