masterguard scam

Wilmington, NC

#125 Oct 3, 2012
I am actually thinking about buying another one for our kitchen. Epecially as new report this morning came out saying ionization detectors not working , is what our MG salesperson had told us 5-6 yrs ago. LIke I said , I was very impressed that he did come back to our house, I have much restored faith in the company and product. We do have a large house and really need more than 1 in our downstairs area.
Satisfied customer

Arlington, TX

#126 Oct 5, 2012
I am a degreed engineer with 25 years experience and do a lot of homework before buying anything, much less anything you trust your life to. Masterguard smoke detectors are the very best technology to have a high detection rate with all types of burning/smoldering materials with an extremely low false alarm rate. They can honestly claim there has been NO LOSS OF LIFE due to a failure of their product. Sure, their product is fairly costly, but how much value do you place on you and your family's life? Any doubts, just talk to the NFPA or the fire chief of your local fire department...

Bryant, WI

#127 Oct 12, 2012
I don't know the statistics, and don't care!! All I know is that Masterguard products are legit. For one example, my wife was toastig some bread once and (of coure) it started to burn. my Masterguard smoke detector in the other room(20ft away) went off a good minute before the cheapie detector in the kitchen did. Most say big deal one min... but if that one minute in the middle of the night enables me to get my family out safely then it was well worth the money.

Tooele, UT

#128 Nov 29, 2012
fesserwetshave wrote:
<quoted text>That's the whole point CLYDE<the store bought units are being put in commercial use because they are rated for that use,they meet ALL codes and industry standards.If the Masterguard meet these standards,WHY aren't they being put into new construction?

A couple of things you might like to consider: Meeting a "code" is like satisfying the minimum requirements, minimum being the operative word, and having been a subcontracter, I know that new buildings (especially residential) have the cheapest stuff available installed, just barely meeting the minimum standard. That is how THEY make a profit----a lot of that stuff (smoke alarms, stoves, refrigerators, plumbing, A/C, etc.) goes bad within a couple of years of purchasing a new home (ask some owners you know), and has to be replaced. If you are so concerned about sales people making a big profit from their sales, why do you pay so many thousands over their values for cars and jewelry, furniture, etc. They are all marked up many times over their cost. Its all a ripoff, but its all we have------- unless we want to start building everything ourselves. Another thing, how would you like to travel to the moon on a ship that every part in it was constructed by the lowest bidder ??????
Bad Gas

Dallas, TX

#129 Dec 2, 2012
The only scam going around here is someone farted and will not own up to it and, even worse, trying to blame others for it.

Augusta, KS

#130 Jan 3, 2013
we bought the wrong smoke alarms, they did not sound off with a kitchen fire.

when my husband complained about the cost, company rep then sold us part of the system. not installing one for the kitchen, great room with fireplace, hall and entry, and two bedrooms where our two toddler grandchildren sleep. The alarm in the hall to cover this large area, is near the cold air return and across from the bathroom. The alarm in our bedroom in close to another old air return. The firealarm in the attic is not connected to the rest of the system. We have contacted Champion Safety, Sprinfield, without comment from the owner or manager that can or will make decisions, that can or will correct their problem with us, We are unhappy with the safety of the product and owner.

United States

#131 Jan 4, 2013
Champion safety is a very good company! Thanks for your time in addressing this matter.

Seaside, OR

#132 Jan 8, 2013
Perhaps the detectors are overpriced but we decided to purchase what we were told we would need for our 8 year old home. One of the things the man who installed them said was that our existing detectors were not put in the right places. I had a fry pan fire in the kitchen one day. The MasterGuard detector went off within seconds. The detector that was originally installed never did go off (yes, the battery was good). So perhaps the most important part is where the detectors are located. Who installs alarms in new construction and how much do they know about detectors?

Denver, CO

#133 Feb 28, 2013
There are some real dumb fcks on this board.

Grovetown, GA

#134 Mar 9, 2013
I have master guard alarms and smoke detectors now for over 10 years and fire extinguishers. I'm not a salesman, however we purchased Bc our 4 and 5 year old nephews died in a house fire due to a faulty has heater. So there is no price on safety.
Paul Carlson

Spokane, WA

#135 Mar 11, 2013
I was a Fire Safety Advisor, and then a Dealer under MG , and I must say this. Yes They are expensive,so what, If I want tools I'll go to Wal-Mart, If I want a car it will be a used car, because it's more affordable. Now when it comes to my Lovely wife,She has the Very best Product all over our Mobile Home, and that's MasterGuard Alarms. Both of my Brothers are Retired Firefighters, One of them has Masterguard in his home, Because he had a fire and his family was very fortunate to get out in time and had Considerable Property loss. If it happens again, it will not be the case again. Also if a man and his wife decide they want better protection and they are elderly, don't think they can Not make decisions such as that, if I remember correctly we had a presidential candidate running for office a while back that was elderly, and he was gonna be making decisions for the United States of America, I think they can make decisions for better protection on their own too!!! I have Protected many families including a Ex Mayor, many firefighters,Engineers,Pators, Tom Hanks Mother, and Hundreds of others. Also Many Fire Chiefs have our product, but you must realize they can Not endorse a product, and frankly MG does not need their endorsement. Get your facts Clyde, Before you type nonsense.

Merrimack, NH

#136 Mar 14, 2013
Old topic, but since I was searching for something about Masterguard and ran onto it, here goes. I was searching for a position in NH much lie the one I had in MO. The salesmen are right. Those who dislike the product and slander the company do so because they are getting false info or do not like the price. I have had cheap alarms, and as a hostess coordinator for a Masterguard company in MO, I owned their product as well. It is superior and the info they give you is true. Not all fire marshalls know everything. Many have been on the job for years and do not keep up with changing technology. I have been to many presentations and spoken with many customers who gave legitimate testimonies as to their satisfaction with the products and how some of their lives were saved thanks to these products. The truth is, in Masterguard's 30+ year history, not a single live has been lost in a fire where Masterguard products were installed.

And the reason for the different names (NE Fire Safety) is because of regional and local distributorships of Masterguard products.

United States

#137 Mar 24, 2013
I am a mother of 3 children who waits tables at a local coffee shop. I normally dont post on the internet but think my story is worth telling. I attended one of their meetings with my husband and i was sold my husband wasnt so sure, but after much convincing I did get him to purchase one. The gentleman came over to choose best spot for the detector. We left up and tested our other three detectors because we wanted the added protection. eight days later we were awakened to our living room carpet on fire because we had forgot to close fireplace properly Masterguard was only detector that was alerting us. You may think I overpaid for my detector but i disagree and have since purchased 3 new ones. Please think before u post lives could be at stake. Also I later talked some local fire fighters who were eating at my work and your right they never heard of masterguard but did ask for the information because they said themselves detectors bought in stores only work for certain kinds of fires.
Gary Metilly

South Portland, ME

#138 Jun 27, 2013
curious wrote:
well that did not help. we have called around and asked others including the fire dept. it very much is a scam but thanks anyways.maybe u should buy it if u think that highly of it.
I used to work for MasterGuard and have even talked with the manufacturer of their devices. They are legit. The alarm are proprietary by MasterGuard also.

NOT A SCAM. Just because someone has not heard of them does not mean anything. Follow this web address:

I have tested the devices, they are in my home, they have warned us so we could escape our house fire. We and my family are alive today because of those devices. Worth every penny.

Final word, don't buy the junk out there that claims to protect you, it does not do the correct job. Look at the research Texas A&M has done to compare, test, and show proof. Please, do your own homework and don't ever rely on anyone's opinion. It just might save your life together with your family's lives. Be well.

Wallingford, CT

#139 Jul 2, 2013
boilerbob1 wrote:
I went to the dinner last night, started my research today on the internet. The "Fire Marshall" recommendation appears to be excellent advice. The experts recommend using both technologies, Ionized type for "Fast Flames" and photoelectric for smoldering fires. Using a heat type device in the attic with a temperature trigger above 135 degrees is also recommended.
Now I'm trying to dissect product quality and sensitivity and I'm not having much luck. Kiddie brand products are in the $50 price range and these posts indicate that the Masterguard units are $400 each. If the quality and sensitivity is comparable, I would be a smart shopper and safer by going to my local store because I could afford more units in more locations throughout the house.

I bought the Masterguard system prior to 1995 and I still have them. I also have some kiddie smoke alarms because we have a much bigger house and thought there would be no difference. What a disturbing reality when I discovered the smoke pouring of my oven from using wax paper and the only alarm going off was the Masterguard.. I was a poor single mom when I purchased them and made payments and it was my investment for my family as far as I am concerned it was the right decision.
Mike mike

United States

#140 Oct 19, 2013
Total SCAM! If they come near you hide your wallet and scream fire fire fire SCAMMMM!!!!!

Brainerd, MN

#141 Oct 22, 2013
curious wrote:
well that did not help. we have called around and asked others including the fire dept. it very much is a scam but thanks anyways.maybe u should buy it if u think that highly of it.
Not a scam, I have the whole system in my house very pleased with it.

Brainerd, MN

#142 Oct 22, 2013
This is not a scam, I have the whole system in my house, very happy with the way it works and does give us peace of mind. A little spendy but well worth the price for peace of mind.

United States

#143 Feb 10, 2014
I have masterguard in my home and im a firefighter my father started selling them when I was young I have bought test systems put them in a house with walmart brand in a nother room I ran audio and survalince cams in to the rooms walmart brand worked for 2 min masterguard bell was still ringing 5 min after the ceiling hit 117 degrees and smoke alarm went off from first sign of smoke till 140 degrees this unit system saved my life 3 times

Dyersburg, TN

#144 Feb 10, 2014
rcm wrote:
this unit system saved my life 3 times
Little careless there aren't you Bud?

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