The poorly run city of Gary, Indiana

Frankfort, IL

#124 Oct 31, 2010
john sumpter wrote:
I feel Gary has a great program going and is trying to bring in new businesses to the city if any of you have property for sale that's in need of repairs feel free to call me ! And as far as James Craig goes from my experience he's a man that goes right by the book and to my knowledge has done nothing but try to help someone get something done especially when it comes to improving Gary so if you own property and want to sell it send me an e mail at [email protected]
I happen to like James Craig myself. He was fair to my father and me. And I am a white woman saying this.

Frankfort, IL

#125 Oct 31, 2010
City of Gary wrote:
"We are doing great things in our city!" The City of Gary is on is way to some positive changes. I can confidently say that our city is on its way for a better change!
Mayor Rudolph Clay
City of Gary
Broadway Ave.
Gary, IN
[email protected]
Mayor will you include Black Oak? Why is everything being done in Gary and not here? Why can't our streets get paved? Are we a part of Gary or not? Personally,I prefer Lake County to take us back over. Alot of your police officers are worthless. Not all of them,some will do their job. But Lake County officers are wayyyyy better. They will not play around with you and thats what we need out here. If you are shooting and attacking people you need to go to jail! I was a witness to a purse snatching. Got the tag number and description of the car. The detective swept it under the rug saying a person of another color is hard to identify and he could say he loaned his car out. How dum was that?

Frankfort, IL

#126 Oct 31, 2010
Rudy Clay wrote:
I just made a deal with US Steel. They are going to abandon all of their property in Gary. I am in negotiations with another outside unheard of company that is going to turn the mill into a gated community with multi-million dollar homes. After speaking with my staff of scientist, we determined that no cleanup is necessary.
I expect that many of our existing residents will purchase these homes with their hourly wages from The Village Shopping Center, which is the finest, most exquisite mall in all of North America..
Wake up Rudy Clay is not from this city and town. Get real.
Gary Runner

Wheaton, IL

#127 Oct 31, 2010
Carol wrote:
<quoted text>I happen to like James Craig myself. He was fair to my father and me. And I am a white woman saying this.
i luv white women. They are great at oral.

Southern Pines, NC

#128 Nov 8, 2010
Greetings. I have just takin the time to read several of the comments on hear. even though most are very old it just reminded me of what it was like to grow up in Gary,IN. I was born there in 1975, Graduated from Roosevelt in 1993 and returned after my military service in 1999 and became a police officer until 2005. I left again for obvious resons. I rejoined the military in 2007 after marrying my wife whom also grew up in Gary. I have lived in G.P., Marshall-Town, Ivanho, Delaney, Terri-Town, West-Side and Miller. I have ran the streets in all those areas as a youngster and tryed to help clean them up as an officer. Their is something Special about Gary but its will take every positive Idea given on here, some help from people of every race and religion and a blessing from GOD to even see the right path to bring the potential to a start. The people of gary have the ability to adapt to the best and the worst of situations, Thats what makes them so special and unique. They just need the ones who are willing to Sacrifice and be tru leaders to stand up and take there place and struggle and fight together to make Gary just a little better year by year.Current Residents of Gary, You must make it your mission to seek these people out. Don't exspect them to look and act the way you want,But to be a tru leader with your best interest at hart. If the situation dosent get better soon, We will all feel homeless. It will never be a place to call home. Mabye after my service to the country I will find a way too help the city more. Gary,IN. Future is ????.

United States

#129 Dec 3, 2010
I'm a 65 year old Gary native. I moved east to Warsaw to be closer to family and semi-retire closer to fishing. My part time job takes me to Gary twice a week for the last ten years. I've never been bothered by anybody. Some neighborhoods are allegedly safer than others. I go to all of them and I'm always treated just fine.
In fact, the only hassle I have is from the police.
I get stopped frequently for DWW. I think its funny. I measure houses for insurance companies and the cops always want to know why I'm in the hood.
As far as drug dealing goes, you've got to do something. No jobs available, very little hope for job development in the area. A tax base that has deteriorated so funds to take care of infrastructure and expand services are not available. Gary is a good city. Like any place else, most of the people are good, a few aren't. As far as the race thing, Black people have been getting screwed since they arrived. Screwed by white people.
It is interesting to me that nobody notices that all the screwing was being done by white democrats. Afirmative Action from Nixon(R), First Black woman sect'y of state from Bush(R), segregation in the military during the world wars from Roosevelt(D), red line mortgage policy from Truman(D), segregation in Gary from Chacharis and crew(D) I like Gary and the people. Why don't we collectively get beyond the race B.S. its 2010.

United States

#130 Dec 7, 2010
Gary Runner wrote:
<quoted text>
i luv white women. They are great at oral.
Gary, your comment suggests in your daily life you are a powerless, unimportant human being who gets fullfillment when you can satisfy your base instincts and at the same time demean a white chick. You are probably so stupid that you think its about sex.

Since: Jan 11

Location hidden

#131 Jan 17, 2011
Gary is kind of like Cleveland-the other mistake by the lake.
Just Me

Morocco, IN

#132 Feb 7, 2011
There are people in Chicago and northwest Indiana that can clean up Gary! Just need them to get in there and do it.
mr black oak

Crown Point, IN

#134 Apr 22, 2011
leave us alone you are very dumb or ignorant but i think that goes for most of your kind but you wanna talk about white crackheads look at yourselves gary was beautiful till you people flooded the streets with your crack an came from chicago an wherever else you all came from an if you hate white people so much why didnt your kind go back to africa when lincoln gave you all the chance to an yes the white people should have gary back you see how bad it is all of your hands an im not a racist person but i also dont your kind talkin bad about white people so why dont you if your so worried about gary why dont you go fix something or do something good for the city instead of talking about it but see you wont you people are the greedy ones thats why all the prisons are full of you people an thats why gary is the murder cap even your own people dont like each other thats why they shoot them an thats why theyll sell crack to their own brother or mothers to make a dollar you people did this to gary not us so think before you talk look at your rappers black people are good for selling drugs doing drugs stealing shooting arson its all your guys faults thats why you wont go one street without seeing half the houses boarded up or burnt down so think next time leave us alone maybe i will though you probaly want your privacy in your dump to smoke your rocks
the genius

Newtown, PA

#135 Apr 24, 2011
from reading this thread, i can tell the "Educationmal" level is pretty low in Gary.

Milwaukee, WI

#136 Sep 24, 2012
For an in-depth look at the City of Gary; past, present & future, check out the offerings on a web site created/maintained by one born and raised in the "Steel City."

Indianapolis, IN

#137 Feb 8, 2013
This True I come From The Same Hood and gary is not bad to me because I know a lot of people Its just these whack people who try and make it seem bad anywho GP all the way 35th filmore

Gary, IN

#140 Jul 25, 2015
Gary Runner wrote:
<quoted text>
i luv white women. They are great at oral.
Me 2

United States

#144 Dec 8, 2015
If.u were left it up to the perfect people of gary, the would all be dead in 3 months

United States

#145 Dec 8, 2015
If you were left alone, you wouldn't last a week

Since: Apr 15

Gary, IN

#146 Dec 13, 2015
ken gallardo wrote:
<quoted text>You really need to spell you fu##ing retard this just gives more proof that people like are really as stupid as they sound.This is how you really spell prosperous this just shows that you really don't know sh#t.Well your next statement I'm Laotoan so I'm not white second is Gary 85% black so if you want to get technical on the issue the whites didn't do it people like you did & it will keep going that way using your approach.This might help also I stay in Miller so this a Gary resident opinions'.Take this into consideration every night in Gary at least 3-5 people die so that just makes your approach to just sell to only Gary residents & blacks stupid. Oh yeah
by the way we are using your approach now are really
getting results ? If Gary know as murder capital it ain't working. This I think is really fun you said
f##k me. Well here is my response you just fucked yourself because I stated the most obvious & proven facts!! There ain't much debating that so F##K YOU you racist, hypocritical,lame,probably smoking crack because he doesn't like change & will lose his sole purpose in life if it's all gone, piece of sh#t!!!
Hell yeah!!!! I agree I am white , however, we are all people this should not be about ethnic background actually I am Indian and German but legally white, I just moved here from Tennessee, thanks for that Gary welcome , from the sign off of the interstate it states that the people of Gary welcome you you may as well take that sign down at this rate. I think there is a lot of potential here. As you stated tho its going to take people willing to bring about change, fighting and blaming others is not going to solve the problems here.

Bridgeview, IL

#147 Jan 31, 2016
Wow some great posts! I've always wondered why racists are just the Caucasian. Anyway, so much finger pointing and excuses. Hmmm could that be the major problem ,,apathy?
Denise Nielson

Detroit, MI

#148 Feb 4, 2016
What wrong with the politicians of Gary why aren't they trying to get investors to invest
grounded in reality

Nashua, NH

#150 Sep 8, 2016
Face it folks

any city in America that has been mismanaged by greedy corrupt democrats for any length of time has excessive taxes too many regulations which drives business out of town an too many n word morons with guns , too many welfare ho's & illegal immigrants.

Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore Milwaukee the list goes on an on.

failure after failure thanks to greedy corrupt democrats.
yet the goofy negros keep voting for mo.

they must like taxes no jobs an attending funerals of black kids shot to death by blacks with guns.

its the free lunch an cake at the funerals that keeps them voting for mo.

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