richard hill county mayor
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stormy weather

Sioux City, IA

#64 Jul 1, 2010
honestly I would like to leave your state, I made my stand and fought for all done wrong to me, never got to see justice once just more jail even recently and what power dished out like devils they are.

but I can't , I was put out of my home in edgewood by a w---- and crooks I should have never lost. it would have been paid for, and then scammed by contractors out of thousands with the help of the friendly neighbors in roellen. some just as dirty as law officers and crooked judges and attorneys.

it's a shame as dale wilson an attorny said to me what they have done to you peggy. he fought a good fight to and tried but lost, but he fought his best in a court in front of judge lanier. so I know there might be one in a million not like the rest, and a judge in a neighboring county, that also let me speak and penalized a big business hundreds for lying in his court room, he wasn't reelected, you know the big dogs , and a judge truing to be honest. that is why things have got to change. he did nothing wrong and perjury should be penalized not rewarded. unless the judge has some good honest men to stand behind him in truth and justice the low life criminal thugs and injustice will keep on and even get worse for the big dogs.

Sioux City, IA

#65 Jul 5, 2010
Richard is good people
Wanda Woman

Atlanta, GA

#66 Jul 5, 2010
Richard Hill Sucks. I challenge anyone to name 5 things he's done that have positively affected or benefited Dyer County.
Darla E

Brea, CA

#69 Jul 7, 2010
Wanda Woman wrote:
Richard Hill Sucks. I challenge anyone to name 5 things he's done that have positively affected or benefited Dyer County.
I think you've asked the impossible!

Sioux City, IA

#70 Jul 7, 2010
wow wrote:
I am not denying that you have been done wrong.. But what on ... earth is all this rambling going to help? If you do not want people to think you are crazy, you're not helping matters by posting these incoherent ramblings. I hope you find peace, but you sound like a very disturbed person. You have so much bitterness and rage in you..I wouldn't be surprised to see your name in the paper someday saying you had snapped and hurt someone. And please don't start rambling about how I must be kin to someone who was involved, because i am neither kin to them, nor do I evn know them!
let me do to you what has been done to me and see how you turn out!

snapped and hurt someone? hell that's what damn judges and attorneys do here, they love turning people out on meth, crack, cocaine, drunks back on the streets to do crimes and kill people, they have no heart here. not even the sorry preachers in this area that are just as bad as all of the women and men that cover up for each other. This is not what our judicial system and people and power jobs are suppose to be, dyer county has only the corrupt in office and if you don't smile and come from drugs and drunks and cover up and lie in courts then they put you through hell.

Union City, TN

#71 Jul 7, 2010
Stormy, The reason the judge would not listen to your tapes was because you were there to try and get money from randy not because of the treats you said he made. You just don/t seem to want to understand or can't. Which is it?

Sioux City, IA

#72 Jul 8, 2010
Ms Friend wrote:
Stormy should write a'd be about like the one that came out that time about Lanier.. I can't remember the name of it but I read it.
The book is power to hurt, by darcy obrien ,I think that is how you spell his name. he died. It was all a distorted truth of what really was going on in the court house. It just goes to show how the law covers up for the real truth of dyer county and those in power. why did the FBI and TBI cover up truth too?

If they made Judge Hammett step down for the corruption that went on in his court room he stayed drunk and worse things in lake county.

what is different in what goes on now?

Sioux City, IA

#73 Jul 8, 2010
funny wrote:
Stormy, The reason the judge would not listen to your tapes was because you were there to try and get money from randy not because of the treats you said he made. You just don/t seem to want to understand or can't. Which is it?
how do you know? all that were in the court room were the ones that covered for randy and what he did. Hudson would not even put him on the stand for me to question him, knowing without him answering yes or no to what I was saying he could rule in favor for him. Isn't that the way the laws in court goes?

Hudson was confusing the process of laws for the truth to be told by what he did not allow and that was for randy to be on the stand for questioning. anybody in their right mind knows that.

but even more than that has gone on.

It would irk anyone to see what truly goes on in the judicial system so crooked by those that hold a position to corrupt what citizens are promised in this country.

and then what it leads to sometimes because of what people in power that don't prosecute and and let go because they are family of friends of people in law or attorneys or judges.. JUDGE Childress is another one that covers for those like him. THE COURTS AND THOSE THAT ARE IN LAW AND JUDGES AND ATTORNEYS AND MORE ARE THE PROBLEMS IN DYER COUNTY AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. THOSE THAT DON'T GO TO JAIL ARE THE ONES THAT CAN GET BY WITH MURDER AND THESE COVER UP FOR THEM.


It is a shame it pays to lie in dyer county against the truth.

Sioux City, IA

#74 Jul 8, 2010
when a judge refuses to allow to put someone on the stand to testify or back on the stand you can bank on cover up and lies being told unjustice is going to the decision of that judge for favors.

Sioux City, IA

#75 Jul 8, 2010
most of the time these are repeated offenders of crimes and drugs and drunks , like some of the judges.

so they can't vote, so what favors do they get? who are their families?

Waterloo, Canada

#76 Jul 9, 2010
After skimming the numerous, badly written, rambling posts of Stormy, I am thoroughly convinced she is not only mildly educated, but she definitely is mentally ill. I hope she gets the mental help she definitely needs.

Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#77 Mar 22, 2011
Is stormy Judy Forsythe?


#78 Mar 22, 2011
I will tell all of you this,Stormy is not afraid to tell it like it is.I have sat back and read all of you righous people putting her down.You do not believe a word she says,truth hurts especially when it hits home.


#79 Mar 22, 2011
Ms Friend wrote:
Is stormy Judy Forsythe?
afraid not.Judy committed sucide a few yrs ago.

Cedar Grove, TN

#80 Mar 23, 2011
guest wrote:
mr hill, in this up coming judge's election, since the people have no man to judge for with a good report running for judge. knowing judge hudson 's liking lies more than truth in his court rooms.
and charles kelly that showed he is a liar, when someone when you ask them face to face if they are an attorney which mr kelly is and I knew he was, he lust black faced lied and shook his head no and took off down the steps in the court house.
now how can the people vote for someone neither have a good report of being honest and truthful and competent to make a decision on truth and justice as we are promised by the laws of this nation, unless tennessee has withdrawn from the usa are we not suppose to be allowed to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us before God. why does that happen that the people don't see that sometimes in courts but perjury and lies walk out of court rooms over truth and justice.
for favors?
mr Hill why can't you do like the mayor of dyersburg and search out the city and county for a just man, to appoint someone that won't abuse their power seat for favors etc. and lie? if you can't find any man which I know it will be hard for you to find, and since you lead prayer for this country and go to church. if you can't do this why not call the FBI and ask them to intervene and bring in some one that still believes in truth and justice.
dyer county and city are hurting for someone honest and truthful in power seats . it's time for a change of perjury winning in courts and cover ups don't cha think?
Sounds like some of Stormy Weahers ranting

Humboldt, TN

#81 Sep 22, 2013
Wife of mr hill;Is that the Hill lady that work at that bank.

Cedar Grove, TN

#82 Sep 23, 2013
I am so sick of u talking about our justice. System
when will u learn. Haven't. heard. from u thought. maybe u moved or died.
Peggy one of these days ur gonna get a azz whipping u want forget, u have put our judges thru hell. If u don't. stop maybe they can have u committed. I want stand by and watch u trash judge H..
Remember. Me .......... Buford. Yeah ...pusser

Forrest City, AR

#83 Jan 7, 2014
Wanda woman sounds like u are just mad because u got urself in trouble and don't know anyone to help YOU!!....first of all u have no idea how much money mayor hill has saved the schools and stopped alot of things several wanted to vote out of dyer county...but if u think he has done such a bad job...they are picking up petitions right now!!!! Why don't you run since you seem to do nothing but let steam come out of your mouth!!!

Forrest City, AR

#84 Jan 7, 2014
Guest wrote:
Wife of mr hill;Is that the Hill lady that work at that bank.
and what has the Mayors wife got to do with this??

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