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Sioux City, IA

#1 Sep 14, 2010
I was just reading over a pamplet Judge childress sent out in campaign
when he was running for chancery judge

his words were" I believe that everyone, no matter their status in life, deserves to be treated fairly." It would have been nice if he had lived up to his words. I was not treated fairly in his courts at all.

he went in favor of local contractors and those that lied even with building inspectors that had their part in unjustice. but look who he had sitting on the stand with him also.

The insurance FARM BUREAU WOULD COVER NO DAMAGES, with an attitude they came out and said it was the contractors at fault. when they saw wires jerked out and plumbing busted and worse water damage from my water heater busted ruining the bottoms of cabinets that got 2 ft deep in kitchen and other rooms.and worse.

but he went in favor of contractors, I went without water in the house and all the inconvenience's people have without water. the siding of my house was ripped off, after a contractor told me there would be no problems in putting the house up on blocks. he said no reason to unhook wires or plumbing.

I even called habitat for humanity a couple of times and asked if they could help the man said you have to wait in the long line. i said I have no water YOU CAN SEE FROM THE INSIDE OUT, no insulation and a 110 heater to stay warm. he wouldn't help.he sent a form and said to wait in line.

I paid one man full amount that did not even do the work, he was suppose to . he had to work around carpenters with plumbing. all he did was hook up the commode. I paid him 500.00 on the bill which all was suppose to 1,100. he lied in judge charles moore and in judge childress court.

when I called him and told him he could come do some more of the plumbing, he said he would be out that thursday, I said ok, I waited, he never showed up I called his home and cell phone no answer. I tried to reach him fri, sat, sun, mon, in the mean time I needed to get the carpenters back in to get some water going. the carpenter said he would do it, I said alright. looks like audie is not going to show, i need water in the house, 3 years without water is long time waiting. I said do it. the next day audie answered his phone I said I have tried to get hold of you for days and some one else is doing plumbing.he didn't like it. I said you told me you would be here last week, and you wouldn't even answer your phone. he had gone hunting. he broke the contract ,I needed water in my house. he didn't show up.nor answer his phones.

I had to pay him the full amount plus court costs, plus 2 other men the amount over what it would have cost for the whole job. 3 times the amount of cost. judge childress would not let me call back the 2 men to stand, when audie lied and said he did all the plumbing.

not exactly fair JUDGE CHILDRESS WAS IT AND EVEN MORE THAT I GOT NOTHING FROM CONTRACTORS THAT KEPT ON DOING DAMAGES NOT EXPECTED. BUT THEN I found out that some people at the store gossiping and a neighbor were causing problems with lies too!

so judge childress you care more about the vote and favors than you do treating people fairly, my health suffered greatly. God had nothing to do with what happened but evil people like you judge childress. un just. no truth, only susan, jake, and another man really told the truth. you are an unjust judge. you saw the pictures months that I went with the back of my house ripped off. couldn't lock it. and randy parnell lying with building inspectors, I did all the clean up except for jake , and sollis.which sollis came back and corrected his part. but then to find out how friendly one was with a neighbor next door. that also has done damage to my home.

what's the matter with you people? don't you know any good at all?

want to see the pictures again?

and judge hudson is no better, same tactics of unjustice as I have mentioned happened in his court more than once.

there is nothing fair about what has happened to me ,in your court

Sioux City, IA

#2 Sep 14, 2010
I get so tired of people saying forgive , and you do just a part of their evil game.

I asked God about this because sometimes forgiving people can cause problems like people in power use against you in court,

you forgave them, trying to live according to the word of god.cons especially like to use I have changed forgive me.

God showed me scriptures, of those he destroyed and why he destroyed them evil hearted people, even Jesus rebuked devils and evil people and warned them of hell no forgiveness.

Jesus will not forgive some at death because they are so evil knowing no good, he does say to forgive mistakes people make in err. I could forgive a doctor that made a wrong diagnosis that I had to go back in and go through being put back to sleep and pain, because she admitted she made a mistake.
forgiven fully with her words of sincere and she lived by them.
mistakes and errs can be forgiven but evil plotted and planned schemed is not forgiven maliciously done to cause people harm or kill or destroy them in lies , god has nothing or no part of evil ever.

he won't forgive them , it takes a very evil person or people that do evil as mentioned. sin repented proven is forgiven, no lies no deceiving.

I cannot forgive what has been done to me or the evil people behind that caused me pain and suffering. neither does God, that's what he said. they owe me for what I not only suffered but my child my house, my grandchildren jail, not guilty truly. set up by people in power to cover evil to the public.

God says they have hell to face,they are not his own.
neither do they repent.

Sioux City, IA

#3 Sep 14, 2010
were did this happen at

Dyersburg, TN

#4 Sep 15, 2010
sounds like u should appeal
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Sioux City, IA

#5 Sep 15, 2010
duh wrote:
sounds like u should appeal
I have been before a appeals court in jackson, everyone got to speak but me. I butted heads with an attorney down there. the ones that commited perjury in judge steven stafford court got to lie again before appeals court. they got each other covered no matter how you appeal to jackson to nashville memphis. if you do not get to speak truth what good will an appeal's court do?

why couldn't it all come out in the first court instead of dragging lies on. it's called corruption, and games to cover up . why do judges so corrupt get promoted they have people in corruption covered in dyer county.

all they will say is they know I am crazy. that is what they use to cover up what they do for favors. not truth and justice.

I know and I have seen how crime is covered , they will not allow the whole truth to come out. when judge joe riley got his promotion with supreme court and administrative office over courts in nashville.
my complaints made, were not going any where. when Judge Joe Riley , laughed on the phone, because i wrote that I did not want joe riley to have anything to do with my complaints.
he laughed and said my complaints came to him and they would go no further than him. i knew I would never see justice he had corruption in dyer county covered all the way to nashville.

I said to judge riley, "I will fight you, till the last breath in my body. he gave me nothing for false arrest and being jailed , fined and sentenced on a not guilty plea. i went before him here.before he got his promotion to supreme court.

same as stafford.

I got nothing for damages done to my body after being being beat , tortured and drugged the law covered it up, although my scars and doctors I had to go see was all covered up by doctors here. I got nothing.

I have no rights and when I do get into court they will not allow the whole truth to come out. they stop it. but they will permit perjury.

Sioux City, IA

#6 Sep 15, 2010
Stormy if you post one more thing I will kill myself. This is no joke.
stormy weather

Sioux City, IA

#7 Sep 15, 2010
awesome wrote:
Stormy if you post one more thing I will kill myself. This is no joke.
here's one more, what is your problem with truth? I have been through hell and this is the only way truth will ever be told.

if it had happened to you wouldn't you want to be able to tell what was covered up in courts?

they only want the ones in court rooms that they have helped that have been into drugs, street drugs ,on the bench and in court rooms and those that will lie and cover up , truth, those that owe them favors for getting them off and out of crimes.

so that minimum sentenceing can be done never max sentencing for crimes, always make a deal for them to have less work but get paid the same what ever charges they want to put in for their little effort to see that truth and justice prevails.

TBI AGENT HUGHES, I spoke to or a man that sounded like him I spoke with TBI ABOUT 2 YEARS AGO TOLD THE TRUTH. I spoke with him back in the late 80's early 90's many times . I even called him a sob.
he said there was no more truth and justice in courts any more.
I said I know that very well.


WHO ARE YOU? MAYBE I can ease your mind to reason, and truth.

I have been suicidal many times, no longer, because of prescription drugs docs had me on. but that was what they wanted. they get mad as hell when they don't have someone out in outer space so they can call them crazy.

like attorney palmer said in judge childress court, with contractors, he said that I could not be believed, I did get the chance to take the stand, and I looked at john palmer in the eyes and said.

mr palmer says I cannot be believed, he represented some people against me , he was the one that covered up truth, and allowed his clients to commit perjury in judge steven staffords court room.I ALSO SAID MR PALMER I AM THE MOST TRUTHFUL PERSON YOU WILL EVER MEET SO DON'T SAY I CANNOT BE BELIEVED. YOU LET PEOPLE KNOWING TESTIFY THAT LIED.


as I was told once a judge can do what he wants to in his court room, why didn't he let 2 men take the stand that could have proved one man was lying.

people didn't care here if I lived or died, they just kept on when one thing happened they hit in one direction and then another, that is not my reason for telling the truth. I deserve to see truth and justice instead of lies and distortion of truth.

talking helps.start talking! exactly what I am saying that would make you say what you said? you do not have to come into any room where you see my name. some I avoid. now isn't that easy.

Jackson, TN

#8 Sep 15, 2010
why dont you get your son the deadbeat of a father to help you, he works for cash just to get out of paying his child support, maybe since your his mother he'd do your work for free!!!!
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Sioux City, IA

#9 Sep 16, 2010
why dont you get your son the deadbeat of a father to help you, he works for cash just to get out of paying his child support, maybe since your his mother he'd do your work for free!!!!
My son is not a dead beat, he works odd jobs like a many men do.
he does not draw a check and get food stamps,by the time he buys his food and gas to get to jobs not much money left.

he gave a lump sum, he worked hard to get to pay on his child support last month. and he gives money to his kids when they come to him not on the books.

United States

#10 Sep 16, 2010
What does your son think about you putting all your business on topic?
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Sioux City, IA

#11 Sep 16, 2010
My son does help me, anytime I call him he comes, and he does work for me and does not charge me, he has done work this year that I could not do and did not have money to pay anyone to do. he came and did work for me.

I do not call him if I can possibly do it my self, he lives his own life and does not talk to me about his life. but I can read between the lines as most mothers can do.

he knows where I stand, he has a mind of his own. he is not using any woman that I know as some men do.

he is a better man than his dad could ever be, he kept up child payments for a long time. he had a good job that he loved, but I know what happened there too!

he also has done jobs for the mother's family in the past.
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Sioux City, IA

#12 Sep 16, 2010
he gives the kids when he has the money when they come to him as I said.

he loves his kids very much. and has took them places and has spent time at what he loves the most teaching them things in the wilderness, I have heard them talk about him showing things he has always loved the wilderness. so don't call him a dead beat. he wanted to spend more time with his son this summer, but something or someone got in the way of that.

not defending men not paying child support, but men with kids cannot get married and go on with their life as woman. after child support they cannot afford to keep a roof over their head and food and keep another wife up

a woman can get married again have more children,and go on with their life.
more could be said. a man that does not keep child support up goes to jail, loses his driver's license where he cannot even get to a job to work.
when they are caught driving they are fined out the butt, so what money they could give to kids goes to judges and attorneys. they make the laws but they don't mind putting laws in that cost men and take money that could be used for child support, they take the money away from the kids, why not make the fines and court cost go to the children instead of crooks in court. make sure the kids get the money not ways for damn judges and attorneys to take money from kids.
stormy weather

Sioux City, IA

#13 Sep 16, 2010
guest wrote:
What does your son think about you putting all your business on topic?
my son does not run my life and I don't run his. what happened to me has nothing to do with him, it's called truth. he has never said one word to me.

we don't talk about a lot of things. I love my son, I hate his dad, and what he did. my son had nothing to do with what his dad did. i would love to see his dad and family rot in prison and then burn in hell, with feeling nothing like they showed me no mercy.

they knew what they did and did what they did maliciously .

what was done was done to my son it was done to me, my son came to the jail my first arrest, and saw me out in the yard , I told him what had happened to me inside the jail and I told him I was hungry. he left a friend I talked to while he went to a hamburger place and bought me a hamburger. how do you think he felt when he saw me behind bars first time ever, no bond. he said momma call uncle don . he thought since my brother was in law in another state he could do something. I don't even know how he found out about them arresting me. he walked up while I was out, behind the fence.

sorry damn people here in power and tony and cindy goes to show how sorry his dad and cindy was, and law was. I still had custody of my daughter but had not known where she was for weeks.

my son didn't do it. I did not even know where he was at the time they arrested me. he was even telling me to get vickie after I was arrested, he said mother get vickie back they are letting her run wild. I said I am trying, I told him I was fighting damn men in power
with everything I had. not knowing the sorry damn women involved at that time.

he busted his dad head , and told him this is for what you did to my mother when he heard cindy on the phone when I came with xmas gifts for my children and she said hatefully your children are not here, my son was after she slammed the phone down, he asked her if was that my mother?

he was the one that came into the room when he dad was hurting me saying dad leave her alone, and his dad would tell him to get out of the room or he would take a base ball bat to him. sometimes he was not there to see all that his dad done to me.
stormy weather

Sioux City, IA

#14 Sep 16, 2010
one day the kids came from school after his dad while they were at school, he had held me at knife and gun point before going to work.

I told the kids I was afraid that their dad was going to kill me, and I told them if they ever heard me not saying anything to go out their windows and get to a neighbors house. because his dad was telling me he was going to kill me and the children too. my mind was going into shock sometimes I know.

my son said that day mother he's not going to kill you, i was crying I said how do you know he is not going to kill me, he said because he told us he was not going to kill you.

I said why is he doing what he is doing to me? that sob was maliciously working on my mental state. why?
he had told my children the torturings he was doing to me he was not going to kill me.

if he waqs not going to kill me and it already planned why did people cover what he was doing to me especially the last years more?

what reason would anyone drug and beat and torture a woman if they were not trying to drive them insane, and kill them.

I never got the chance to look at that sob in the eyes and say why? why did you torture me and beat me and drug me you and others that had part in covering it up. I want him to explain how he could hit me and say he wanted a whore, and more. he was killing me. and was going to murder me. God intervened, when I bought my gun.

my son had nothing to do with it, vickie walked to the den door, i saw her out of the corner of my eye, after he had kicked me twice and pulled me up by hair with the knife at my throat and heart. she walked in and walked out the day I found the drug.
can you imagine a 11 year old that walked in with your dad holding a knife and gun on your mother. she didn't see him kicking me.
stormy weather

Sioux City, IA

#15 Sep 16, 2010
vickie was the one that saw george ramsey leaving the sheriffs dept in his police car the day I ran to sheriffs office escaping , kicking the door and yelling at her to get in the car fast, she ran and jumped in. he had held me for a long time spitting in my face with a butcher knife saying if I moved he would put the knife through me.

mcdowell would do nothing. and when I went to the car, I said the sheriff won't do anything, she said mother uncle george just left and I looked and saw the police car, tony had called george and george went to mcdowell and told him not to do anything.

tony admitted that he called george and george called him back to let him know , he was covered.
stormy weather

Sioux City, IA

#16 Sep 16, 2010
it would have never gone this far with me getting on topix if corruption and conspiracies, plotting and planning and cover ups and lies told especially that I am crazy as some sorry good christians and pillars of the community had not lied.

what happened to me could have been settled in divorce but goes to show how people in power cover for murder in dyer county for some.

truth and justice should have been settled years ago.

it wasn't.because of crooks and worse in office places of power to hurt and corrupt. even doctors that had their part too1
stormy weather

Sioux City, IA

#17 Sep 16, 2010
some things my children seen or heard but they did not see all that happened , neither do they know all that has happened to me for 23 years since I divorced their dad how dirty people still are here, in law and judges and attorneys and more. STILL!

Jackson, TN

#18 Sep 16, 2010
By the way YOUR SON does NOT support HIS children NERVER has. Doesn't have anything to do with them, if they want something to do with him they have to contact him! WOW WHAT A DAD. and yes he is a deadbeat for a father, if he wasn't he wouldn't be $60,000. plus behind in child support. The only reason he JUST paid a lump sum on the child support was to get his license back, it had NOTHING to do with supporting his children!!!!!
stormy weather

Sioux City, IA

#19 Sep 16, 2010
if anything should be seen in what I have said, it is not all people that hold titles of power are good people, they bare some of the most evil people you could ever meet. it would nice if we could stay as children seeing through eyes of innocence .

to find out how even some adults are some of those snakes a child could ever face in life and how evil and cruel the world is. it would be better if all adults would treat all children that they have in their care or are around would speak to them as one of their own, knowing good and bad.

that's not true. not all adults can be trusted, the shame of it.

but also what drugs do to a kid, that also evil adults in medical would stop at nothing for their research using children as animals. atheist and those ungodly that are some of the worse serial killers this nation has ever known , some have characteristics of HITLER, THAT COMES ACROSS AS A GOD, that was a murderer, of innocent people.
same as adversaries of God.

every child should have a parent that questions all things to what any doctors do to their child, ignorance to drugs prescriptions and street could save your child form hands of people greedy and money hungry.

not all fall into this category but like lawyers and judges that cover for their colleagues so do doctors and medical field. politicians also fall into the category of the most deceiving people. law officers too! a title does not make them good.

they do smile big while letting others kill you, as the attorney told me years ago, he took a case similar to mine, if he told the truth that he told me after all day into night talking with me. he said he found his brother dead in the trunk of his car.
he said it was against people in power. so how do you stop these people if the law won't, the TBI AND FBI CAN'T STOP THEM? local law?

not exactly what this country promises citizens is it, where even politicians cover for these people in power to hurt. THEY DO NOTHING TO EVEN FIND OUT TRUTH. sorry scum of this nation in my book.

according to who you are and favors owed , mostly in crimes they are snakes in with embedded together, blacks and whites and more.

Jackson, TN

#20 Sep 16, 2010
If your son had paid his child support like he was suppose to he wouldn't have to worry bout getting his license taken away or going to jail. Paying your child support and supporting your kids has NOTHING to do with the other parent getting remarried or having other children, maybe if he put them first instead of himself he might know what it's like to be a REAL parent, just because there is DNA there DOESN"T make them a DAD, thats a right that you earn. Anybody can be a "FATHER", thats just a sperm donation.You have to want to be in their life and spend time with them to get the privelige to be called DAD!!!!!

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