Fluoride is not used to make our water clean. It is used as medication. The question should be why is government medicating the population against their will? Does the County/State have a license to practice medicine?
Another question one should ask themselves is “What is fluoride?” There is no such thing as fluoride. It is a made up term used in general terms. All fluoride comes as compounds. Sodium fluoride, calcium fluoride, etc. The FDA has approved 3 fluoride compounds to be used in toothpaste. The poison they put in our water has NEVER been approved by ANY agency or organization! What they are putting in our water is FLUOROSILICIC ACID! This is a by-product from the mining industry. It is so poisonous that the mining industry can’t afford to dispose of it as required by the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). So, Why are the counties putting this poison, fluorosilicic acid, in our water?

Join us Fluoride Free Florida and help STOP this practice at http://FluorideFreeFlorida.com

I really don't care if fluoride is good for you or not! Vitamins are good for me too but I definately don't want government dolely my vitamins out in my water!