how long does it take to get an unemp...

Pacoima, CA

#127 Jul 5, 2012
I'm like many others waiting on a check to come but nothing at this time I mailed my claim in on the required day which was the 24 th of June and have not gotten any check or anything from the unemployment should i be calling or wait a bit longer





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United States

#128 Jul 8, 2012
I was laid off on May 18. I filled for underemployment Monday, 21at. By the end of that week I received a letter stating the amount I will be receiving. Few days later I received my debit card. I have been certifying weekly. I was very fortunate to have a job offer during month I was unemployed. I started working June 18...five weeks after being laid off . When I certified the following Sunday and reported that I began working , although I had not been paid yet, I didn't have all the questions normally appearing on the website. The next Sunday I tried certifying and it responded there was a break in my claim. I have never received any additional correspondence since the debit card. no phone interview. and still no money deposited on my card. I finally received my first paycheck, but I have had no income for 7 weeks. i still have bills that need to be paid. Everything was done online. anyone know if i will get paid for the month before getting hired only? Or was I not unemployed long enough to receive anything? I still need the money...I hated relying on my boyfriend to support me for 7 weeks!





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Steve D

Memphis, TN

#129 Jul 9, 2012
I live in Memphis, Tn. I applied on 5-15-2012. I've been looking for work while I've been waiting for an approval. Meanwhile My rent is due, my lights are now off. The temp. has been as high as 106. If it hadn't been for friends I might have had a heat stroke. I applied for assistace but they told me that I have to be approved for unemployment before they can help me. I've worked all my life. Why can't I get any help or assistance? And why does it take this long? When I applied for unemployment there were about 40 people working there, but only 2 were actually filing claims. Shit they could have hired me. I had to help my case worker use her computer and run the new program they jus started using. wtf? I do have faith in God that it will work out. Thats why I havn't started panicking jus yet. Good luck to everyone and God Bless. I Pray things work out for all of us no matter the situation or the cause. If any one knows of anyway I could help myself send me an email. at And God know I hope no one is dealing with all of this plus no utilities and harsh heat as I am here in Memphis!





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United States

#130 Jul 11, 2012
Bre wrote:
Why is everybody so angry on here? I am waiting for my unemployment check and I don't feel bad. I don't have a job and I am not looking for one. I just got out of the military and I am about to start school. Everybody is on this site for a reason and it looks like everybody is waiting for that check. I really just think that some people need to get off their high horses and just chill. I moved here from oklahoma and life is hard here. My husband is looking for a job and it is hard for him. So instead of talking down to people just try to help them out. If you know of a place that is hiring please post that.
. If you go to school you will be denied. If people could collect and go back to school everyone would have a degree

Columbia, SC

#131 Jul 11, 2012
I was terminated May 29 and I'm on my 6th week and still waiting....after reading all the comments I have completely lost hope. I was at my job 6 years and this is a big change for me and my family...all I can do is hope and pray I'm approved or get a job offer soon. Life sucks...if it weren't for my children I would probably kill myself. FML

Columbia, SC

#132 Jul 12, 2012
Had to come back and give a praise report...after I posted my comment last night I prayed so hard!! I woke up this morning and my funds are in my account and I did get back pay! So to answer the original question it takes approximately 6 Weeks. And I did direct deposit thru my own checking account. Good luck to are in my prayers!!





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Madison, AL

#133 Jul 13, 2012
I was terminated June 20, 2012, I am currently 6 months pregnant, and I have also filed a Charge w EEOC. I can not find another job, no one will hire me because I am 6 months pregnant, my health insurance was also through my employer and I received a cobra packet stating It would cost me 480 dollars a month to continue my insurance. So not only did they fire me for another employee stealing money, I cant just go out and find another job and I now do not have insurance to care for my baby. I got the letter stating how much my weekly benefits would be and my limit on my benefits... I have not received anything else and online it just says that my weekly claims have not been paid. So not only am i out of insurance...They are taking there sweet time.





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United States

#134 Jul 14, 2012
I get wat u r all sayin, there's some people that can't find work in certain places. Not everyone is qualified 4 the job they apply for.. I got laid off a part-time job, before i got laid off i was looking for more work, nd making apps. So it's not like we could run out we need a job nd get one that fast. But there is u/i to help out some with the bills intil u find work.. Ps well on u/i your suppose to b ready nd willing nd looking for work.. But there is lazy ppl tht just want to wait 4 a check nd cry when it runs out..

United States

#135 Jul 14, 2012
Hello! I had 2 jobs, i got laid off from both of them one earlier this year, i worked as a monster drink distributor & orderly in a elderly home. I was making well over 4,000 a month. So yes big, huge step back with being on unemployment. I have a couple of interviews lined up. I can say it is so totally not pleasant to be on UI. The best thing to do is try your hardest to find work sooner rather than later UI will run out, and or run you down waiting for a check thats always late. I have always kept 2 jobs ever since i was 18yrs old, and i just don't know what to do with myself. I wish you all the best!.

United States

#136 Jul 14, 2012
Forget UI get a job. I know its easier said then done but UI is not reliable at all. At least when working you kno when ur getting paid UI takes forever to kick in nd then theres holidays that put it off. I feel so bad for everyone going threw this i kno times are hard. But im telling u look for work its the only way. Also isn't the UI office suppose to help u find work nd make sure ur looking for work?.

Cornelius, NC

#137 Jul 19, 2012
Rob wrote:
I'm like many others waiting on a check to come but nothing at this time I mailed my claim in on the required day which was the 24 th of June and have not gotten any check or anything from the unemployment should i be calling or wait a bit longer
I had the same problem. I would go ahead and call. It gets the ball rolling faster.
pumpkin pie

Cambridge, MA

#138 Jul 20, 2012
If you can find a job it will be your best bet. They are actting funny now days with unemployment. And alot of you are right. If you owe them you had better pay up no doubt. They will sure take it. And i have been on mine since the middle of last year. And they have messed up so many times. I had rather work than to mess with this. Because they have came up with the most rediculious stuff you have to do. And stand a chance of them taken it to. If they audit you at any time and you cant show the paperwork of a date they ask for your claim will be denied! So on and so on

Sioux City, IA

#139 Jul 28, 2012
how can u check the status of your clam

Newalla, OK

#140 Jul 30, 2012
I have requested 8 payments already and still no debit card and no payment. That's my money why can't I get it already. But I will agree with one comment I read If u owe them Your dam right they collect quick...

United States

#141 Jul 31, 2012
Us too waiting 8 weeks certified each week and still.saying pending when will we start getting payments coming in. We r to.our limits bills gotta be paid how much longer can they make us wait???

San Diego, CA

#142 Aug 4, 2012
I filed for unemployment on the 8th of July and I finally got the phone interview today (4th of aug). The interviewer said they will send out my check as soon as possible. I guess I'm just wondering how soon because I have 3 day before I'm living out of my car. Will I get back paid from July 8 until now of hiw does that work?

Birmingham, AL

#143 Aug 5, 2012
I just got fired from a job i was on for 15 years, im 50 years old now and had to file for unemployment. Thinking about riding it out and taking a break for a minute, i've been working most of my life and feel i deserve one. Is anything wrong with that?

Savage, MN

#144 Aug 6, 2012
I have never even had a write up at any job I've ever worked, I was let go a little over a month ago from my job (along with the entire rest of the staff) because an unnamed employee (who I believe wasn't even working there at the time of firing) had an LPI team called on her. For "safe measure" they fired the entire team.
I was approved 2 weeks ago through Iowa unemployment. I have applied at over 30 places in those 5 weeks, had four interviews, and have not been offered a job yet. I still haven't received any form of payment and have already had to have conversations with all of my utility companies and my landlord about allowing me to wait to pay this month and paying them back in increments.

Does anyone know how long it takes in Iowa to receive your approved unemployment??

Ontario, CA

#145 Aug 7, 2012
I was forced to quit my job or be fired. So I had to quit. I filed for unemployment last week. I previous applied and got up to the phone interview but missed it and gave up after trying to call the 800 number for a week. I reopened my claim. Anyone got any helpful info?
Live and Let Live

Sioux City, IA

#146 Aug 7, 2012
Will not be helpful but ALL that QUIT or was FIRED from your job, please read this TN bill recently approved, signed and started (for the most part) on July 1st, 2012. It's only 6 pages long but WILL open your eyes, so read away.

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