could it be yolanda bindics or lori ...

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#287 Aug 7, 2010
How about Corrie Anderson? Did they ever find HER?

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#288 Aug 7, 2010
Well, one can only hope what the rest of the world hears is wrong. However, you offer no viable answers or direction to help solve the case or relieve the situation. You are correct, it is sad for both families, but also the new family in his new marriage. You are also right I am basing on what I hear from news, internet, media and the like. So, if he is cooperating with authoriteies, why does the public hear different ? Also, if you have watched Forensic Files ever, a scenario like this is heard far too often. It is almost textbook. I figured So Sad you were a friend to the Ceci family with your prior postings. And I was hoping to help was all. Everything I stated was only to help the case, although it is biased I admit based on the facts that were presented. What facts you have I would believe you and T, should share with the authorities. If your lawyers say it's ok anyway. Yes, I do hope he did not do it, but in a way I hope he did do it. Because if he did not do it, then a serial killer is in WNY. But, I find that unlikely, although not impossible. Again, it seems textbook, the disappearance. My only hope was to offer my opinions to help. I do not mean to offend T or his family, however, he is said to have not been cooperative with authorites, married again rather quickly, moved away, was the last person to see her alive after arguing in front of people, called her missing, when she could have been over someone else's house, yada, yada...
I said my peace, I said it again, and my only hope was to assist in solving this case. You claim innocence by T, I claim lack of evidence. We both are allowed to our opinions. Your attack on my person reveals who your real friend really was/is.
I can sleep at night most of the time, and I have had many heartbreaks in my life and you don't know what has or has not happened, nor do you have any rights to know, what has happened in my life. Nor should you be twisting any threats upon anyone. Even if they are backhanded threats. Yep, truth will come out eventually. If there were any indications of the guilt or innocence, they would be revealed somehow by someone. All most of us hear is possible and probable guilt. What do you expect the world to believe when that is all we see and hear ? And especially when no one speaks any facts on the innocence. Maybe the kids have some truth that will come out, anything they may have heard or seen. The only witness so far is supposedly innocent. OK, then he should cooperate, no ?
I am done here, I was only trying to help was all.
Watch Forensic Files and the like. You will see many similarities to an open and shut case and many mishandled investigations or a serial killer.
If all of the media is wrong, internet, police interviews, newspapers and all. Why is that all we hear ? If someone knows different, none of them ever came forward, as none of it was ever reported. Just blank proclaims of innocence based on a friendship. Not all people were Dahmer and reclusive. And in fact Dahmer was not totally reclusive. If you know different, you should be ashamed at hiding the truth. And yes, innocent until proven guilty. I agree. This is just a forum for opinions is all. So no more threats ok, with the backhanded pray statement. that wasn't a prayer, that was a threat. You do not know me, nor do you know what has or has not happened to my family and friends. None of them have anything to do with these opinions in this forum. And you have no facts to post to the contrary. Shame on you again. So help the family with the realm of the possible. Take the blinders off. As anythin is possible, you may not know your friends as much as your sorrow thinks you thought you did.
I am done here.
So Sad

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#289 Aug 10, 2010
Just so everyone knows he did cooperate with the police! He didn't get a lawyer till after they started accussing him of doing something to Lori! He called the police directly after contacting her friends and family to see if she was with them. The public is only hearing what the police want them to hear! They can control what they say to the media! Also Tyrone did not marry was years. Who's to say how long someone has to wait anyways!? His current wife is a blessing! And he has wonderfull kids! He did move away but not till a couple years had passed. He also checked with his lawyer before moving out of state. If you only knew what the police and her family have said and done over the years! He has never hidden where he has moved from anyone. Unlike what the police want you to think. BTW I never threatened anyone.....

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#290 Aug 10, 2010
Thank you so sad !

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#291 Aug 11, 2010
There was another woman who went missing this past year-her name escapes me. I think she was Hispanic or Brazilian did she turn up? What about the remains found last year near Allegany, any updates on that?

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#292 Jul 17, 2011
Back in the news. It was last month, but in the Post-Journal again. Looking at what everyone has to say, and then the basics of it all, maps and so on..Tyrone was a contractor with some police training. The Chataqua landfill is due North, not too far away. Lake Erie is nearby. There are three state forests just to the west, one relative in name to NC (Mt Pleasant). Has the investigators checked into the dump, the forests and lake Erie ? Too, there is a Northbound road on the county map, that looks like a quick way from Jamestown to Barker's Brew pub in Fredonia. Any checking on that back road ? I hope Sgt Gustafson reads all we have to say here and chases some new possible leads. God Bless the families affected in this and other relevant caes in this thread.

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#293 May 12, 2013
Just a thought..... I recently read something about a body found in PA. There is an artist's recreation of her online and a facebook page Woman in the woods. Could it possibly be Lori? Maybe the family knows about it and has looked into it but maybe not. I hope that someone finds her eventually and her family can find some peace.

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#294 May 13, 2013
I would think the police need to go old school and put wires in place and get suspects to talk about it. Remember, there was a 6 to 9 hour window of time, so take one hour off as cool down and another hour off for any clean up, so that leaves 4 to 7 hour window. And if it's a round trip, cut that in half. Further cut it down by disposal time, which was at least half hour or more. Times that could be altered are all of them. Another old school method would be to put forth claims of new DNA and monitor suspects. Hope this helps.

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#295 May 13, 2013
Take a look at a map and pan out an hour travel. What would be the most likely place to go ? What would be the least likely place to go ? Where would be the best place for not being disturbed ? Where would provide the quickest decomposition ? Other thoughts, when traveling around the next morning, where did T drive to ? Then think of opposite directions or perpendicular direction. The fact that T hasn't been helpful since the beginning, tells us who, we know when, just need to know where now. The window of time, and adrenaline, panning the map out can help. Is there cell phone records, what shape was the vehicle in and how could it travel, was it 4wd or 2wd ? And so on. Hope this helps.

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#296 May 13, 2013
Could it b Cory Anderson

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#297 May 13, 2013 here is a link to the artists rendering. There is a movie about him and details as to where the body was found. Based on the rendering I personally don't think it could be Corrie but I pray they find both of these women so their families can have some peace.

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#298 May 13, 2013
Also I believe the remains were found before Corrie went missing.
keep asking questions

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#299 Jun 17, 2014
Just a bump to keep this going.

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#300 Jun 18, 2014
no one cares about this. old dead news.

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#301 Jun 18, 2014
keep asking questions wrote:
Just a bump to keep this going.
Thank you, the family appreciates it!

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#302 Jun 18, 2014
non wrote:
no one cares about this. old dead news.
thank you for being correct

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#303 Jun 19, 2014
non wrote:
no one cares about this. old dead news.
Speak for yourself. There are free murderers here in our county, where I am raising my family. I find that disturbing and frightening, and I hope that people don't stop thinking and communicating until these people are dead or in prison. Instead they are behind us in line at Wegmans, the DMV.

It will stop being "old news" again in time, as long as kidnapping and murder continues to appear to be a safe solution to a problem, and another mother or daughter disappears.

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#304 Jun 20, 2014
keep it going. poor women need justice.

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#305 Jun 20, 2014
Yolanda was found awhile back

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#306 Nov 3, 2014
Watch every forensics files episode you can, under all the possible names, each show like it, and so on....Ta what we know for facts, and you still have that looming right in your face.....They were arguing, she walked off and never returned....Their were witnesses to them arguing at the restaurant, they went home, still argued, and she walked off....Yeah, right....It all points right back to one person.....Get him on something else, lock him up, then dig some more, it will eventually come out....You have math to do, and research all possible places, that he could have taken her and that really will help, finding her, as there my still be evidence as to said cause of death, and even more fingers pointing....But, come on now..The investigation was botched from the beginning, but no real fault of theirs, just lack of forensic experience ? Dunno, assuming. I hope this gets resolved...Good Luck all.

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