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Cordova, TN

#111 Jul 18, 2012
Fairplay2 wrote:
Hi, Millie. How's it going these days? Have a garden? I love sweet corn.
I certainly do. And about 10 other veggies.

Since: Feb 12

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#112 Jul 18, 2012
Millie wrote:
<quoted text>
I certainly do. And about 10 other veggies.
Do you drive a little yellow car, Millie?

Henderson, TN

#113 Jul 18, 2012
Fairplay2 wrote:
<quoted text>Do you drive a little yellow car, Millie?
Wow creeper, stalk much?

Henderson, TN

#114 Jul 18, 2012
curious...did you ever get with this chick here

or maybe this one..

dang buddy you really make the rounds trying to get a piece huh

Mayfield, KY

#115 Jul 18, 2012
damn. fairplay2 just got busted. wtf? what a stalker creepo loser f##ker. LMFAO.

Harlingen, TX

#116 Aug 11, 2012
Well my cousin gets food stamps. about 1000 or so, she drives a brand spanikin new chevy tahoe, lives in a VERY nice brick house, her kids all dress in Abercrombie, or as she likes to call it ABER"COMBIE"
they have all the latest toy gadgets, dsi xbox ps3 or whatever. plus her HUSBAND makes a decent amount of income considering hes a truck driver who drives cross country. She has the newest samsung phone, LOL, always getting her hair and nails done. coach bags and what not. All she does is say her husband is paying for everything even though they are seperated and they buy that shit and give her all that money! LOL yeah she also takes mini vacations frequently. she goes out to eat EVERYDAY at places like chic fil a wingstop and other rather expensive places, nothign like mcdonalds!, And she just keeps poppin those kids out. and the goverment keeps on believin her bull shit

Middlesboro, KY

#117 Aug 19, 2012
you should have to pickup trash on the roadside for your checks

Mayfield, KY

#118 Sep 2, 2012
Im black and like like taking advantage of the government. I think the white man owes me and my family money because of slavery. Dat what my grandmomma said. She hate white people. Plus i dont wont no job no way. As long as i get my utilities paid by the white man im good.

United States

#119 Jul 6, 2013
Look I'm not downing anyone but i think the government should take off the expenses other than your utilities my husband works 60plus hrs a week he makes18dollars an hour we have four children by time we pay rent utilities insurance which is 215.00a week out alone buy food oh and thanks to a landlord neglecting his duties a branch fell about 20 ft from the tree hiting me in the head i was in hospital. for a month my husband had to stay home because we didn't have family to help us we had to file bankruptsy so we could keep our vehicles for our babies and his job which is another 200.00dollars a week out of his check we can't afford a baby sitter or child care so i have to stay home with them and yes we have nice vehicles and my kids wear decent clothes i go to goodwill or yard saling for there clothes we pinch pennies and we barly have snacks for them to eat we buy all cooked food cause that's all we can afford so if there is a fault blame who ever says a working man or woman who has kids bills ect that that they can't help cause they make to much ....

Somerset, KY

#120 Jul 7, 2013
I'm telling you this country has went into the toilet, I for one don't want a hand out, I had to quit work due to health reasons, I wanted to try to see if my kids could at least get Tenncare. My mortgage alone is close to $800. with property taxes, city and county going up and plus fire insurance as well going up. is keep pushing our payments to the roof. I tried to at least get my kids tenncare. I'm married my husband makes ok money but not enough to pay all the bills we had to cut back on things, but as I was saying, I tired and they say we make to much money with my husband making around $12.00 and hour, they must not go by your house payment, water bill ect. because they didn't with me

Bowling Green, KY

#121 Jul 8, 2013
It's awful because people who need help can't get it and the ones to lazy to work have it.

Mayfield, KY

#122 Jul 8, 2013
employers and business owners should not be so greedy. Instead of vacationing in exotic locations and driving big new cars and paying their employees chump change and expecting them to live and be happy on it, they should pay a decent wage. chump changing people adds insult to injury and causes families undue hardships. that's why a lot of people are simply forced into giving up and landing on the government handout rolls.

United States

#123 Jul 9, 2013
I was in a line in Humboldt a few months ago in the small grocery store by Autozone and a black guy forgot to get something and went back to get it which took about 5 min while the other of us 6 people waited in line and then he comes up saying I got a card,I got a card, flashing it around like he was special .I guess he was, he was rubbing it in as best as his dumbass could and it made me want to

Portland, OR

#124 Aug 23, 2013
If you wanna customize your food stamp card
check out
they have over 60 covers to choose from.
You don't have to feel embarrass using your card again!
just my 2 cents worth

Union City, TN

#125 Aug 24, 2013
If you people are sick of others getting food stamps, then just keep voting Republican.
I'm sure if they ever take over completely, there will be many Americans starving.
All Republicans care about is keeping their rich buddies fat & happy!!

Columbia, TN

#126 Aug 24, 2013
Who do you think funds all these welfare programs? That's right the common us worker that pays taxes. We definitely need to start voting republican.
Is this for real

Taylor, MI

#127 Apr 14, 2014
If you people want to debate food stamps then you might want to get educated about it. Florida already tried drug testing people on welfare, thinking it would kick people off welfair. It turned out that the people on welfare were mostly drug free. The pass rate was in the 90%s and costing the state of Florida millions in dollars. What a waste of state money. And embarrassment to the gorvernor of Florida.

Secondly forcing people to work for their money to eat and feed their children is an even worse idea than the drug testing idea. So these people work 20 hours a week to feed their children? Where are their children going to be while they work? How are they going to have time to work to pay their other bills? These people are poor and don't have money to have people watch their kids and not everyone has family. I am from Michigan, I live in Lansing, the capitol. and about a decade ago a tragdey happened in an imporvished part of Michigan called Genesse. A 6 year old boy was given access to a gun because his single parent mother was being shipped off to a Michigan work for food stamps program at 4 am every morning. Why so early? Because the bus traveled many hours away to a very well off part of Oakland county. So the mother of this 6 year old boy could work 2 jobs. That's awesome! But it gets better. The 6 year old boy took the gun to school and shot another student, killing her. For you that are saying "shouldn't of left the gun on the table before you went to work, that's not the program's fault" would be right if the mother hadn't just had to move overnight into her brother's house, why? Because even with her two jobs she couldn't afford rent. So she didn't have time to search her brothers house for firearms before she went back on the bus at 4 am, again, the next day to earn her food money.

The truth is that even though the food stamps program is abused you do have to pass certain checks to be allowed the money. They make you bring in your last 2 paychecks to prove how much you make. They do interviews on the phone with you. They send people to houses to check to see who is living there. They require social security numbers, IDs, bank account numbers, criminal background, the amount of property you own, and others that people have to fill out when they apply. And they make you fill out new paper work every year. They make your employers fill out paper work, they make your landlords fill out paper work and if you don't do it they kick you off. If you don't update with your case worker on every time you move or have a change of household or income or you get kicked off. People ARE getting caught with welfare fraud and getting kicked off, you can help if you report it.

There are rules to food stamps that prove people dead wrong about a lot of things
1st rule: you can't be in college and get food stamps unless you work a 20 hour a week job.

2nd rule: they will kick you off if you are jobless for more that a year and not putting in job applications or have turned down a job.

3rd not rule but fact; in Michigan, my state, 83% of food stamps go to homes with children. Why would you ever cut that off?

4th rule: in order to get any income assists (not food stamps but the money that people can get on their EBT cards) you are made to do charity work and fill out job applications.

So in all respect we don't have the prefect well fair system but of the people who are on welfare need it. And it's not fair to treat them like dirt for needing help, just because some people abuse it. That's all.
Republicans Luv The Rich

Martin, TN

#128 Apr 15, 2014
Senate Republicans keep blocking bills to bring our jobs back home!

"Bring Jobs Home Act", legislation that would end tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas and create new incentives for companies to keep jobs here in America was blocked. That's right, it was blocked by Republicans.
“We have the greatest workers in the world and the greatest entrepreneurs in the world, so why do Republicans want to keep giving companies incentives to ship American jobs overseas?”

The Bring Jobs Home Act would have eliminate tax subsidies that help pay the moving costs for companies that ship jobs overseas, while maintaining these same tax breaks for companies that return jobs to the United States. Companies returning production to the United States would also receive an additional 20 percent tax credit.
EBT Card Covers

Ventura, CA

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