New tattoo shop in southtown
Short Round

Sioux City, IA

#152 Feb 22, 2012
Indiana Jones wrote:
<quoted text>
I can't imagine anyone would use fake names on Topix, that is really stupid.
You tell em Dr. Jones!!

Rensselaer, IN

#153 Feb 23, 2012
The tattoo in southtown is getting alot of business. I'm going to check it out.

Sioux City, IA

#154 Feb 23, 2012
ofcourse they are getting alot of business they charge wayyy less than other shops. no where else can you get a name put on you for 20 bucks
Wolfs Reign

Eads, TN

#155 Feb 24, 2012
I have read through more than seven pages of comments, both good and bad. I am a Marine Veteran and an experienced person when it comes to both good and bad tattoo artists. Everything from heavy handed artists, to ones that can't do a simple tribal without ending the straight lines in periods rather than points. I am intending on visiting Mr.Casper tomorrow and seeing his work in person. Next we are going to talk price and if successful we are going to sit down some ink upon the flesh. Good or bad I will post my results on here and let the truth shine through for all to see. I have nothing but respect for any person trying to run a business in these tough economic times. Good luck Mr. Casper and we'll see how it goes.
Proud moma

Brighton, TN

#156 Feb 24, 2012
Grinn N Bare It Ink wrote:
My name is Casper and I own Grinn N Bare It Ink. My address is 841 South Main across from the old Dairy Queen in South town.I have had several people call me and tell me about the statements made on topix.I am not going to start an arguing match or going to slander and talk crap about another parlor or person on topix .However this one time I am going to say this ,I was inspected by the health department just like the other parlors ,and passed with no issues what so ever.As a matter of fact I was complimented on how nice and sanitary my parlor is .I was even EXTREMELY complimented on my 11 point sanitary and satisafactory form that I have created and used since the opening of my first parlor and even in this one , wich is exactly like this,(1. DID YOU WATCH YOUR ARTIST WASH HIS HANDS,2. DID YOUR ARTIST COVER HIS OR HER CLIP CORD ,3.DID YOUR ARTIST COVER HIS TATTOO MACHINE ,4.DID YOUR ARTIST WEAR NEW GLOVES,5.DID YOUR ARTIST USE NEW DISPOSABLE TUBES ,6.DID YOUR ARTIST USE NEW DISPOSABLE NEEDLES,7.DID YOUR ARTIST COVER HIS SPRAY BOTTLE,8.WAS YOUR ARTIST BEING RESPECTFUL ,9.WAS YOUR TATTOO DONE IN A TIMELY MANNER,10.WAS YOU SATISFIED WITH YOUR TATTOO,11.WOULD YOU USE GRINN N BARE IT INK AGAIN IF YOU WANTED ANOTHER TATTOO),and then the patron or client and artist has to sign and date the bottom. I was told I was the only artist and parlor using this method in Dyer county and was asked if they could have a copy of it and I gave them one.I also have a warning on allergic reactions to tattoo ink and the harm it can or may do to the body that the patron or client has to sign and date.That ticks alot of other parlors off at me for disclosing the allergic reactions of ink,but I would tell my children the risk,so I will tell my patrons or clients the same.I was also complimented on the fact that I have blood work wich I have given the health department at the time I received my Tennessee tattoo license and my facility license.The man also stated that no other parlor in Dyer county had givin blood work to the health department because it is not yet a requirement,but I gave my UP TO DATE blood work to them any way and they made a copy and I also have it on my wall at my parlor along with my Missouri tattoo licence,and my Tennesse license,Bloodborne pathagens training course certificate and cpr certificate.See the thing is I am licensed in 3 states not just 1,so any laws that are required by Missouri that are not required in Tennessee I still obey and acknowledge them.I have my tattoo work I have done on my wall of my parlor and on my computer screen for anyone to see if they want before they choose to get a tattoo by me.I have over 1500 patron concent forms with my forms of sanitary and satisfactory methods stapled with satisfied patrons to it and if I was such a bad parlor then I would not have them .Not all but many of my patrons still come from my Missouri
What hours are you open???

Rensselaer, IN

#157 Feb 24, 2012
Dr Asstomouth wrote:
I can imagine a tattoo shop in southtown will represent the other quality things from that historical area such as Dodges clerks, yard apes, and Courtland Square.
I hope they do well since all the barefoot and pregnant teenagers that want to get their babies names on their necks will be able to just walk to a shitty tattoo shop instead of having to get a ride to newbern now.
say wat u will but they have a strict policy with ID'S and all that.... oh yeah they do great work too!!! to bad u to close minded to figure that out.

Dyersburg, TN

#158 Feb 25, 2012
I don't think anyone negative on this thread is "close minded" I think they can just see very well and know a piece of crap when they see one tattooed on someone.

It hasn't been a question of cleanliness or age verification, it's been the awful display of jail house quality work that most people have a problem with.

Rensselaer, IN

#159 Feb 25, 2012
well mine looks good. Haven't had any problems out of it. Some ppl just don't know how to follow the directions on how to keep it clean and whatever. he does very good work! I will be going back!

Sioux City, IA

#160 Feb 25, 2012
if your tattoo looks so good why are the tats he posted on here such sh*t? i mean he is the one who got on here and posted those pics and they make him look like he has no skill.
Dr Asstomouth

Dyersburg, TN

#161 Feb 25, 2012
I implore anyone that has gotten a tattoo by them to share it here so we can all see if their work is as terrible as we all think it is.

Clarkston, MI

#162 Mar 18, 2012
Casper get ahold of me u know who i am

Dyer, TN

#163 Apr 15, 2012
casper did wrong and needs stop blocking me in

Martin, TN

#165 Apr 16, 2012
Dr Asstomouth wrote:
I implore anyone that has gotten a tattoo by them to share it here so we can all see if their work is as terrible as we all think it is.

this was done in southtown

Martin, TN

#166 Apr 16, 2012
I also know that this was someones first pin up they have ever done
Jst a thought

United States

#167 Apr 17, 2012
Im not knocking anyone who tries to have there own business now days, because it is very hard in this economy, but I saw a portrait that was done by them & I wasn't impressed at all....It looked like something that was done in a kitchen....If you wont ppl to take your business serious I would consider a different location....Who really wonts to say they got there tat done in Southtown!?!
just saying

United States

#168 Apr 17, 2012
my mom got a bee/hornet done Saturday. Done by casper. I am skeptical to anybody new tattooing on me. I've had great work done and some not so great work done. My moms tat is perfect. It made me want to go check him out. I've been tarred by both Mike and Noah. Them too have done my beat work yet. But after seeing my moms tat casper maybe added to that list. I have said some horrible things on this tread before. But the women I am tells me I owe Caspar an apology. I judge you way to soon. Stupid of me.

Sioux City, IA

#169 Apr 17, 2012
I Also said he was a scratcher. I also did not like the fact that he was in southtown. I also went to get a tattoo by Noah and was told he only does appointments and he was a jerk. I went to Mikes and was overly priced. Last I went to caspers and got a bad ass cover up done for 70 dollars and they was polite clean and cheap. The work is great and i am pleased. My wife is going there Friday
For Real Do

Mount Juliet, TN

#170 Apr 17, 2012
I have seen 3 tattoos that were done at Casper's place and only one of them was anywhere close to something that was presentable. The other two were absolutely horrible. The lines were crooked and one of the dice wasn't squared up correctly. The skull's shading was wrong and it was not life like or realistic at all.

The pin up that is in the earlier post is a mid grade tat at best. I mean, her body symmetry is off and her right forearm looks like Popeye! Her legs are too short and her butt cheeks are two wide. Her torso is not long enough either. I will end with this...I have seen much worse tattoos doen than those at Casper's place but if you are serious about tattooing and want quality work, you will go elsewhere! If you want a decent tattoo for a good price and are not worried about uneven lines and sharp precise needle work and shading, then Casper's is the way to go
Dr Asstomouth

Dyersburg, TN

#171 Apr 17, 2012
enoch wrote:
<quoted text>
this was done in southtown
That looks like shit, I hope it isnt on your body.
anyone know

Mount Juliet, TN

#172 Apr 18, 2012
Who is Casper? Is it William Burns? I heard that he was running that place! A family member of his said that he was tattooing in Poplar Bluff but his place got shut down and he is now in Dyersburg

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