Huge Underground City Found in/or aro...

Dacula, GA

#124 Dec 20, 2012
This is all about the Secret Society.. Illuminates... the very wealthy and powerful....
They have built this for the New World Order... Read your Bible people... and Jesse Ventura is not a fool...
People are unware of being unaware that the are unaware....remember that....
This is all signs of the DEVIL... he is rounding up his army.... Don't fall for it... I'm telling you.... start being AWARE!!!!! There are underground tunnels going everywhere via this place in the Ozarks... All the people of the Secret Society want to rule the world.. want to make us slaves... it's what they are banking on... socialist/communist country...
All I can say is if you don't start SEEING what is going on around you, you won't be "SAVED"... and that's by JESUS my friends. NOT Satan!!! Hey, you can choose either way, but I want JESUS....

Winter Park, FL

#125 Dec 20, 2012
I'm sorry to say that Jessy kinda fooled us! hehe.

That underground secret city is actually Subtropolis. The largest undergroung business complex in the world.

check wikipedia too.

Vancouver, WA

#126 Dec 23, 2012
Answer you did not want wrote:
<quoted text>
I'll believe this when I see it on CNN.
What a joke. CNN is controlled by the same big money corporations that run the U.S.... They don't care about the truth. Besides, Jesse may be crazy, but he has a whole show on this with lots of video footage.
j parker

Sioux City, IA

#127 Dec 27, 2012
yes the city is real i found it while scuba diving and enter it by way of a cave.

Eatonville, WA

#129 Jan 11, 2013
TO:TheAnswer You Did Not Want: Dumb ass. CNN is the problem, and if all your "answers" come from them, then there is one more idiot in this country. YOU!

Spangle, WA

#130 Jan 15, 2013
government owns cnn.

Chattanooga, TN

#131 Jan 27, 2013
guest wrote:
send link to it---

Chattanooga, TN

#132 Jan 27, 2013
if you look into who owns subtropolis it is of course the hunt family owners of the kc chiefs and a lot more.They are from big oil and have ties to george bush.The EPA has spaces in subtropolis but easily could be used to house the Illuminatti type of group in case of a disaster.It would be ideal and to hide it you would have to make it look semi legit at least.

Chattanooga, TN

#133 Jan 27, 2013
look who owns it and who they have ties to he did not fool anyone.very well could be disguised until something has it do you really think it was built to house stamps and paintball supplies some of the things that are claimed to be down there.The complex contains almost seven miles (11 km) of illuminated, paved roads and several miles of railroad track. Currently 5,000,000 square feet (460,000 m³) is occupied and 10,000,000 square feet (920,000 m³) are "improved." About 3.2 acres (13,000 m2) of available space are added each year as active mining continues.

The mine naturally maintains temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 21 °C) year-round. The United States Postal Service and the United States Environmental Protection Agency lease spaces within SubTropolis, the United States Postal Service for its collectible stamp operations and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their Region-7 Training and Logistics Center.....interesting they chose the word iluminated to describe lighting..........very interesting to say the least
not to mention the castle that is bigger then the white house or the spelling mansion or bill gates house.

Plattsburg, MO

#134 Feb 17, 2013
Answer you did not want wrote:
<quoted text>
I'll believe this when I see it on CNN.

i believe this because i have came across to much information lately. there are also 800 concentrations camps in the US. check out
there are also a lot of other headings that are worth looking into on this site. there IS something going on and people are trying to prepare but MOST people have no idea.
first of all there is going to be a push to de-populate the earth.
we have chem trails where they are manipulating the weather. the word must be gotten out.
jane doe

Linden, NJ

#135 Feb 25, 2013
i believe theyre real as well but I also believe in God so if they are preparing for the end they wont win regardles. God is GOOD. Believe and have Faith. Amen. God Bless You all

United States

#136 Mar 5, 2013
I have heard rumblings in the mountains directly behind my home. I have seen numerous helicopters traveling only at night in the same direction as the rumbles. They are always night flights and seem to drop mysteriously past the first mountain I view. I truly believe I saw a very large UFO in the same flight pattern. I was not a believer in any of these possible occurrences from UFO's to underground cities, but I am quickly changing my perspective after doing hours of research. Why are there no infrastructure improvements in large failing cities nationwide. Maybe it's being done underground. What are they after other than self preservation? Natural resources! Easier to access and preserve for the elite and GOVERNMENT ROYALTY. Especially with the environmentalists brainwshing the citizens. Enough said. Food for thought!

Plattsburg, MO

#137 Mar 6, 2013
an earthquake has been prophesied that will happen at the new madrid fault, esp. in 2008, by a prophetic voice that i highly respect. obama is going to Israel this march and i'm sure he is going to try to divide Israel, and we already know the cabinet is divided, and if he does this may just cause a high level of destruction in this country such as we have never seen before and it could be an earthquake. we have reaped the consequences of things when we have pushed on Israel before, and we will again, because we havn't learned from the past. when a person/people are bent on doing something, it doesn't matter about anything, only that they get done what they want to do. we are seeing this now.

United States

#138 Mar 12, 2013
Its the bankers they will own the world. They want you to receive an identification chip in your right hand and a vaccine or you will be taken to a fema camp. Those who they feel are important will be taken to the underground city while the USA gets nuked. The few that survive will be enslaved in a new world government.

Avon Lake, OH

#139 Mar 12, 2013
I was out chopping wood on one of my record-setting vacations when I noticed a hole in the ground. Couldn't hep myself so I poked my head in. It went down a couple hundred feet and I saw streets and cars and trucks and a motorcycle or two. Even saw a Harley. When I got back to work a few weeks later I asked the Dickster if he knew anything about what I saw. He said he never heard of anything that bizarre and I must have been hallucinatin'. But I could tell he was lying extra special about it.
Since my little oopsie with the economy Dickster got a little distant and when I tried to call him out in Montana they said he was doing deep cover work, whatever that is, so I can't check anymore but that darn hole filled in so I'm as confused as I ever was. Maybe even more so. But after reading all these posts I have to say there's no truth in it because when I was VP they told me everything. No, wait, I was just a P. I think.

Kingman, AZ

#140 Mar 14, 2013
dognes wrote: 4&feature=plcp …
I search all over the Web and havent found it yet
so do you have more info on this Underground City?
all over the web u say now by that do u mean using search engines like google,firefox,yahoo,ect hello thatsa only like 2% of the web and its controlled by the liars themselfs try searching the outer web try altavista
YourNameCanOnlyB e25Charac

Hernando, MS

#141 Apr 25, 2013
Answer you did not want wrote:
<quoted text>
I'll believe this when I see it on CNN.
LOLOL!!! You are an idiot!! CNN is one of the leading news stations ran by powerful ppl in the free masons/ illuminati. Good luck getting out of ur shell of a world that u live in and I hope I see you in heaven someday!(:

“Old Dinner Bell”

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#142 Apr 25, 2013
YourNameCanOnlyBe25Charac wrote:
<quoted text>
LOLOL!!! You are an idiot!! CNN is one of the leading news stations ran by powerful ppl in the free masons/ illuminati. Good luck getting out of ur shell of a world that u live in and I hope I see you in heaven someday!(:
Don't you know sarcasm when you see it?

Cameron, MO

#143 Apr 25, 2013
Reality check wrote:
<quoted text>
I have heard Jesse Ventura on several other radio interviews. He is a complete nut. He even had his own TV show about government conspiracies. I can't believe anything he says.
i would believe what he says. why would he put his life on the line to do something like this otherwise. he doesn't seem like a nutcase to me. i think we should pay attention because his is just one voice among many. people i know have seen concentration camps with their own eyes and i personally have seen a guilotine being transported through st. joseph mo. the peoson who sticks his head in the sand will get his behind kickeds.
go go gomez

West Hollywood, CA

#145 May 19, 2013
on jessy venturas conspiracy theory he ended the sho with ,"this is not a conspiracy theory this is a condpiracy fact" as a tax paying citizen who votes but doesnt really ubderstand the pilicsl mumbo jumb,ie electoral vrs mayoral etc..jessy v.ends show with advice to have our voice heard . That as a people if we stand against these types of consoiraccs we st least hava a fight chance ,becauae if its fact , we then by default will be left our of those underground bunkers. How do i get my voice and help others voices heard abs make a dufdwrance? please explain this as if i was 5 years old, its verbage comolicated and i wanr to make sure i do tgw right thing,

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