how long does it take to get an unemp...
Jessica Ann Marie

New York, NY

#233 Dec 23, 2012
I filed on nov 26 and a few days later recieved my booklet, and benifits with check amount & all that good stuff, i was on unemployment a few years ago so i had a debit card back then & unbeknowst to me i guess they don't automatically send u a new one(i think thats silly!) Ud think they'd b able to see So i call 1-800# & inquired & they sent me out a new one... it took like 8-9 days to get to me and 4-5 days after i called marvin. When i called marvin it didn't give me an amount like it used to and said if i was eligible id receive a check within 10 days~? Well its been 14 days & no money in check form or on my uiavdebit card?? Does anyone know why? I know for a fact my previous employer didn't deny or fight my claim... why then wouldn't i get my money? & im due to call again tomorr, & it's been hard without my paycheck, anyone have any ideas, personal knowledge & experience, or advice on what step i should take now to get any info about my $$$?? PLEASE HELP !? T-Y :)

Jackson, TN

#234 Dec 24, 2012
Get out and get a JOB so ya want have to worry about how long, you could be making money and still get that 1 check you've been waiting for or just call the unemployement office!

Knoxville, TN

#236 Dec 27, 2012
I am wondering if anyone knows how long TN can take to make a decision? Yes I was terminated but my employer is not contesting my claim. It has been 6 1/2 weeks and I was told by one representative it takes up to 8 weeks, another representative told me 10-12 weeks. I certainly pray it doesn't truly take another 5 1/2 weeks because my family and I will be homeless for real. My employer simply called me to the office one day and told me they were terminating my employment, there was n warning, no previous disciplinaries, no attendance issues NOTHING when I asked what was the reason I was told they were not at liberty to disclose. And now I am playing the never ending waiting game on TN unemployment. I search for work daily but since my car has now been repossed it's really hard. Will it really take 12 weeks or is that just an estimate. My claim was filed Nov. 14th and is still currently pending.

Houston, TX

#237 Dec 27, 2012
In texas it takes 4 weeks the only way it takes longer dats if you started working or if your employer is tryn to fight paying benefits. I have not received payment yet I was fired dec.4 its the 28 but I was approved and payment has been deposited but not posted to my account yet patiently waitin

Phoenix, AZ

#238 Dec 28, 2012
I filled nov 28th the same day i got termed..5 days later i got a call saying they denied me because I didn't put the city that I lived in on the DIGITAL form.
They said i had to refill out another ap
i went on line and couldnt because the stystem had me still with a active ap
So I had to call it took me many days in calling every 15 minutes in order to get through to someone called for 4 days over 200 times i was so frustrated I was about to cry
Anyways filled out the ap over the phone
days letter for an interview 2 weeks later i faxed in my 3day rent notice i was able to get my interview 8 days sooner...its now the 28th of dec. I just got approved. Now i have to wait another 10days for my card..ughhhhhhhhh
Not stressed anymore

Knoxville, TN

#240 Jan 3, 2013
I must say that this site has really helped during this stressful time and has provided me with very helpful information I contacted the governor and recieved not one but three calls that were all very helpful in getting my claim resolved. So I will say if you are playing the waiting game and it is well over the time you were quoted, do reach out to your elected offcials they will help. I am very thankful I did because I'm not sure how long it would have taken without their help.

Huntington Beach, CA

#241 Jan 3, 2013
The best thing to do is stay prayerful: there is a time and season for everything. When one door closes another one will open. We have to be patient and wait. I empathize with everyone who has posted their heart felt concerns. I recently experienced a job loss. Through this I learned that waiting on UI is not the best option, we must seek work. Ask God to prepare the way for you. We can't change our past but you can certainly gain something from it to help you in your future. Don't be down on yourself. Keep your head up, encourage yourself and speak life in the atmosphere. God Bless you all.
r collins

Cartersville, GA

#242 Jan 4, 2013
My employer engineered floors laid me off for a week during christmas holidays and they signed me up for unemployment and I haven't got my check yet and we done started back to work on january 2nd. When will my check come in the mail? Does anyone know?
r collins

Cartersville, GA

#243 Jan 4, 2013
They signed us up december 31st. By the way

Easthampton, MA

#244 Jan 5, 2013
Devastated wrote:
I was terminated May 29 and I'm on my 6th week and still waiting....after reading all the comments I have completely lost hope. I was at my job 6 years and this is a big change for me and my family...all I can do is hope and pray I'm approved or get a job offer soon. Life sucks...if it weren't for my children I would probably kill myself. FML
I know exactly how u feel.. we have to hold on though..

Cincinnati, OH

#246 Jan 9, 2013
I was let go of my job on 12/12/12. I filled the same day for unemployment as directed to do. I requested my first check on 12/30/2013 and then again on 1/6/13. Ill request again on 1/20/13. But I have never recieve any money. I called the my local office and they told me that they are waiting for thd employer to get back with them, and they put an agent on the case. Today is 1/9/2013 and I have a car payment coming up in two days and I just want to know how long it will take to get a check. I live in Ohio but worked in Kentucky.

Gaston, SC

#248 Jan 9, 2013
Good Evening glad I came across this! Yes, I too have become unemployed. I definately understand that the unemployment office is just like any other office and the unemployment rate grows therfore making keeping up is tough...I get that...but, really what is someone to do that has a car payment, a mortgage, is single, credit card bills, utilities, does not qualify for food stamps within their sex and race requirements...has resumes out all over the place, lives in a rural area with no public transportation, literally has $48.00 tangible to their name, is no 1/2 a tank of gas, with no family in the state, and close friend that do still have a job and are being wonderful however can not take off work just to drive you around town...what are you suppose to do in those 8 weeks (2months) waiting on unemployement or the time it takes to actually land a job again...(phone interview, 1st face to face interview, interview with the director/ceo/etc...(thats 1 week filing the resume/application,1 week for a call back, 1 week for the phone interview, 1 week for the 1st face to face, and another week for the executive interview and 1-2 if not more weeks for a lets say a least a month and a half just to see if youve got the job or not...(thanks for listening of luck!)

Oceanside, NY

#249 Jan 10, 2013
I have been waiting since dec 3 and the severance pay of 4 weeks have run out. I can wait any longer too I am going to lose my apt. I have less than on bank and these Florida bastards are waiting for ever. Annoying to add you job hunts too. 10 employer contacts idiots. Did they pay you yet? my company closed.

Canton, IL

#250 Jan 10, 2013
I applied in Sept. I have certified every week. Still have not received the first payment and I have 2 children to take care of. You try to call and can never get through and no one at the local office will try to help. What is wrong with the system?
not hard to find a job

United States

#251 Jan 11, 2013
I am the type of person who gets bored at one place. I usually change jobs every 6 months. Construction,office work,driving jobs. Iv done it all.. I currently and devising between 2 offers. There is PLENTY of work out there. People suck up your pride take a paycut and get back to work.

Ripley, TN

#252 Jan 11, 2013
It is hilarious that in TN we have so-called "career centers". They used to be the unemployment office but the government is always big with re-naming things to give it a more fancy title. Like "sanitation engineer" is really a trash collector.

They ask people to document job searches but how about making the "career centers" document what they're doing to assist in people finsing jobs? They sit on their hands all day, playing on the computer and yaking on the phone. Nice work if you can get it.
In Texas

Desoto, TX

#253 Jan 11, 2013
1. Lost job 11/30/12
2. Applied for benefits 12/6/12 (have to wait 3 business days after you lose job for some reason)
3. Got last check from old job on 12/7/12
4. Got $0 12/14/12
5. Got $0 12/21/12
6. Got $0 on 12/28 payment came through from TWC, but I have no Chase U card to access the money. So Chase Bank has my money.
7. Got $440 on 11/4/12 when Ucard arrived.
8. Got $0 11/11/12 - says processed, but no money on U Card.

So, for FIVE pay periods -$440.

If unemployment paid faster, most of us might be able to avoid going into really bad debt. But at this rate, I'm officially 30 days late on everything.
In Texas

Desoto, TX

#254 Jan 11, 2013

United States

#255 Jan 12, 2013
get real wrote:
<quoted text>really !? the government ? unemployment is money that a worker paid into and is their money, the employer also pays so much into it.
Employees don't pay into unemployment. The employer pays into unemployment insurance fund. The more employees that an employer lays off, the lower the employers rating goes which means the employer has to pay a higher unemployment insurance rate. This is why employers will fight to not let ex employees collect unemployment.

United States

#256 Jan 14, 2013
I from Memphis TN and it's been Seven weeks now and no unemployment check yet.I have no income at all coming in but I have to look for a job how when I don't have any money to look for a job with.Some one please please please help me

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