black pistons-outlaws motorcycle clubs

Jacksonville, FL

#533 Oct 23, 2011
git-r-done wrote:
<quoted text>we have feds in our club and we are not on the watch list that is why i jioned the iomc they only put criminals and thier affiliates on these watch list clubs with l.e.o. are not the ones they have to watch we won't break the law or get charged in a r.i.c.o. case like i said we have all branches of law men in our ranks from the top to the prospects
LEO's are not criminals? Thats the biggest piece of B.S.that I've read out of all of these posts. There are soooo many crooked cops out there it isn't even funny. They hide behind their badges allowing them to be a-holes, do drugs and break the laws in other ways. At least with the MC's you know where they stand, you can't be sure when it comes to cops.

Sharon, SC

#534 Jan 15, 2012
Boy ol boy. Wow. I feel as though I've completely wasted way too much time reading all these post when over half, are bullshit. People it comes down to this, you can't get common sense from hiding behind a computer screen. Go out there and find a Outlaw, man up, grow balls, and learn what they are trulu about. You are too close minded if all you believe is what you see on t.v. or read online. They do drives for kids, women, so many things its unreal. But the t.v. nor internet only wants them to look bad. The other clubs that is "law abiding" people are just as bad. Ilve personally witnessed on too many occations the "law" clubs doing illegal activity. So what's the difference? The differnece is what the BP's and Outlaws stand for. We fight for what we believe in. God, family, brotherhood. Do me a favor, until you actually go out into reality not behind a computer, and actually sit down and talk to these people, stop posting. Because truth is you have no idea what you are even talking about.
Christian Biker

Green Cove Springs, FL

#535 Jan 18, 2012
Just want to clear up some misconseptions i have a number of friends who are members of Black Pistons M/C Been invited to there club house wich i have gone to numbers of times they all know i stand for Jesus Christ yet they still accept me and i know with out a doubt if i ever need help they would be
there for me.
So bottom line is if you show respect youll get respect back

Kissimmee, FL

#536 Jan 21, 2012
Talk is cheap. Do any of you have a true brother that would have your back through thick and thin. Armed Forces alliances created these scenarios and the MC abides by the brotherhood of such. So all you mouths need to learn a few thing rather than take the liberal news stories to heart and TV programs as gospel. [email protected] AOA BPFFBP.


#537 Jan 25, 2012
i know a good few uk pistons....good guys that just get used by the english and welsh Outlaws...sad to see

Malvern, OH

#538 Feb 15, 2012
as it was said before some of you people watch way to much tv let alone way to much gangland.the OUTLAWS that i have met let alone some of the BLACK PISTONS ive met are really good people..all they ask is to be left alone.

United States

#539 Apr 2, 2012
freedom fighter wrote:
each chapter is set up the same way prez -vp-biz arms-road captians no international because they take orders from thier masters the outlaws they will never be respected in the mc eyes as a real club bcuz they are a bitch club of wannabes have a wonderful day loser
Ok. I know this is an out dated post and realize that no one is probably going to read it and that's fine. DUde, really? How are you going to flat out argue with members of a club on their inner workings? How fuckin stupid are you really? And just to clarify for you , you ignorant, un important little person. I happen to be friends with a Local Chapter where I am from. They are very welcoming and extremely easy to get along with, and that ranges from the old dogs to the young bucks. very respectful and mellow bunch of guys. Don't get it twisted either, they are a force to be reckoned with if and when you push their buttons. I came from a much larger club and wouldn't piss in these guys' wheaties if ya know what I Just had to voice my opinion on the matter. found the post while looking for some other information. To all the BP family, enjoy and ride free. Probably see you guys after the ride south. Be safe brothers, shiny side up and rubber side down.

United States

#540 Apr 8, 2012
Renee wrote:
<quoted text>
people have no respect driving bikes now thats BS. yes people die riding them but the majority of deaths are the fault of a person in a car or truck not paying atticion to other drivers in cars, trucks or on bikes. yes there are fools on bikes that dont need to be on them but that gos the same for the fools that drive cars too.
as for the people in the bike groups. my respect to all of you. those of you ive have talked with are good people. those that i havent got to meet yet im sure your good people too.
I am a 13 year LEO. I am a BIKER. I am currently the president of an RC in NE Arkansas. I have read a lot of crap on here. I'm sure my opinion will just cause more drama but here goes. To the person that said bikes should be banned because people get killed on them.... That was an ignorant comment. I've been riding since I was 10 and the ONLY wreck I've ever had on a bike was the result of some dumb ass in a mini van pulling out in front of me. I did nothing to cause the crash and there was nothing I could do to prevent the crash. So should we ban all cars, plains, trains, and any other mode of transportation because people may die? Please think before you speak. As for the black pistons and the outlaws. Yes they are on a watch list. Yes they are considered as criminal organizations, and as a threat to homeland security...BUT they are not the only ones. I've lived in the tri state my whole life. I've met banditos, sons of silence, martyrs, the silent few, rough riders, and many other smaller clubs and local clubs. I've seen the msr guys and I can't remember the name of the club near real foot. I have NEVER met a biker that has not shown respect, when respect has been shown to them. I've seen the comments about our leather and our dirty clothes. My clothes are clean, my leather is aged from several years of riding...but defiantly not dirty. I am the father of five beautiful children, have a wonderful wife who rides as well. My kids play sports, make good grades, don't get in trouble...& they love to ride with me!!!! Regardless of if it's a 1% club, a LEO club, a law abiding club, a support club, or any other kind of club, we ride cause we love it. We gather in our clubs cause of our own personal reasons, and we ALL have a god given right to ride and enjoy our brothers...REGARDLESS of what colors are on our back. All you clubs that are picking back and forth trying to cause bad blood need to get off your computers and put some rubber to the road and forget about each other! If y'all happen to end up at the same bar, either buy each other a round, or ignore each other and no matter what the differences in the clubs everyone ride safe and watch out for cars cause they sure don't watch out for us bikers

Jackson, TN

#541 Apr 15, 2012
Jackson Tn needs the Black and White nation!!

United States

#542 Apr 18, 2012
My brother is going to meet with reps from this club on unfriendly terms. Know this black pistons: any harm that comes to michael or sharilynn, by odin, all the gods and godesses, and every ounce of nordic blood in my veins, I will bring your world crashing down. 1488

Dallas, TX

#543 Apr 18, 2012
Appropriate apologies to those concerned. No beef with black pistons, as my brother and his girl were treated fairly. Please excuse my hot headedness as a concern for my blood.

Ferntree Gully, Australia

#544 Jun 26, 2012
lmao. you spelled more than just law enforcement wrong. i think that theirs smarter more edjucated people in the criminal world than in the police force. finish high school and u qualify. used to be just finish year 10 and your in. thats why they get nowhere with these clubs. too stupid. id say 20% of the police for are strong and smart. the rest are just sheep in wolves clothing. i know for a fact that police intimidate more people than bikies. the police are the biggest outlaw gang in the world. they should wear a patch.
Big Papa

Franklin, TN

#545 Aug 13, 2012
SLEAZY wrote:
Iron order is a joke in the MC world. Bunch of wannabes that allow cops in their ranks. I saw they had a recruitment table set up at a HD dealership. Growing fast? Of course. It's because you let anybody in and nothing is earned. You are seen as posers. You act like posers. You are posers. Every other MC laughs at you at every coc meeting.
Red and Black syl81

Buford, GA

#546 Aug 30, 2012

Loganville, GA

#547 Sep 6, 2012
I see the Bruise Brothers everywhere here in GA.... I hear the are growing fast! I have seen a Support Club in GA for the Bruise Brothers too.

London, KY

#550 Nov 16, 2012
The black pistons are the best group of people I have met. They are not out there causing trouble. So please respect them. Most likely you know nothing about them.
WOW Really

Atlantic Beach, FL

#551 Nov 17, 2012
I have to say I am a female that has been around for awhile. I know a lot of different biker clubs and they all have different colors! I must say I would rather be with any of them then most people!! My kids and there kids hang out they all do good in school, play sports, and are well mannered! Unlike most punk kids that don't have RESPECT mine and there's do!! Do you always believe what you hear, read or see on tv?? I know I don't!! And so what if they are on this list or whatever get over it cops should be on the watch list too!! To any biker club out there take care and ride safe!! Much love and respect for you guys!!

Since: Oct 12

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#552 Nov 29, 2012
are these bruise brothers the same club that used to be in FLA and up here few years back? i haven't seen much of em here but from what i did it looks like theres a whole lotta real young kids that are a part of it now so didn't know if it was a new club or what.

United States

#553 Dec 29, 2012
In the 80's The Florida Outlaws run Florida whit an Iron fist...but now I see Pagans Vagos and mother... HA's
What's up whit that???????
Angels Die In Outlaw States OK?!
A.D.I.O.S HA's 100%P666
Kaos IO Maiden

Belvidere, IL

#555 Feb 3, 2013
Iron Order and Iron Rockets are amazing MCs. I hope u are able to start a chapter. You will never regret it!!! Good luck to you. Much love. Support Your Local Iron Order!

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