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#1 Jan 15, 2013
heard she back in town hoin it up again! who that lil girl she been hangin wit? where her poor kids be at? I thought thsy was jarrods? heard they someone esles

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#2 Jan 15, 2013
H o e ! You spell just as bad as you look I'm sure! You ugly a s s dingling sucker. Meghan takes good care of her kids, worry about your darn self. But wait you, i smell fear? Because this is where scary a s s females such as yourself come here too vent. Go ahead a be a grown woman and tell me who you are and I'll beat your a s s ! For Her!!!!???? Waiting!! Yeah didn't think so! Catch aids and die b i t c h !!! Sorry not sorry ! I love you and those sweet kids meg.:) Don't f u.c k with them because she got plenty of AMAZING FRIENDS TOO BACK HER UP!!!! Yes meggy it's me!!! I miss those meatballs haha. Maybe we can fill ^ that h o e up with some and she'll stfu?!!:) lol

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#3 Jan 15, 2013
Umm, I don't think she called her a bad mother. I think she said she was a HOE. I agree. she was trying to blame them babies on jarrod but they not his. cause he is happily married and that hie still trynna stalk him. and all her lil friends ain't nothin but dopeheads just like her. pray for her, them babies and yu too meatballs
Just sayin

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#4 Jan 15, 2013
pshhh, scared of wat! her fat ass? no. why don't tou say who u are your hidin behind a name as well dumbass. I can spell just fine. typos, sorry didn't know we was being graded. your name must be meatballs cause so much meat been in and out of you. nasty hoes hang with nasty hoes

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#5 Jan 15, 2013
Wow? Just saying? Clearly your the same person dumb a s s ! You ever heard the saying talk s hi t get HIT! Tell me who you are and I'll personally extend the invitation. Why won't you? Because your a scary a s s w hore, who is gonna sit there a type your worries away.. and hey, meatballs.are awesome!... why don't you woman up, with ya dirty p u s s y.licking, cum guzzling f u c k ing anything that walks self and come get this A S S WHOPPING!!! Will ya? No! Why? You scared!!!! I'm just saying. And yes hoe you being graded I give you a F for failing at Life! And an A for being scary and a D for Dumb as F uck, and A S for Satisfactory? No a S for sucking so much d i c k it's cumming out your nose!!! Haha Lol class dismissed
Just sayin

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#6 Jan 15, 2013
ha, first off this is not the same persn. I can't help everything feels the same way about a nasty h o e and you seem to fit that category too yu ain't said your name??? all yu have shown is that you teu f u c k I n trash just like your homegirl

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#7 Jan 15, 2013
Enough said, scary A S S.:) Go suck those d i c k s now! Ok thanks. Geeze let this be a lesson be better than the person your talking about because your not worth a D a m.n penny! Go on somewhere with ya stankin a S S pussy! You obviously don't want this a S S whopping because you saying the same false s h i t over and over! If you gonna postanything let it be your name or a place too get your a S S whopped! Do you accept the challenge? Because im all for it? Then I'll invite my homegirl and you can tell her what you think of her face too face. IM READY!!!!:) i know you a chicken and that's why you on this site. But come on this is your chance too MAN UP!!!! So. I can knock your.f u.c k ing teeth out your Mouth!!!!!!
sanitation required

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#8 Jan 15, 2013
Straight trash, all of ya.
Just sayin

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#9 Jan 15, 2013
Wow yu don't evrn kno me

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#10 Jan 16, 2013
Ok. I thought this thread was about my friend. Apparently not. Lol. She informed me a couple hours ago. I thought you mispelled her name, i guess there is a girl named meggan lol. Oh well my rant is over because I don't know this chick.. dueces :) my apologies...
her grandmother

Sioux City, IA

#12 Apr 17, 2013
she never try to blame jarrod as the father of her babies he was the one with that shit she knew from the start who the father was and that would be carmen bell so who ever you are saying shit about her you better get your facts straight
I was there

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#13 May 12, 2013
She was even putting on Facebook that jarrod was the father then when she had them all of a sudden oh they Carmen's oops! Dumb fat a.. How
This Meggan Bitch

Dyersburg, TN

#14 Jun 18, 2013
well lets get it straight real quick yeah jarrard clamed my kids but he knew just as well as everybody else that they was carmens no questions asked... an yeah we said they was jarrards cause Carmen didn't wanna man up at the time... an jarrard was at every doctors app. an was there for aw three false labors I went in... so before yu go to speaking on me an mines why don't yu find out who yo baby daddy is..? cause I've known who mines was when I found out march the 31st booboo me an jarrard didn't get together until april the 18th so yu do tha math... or do we need to take yo slow ass back to school to? an let me find out who yo scary ass is... cause I got bond money best believe... now toodles bitches.

Cambridge, MA

#15 Jul 16, 2013
she has pretty feet and she gaves a good foot job

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