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#1 May 22, 2012
Theres a difference in being disabled and being lazy. Theres a reason why the judge wont grant you disability. Why dont you quit whinning about your family all the time and get a job?
Christina Slankerd

Blytheville, AR

#2 May 22, 2012
I don't know who this is, but you have no clue what goes on in my life. If you want to talk to me about something, come see me and we will have a conversation face to face. If i could work, I would. Come spend a day in my shoes and we will see. Also, learn how to spell my name properly!
Christina Slankerd

Blytheville, AR

#3 May 22, 2012
obviously whoever wrote this is a so called friend of mine. I don't tell a lot of ppl details about my life. Thanks alot "friend" for confirming my lack of respect for the human race. I am the type of person who would do anything to help anyone in need. And for someone to get on here and say this is cruel and hurtful. I hurt every waking minute of my life. I try to do the things that need to be done, but it doesnt mean its pain free. You can ask my family, there are many days when I have to take my pain medicine just to function. Other days I can't even get out of bed. When a 39 year old woman needs her husbands help to shower, thats disability, not laziness. I would much rather do things on my own and not have to depend on anyone else, but I can't. So "friend" why don't you mind your own business!
2012 student

Trumann, AR

#4 May 22, 2012
this is really should never judge someone who is disable. Let her be, she's not hurting you.

Blytheville, AR

#5 May 22, 2012
get a life. you don't know what goes on here. my mother really is disabled. you just need to mind your own business and stop picking on other people. if you don't think she is, come on over. we'll be glad to prove you wrong. or if you'd rather hide under an anonymous name behind your computer, then just keep your mouth shut because we don't have any use for ignorant people like you.

Mountain Home, AR

#6 May 23, 2012
I don't know who the person is that posted this on here about CHRISTINA SLANKERD but i think you need to get a job and mind you own business. If you have a job good for you because some people likes to work and they don't have time to stick their nose into someone else business.There is such a thing as a person being disable and the signs may not be seen on the outside it can be altogether something else.People with disability get up and do what they can and have to let some thing go.When will people learn to mind there own BUSINESS?? If you are a friend of CHRISTINA SLANKERD THEN YOU ARE ONE SORRY A** FRIEND.I am sure you have nothing else to do but get on here and talk about your friend. BOY WHAT A FRIEND YOU ARE.Enjoy your little pathetic life trouble maker.

Mountain Home, AR

#7 May 23, 2012
Whoever posted this about CHRISTINA SLANKED don't know what in the H*LL they are talking about.Some low life people don't have anything else to do but go around and talk about other people just like they are perfect. Well let me tell you who ever you are you are just a sorry low life gossiping bitch.The people with disibility have a limit that they can do and it is always with pain no matter what they do.Until you have been in a disable person shoes don't talk what people can and can't do.Medicine DOES NOT always work for a disable person to do just what has to be done.So till you have been there FRIEND don't judge others. We have a GOD that will do that and i am sure he does not need your help at all.WHAT GREAT FRIEND WE CAN HAVE SOMETIME ??????????

Mountain Home, AR

#8 May 23, 2012
Well someone have their nose in someone else business again.If i could i would like to know who this low life is that wants to talk about something that they don't know what in the h*ll they are talking about.CHRISTINA doesn't bother anyone and then here is this low life that wants to run her life in the ground.Just maybe this wonderful person that like to run their mouth they are just jealous ?? Who ever posted this has to be a coward and can't go to her face and say what they think about her.but some peole has their nose in everyone business but their own.So who ever you are how do you know so much about her? Why not tell her to her face?? I can answer that. The word is "COWARD" and they are whoever posted it to start with. So lets have a real name at the top of the subject that started all this SHIT. "NAME PLEASE"
Mary LaMar

Haslet, TX

#9 May 23, 2012
Yes I put my real name here !! It's a crying shame peole have to go on dumb places like " topic's " to say awful things about someone !! But you know what it just goes to show how people don't have a life and have to try to " mess " into a great persons life like Christina's . No one knows what Tina goes through everyday of her life !! Do you think she wants to be in pain and not be able to do things with her family !! No she isc39 yrs old and would like to be able to " work " but because of a genetic back deformity she can't and yes I bet she didn't tell you that did she !!! Come on people its a low down scum that would even go and put this on topics which in my opinion should be taken off the computers everywhere but some people think it's " cute " to start things so go right ahead " air your thoughts " but remember we warned you because when we do find out who did this ( and yes we will !!!!) you might want to get you a good lawyer !!!! Wonder how you feel now !!!

Haslet, TX

#10 May 23, 2012
Whoever started this conversation is just another spineless coward hiding behind their computer. Don't give them the satisfaction of getting upset , just let them keep hiding and talking , they are a nobody anyway.
Sonya May

Shreveport, LA

#11 May 23, 2012
I have read what someone posted on this site about my Friend Tina. I have known Tina most of her life and can tell you that she would give anyone the last bite of food in her house if that person was hungry. She would give a hopeless person hope, a loveless person love. She has raise beautiful, respectful children. This is the one thing the original person needs to remember, "Never judge a person until you have walked 100 miles in their shoes."
To Tina:
Girl I love and support you and always will. I remember all the hours you spent volunteering at the Head Start when your children were in my class. Don't let the negativity of "ONE" person get you down. Look at all of the people who have voiced their support of you! Love ya girlie!!!!
Aaron Slankerd

Blytheville, AR

#12 May 23, 2012
My mother is no where near lazy. She has a bad back. I love my mother and she is not lazy. However whoever started this is a scared little person who is too afraid to show their real name.

Viola, AR

#13 May 23, 2012
Well there is a lot to be said about someone who has worked and has done a great job on helping her own children and a lot of others in Caraway.I think "JUST SAYING" need to go to her house and sit and see what she does for her family.I know she is not able to do a lot of thing and i know she trys to do everything she can for her family.Tina is a person will help anyone anytime and she doesn't mind at all doing for others.She does well just to do the things she can and i would like to know who in CARAWAY would do as much for her that she has done for a lot of people.If you don't like her and want to talk about her then that just proves that you are a low life in my book.But at least she has a good husband that gets out and work for his wife and family and i myself can tell you there are a lot of people that just sits around and run around and talk about people.I would like to know who posted this about TINA because she is just as much of my family also.I maybe a mother-in-law but who ever you are "JUST SAYING" CLEAN AROUND YOU OWN DOOR STEPS BEFORE YOU START ON SOME ONE ELSE.If i knew your name i probably could start a real good topix on you.So who ever you are hiding behind the monitor and keep gossiping and that way you can run around during the day and run your mouth. Have a good night you scum bag.Who ever you are scum bag you may just learn a lot from TINA because i don't think you know JACK S**T.
your right

United States

#14 May 23, 2012
A disabled Mom

Jonesboro, AR

#15 May 24, 2012
Christina, I do not know you, but I feel for you, Ihave been there are what some people refer to as hidden illnesses, ones everyone can't see the effects of unless they have it or they spend a lot of time with that person who does. Some days if a stranger met me they would think I was the picture of health, but they didn't see the handful of medication I too that morning just to get myself up and going, dont let them get you down, The person who started this is not really a friend or they would be there for you instead of lashing out against you. As for getting your disability started, dont give up on that either, it sometimes takes a long time, it did for me, but I am sure you deserve it and probably need it because of the lost income from you not being able to work.You seem to have a great support system in your family, that is worth a lot, good luck and may God bless

Trumann, AR

#16 Oct 12, 2012
Caraway is full of so called disabled people at least fifty percent of the town this is what is wrong with america wake up white people you are becoming the minority in america by becoming disabled if you really are then more power to you if not then get a job and become a functioning part of society disability payments are why working mans taxes are so high look down deep and ask yourself are you disabled or just addicted America depends on tax payer dollars just don't become a leach if you need not be one

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