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#127 Sep 26, 2011
According to this site, you can bring in your caps to AVEDA stores and they will recycle them in to new products. It says they will even give you a free sample for every 25 caps brought it.

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#128 Sep 27, 2011
Elaine, the Ronald McDonald House started accepting aluminum pull tabs because many people who heard rumors collected vast amounts of tabs but couldn't find a hospital that would accept them for kidney dialysis or chemotherapy. Yes, Ronald McDonald House does accept them, but do the math:

It takes about 1,509 beverage pull tabs to make one pound. Aluminum cans and tabs are worth about 78 per pound. Thus 1,509 tabs are worth 78. Each tab is worth 0.05 each (5 hundredths of a cent). It would take 1,925 tabs to make one dollar.

It takes about 30 beverage cans to make one pound. At 78 per pound, each can is worth 2.6 each. The same 1,509 cans those tabs came from would be worth $39.44. It would take only 38 cans to make one dollar.

Thus the cans are worth 50 times what the tabs are worth. So why collect pull tabs? Collect the cans !! Tabs are not _totally_ worthless, but pretty close to it!

It is still a hoax when someone claims that tabs have special value, are accepted for kidney dialysis, are accepted for chemo treatments, are accepted at hospitals, are worth $50/$75/$100 per gallon jug, or have more value than cans.

Bethalto, IL

#129 Oct 12, 2011
Hi, my school is willing to do the bottle cap thing, but i am the student council rep, so is it 500, 1000, or 1500 that you need to collect for the free chemo treatment?

Alsip, IL

#130 Oct 14, 2011
I recently did this for a little girl in IN.

United States

#131 Dec 28, 2011
o.k. can anyone answer all of the questions about the bottle caps to help with medical treatment. I work for a Major Hospital in Tn. and we have collected thousands of bottle caps for this cause. We were introduced to it thru chruch and were told it was to go for a childs treatments. For every thousand collected there would be a free treatment provided to a sick child.????

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#132 Dec 28, 2011
Cyndy, the American Cancer Society says that this is a hoax.

Snopes says that it's a hoax.

My research shows no ill person who ever received actual benefit from bottle tops or aluminum can tabs. Ask yourself 2 questions:

Where do the caps end up? Not "where are they collected?" because they are collected from beauty shops to doctor's offices. Where do they end up and how can I contact them to confirm that it is true?
What is the organization that pledges the financial aid? Which recycler or hospital? How can I contact them to confirm that it is true?

And you work at a hospital? People think that's where one sends the caps to!

Trust me, if you chase the path of the caps, you will ever find the end! People eventually throw them away.

Please read the Cancer Society's link to remove all doubt. I mean, they should be the final word in this.

Lowell, MA

#133 Jan 7, 2012
I am from Billerica Mass where can i drop off caps for chemo.

United States

#134 Jan 24, 2012
I can't believe after all the comments here that people even ask if its a hoax... How dumb have people become? I took 5 minutes and found out without a doubt that this is a hoax. With the exception of the Ronald McDonald's house taking the aluminum ones which takes 1 Million to be worth $300 hardly seems worth it. I love the people that swear its not a hoax but never come back with any proof. The otherthing I noticed is some people are talking about aluminum pulltabs which I covered but others are talking about plastic caps. I mean just use a little common sense who is going to give anyone anything for small plastic caps? If so then why not bigger pieces of plastic? The other thing I love are the ones who say they collected all the caps but the person no longer needs or they died or some other excuse and no one will take them. Don't you think if the program was real that maybe they would have a second person in line to help... Come on people do some thinking no wonder this country is having problems everyone believe everything they hear and won't take 5 min to look up they just blindly ask is this a hoax over and over and don't even read the other post in the same place that site facts.

High Point, NC

#135 Feb 2, 2012
Our local animal shelter will accept the tops as toys for the shelter cats. When they clean the play room they sweep all the toys up and throw them away (rather than bothering with sanitizing them). So if you've been saving caps for a chemo hoax check your nearby animal shelter to see if they can use them for cat toys!

Raleigh, NC

#136 Apr 3, 2012
The caps is not a hoax. I was collecting for a lady and she was able to get free cancer treatments because she did not have insurance. I only found this site because she has collected enough to get treatments until May and I have more caps and didn't want to throw them away. So if anyone knows of anyone who is in need please let me know.

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#137 Apr 3, 2012
Dee, I am delighted that there is still someone with faith in humanity, optimism that overcomes reason, and someone with pure positive happiness.

All that aside, please detail the organization which finances this effort, then end-user of the bottle caps, the destination of your wretched refuse. If bottle caps are the currency of your generosity, who is the "bank?" Don't keep it to yourself, the world wants to know! Details and website link will be appreciated. And the American Cancer Society would love to be corrected, as they say it is rubbish.

And please don't say "I'll be right back with the answer," that's been done about 12 times here already.

Kansasville, WI

#138 Apr 10, 2012
Please let me know if we can in fact recycle CAPS for cancer treatment===my brother was just disgonoised w/lung cancer & I think he could benefit from this! Email me at:
Ron Scott

United States

#139 Jun 23, 2012
This is all a old hoax. and the metal pull tabs have less aluminum than the can as the pull tab has other metal in it to make it strong enough not to bend when opening the can. Call Ronald McDonalds House and they will ask you to just recycle cans, turn them in for cash and send the cash to them as a tax deductible donation. It cost too much to ship aluminum via usps than it is worth for the average person.

Warsaw, IN

#140 Sep 2, 2012
Whether this is a hoax or not, if we all continue collecting bottles caps, then we would end up with enough to pay for a chemo treatment and maybe save a life.
Carol in Indy

Indianapolis, IN

#141 Sep 8, 2012
Rachael wrote:
My husband worked with a guy who was giving the caps to a girl at a bank. The girl told him about the caps for chemo program so the whole company my husband works for started collecting the caps. The guy up and quit and no one knows where to take the caps but we are still collecting them. It would be a wonderful program, if it was all figured out. My father had stage 4 terminal colon cancer and chemo, radiation, the best doctors and alot of prayers saved his life. My whole family tries to give back when and where we can, I think it is a shame that someone would just make something like this up. If anyone has any info please pass it on.
Rachael, I understand Riley Hospital in Indianapolis is doing the caps for Chemo. You can contact them :) Good luck!

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#142 Sep 14, 2012
Riley Children's Hospital said on their Facebook page on February 29, 2012
"That is actually a scam. You can read more about it on the website for the American cancer Society: ;

If you have facebook, you can see this comment here:

If you don't have facebook, you can see the comment here:
read a little more

Benton Harbor, MI

#143 Oct 31, 2012
Muscadine wrote:
... a fairy named Ashley Flores will tenderly swoop down and fly the bottle caps to a far away land to join with aluminum can pull tabs where they band together ...
The aluminum can tabs is true, you can drop them off at Ronald mcDonald House and they recycle them for money they use to help those who need it to stay.
Here is a link
Fred Withers

Charlotte, NC

#144 Nov 1, 2012
What am I going to do with these 40,000 bottle caps.

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#145 Nov 4, 2012
read a little more wrote:
<quoted text>
The aluminum can tabs is true, you can drop them off at Ronald mcDonald House and they recycle them for money they use to help those who need it to stay.
Here is a link
I never said the aluminum can tab collection was false, only that it was very low value. The Ronald McDonald House does accept tabs, and they recycle at about $1 for every 3,000 TABS. However, 3,000 CANS would be 100 pounds, worth about $60. So collect the cans if you can! If you're in a "can deposit" state, collect the tabs! But the tabs aren't worth much unless you can collect hundreds of thousands of them.

Everything you'd like to know about aluminum can tabs is answered here:

The "bottle caps for chemo" is the fairy tale I was referring to. It may be impossible to find a recycler who will even accept them.

Thornhill, Canada

#146 Dec 6, 2012
im thinking of donating bottle caps and pop can tabs, but i have no clue where to donate!!! someone heelp

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