Linda Gilbertsville PA

Pottstown, PA

#81 Jul 15, 2010
I live in the outskirts of Philadelphia and I started saving bottle caps for a friend's daughter-in-law's mother who lives in up-state PA. They informed me that this lady has met her quota for the free chemo treaments and the daughter-in-law is not taking them to her mother's hospital any more. I probably have approx 4000 caps and would certainly like them to be able to be put to use. I'm trying to find out where they can be put to use. I myself had surgery and cannot drive, so I would like some info for a place close to my home. If anyone has any ideas please post.

Indianapolis, IN

#82 Aug 4, 2010
My husband worked with a guy who was giving the caps to a girl at a bank. The girl told him about the caps for chemo program so the whole company my husband works for started collecting the caps. The guy up and quit and no one knows where to take the caps but we are still collecting them. It would be a wonderful program, if it was all figured out. My father had stage 4 terminal colon cancer and chemo, radiation, the best doctors and alot of prayers saved his life. My whole family tries to give back when and where we can, I think it is a shame that someone would just make something like this up. If anyone has any info please pass it on.

Kingston, PA

#83 Aug 5, 2010
I am sorry to say that any of you participating in this are victims of a cruel hoax.

"After extensive research, the American Cancer Society has concluded that the Plastic Bottle Caps for Chemo program is a hoax. The origin of the hoax remains unclear, but it is similar to other "cash for trash" hoaxes that have circulated worldwide for years."
the girl

United States

#84 Aug 23, 2010
Hey, I am researching this bottle cap thing because my brother is collecting them for some charity at school. I really would like the truth ab it hoax or not?

Elmhurst, IL

#85 Aug 31, 2010
This is not a hoax. When 1,000 of the plastic lids are collected, 1 child receives a cancer treatment. This is being done at Riley's Children's hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. Brown Mackie LPN Colleg in South Bend, Indiana is also collecting the caps and sending them down to Riley's. I am trying to obtain the contact and their phone #.

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Since: Aug 08


#86 Sep 22, 2010

I could post 100 more websites proving this is not true. Yet, there is not ONE website to "prove" it is true among the 85 prior entries. Many have said "I know it's true, I'll be right back to post proof" - and that was the last we heard of them.

Yes, Ronald McDonald house accepts beverage pull tabs for funds - and one million of them will reap $367 for them. If you collect 100 tabs a day, you will achieve one million tabs in a mere 27 years.

Yes, some girl started taking the mis-collected bottle tops for recycling. Four months of collecting earned her $27, although she's spent hundreds on website, etc.

My favorite lines are from Linda in Philly "a friend's daughter-in-law's mother" and Rachel in Indy "husband's ex-co-worker's bank teller." Chase that rumor train, you'll never find the engine!

You want to help? Collect aluminum cans! They're about a penny each. A million of them is $10,000 !

United States

#87 Sep 23, 2010
Swalt wrote:
I work at Dupont childrens hospital, and they just started the bottle cap fundraiser, I have a web site that is under the fundraiser letter on how the caps help out with treatments. I will post as soon as i get back into work!
Please send me the info to send our tabs and caps... [email protected]
a concerned friend

Philadelphia, PA

#88 Sep 27, 2010
Denise wrote:
This is not a hoax. When 1,000 of the plastic lids are collected, 1 child receives a cancer treatment. This is being done at Riley's Children's hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. Brown Mackie LPN Colleg in South Bend, Indiana is also collecting the caps and sending them down to Riley's. I am trying to obtain the contact and their phone #.
I;m sorry but this is a hoax according to Riley's Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. The following is copied from ( )...

Several area churches, businesses and agencies pitched in for the project, called Lids for Life and Bottle Caps for Cancer. It stopped when Starke County Environmental Management's Colleen Asher got involved. "When we saw the sign, we thought the program was a great idea," Asher said. "We wanted to be a part of helping children who need chemotherapy." But Asher and her boss, Carrie Trent, wanted more details. "Being a government office, before we put the signs at our recycling sites and collected caps in the office, we felt it necessary to follow the path that the plastic lids take from donor to cash for chemo," she said. "Unfortunately, the more I followed the path the caps were taking, the more questions that were raised." Asher placed a call to Riley Hospital for Children - and she was angered by what she learned. There is no Lids for Life at the hospital. "Once I found out that the program was a scam, I was infuriated," she said.
It's certain nothing happens that benefits the Riley Hospital for Children by collecting caps. "There have been a few people who brought those (bottle caps) in and we've asked them to throw them in the trash," said Ann Plumback, a public service representative at Riley. However, there is a program the hospital and the Ronald McDonald House support. "We do collect the metal rings off pop cans," said Kelly Thien, a marketing/communications representative at Ronald McDonald House. Metal pop tabs have more weight than an actual aluminum can. Proceeds from recycling the aluminum tabs are used to fund services at Ronald McDonald House.

Chesapeake Beach, MD

#89 Oct 8, 2010
The Ronald McDonald house in Baltimore Maryland participates in the soda tab program. I just called and you can drop them off anytime!

Phoenix, AZ

#91 Oct 19, 2010
I'm not sure where it goes, but I do it. My church does it and I got both my jobs to do it. I work at Starbucks and with all the milk we gro through, you can only imagine how many caps we get in just one day. I take the all in a big garbage bag and give them to the fire station. Most of the fire stations in the state of AZ do it.

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#92 Oct 25, 2010
I do like how the people who know this is not a hoax are so fuzzy on the details. They donate caps or tabs, not sure where it goes, can't give us name of a person, organization, phone number, or website to verify.

Certain milk company brands in some states have had redemption value, which is stated on the tops, with expiration date, value (say 5¢) etc.

Otherwise, HOAX. In fact, the usual "milk tops" story is that a child will receive a wheelchair if one collects their weight in plastic/foil milk bottle tops. This hoax is most popular in England.

When the tops get collected and sent from place to place looking to see who accepts them, no recipient can be found. They discover the only one who MAY accept them is a plastic recycler, with several stipulations. They may require 1,000 pounds minimum, and the biggie, remove all paper and foil liners in the cap.(this will become your new full-time job). Note that the volume of tops to pay for an $800 wheelchair will fill the average house entirely, floor to ceiling. And you will need about $800 worth of bags to hold them.


Glendale, AZ

#93 Nov 8, 2010
Over the past few months my family and i have saved hundreds of bottle caps to find out it was a MYTH. we were shocked but i found this guy who is a teacher and haves his 3rd grade student save caps and donates the money from the caps to Hospice where its used for patient's beds and equipment. here is his email.

[email protected]

i hope this helps :)

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#94 Nov 11, 2010
Joseph Russo lives in Aviano, Italy. So that isn't much help to us in the US. I hope no one is mailing caps to him. To mail a 5-pound package in the US costs $9.15. Even aluminum, the highest value recycled material, is not worth that much. The highest value in the world I can find from facilities that do accept plastic caps is 7.5¢ per pound (Japan). This would mean spending $9.15 to mail 38¢ worth of plastic.

The article below about Joe Russo states that in Italy, a mystery organization places unknown value on the donated caps, and the proceeds have earned thousands of dollars for a hospice. All the elements of a hoax are there, particularly the omission of the end-user of the caps.

That was in 2005. In 2010, the military ruled the bottle cap collection phenomenon is a hoax:

Runnemede, NJ

#95 Nov 30, 2010
hey guys does anyone know where i can give bottle caps for a charioty or something. a club at school collected 30lbs plus but we have no idea where to send them. the original place we were taking them "supposedly stopped" the day they were due! so if you guys could tell me it would be greatly appreciated!

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Since: Aug 08


#96 Dec 7, 2010
Perhaps they stopped collecting bottle caps because no charity accepts them? What you fell for is an ancient hoax about collecting junk for charity.

It began with the myth of collecting match box covers for an artificial leg, and has morphed into collecting empty cigarette packs, cigar wrappers, coffee can lids, aluminum can pull tabs, and now plastic bottle tops. The recepients of the generosity would receive, depending on the myth, an iron lung, hospital bed, wheelchair, kidney dialysis, or chemotherapy.

Read about this history at

Brentwood, NY

#97 Dec 17, 2010
Our schools were collecting these bottle caps "for cancer treatments", too. After we could not find a definite recipient of the treatments, only someone who knows someone who knows someone, we investigated via internet to find out about this hoax. We now send our caps to the Aveda Company for recycling. Sure, it's not going to treatments of any kind, but the company pays for shipping the caps and our school kids help the environment by recycling caps they normally would have thrown out.
Jess Hazleton Pa

Hazleton, PA

#98 Jan 5, 2011
I collect caps for my aunt , who collects them for a friend. Also one of the guys at work collect them for a little girl. I hope i can get back to you people. I have everybody collecting at work. I would be so disappointed if I had to tell people who are so eager to help people in need. One of the ladies said it is a hoax because her husband was on dialysis and they said its a hoax. This is my first stop to investigate for my self. any info you can email me at [email protected]

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#99 Jan 9, 2011
(Okay, I give up telling people that collecting bottle caps is a hoax)

Yes, Jess, it's true. Bag those bottle caps and leave them outside at night. The tooth fairy will pick them up. He takes them to the land of Oz. For every 1,000 bottle caps, an angel gets wings.

Moncks Corner, SC

#100 Jan 21, 2011
la la wrote:
There is a hospital in North Carolina that has a program for cancer patients, that reguire chemo. Somehow if you save hard plastic bottle caps off of soft drinks and water bottles, it goes to a program to help pay for chemo. If anyone can give me the name of the hospital, and who to get in touch with I would greatly appreciate it.. This would be a great hobby and very helpful to people in need. Any information is appreciated. Thank You
on some sites on the internet said it was a hoax,but how thats a good way to cancer.

Cape Coral, FL

#101 Jan 24, 2011
I too live in fl where is this is going on where or who can i give my bottle caps too
heather wrote:
<quoted text>
I too live in FL where is this going on and who i need to talk to

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