#1 Oct 12, 2007
Why does it seem that cranky old ladies shop at IGA?
I have run into some rude people that act like they are the only ones who exsist or matter.
Ok is it me or what? Im in my late 30's and think this was rude!!!!! Because of the way i was brought up i didnt say anything.
Get ready to check out and there are 4 cashiers, none really busy. 1 or 2 people. So I choose one, and get in line behind the person being waited on. Well there are 2 old ladies standing in the center between the cashier I chose and the one next, they were in NEITHER line, just standing there chatting and what i assume now to have been "waiting for the fastest cashier"
No sooner do i step up to the counter, do i hear 1 say, "she doesnt know what line i was in", before i could say anything another cashier opened up and the rude lady hoots "excuse me" as she shoves her cart in front of me to the other cashier.
Is it me or are these people just crazy in their own world? Why are little old black ladies MEAN and RUDE in ERWIN.

Zebulon, NC

#2 Oct 18, 2007
Katat...I agree, they are just plain mean and rude, but these same oldies that are rude, are mainly the ones that drive in the wrong direction on highways. So I feel sorry for them, they were probably standing in front of a display, but what they thought they were in was a check out lane...Frankly, alot of old people should just stay home!!

Wake Forest, NC

#3 Oct 18, 2007
Katet: Remember...those mean OLD ladies at one time were mean YOUNG ladies...a bitch is a bitch no matter how old she gets.

Bothell, WA

#4 Nov 8, 2007
Most old people are rude and they don't know it, it has something to do with their aging brains. I avoid old people in public because they are so rude and unpredictable I'm afraid of them bothering me.

Goldsboro, NC

#5 May 8, 2008
some old people are rude like today this one old lady dissed my shorts she was not very nice
Marie Comcast

Wilmington, DE

#6 Feb 28, 2009
There are exceptions but for the most part old people are rude. They seem to think their age gives them freedom from kindness to others. I am 68 and I live in an elderly housing community. I just hope by the time I reach their age 75-90, I will still have good manners toward others. I am sick of their catiness too. They smile in your face and stab you in the back. Gossip, gossip and gossip. UGH!!!!!

Raleigh, NC

#7 Mar 9, 2009
Just remember ladies, you also will be OLD one day. You may be one of those that is a bitch and
just dont know it. Some of us old folk have a
problem with the young people that are rude also.
Rudeness is not an age thing. I do agree that
we all need to be a little nicer to each other

Terrebonne, Canada

#8 Mar 20, 2009
I have met a lot more old extremely rude people than people of my own age. It drives me crazy that they want us to treat them with respect but they don't show any to us. I am a grown adult and am treated like a child sometimes (and not very nicely I might add) and it's also usually by old black ladies. It may be a cultural thing but it sure doesn't make me wish good health on any.

Burnaby, Canada

#9 May 7, 2009
There is something to be said for a good flu season. It is one of the few ways left to cull those who are such a burden on resources - and serve no good use other than wasting other people's time and offending them.
mirror image

Riverdale, GA

#10 Jun 8, 2010
Sometimes what people project upon others helps them compensate for their fears. Some people fear aging, so they reject old people by attributing bad characteristics to them. They are rude, they are mean, they are selfish, or they are slow. These same behaviors might seem different and better in more attractive and younger people. This rejection of older people makes them feel somewhat immune to their own future aging processes that they fear.

Waco, TX

#11 Jun 16, 2010
Yep old people are rude. My grandmother is one of them. She is 77 years old and just the other day she told me herself that it should be a law for anyone who is over the age of 65 to be rude no matter the situation. She also thinks I drive too fast when I go the speed limit! I'm 24 years old I work full time,go to nursing school full time and I have a husband and 4 children to care for, and she has the nerve to tell me I don't do enough for my family and that im lazy. Sometimes i think old people are just miserable and so they want everyone else around them to be the same way. I admit there are people my age and younger who are also just as rude, but old people think that its a God given right for them to be that way.

Kalispell, MT

#12 Jun 21, 2010
some cases, i will except brain issues...but others are just plain rude!! even older workers...will say hi to the "adult" in front of me and not say a thing when it's my turn to checkout..i work at a body shop and the old men are the rudest! cuz they think that i should have nothing to do with the shop except paperwork..sexist! i've found there is no in between...just super sweet or super mean. if i'm that mean when i'm old...just put me in a home.

Kalispell, MT

#13 Jun 21, 2010
i meant "accept" sorry..must be the brains starting to go..haha

Show Low, AZ

#14 Jul 11, 2010
My mother-in-law is Bitter.
She blames every possible negative thing
in her life on My wife & I.
She is 96 years old & has NO faith
& thinks that Angels are a FANTASY!
She cries every day about her sister that
passed over 3 years ago.
I pray that GOD will take her & put her
out of her misery!

p.s. SHE has lived her life & she should
understand that we are not here forever
& we SHOULD be thankful for EVERYTHING
that GOD has given us!

Toronto, Canada

#15 May 25, 2011
omg I work with OLD HAGS everyday. I have a very well paying accounting job but I resigned last week simply because I can't stand them. I used to work in retails and coffee shops where I was surrounded by young people. It was so much nicer. I made great friends with young people and we all miss each other dearly. Now not only I don't make friends at work, I actually am very stressed out because of their rudeness. Please old people, try to respect the younger generation a little. We try to be nice and helpful all the time.


[email protected] .com”

Since: Jul 10

[email protected]

#16 May 31, 2011
Euthanize the old barstards. They've outlived their usefullness.
james c

Slough, UK

#17 Jul 14, 2011
all that some need to do is politely ask, maybe it was my fault but i was on the bus this morning and this old women just bossed me around by pointing to this sign saying please be prepared to give up this seat to older people and then i heard one of them calling me an arsehole under their breath, i felt like shouting back that i heard that one. all that needed to be done or said was ecuse me sould you mind if i sat there and as i was getting of at the next stop i would have done it rather than being rude and bossy

“Make Topix”

Since: Oct 10

Great Again!

#18 Jul 16, 2011
Screw the old people, a waste of time.

Haslet, TX

#19 Feb 23, 2012
logans run!!!

Chicago, IL

#20 Nov 18, 2013
Don't worry Obama Care will Logans run them or. Eutthenize them.Then it will do you too.Its all good.

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