gang rape of DCHS teen
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#1 Sep 16, 2013
Who was the girl and the scumbags who did this??

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#2 Sep 16, 2013
WREG said that the gossip at the school about her was so bad that she had to transfer, yet none of the students knows who she is.?

Union City, TN

#3 Sep 16, 2013
Well Confused..
Don't now you nor do I have a child there. I do however know kids from there and I have talked to 5 since it aired and they know exactly who she is and who the 5 accused rapists are.
Also have discovered that this is not the first time this has happened. It happened a few months back to another girl and has been periodically happening since at least 2006.
One even happened in the school and nothing was done about then. The DA here doesn't prosecute anybody for anything because he might have to do his job!!!
Personally I hope this case is blown national. It will serve Dyer County right for covering up the others.
They should also release the names of the accused since they are former players and all adult now. A rapist should be kept under the jail and humiliated just like the victim was and will be.
No one should have to live with such a thing for the rest of their life. Would you want to? I wouldn't !!!!

Jackson, TN

#4 Sep 16, 2013
We don't need to know her name she is only 16.this is awful,I do agree we need to know the names of the 5 rapists so we know who to keep our girls away from

Cedar Park, TX

#5 Sep 16, 2013
I hope this does all come out. Yes there has been a couple incidents at DC & with their athletes. There's no way in hell Peggy Dodds did not know about it. NONE. She needs to be out of there & so does the football & basketball coach. That girls reputation or whatever her lifestyle DOES NOT mean she deserves to be raped!

Union City, TN

#6 Sep 16, 2013
You are correct Upset.... she has been humiliated enough by the actions of 5 men and if it does go to trial she will be humiliated by having to re-live it. However, I do believe that those 5, plus anymore people know about because there are more, names should be released. We have the right to know and every girl and woman has the right to know so they can protect themselves from KNOWN PREDATORS!!!!

Union City, TN

#7 Sep 16, 2013
To my understanding, Peggy Dodds and the rest of the admin have known about this and several other incidents. Afraid if word gets out then enrollment goes down (less money), possible lose some the top smartest (more money lost)....
Instead of protecting a child they are protecting their bank accounts.
And parent you are right, I don't care if someone walks around naked, they do not deserve to be raped!!!

Since: May 13

San Jose, CA

#8 Sep 16, 2013
Peggy Dodds is the reason its being covered. She is obviously covering for the coaches and the star baksetball team members. I remember her from when I went to Dyer County. She is totally 2 faced. I have seen her smile when she is suspending people and bad things are happening. I am suprised she made it to principal, let alone STILL a principal.

Middletown, OH

#9 Sep 16, 2013
Well who are the 5 accused rapists?

Cedar Park, TX

#10 Sep 16, 2013
If these are former students, then they are over 18. Put it out there folks. Who are the accused. Yes I believe in 'Innocent until proven guilty' but dyersburg has had rapes in the past that were reported to PD but not released to the public until after the arrest....months later. We as parents have the right to protect our children. Hell even ourselves!
no it all

Ripley, TN

#11 Sep 16, 2013
well from my understanding this girl called these boys and told them that she was going to sneek out of the house and to come pick her up and what all she was going to do to them sexually they have texts with everything she said she even told them that she never told her mother that they raped her so if it doesnt fit you no the rest nuff said

Memphis, TN

#12 Sep 16, 2013
SeX Crimes VictimsAnd The Accused Are CoNfidental Until Conviction For A ReAson Folks. I Know Lusk, Kendal, Smith And Pope Well. No Way TheyKnew AndWere A Part Of A Coverup. None! Lusk Is Dodds Boss And Has Open And Available To The Others Listed At All Times. If They Are Found Guilty U Will Know Soon Enough, Theyll Be On The National Predator List. No Reason To Rush To Hang And Convict Ppl Based On What Few Facts We Hv. U Just May Be Playing A Roll In Ruining An Innocent Persons Life. U Dont Know The Facts.
no it all

Ripley, TN

#13 Sep 16, 2013
dear guest you are so so right

Germantown, TN

#14 Sep 16, 2013
Seems a little strange to me how the city was involved but it supposedly happened in the county? The were basketball players on Labor Day, but now they are "former" players? They even had the name wrong...Dyer High? IF this is true, it's very sad that it happened, but it is also sad that the parent didn't seem too concerned that their daughter snuck out of the house to go smoke pot!!! Being under the influence of any substance doesn't help your judgement either.....
Dyer County High School and Dyersburg High School are BOTH good schools, but folks just are not satisfied unless one or the other is degraded....PITIFUL!!!!

Dyersburg, TN

#15 Sep 16, 2013
If the girl was 16 band the boys was over 18, it doesnt matrter who started it. IT IS RAPE. So that will be easy to prove even if she wanted to have sex, she is a minor. Not to the coverup, that gets trricky.Seems like the grand jury will need to point the fingers.
Graduating Law Student

Union City, TN

#16 Sep 16, 2013
It is not until conviction. If they are arrested, seeing as they are over 18, you will see it plain as day on the jail webpage. Juvenile names are never known but we can go back and look at others where they were plastered across the paper before a trial even began if you like. And if you think for one second that lil ole Mrs. Dodds doesn't cover things up, you are as crazy as she is. Mot of the faculty there can't stand her, they just tolerate her because they have to support their families and they dang sure don't get paid enough to "rock the boat"!!!
Newbern Resident

Beech Bluff, TN

#17 Sep 16, 2013
My daughter is a sophomore at DC. I asked her about it. She said that it all started on Twitter. The victim was caught by her parents sneaking out and smoking pot. The alleged rape was a cover to keep from getting in trouble. Some of the kids have alluded to it on Twitter but the original tweet has been deleted. This is a small town. I truly believe that if this really happened, it would have been out prior to today. I am not saying it did not happen, we just don't know. I have not always been a fan of the county school system but I don't think they would cover it up. Too many people are law suit happy. Also, it allegedly happened off campus so the school would not be able to do any thing. Also, the alleged rapists are former students and it happened Labor Day weekend. The school system has no reason to cover it up

Atlanta, TX

#18 Sep 16, 2013
Just because you don't know names and can't have all the gossip doesn't mean it's a cover up! You people want drama! Action! Gossip! If you think for one second that this isn't being investigated you're stupid!! Flat out! Humans always want to hear the bad news! The shocking "omg I can't believe it was him" gossip! Get off your phones and lap tips and go raise your kids like they should be! I'm not taking sides I'm just putting my 3. Cents in on the spin! Rape is wrong! Sneaking out to smoke pot is wrong! Picking sides when you don't know facts is just stupid! Prayers for everyone involved. Go Choctaws!!

Memphis, TN

#19 Sep 16, 2013
From The Mouthes Of Babes. Choctaw Is The Only Voice Of ReAson On This Feed And The Only Wise One I've Read A Post From So Far!

Cedar Grove, TN

#20 Sep 16, 2013
She is 16 ,she is protected. But funny the sheriff. Not involved. in this. We wouldn't. wants rock the boat now

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