Sexual assault alleged against Chico ...

Sexual assault alleged against Chico businessman

There are 137 comments on the Chico Enterprise-Record story from Mar 11, 2008, titled Sexual assault alleged against Chico businessman. In it, Chico Enterprise-Record reports that:

The owner of a Chico software development firm was arrested early Sunday morning on suspicion of multiple crimes including sexual assault after he allegedly attacked a 21-year-old woman.

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Lauren-went to NDS

Rancho Cordova, CA

#63 Mar 20, 2008
notre dame school family wrote:
<quoted text>
I think what he meant was at BEST Mr Hoptowit was in someone elses home UNwanted at 2 am & not at home with his wife & family.... thats not usually the sign of a "good husband"
We really don't know if he was inside unwanted though. They have said that, but I still think there's more to the story.
notre dame school family

Paradise, CA

#64 Mar 21, 2008
Lauren-went to NDS wrote:
<quoted text>
We really don't know if he was inside unwanted though. They have said that, but I still think there's more to the story.
True...... but I would not be happy to know my husband was in someones home at 2 am & not at home wioth is family.
I agree......... there is probably ALOT more to this story.
I pray for the family..... the wife / mother must be a wreck & the kids have not been at school since. Its just very very sad.

Paradise, CA

#65 Mar 22, 2008
Wow! Still no news on this big Chico lawyer Hoptowits' son? He was caught by the cops at 2am running from the home he broke into, were a screaming 21 year old lady said he sexually assaulted her. They let him out the same day, less time than someone caught for DUI. And this is FAR MORE DANGEROUS!

It's been like a week, and there's been a total coverup with not a word by the TV news.


Chico, CA

#66 Mar 22, 2008
Just goes to prove money talks and b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t
Stephani in Magalia

Chico, CA

#67 Mar 22, 2008
DA don't care,,,, Jennifer Street was never charged with Harboring a fugative & aiding abeting a wanted felon either,,,
JUSTICE.. is there such a thing anymore those those who REALLY need it?

Sacramento, CA

#68 Mar 22, 2008
Geeez... He is being arrainged on the 25Th.. The list of charges will be read that the arraingment.,
Notre Dame friend

Roseville, CA

#69 Mar 24, 2008
This should be a lesson to all of us that the evil one is near. I think keeping in prayer is the best defense. My prayers for the family.

Firebaugh, CA

#70 Mar 24, 2008
Tomorrow is a big day for all parties, him, his family, the young women and her family and friends as well. Let's keep all of them in our prayers and thoughts.

Paradise, CA

#71 Mar 25, 2008
Sorry to say, but tomorrow (today) will NOT be a big day in this case. The big Chico lawyer's son will walk into court, and then he'll walk OUT of court, back into his same merry lifestyle. He'll be scott-free just like he was BEFORE he was caught running from that screaming college-aged girl's house near Notre Dame School. She swears she wsa sexaully assaulted bu him (an unknown stranger) at 2am.

If he was anyone else in this city, he would be locked up behind bars until trial to prevent him from possibly victimizing another young lady.

But not now. Let's hope the next victim (if there is one) is not another girl like your daughter, your sister, your mother or friend.
Acquaintance of Jeremy

Chico, CA

#72 Mar 25, 2008
Wow! I guess this is what the 21st century mob scene looks like. Just because you are not chasing down the accused with a noose doesn't make it less ugly. Are you listening to yourselves? This story absolutely shocked me. Jeremy has always presented himself to be nothing but a kind and considerate human being. He is the least likely individual you could imagine committing such a crime. I am guessing that those those who are so quick to persecute him have never met the man. I refuse to jump on your band wagon and convict him before all the facts are presented and a jury of his peers have made their decision on his guilt or innocence. Meanwhile I am going to hope that this is a case of mistaken identity as I would hate to think of Jeremy as someone who could commit such grotesque violence against anyone.
Concerned Parents

Sacramento, CA

#73 Mar 25, 2008
Did we miss something? We thought that Hoptowit was being arraigned on Fri the 25th. As the parents of one of the girls living in the house, we planned on attending the arraignment. Was this a ploy by his parents, to move the date up quietly, so interested parties could not attend? We are so proud of our daughter, she has cooperated with the Chico PD in any way possible, even going to Chico to meet with them over Spring break. Her main concern is for the victim,and the safety of herself and her roommates. Continue doing the right thing, you rock!

Stockton, CA

#74 Mar 25, 2008
The arraignment date is March 28. His name is on the Butte County Arraignment calendar @ the BC court site.

It never was set for March 25, but always the 28th
Just Me

Chico, CA

#75 Mar 26, 2008
Well dear sweet Jeremy who has shocked all of his family and friends by being out late in the morning in someone elses home and doing what he allegedly did is a reality. So he's been judged and convicted by only the article the Chico ER wrote.
Remember this is KANGAROO COURT and if you break laws and it gets in the paper, you will be hung
by all in here who voice their opinions, and that's all we all do in here is voice our opinions
which some agree and some don't agree, so no harm done, just everyone voicing their freedom of speech rights. If he's guilty hang him, if not
so be it.

Paradise, CA

#76 Mar 26, 2008
Anytime wrote:
Geeez... He is being arrainged on the 25Th.. The list of charges will be read that the arraingment.,
"Anytime": Get your stories straight.

Chico, CA

#77 Mar 26, 2008
[QUOTE who="? This story absolutely shocked me. Jeremy has always presented himself to be nothing but a kind and considerate human being. He is the least likely individual you could imagine committing such a crime. I am guessing that those those who are so quick to persecute him have never met the man.[/QUOTE]

Both "Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez and Ted Bundey were once thought of as nice guys. The were both quite charming.
Concerned Parents

Sacramento, CA

#78 Mar 26, 2008
oops, I mixed up the day and date. Is the arraignment still scheduled for Fri the 28th? any info would be helpful. Thanks

Roseville, CA

#79 Mar 26, 2008
Here is my perspective.

1 As a friend of Jeremy Hoptowit, there is no denying this is a shock to everyone. Jeremy Hoptowit is a great person, exemplary family man, successful citizen, etc.

2 A terrible crime has been committed according to the police which we should believe as accurate. We should not make excuses for this. Nobody would wish this for anyone. Jeremy Hoptowit should be denied bail at least until the DNA matching takes place.

3 Jeremy Hoptowit and especially his family have already been hurt. These people are highly networked in society and thir character has already been damaged extensively. Compared to some unknown person, some justice has already been done.

4 We should all know that the rich and powerful in our society can get special treatment. Jeremy Hoptowit's rich lawyer dad will use his influences. They have earned that position so stop whining. That's life, so let's face it.

5 What should we expect as the outcome? Probably a secret civil settlement out of court for say $200K. Jeremy Hoptowit will have to live in shame. The victim will get some justice. The family will get no justice but everything is forgiven within family. There will be no public justice. As for moral justice, I don't think we can decide this.

Roseville, CA

#80 Mar 26, 2008
Here is my perspective

United States

#81 Mar 26, 2008
I still am doubtful that the DA would be willing to drop this in lieu of a civil settlement. Once again, this isn't just a guy from a local well-to-do family. He's the son of a lawyer who has gone to "war" against the DA many times. But you never know... it's probably going to be up to the victim. I'd imagine they could go forward without her involvement, but conviction would be unlikely. Anyway I find the last comments by "friend" to be refreshingly honest. It's understandable that friends and family would want to support the accused... but you can't be in complete denial either. I would say something like, "we all thought him to be a good guy and citizen... but perhaps we were wrong." None of us truly know those we're closest to, or what they're capable of in their darkest hour.

Also, I'm not sure I buy the argument that because he and his family have already suffered from a social perspective, that he is less deserving of a criminal punishment than someone who is not connected in the community, or hasn't torn apart a family in the way this guy has. yes, his family and friends are going through a difficult time, but it sounds like they have a strong support system in place. There is too much subjective justice going on as it is... a crime is a crime, whether you are poor and black or well-to-do and white. I just hope that he is treated equally to anyone else who would be accused of this crime.

Long Beach, CA

#82 Mar 26, 2008
The arrest information was published in the Chico Enterprise record. Yet Hoptowit (the father) was never charged. That he has a special place in District Attorney Ramsey's illegal deal making circle is no secret. Attend any criminal court calender and you can see this deal making spectacle for yourself. Justice does not exist in Butte County. Thanks to these so called public defenders and their reverence for this corrupt District Attorney.
anonymous wrote:
<quoted text>
How did you find this information out? It certainly adds to the storyline...

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