how long does it take to get an unemp...

Latonia, KY

#22 Jun 24, 2011
There are jobs wrote:
Look at the third post. Been collecting since 2008.
Three years and you can't find a job, that's system abuse..Nobody will hand you the perfect job. There are lots of jobs. Maybe not exactly what you want, but you have to walk before you run.
Some people are spoiled and think they are too good to take a job at less money than they made after working someplace for 20 yrs. While you are on the computer reading "Topix" you could be looking for a job instead of looking in the mailbox. Man or woman up..get out of your pajamas and get looking..Unemployment and Disability, the most abused government resources.
And exactly what is it that you do???? You seem to be on here alot yourselft....Just curious if your wearing your PJs this morning :o)

Sioux City, IA

#23 Jun 24, 2011
guest wrote:
signed up on the 8th, done my weekly certifications,and still no check. does the state think all people can survive 2-3 weeks without money
There is a wait week...then after 4 to 6 weeks you get that check too. And yes you can survive...if you don't do drugs then you should be fine until that money gets to you live under a bridge? If so you might struggle a little. But hang in there you will get that money when your suppose too...

Sioux City, IA

#24 Jun 24, 2011
beccaboo wrote:
I find it hilarious that the person who said would probably be easier to just get a job left his name as guest instead of manning up and posting a name. For your information I worked at the same compnay since I was 19 years old I am now 40 and my company closed. I am definately not someone who does not want to work. I have never drawn an unemployment check in my life until now! I have learned that normally people who make stupid comments are the ones in the situation that they are actually commenting about! Besides why would you be on a site talking about when will they get their unemployment check if your not waiting on yours too??? Just sayin!
Well my company closed also and I got a job right away...I'm also in my fortys. So why aren't you working if you like it so much? Tired maybe? Glad that for once in your life you can just sit down(obviously online) and do nothing and live off of the taxs dollars you paid in all those years...why don't you just stfu and go fill out a application or two...Psst

United States

#25 Jul 5, 2011
Why is everybody so angry on here? I am waiting for my unemployment check and I don't feel bad. I don't have a job and I am not looking for one. I just got out of the military and I am about to start school. Everybody is on this site for a reason and it looks like everybody is waiting for that check. I really just think that some people need to get off their high horses and just chill. I moved here from oklahoma and life is hard here. My husband is looking for a job and it is hard for him. So instead of talking down to people just try to help them out. If you know of a place that is hiring please post that.





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Dyersburg, TN

#26 Jul 7, 2011
I need a check too.

Blue Island, IL

#27 Jul 16, 2011
first week nothing i think its funny how they say u get it 2 to 3 business days after they send them out they should change that to 2 to 3 business weeks

United States

#28 Jul 21, 2011
UrABusyBody wrote:
<quoted text>
Well my company closed also and I got a job right away...I'm also in my fortys. So why aren't you working if you like it so much? Tired maybe? Glad that for once in your life you can just sit down(obviously online) and do nothing and live off of the taxs dollars you paid in all those years...why don't you just stfu and go fill out a application or two...Psst
Man... I was laid off June 6, met w recruiters, sent out over 50 resumes... Only responses we turn downs. Wish I could have found something as quickly as u. I am also in my 40's.

Sherman, TX

#29 Sep 8, 2011
I was let go from work on August 16th for being sick and missing a few days, I even had a doctors note. It is tough out there to find a job and my unemployment is still pending as well. I know that they are backed up at the unemployment offices across the country. But what do they expect people to do, just not pay there bills or even eat. If they are that backed up, why are they not hiring? They cant really expect people to wait up to 8 weeks and just bait on people to find a job. Doesnt work that way. Economy is going to hell, but yet people unemployed get treated like garbage. Doesnt make any sence!!

Sherman, TX

#30 Sep 8, 2011
To frustratedmom, I am in the same boat, have not been out of work as long as you. But in my eyes it has been long enough. I submitt my resume to numerous companys that say they are hiring, but dont ever hear anything back from them, or get an email stating that unfortunatley I have not been chosen for the position. It is frustrating and hard to stay positive. I should not have to work at McDonalds or BurgerKing. Even more frustrating, when you cant get unemployment to get out of pending status. What to do?

Miami, FL

#31 Sep 14, 2011
I have been unemployed for a little over a month now, and still have not received a check.. I don't understand how the gov. thinks that people can live for over a month with no money. I gave all information needed and I qualify for it.. but still no money... I did find a job in the meantime but haven't started yet. I have not been able to pay my rent or my bills for this month due to the lack of money from unemployment, not that it's a whole lot, but every bit helps.

Good luck too all of you..

Utica, KY

#32 Sep 14, 2011
guest wrote:
My husband has been drawing umemployment since Oct 08 and the checks are the most prompt thing we have ever dealt with. However there was some issues in signing up.... I will share with you how it worked for him.....
If the 1st week you were out of work was the week of Feb 1, you should have signed up by Feb 5th in order for that to be your waiting week. If you signed up on the 8th then the week of the 8th is your waiting week. Then you would be due a check for the week of the 15th. the 15th was a holiday so the checks were a day or two late last week. If you laid off for 4 consecutive weeks you will get paid for the 1st week (waiting week). There was some misinformation between my husband's employer and the unemployment office concerning when to initially sign up. Once we worked through that the checks have been coming regularly.
This just irritates me. How can he still be drawing a check after this much time? Isn't there a two year limit? When I couldn't find a job that paid as well, I worked one that offered overtime. When overtime didn't meet my needs, I worked THREE jobs, two full time, one part time... And STILL took care of my family. Of course a lot of my hair temporarily fell out...but you do what you gotta do...
SingleMomTryingT oMakeEnds

Eddyville, KY

#33 Sep 19, 2011
I was terminated on 8/19 and applied for unemployment a week later. I am now being told that I have to wait another 2 weeks to receive notice if my claim is approved. I have applied to several job postings and interviewed several times. I think many agencies are false advertising jobs now in my market and it is very frustrating for me and my family to not have any income coming in at this time. Today I was told that my claim is pending a review board or something. WTH is going on in America????

Jacksonville, NC

#34 Oct 16, 2011
So your talking to me right now? I am a disable combat vet and i serve this country honorably. I been in Iraq and Afghanistan, I lost a lot of my good friends and put my self in to the line just for you to sit there and criticize us in a safe environment you in right now. now I got honorable discharged and lost into the civilian world I don't even know how and where to start my life. Don't talk to us about abusive.. check!!!
live love laugh

Sioux City, IA

#35 Oct 16, 2011
get real wrote:
<quoted text>really !? the government ? unemployment is money that a worker paid into and is their money, the employer also pays so much into it.
You are COMPLETELY LOST on this one. Unemployment is paid solely by your employer(s).....they pay to the state and the state issues the check.....just fyi

Have a nice day Idiot

El Paso, TX

#36 Oct 24, 2011
i got my check in 2weeks, and plan to milk the government tits for as i can!

Montgomery, TX

#37 Nov 7, 2011
Im in Texas and was laid off from my job on October 21st 2011. Ironically, I was fortunate, and knew it was coming about a month or so previous. So what I have done, is made sure I had enough to cover myself for 2 months worth of rent and expenses. I applied for unemployment the same day. I got my approval letter stating that I was eligable this past Friday. I have not gotten a check yet, but after seeing these comments, I can only say one thing. I feel the animosity from everyone about not having found a job. I was with my company for 8 years, and have a very select skill set that will make it hard for me to find employment in THAT field. However, I have a standard of life that I want to enjoy. If that means flipping burgers, then so be it. If it means be it. The government will be my safety net for now...but the idea of sitting at home doing nothing....well i'd rather be doing something as opposed to nothing. And fyi....I just got done doing 5 online case anyone has a comment about THAT.

Jonesborough, TN

#38 Nov 19, 2011
I have been unemployed since Oct 11th this year. I immediately filled out my unemployment application and STILL DO NOT have any pay out. I have received letters showing I'm approved but they are 'continuing to review other issues'. I've been without a job and/or pay for almost 2 months. What are they waiting to be homeless so they don't have to pay me my benefits?! I'm going to be homeless by December thanks to them taking their sweet time on this. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE when they're taking their time sending me my payments? If they're that overworked...HIRE ME...I'll help get the payments out! COME ON ALREADY!
joe gundy

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#39 Nov 28, 2011
Determined wrote:
I am going back and forth with unemployment about getting my money. I have been waiting for a check since 11/2010.My appeal was reversed the middle of march and the call center reps in florida have no idea whats going on with a claim and they dont give a damn to research information at all they are the least sympathetic about what is going on in one's life. To anyone that is having trouble in florida with these rude ass reps in the call center, call tallahassee they will get you to the right people that knows about your claim. It works trust me.
what is that phone number please my email is
joe gundy

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#40 Nov 28, 2011
please give me the phone number to tallahassee unemployment office my email is

United States

#41 Nov 30, 2011
imabum wrote:
i got my check in 2weeks, and plan to milk the government tits for as i can!
Lmao. At least you're honest! I just moved to a different state. I've been here a month and GUESS WHAT?!? I found a job!!!! How? Because instead of bitchin about being oh so broke on topix, I was applying EVERYWHERE. Get off your dead beat asses and stop whining like little bitches.

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