curtis tyler missing
respect please

Martin, TN

#169 Jul 9, 2012
ok then wrote:
<quoted text>First off you retard learn to spell. Next Chocolate and David conversation had nothing to do with this incident and I promise he ain't scared to stand up against you or sum fake ass AN like Ken why don't ya'll ask him. Thats why Ken put his name in this bogus ass shit. He was with alot of people that night and not one of them was a racist ass AN.
look I know you probably mean well for chris but please do not put words in his mouth. He's got enough going on right now to have more problems with an argument he didn't start. Please if you are a friend of his dont put him out there like that like he wants to fight and start more crap. Cause that is the last thing on his mind right now.
i live in dburg

Sioux City, IA

#171 Jul 9, 2012
im still thinkin this kelly girl is the #1 head ringer... i think she knws all... if billy is her brother yeah he's probaly tellin her how to turn it all around... u knw his wife does work at the court house.....or the sheriffs department 1 of the 2

Boise, ID

#172 Jul 10, 2012
kelly has curtis name tatted on the top of her pu$$*. bet she will love to look at that every day every time she pee.knowin what she has made happen now. if someone was that crazy and supposedly raped her its sure seems funny why she would get his name tatted right there
#173 Jul 10, 2012
people need to be askin david armstrong,an daniel PARSON bout this situation goin on...
#174 Jul 10, 2012
half da shit yal writin is not only a big big lie it all sounds stupid... glad yal stay on topics in everybody bussines yal kno everybodys life story up on here except yals own...... but then again its dyersburg 4 ya.... gossip city yal really need too get a new topic.............
big d

Herndon, VA

#175 Jul 10, 2012
the AB wrote:
kellys kids didnt get taken because of drugs, they got taken cause she tried to kill herself and they now live with their daddy in missouri and her oldest lives with her mom like always so quit with the lies and yeah i think she has something to do with his disapperance, the police need to investigate her in more detail. Her, ken, chocolate and bobo. I know all 4 are involved with this, like everyone has said dyersburg is to small for secrets
um if u eat pills ever day then decide to eat enough zans to od on purpose then lose ur kids cause of it new flash she lost her kids over drugs(zans) lmao ok maybe over drugs and killin her self so thanks for updatin ever one lmao
#176 Jul 10, 2012
lol aint nothin on this site but a bunch of childish kids....... tlkn crap bout ppl aint gonna help the situation any.... why does other ppl n their lives concern any of you? must not have nothin better to do with ur life so yu wanna get in everybody elses....... ya really makes you look so much better than the nxt person...

Cedar Grove, TN

#177 Jul 10, 2012
i dont thank kelly had any thing to do with this at all and thank ye,ll need to leave billy lattimer out off this
#178 Jul 10, 2012
curtis is out there safe n alive his fam knws this is sure.. he didn wanna go to prison 4 his charges........ tony n carol sold their house n curtis got on dwn..... but you ppls heads r soo screwed up yu beleive any n everything that his fam is feeding all of yal.... im gonna sit bk an watch all of dyersburg look at each other stupid when this is all over...... wonder then wat the new topic will be...... dumbass ppl not too mention fake as they come post shit n cnt even put not one real name on one post......r yal serious??????????

Cambridge, MA

#179 Jul 10, 2012
dyersburg wrote:
i dont thank kelly had any thing to do with this at all and thank ye,ll need to leave billy lattimer out off this
why leave him out its been years since anyone seen billy and kelly together side by side he never wante2d to be seen round a junkie and now she been seen talkin to him daily she probally gettin advise from hikm since he smartest in his family ever one i have talked that has seen kelly said u can see the fear in her eyes she scared and need advise we no she didnt do it forsure but there still a serious charge for havin it done id be lookin for serious advise from my smartest family member to if i was lookin at 20 years behind bars kelly kills her self once a month and hasent in 30 days bout time for her to go knife and pill shoppin wouldnt u say i heard the ken guy through his knifes away scared his new girl may turn on him like a pitbull

Herndon, VA

#180 Jul 10, 2012
Could that BOBO be " BOBO HAWKS! This igets better and better.. He the only BOBO i know He lives in finley!

United States

#181 Jul 10, 2012
kelly is the main one . she had curtis wooped in jail by her brother scotty andthey been sayin they gonna get him. i know scotty still in jail so he couldnt have done it but i think kelly choc kenneth mac joe deffinately had somethin to do with his dissapearance.Mac joe stay in greentree with april watts and everybody sayin he shot curtis so the cops need to go look for evidence at april house through mac joe stuff. they need to check cars and their clothes bc it doesnt seem like their doin enough searhing for curtis.

Cedar Grove, TN

#182 Jul 10, 2012
kelly and billy is brother and sister so whats wroug whit that then can talk andsee each other

United States

#183 Jul 10, 2012
their was a lot of guys at the greentree apartment like mike swagg and a bunch others yesterday outside talkin .They probably tryin to get they stories strait but its all gonna come out anyway so just give yalself up now.

Jackson, TN

#184 Jul 10, 2012
I dont know why you peolpe are making such a big deal over Curtis Tyler.. He and his whole family are nasty white trash.. Oh, and clean that nasty ass house..

Herndon, VA

#185 Jul 10, 2012
Hear that someone lives at mciver apts. Is that where it took place? That rape or whatever was accused! You really shouldn't accuse someone of that unless it really took place. It carries alot of time if he didn't do it! Oh an i hear he is a scrapin one so yeah it would take 4-5 or more to bring him down. It's silly how you all get yourselves in this mess. Had you all mind your own thing and leave people lives alone it would be a better world.

Herndon, VA

#186 Jul 10, 2012
All these names ringbells to my ears. Funny they even still around some of them i mean. Better watch out cuz everything slips threw the cracks and with all the young guys you have named will screw up sometime or another. That pcs of evidence will pop up im sure! Hope his family hears from him soon!
#187 Jul 10, 2012
nobody said anything about a rap period.. funny where you all get your info..
your worst nightmare

Brownsville, TN

#188 Jul 10, 2012
guest wrote:
I dont know why you peolpe are making such a big deal over Curtis Tyler.. He and his whole family are nasty white trash.. Oh, and clean that nasty ass house..
listen u pice of shit coward i ever find out who u r u will beg 4 death
amanda TYLER

Boise, ID

#190 Jul 10, 2012
see yall done made me step outa character. i keep tellin myself i aint gone get bck on here cuz this site fa cowards and that aint in my bloodstream.. this session was started fa help findin my brother not hearsay..come to me wit sum proof of who involved and yu might get a piece of change handed to you too.. excuse my emotions right now im bck focused on wat matters the most and thats curtis ray tyler!!!

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