how long does it take to get an unemp...

Washington, DC

#399 Jul 24, 2013
I been receiving unployment for the fast couple weeks in every time I called I got an amount .. But when i called today they said wait 10 day to see if there a check .. What's that mean

Newbern, TN

#400 Jul 24, 2013
Jess wrote:
I been receiving unployment for the fast couple weeks in every time I called I got an amount .. But when i called today they said wait 10 day to see if there a check .. What's that mean
learn to spell and maybe you can get a job you lazy azz fcker

United States

#401 Jul 24, 2013
Jess wrote:
I been receiving unployment for the fast couple weeks in every time I called I got an amount .. But when i called today they said wait 10 day to see if there a check .. What's that mean
it means you're black

Paris, TN

#402 Jul 28, 2013
The first time I drew unemployment, it took 9 weeks before my claim was approved. At that time I had gotten behind on my rent but had a landlord who was patient with me. When my claim was finally approved, I received a lump payment for the past 9 weeks which was great. I have since returned to work and have been laid off and now I am on week 5 waiting for my claim to be processed. It is a long drawn out process and is awful for those of us who deserve the money. Patience is a virtue... but u can bet if it was the state employee waiting for their unemployment, it would go through no problem. TN is behind from what I understand and this is why the claims are taking longer to process.
April wrote:
I got my card last week and i did my first weekly certification and no money. so whats goin on? i need money now

United States

#403 Jul 28, 2013
What the hell is a break in your claim. Mean

Louisville, KY

#404 Jul 30, 2013
I was laid off on Wednesday and get a job on Friday. Join a union. Any union! Get paid as an apprentice and work a few years to get back up. I never got my check and coulda used it for the time I was off plus I make $3 less an hour than I did previously so I capsule of used it. Quit being LAZY and get a job, any job. If You have to work hard for a new company at a low wage then do it until you work yourself up to a better position. Stop with the sense of entitlement and do what you have to do. Unemployment checks aren't forever so use that time and actually do something for your future.
(1) Find the online site for your state's unemployment office and file your claim giving the date you lost your job, reason, and indicate that you are willing to work. You may be ineligible for work if you were fired for cause. That info is available.
(2) There is a waiting period of one week and the employer has a 15 day protest period. During these 15 days you cannot apply for your benefits. You should receive a letter from the unemployment office indicating your eligibility--what you earned in the last 4 quarters and how much your weekly benefit will be ($39-$415).
(3) After the 15 protest period, log back on and file for the two weeks past that you didn't work. You will have to answer a series of yes/no questions about your claim and fitness for work.
(4) Submit your claim and in about a week, you'll get your check if you're eligible.
You will have to upload a resume when you file your initial claim and you will need to apply for work during your unemployment. You may have to come to your local unemployment office to attend a seminar or class on getting a job and meet with a counselor. It's part of the process. Make sure you follow your state's process for applying for benefits. If you aren't sure, go to your Unemployment Office in person and file. It'll take 1/2 day, but you will know if you're getting something or not.
Good luck.

Mendon, MA

#405 Aug 4, 2013
im dealing with the same thing im now 38 weeks pregnant and i have been waiting since june 2 2013 and i just dont know what to do and i have no insurance..
aragland1988 wrote:
I was terminated June 20, 2012, I am currently 6 months pregnant, and I have also filed a Charge w EEOC. I can not find another job, no one will hire me because I am 6 months pregnant, my health insurance was also through my employer and I received a cobra packet stating It would cost me 480 dollars a month to continue my insurance. So not only did they fire me for another employee stealing money, I cant just go out and find another job and I now do not have insurance to care for my baby. I got the letter stating how much my weekly benefits would be and my limit on my benefits... I have not received anything else and online it just says that my weekly claims have not been paid. So not only am i out of insurance...They are taking there sweet time.

Dyersburg, TN

#406 Aug 4, 2013
I have college degree n can't find a job.ive been applyin for everything now. There are no jobs here n dburg. I lost my unemployment few months ago so now I have no money n still lots of bills
tee wrote:
<quoted text>
Why do ignore ppl leave comments on post like this. I'm unemployed do to no fault of my own. My company downsized and give us the boot. I've worked hard for many years and pay taxes like all working class ppl. So please tell me why I can't draw unemployment like my former employer told me to, before my last day of work. I'm entitled to it because I was laid off and can't return cause the job closed. Just because I receive a unemployment check don't mean I'm not looking for work. Frankly I would rather be working because that unemployment check don't measure up to a real pay check. Some of us do the right thing. So if I want to get my unemployment until I find a job, I can because my former employer paid that so that I could. If I want to apply for and get food stamps I can because I'm a tax payer and it there for me to get help if I need it. So keep your ignorance to yourself. If your not unemployed or can't help anyone get answers to a question, please tell me why you even on here? Get a f%$king life.
alfa 1

Little Rock, AR

#407 Aug 5, 2013
Yes, don't draw food stamps or unemployment, that way our gov. Can & will send the money to Syria, don't claim back the $ the gov has stolen from you. The BIGGEST welfare user & tax user is our s:-)itty a$$ feds that sends our $ to other countries instead of taking care of our sick and poor people. I'm thankful to have a retirement I'm using now. I mean look at the taxes you pay on homes,cars & everything else that is sold & taxed several times. I'm a home owner, paid in full, my money taxed when I made it then again when I spend it yet I still have to pay more taxes every year on a home that's really owned by the gov. If I don't keep paying I lose it. Bunch of bull what.

Leominster, MA

#408 Aug 5, 2013
one tip for those calling the 800 number for unemployment, if you purposefully DONT respond the the prompts (the first ones asking 1 for spanish, 2 for english) you will get to a person quicker

In other words, do not respond to ANY prompts using your keypad.

Im assuming that the unemployment office assumes that you cant understand what they are asking you in those prompts, and directs you to a person.

Again, Do not respond to ANY automated prompts

Cambridge, MA

#412 Aug 10, 2013
I been waiting for 10 weeks and they keep saying it takes time but my electric bill my rent and my meds that I have no money? Someone should look into this department and see why it takes so l ong and are others going a head of us because of our last name my friend did after me and is already gething money.

Cambridge, MA

#413 Aug 10, 2013
It has to do with the last name if it's an American name it takes longer.
Rebeca mass

Cambridge, MA

#414 Aug 10, 2013
All I can say is you get better service by your last name.
Rebeca mass

Cambridge, MA

#415 Aug 10, 2013
You get better service by your lAT Nme.
New to this

Worcester, MA

#416 Aug 15, 2013
Please help, my husband lost his job on May 30th. since then we have been waiting for unemployment check. He files every sunday night. It is almost three months and no check yet! He has called so manytimes, and was promised wait a week, wait two weeks..but nothing is showing up yet? We're soon loosing our house. What can we d?, who should we call? Please give us some guidence. Thank you.

We live in worcester, MA

Thank you,

Canton, MI

#417 Aug 16, 2013
Well you are 100% right but you are looking for those benefits when you are down and under. Its like insurance you pay unemployment tax and when your down you get some from the piggybank. Now is it enough to get by, no never the people who claims unemployment they are always underpaid. So when you claim unemployment it less then yr pay check. Mr. president we need overhaul on unemployment. While you are at it why not overhaul AMERICA for good. Republican works for rich and Democrats works for middle class so each party hurts the other one. We want someone who works for both (R) (D) to keep it in balance.

Belleville, MI

#418 Aug 17, 2013
It took me 9 weeks.just keep making that call each week.and I did a lot of praying.
Michelle in Cleveland

Cleveland, OH

#419 Aug 17, 2013
Ugh where to begin lol

I was demoted from my position, a week later my hours were cut in half and 3 days after that I was terminated on March 10, 2013.

A little back story..... I was working for a guy that owns an internet dating site (a very large well known one) that hires people to pretend to be the women in the fake profiles he makes up and chat with paying male customers online. NOT ILLEGAL, no matter how unethical it sounds(I researched before I took the job).

Two months after I was hired as a chatter I was promoted to supervisor and became responsible for hiring, firing, scheduling, payroll, and on the job training. Everything was fine until tax season rolled around.

Up until January we were paid every Monday morning by a hand written company check,(at hiring we were told that we were sub-contractors....not the case when I found out we were to maintain a weekly schedule, but I was okay with it for the time being) but then he switched to an online payroll company that did direct deposits(still didnt take out taxes).

The problem began when I asked about w-2's. He told me he isnt doing w-2's to which I replied "can you have your accountant draw up 1099's for everyone?" Mind you this business has been in operation 3 years BEFORE I was hired.

He refused to do 1099's so I told him to figure out a way to cover his a$$ because I am filing taxes and listing my earnings from this company. He had a fit and demoted me IMMEDIATELY, fine by me, I will just do my job without any of the added stress thank you kindly(wasnt worth the $120 a week extra anyway)!

The following week he cut my hours in half.(Pretty sure he was trying to make me quit as most jerk bosses do, to the point where he texted me and told me I was "stupid" if I thought I was going to get him in any trouble for tax evasion). I ignored his texts and 3 days later I was fired through email claiming I wasnt a good fit for the company.... after 11 months of being the supervisor.

Now the real fun began, UNEMPLOYMENT! I filed the same day I received the termination email. Today is August 17 and I have yet to receive a check! I have had so many scheduled and unscheduled phone interviews. I have faxed and mailed and refaxed and remailed dozens of times trying to get all the proof they require. Paystubs, direct deposits, photo copies of weekly schedules, screen shots of payroll company page, screen shots of online schedules and on and on!

My "final" phone interview is supposed to be August 28th, so we will see what happens.

It took forever to fight this jerk, and hey I am sorry, but I did nothing wrong by asking about a w-2 or a 1099. Not my fault he is a crook and wants to continue to scam the government by paying employees under the table!

If I HAVE TO PAY taxes and I only make $50,000 a year than by golly he should for making MILLIONS of dollars a year!

At this point I don't care if I ever get a check, now it is a matter of principle and he needs to have a nice big old fine, and hey god willing, some jail time for tax evasion!

Sacramento, CA

#420 Aug 18, 2013
I understand everyone's worries I too am going through a situation similar to everyone's here.
All I can say is The Lord is your Light in these Dark times. Turn to The Lord for guidance, Hope, and Love. Pray for a brighter tomorrow and Pray for your Family. I too will keep everyone here in my prayers. Jesus loves us all.

United States

#422 Aug 20, 2013
my grandson has had his card for four weeks now his letter of exceptence for two weeks and still no check. i heard it taks up to eight weeks before u get a check is this true/

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