Dupo Quaterback Club
secretary of the DQC

Waterloo, IL

#23 Feb 15, 2008
Thank you Busybody ! It is hard work and does take alot of hours . Gees just lastnight there were a group of us down there getting ready for TONIGHTS FISH FRY and we all spoke alot about this forum and the one and only thing we as a new board are hoping to see is people coming back prior board members have run off alot of people and we have met some of them and they are back as members now seeing the changes we have made we hope that the word gets out that we are a more family friendly enviroment! We hope that all of you on this forum give us a chance .come see us at the fish fry tonight 5.30- 8:00 BEST FISH IN TOWN !!!!!!!!!!Thanks have a nice Day
DQC President

Waterloo, IL

#24 Feb 17, 2008
Just wanted to pass on to everyone, we has another great weekend with the Fish Fry, Baseball and Softball signups and with Candy Bar sales. I would like to thank everyone for their hard selfless work, and to the community for coming down and helping the children of our community out. I would like to pass on to everyone. Please get your children signed up as soon as possible as the Baseball/Softball season has been moved up 2 weeks from last year and we are trying to get teams put together as quickly as possible. To allow us time to get the kids their uniforms. So thanks to everyone for another great weekend and I'll try and keep this thing updated as often as possible.

Chris Pulcher
mom from dupo

Millstadt, IL

#25 Feb 17, 2008
Is it only on Friday nights that we can sign up for baseball? Im so glad there is new people at the QBC, I was going to take my children else where due to the fact the trash that was down there. The old board has nothing to do with the club anymore right?
DQC President

Waterloo, IL

#26 Feb 18, 2008
No signups are every Friday night 5:30-8:30 and every Sat. 11 to 3, they will run through March 1st. Like I stated before the season has been moved up by 2 weeks, so the sooner you folks bring your children down the sooner we can fill out rosters and get them uniforms and start practicing. And thank you for your faith in us, we are trying extremely hard to bring back most of the kids that have left for one reason or another. But to answer your question, no the old board is not involved with the decision making any longer. Some are still around but like I've stated before that was last year, this is 2008 so let's move forward and not look back.

Thanks for giving us a chance, everyone have a great evening and I'll see you all Friday night.

right thing

Waterloo, IL

#27 Mar 5, 2008
I have sat back and read some of the comments left by some others in regards to the past board members stealing thousands of dollors, while they sat on the board. I have read some of the new board members comments left, and they talk about the new board taking over and doing the right thing. So my question to those new members is, have you done the right thing and reported the criminals to the police. Does the Dupo Police have the information to charge those responsible. If true that the past board has stole, why aren't they in jail. These people (if it is true) have stole from not only us, but our children. That is what makes me made and will be hard to go back to Dupo youth sports at the club is because my kids have been taken advantage of. If you want to do the right thing, you need to contact the local police.
resident mom

Waterloo, IL

#28 Mar 5, 2008
I, like many residents, had noticed the DQC going downhill for the last couple of years. I didnt know what was going on, because my kids are graduating age now, and we are a little out of the loop. I had noticed people being down there and getting work done, and kids dances being held, and fish frys. I have taken my youngest daughter down for several of the dances now. I remember fondly going to them when I was a kid! Now that I know what has been happening, I will make it a point to keep taking my daughter down for the dances, going to the fish frys to help support the club, and also make it a point to commend the new board members on a hard job well done. Our town needs this desperately. We are in a bad way now, with several suicides, a lot of devastated families and kids, and drug raids opening everyone's eyes to our large, but not new drug problem. I have worked hard for years to steer my kids away from that, successfully, but tomorrow my son has to be a pall-bearer at his friend's funeral. A new DQC would be a great help to our community. I will also try to get other families to come down for the fish frys, and cant wait to see the work done recently. Good job everyone!
DQC President

Waterloo, IL

#29 Mar 5, 2008
First off "Right Thing" no they have not been turned in to the Police. As there is no way to track any of the money to a certain person or persons. Their accounting practices shall we say lacked a little. We don't have all the receipts but looking at past deposits and purchase orders things do not add up. Your comment about stealing from the children is dead on, this is not about me or you, it is about the children. I have tried to get everyone looking to the future and not looking back. We all let things go by as members of the club, whether we knew what was going on or not and that is all of our problem.
I would like to say again, that the New Board is constantly working to the best of our abilities to improve a very sub standard building(in my opinion) we are out of debt as we know of it. And have tried to work and are continuing to improve the grounds. But it takes all the parents to volunteer a little time to make everything happen. I would like to tell you that the Board and myself can do everything, but that isn't humanly possible. We know this and have reached out for help, some parents have assisted us, we are still waiting on the rest. Like you stated before its not about us, you are volunteering for your children.
As for the horrible weekend, I am absolutely stunned at this. This was my worst fears after some chat on the drug topic. I am not saying nor do I know if any of these young men were on drugs. I do not believe they were!!!! I knew Chris Kannewurf personally, and he was an excellent young man, and today the world is a worst place without him. I hope that the Club can carry on the teaching of you parents to help give our young ones a sense of self worth. I promise that any child I come in contact with this season will know that they are indeed important. Everyone please give your kids a hug today and let them know that they are not alone.
Hope to see you all Friday night, Baseball/Softball starts in about 4 weeks if it stops snowing. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!
Up to Speed

Lincoln, IL

#30 Mar 6, 2008
I left Dupo years ago but was very active in the Khory league years ago. As far as I am concerned the QBC made a huge error when they allowed liquor to be sold. My family was against it as was Pop Mason who mowed and took care of things back then. They wanted beer sales because they were putting in the lighted field. Mostly adult soft ball was played on that field as they rarely had enough kids for teams in the juvinile and junior divisions. Usually just atom,bantom, and midget teams w/ girls softball. Kids don't need to be around beer and if you can't go to a kids ballgame for 2 hrs. w/o drinking alcohol then something is wrong and if you want to sell it so you can have mens softball leagues or tournaments then the kids arent the prioity any how. Just an opinion. I can remember going to the river and getting pick up trucks full of sand and spreading on the diamonds, then adding gasoline and setting fire to dry out the diamonds so the annual tournament would not have to cancelled due to rain...lol We were hard core back then.

Waterloo, IL

#31 Mar 6, 2008
Who was on the old board and who is on the new board ???
DQC President

Waterloo, IL

#32 Mar 6, 2008

Come down to the club tomorrow night and all will be revealed. You should know my name as I put it on every post. I will not give out my Boards name unless they choose to do so. But I assure you we are all usually there on Friday nights.
As for the alcohol question/statement, THERE IS ALCOHOL SOLD AT KIDS GAMES OR FUNCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!
Next Question!!

Chris Pulcher

Waterloo, IL

#33 Mar 6, 2008
Well it sounds like you have things headed in the right direction, hopefully others will follow your lead. I'm still not sure why you will not give names of the board members, I think that should be public knowledge so the people in town know who they are now dealing with. Also can you say the names of the old board ??? Keep up the good work, put pride back in the QBC, and in Dupo.
DQC President

Waterloo, IL

#34 Mar 6, 2008
I need to make an ammends to my last statement
"There is NO alcohol sold at kids games or functions!!!!!!!!"
I apologize for my leaving out a very important word.
The reason I will not give out other Board Members names is simply they are public knowledge to our Members who come down to the club. They are all up on a board for everyone to see. For folks interested in their names and faces please feel free to come on down and ask to see anyone of us.
And once again, There is NO NO NO alcohol sold at kids games or functions. Thanks for all your support and hopefully we can get some of you back from the old days. We all want it to come back to its glory days. I feel it is a very important part of our youths lives in Dupo and it needs to stay a safe and fun place for our children.

Fish Fry Tomorrow night 5-????? come on down and introduce yourselves, I'll be there.. Chris

Millstadt, IL

#35 Mar 6, 2008
There is or is NOT alcohol sold at the kids games? I thought I read somewhere that there is not going to be alcohol sold at any kids events. I agree with what3 keep up the good work. The QBC needs good people like you in there.

Since: Feb 08

Waterloo, IL

#36 Mar 6, 2008
What3 wrote:
Who was on the old board and who is on the new board ???
My name is Amy Hubbard and I am the treasurer.
Up to Speed

Lincoln, IL

#37 Mar 7, 2008
Glad to hear no alcohol is being sold at the kids games. I don't know you Chris, but in the good old days Tom Pulcher and Nietze (sorry for spelling) were a big part of it. The used to have a 50/50 drawing every month to help raise funds as well. Don Deruse (misspelled I'm sure) Jack Treece, Dale Woods, Norman Harris, the Mason's,Tom Pulcher on the girls side of it were all coaches and they really did care about the kids and the community. The Kremmel's/Bryants ect....ect... I wish you the best in returning it to those days. Morals,values, fun and sportsmanship were taught in those times like it should be today.
DQC President

Waterloo, IL

#38 Mar 7, 2008
Folks once again, I apologize for my lack of Keyboarding.

There is NO ALCOHOL sold at any kids games or functions.

Up to Speed, I don't personally know Tom, however if he is a Pulcher, then I'm related in some fashion. I'm the Grandson of Gene and Mary Pulcher both my Dad and Aunt went and graduated school is Dupo. I was raised in Columbia and moved my family here to Dupo after I got out of the Navy. I felt that Columbia was losing it's small town feel and hoped to reside in a town, where my kids knew everybody and everybody knew them, so I chose Dupo. I just want our children to have the best in every oppurtunity that they have and I believe that along with Schooling, Athletics is a major social function in a child being well rounded. Plus, in some cases we might be able to give some youngster the ability to earn a free college education. And that is why myself and the new board are trying to tackle this. We want not only our children but the children of Dupo to excel and prosper as they all become young adults. Thanks for all you guys that are behind the change. I think that you all will be happy with what is happening and what will be going on down there.
I'll plug it again, Fish Fry tonight 5-8 Please come down and help support our children.


Waterloo, IL

#39 Mar 7, 2008
DQCT wrote:
<quoted text> My name is Amy Hubbard and I am the treasurer.
Thank you Amy.
Back in the day

Granite City, IL

#40 Mar 9, 2008
As someone who grew up at those ball fields, little league, high school, and adult softball. It is good to see it come back to life, in a good way. I think all the people down there that are helping out, are doing a great job. That place was the main hang out for alot of kids in the 80's and 90's. With baseball, softball, football and kids dances. It was where all the youth of Dupo hung out, and mostly stayed out of trouble.
Anyone that is taking the time to get it back to that level, I applaud you and you time you have put in. Dont let a couple of people get on here and try to talk bad about it, Keep up the good work. I wish I had more time to help down there, I will be able to in the future. I hope. Take care and GREAT JOB!!!

Crown Point, IN

#41 Mar 16, 2008
Hi, I'm Dock Thompson. I have been asked to oversee the men's softball league this season. I look forward to a fun season. We will provide an atmosphere of fair play, sportsmanship and competition. As men, we set the first example for our children and will provide a family friendly place to compete and have fun.
I have had an opportunity to contact the teams from last year. I am happy to announce that 7 teams will be returning. They are The Indians, Tiny's, JDR, Ligers, Good Tymes, Hot Shots and Damn Yankees. These teams all had a good time last year, came out with their families and helped support the Dupo Quarterback Club. We are still looking for one more team to round out our league as we are now playing with 8 teams to eliminate the 10:30 games.
I would like to encourage past members, present members, past softball players and sports fans to come out on Thursday nights and support local teams. We will provide great games in a fan friendly atmosphere.
Dock Thompson
Mens softball '08
Dupo Fan

Waterloo, IL

#42 Mar 16, 2008
Dock Thompson overseeing the softball league eh?.Excellent choice.As one of those old 'past' softball players you can bet that I'll be down there enjoying some of the fun.Go GoodTymes.lol.

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