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Tucson, AZ

#1 Oct 2, 2013
My story begins a little different than most of the girls and boys here. I was born in the Ukraine and lived in a orphanage for about three years. Through Operation Mercy and Pastor Samarsky, I was eventually adopted by a Christian family and brought to America with another child that was also adopted from the same orphanage that I came from so you might say I was part of Freedom Village USA long before actually coming into the program. A year after coming to the U.S., my biological sister was brought here to be with me. When I was old enough to really understand what being adopted meant, I became bitter and rebellious. I did not like that I was “given up for adoption”. The older I got the worse I got. When I was in third grade, I began lying and cheating and continued doing so for several years up until high school. Due to my behavior and rebellion, my relationships with my family and friends suffered.

On March 3, 2011, I was officially placed in the program at Freedom Village USA. Not expecting to change my life or allow God to change me I spent 11 months “pretending” to surrender my life to God and fake my happiness without really caring. One Sunday night in February in church service, we were watching a Gaither Homecoming video and there was a song played called “Walk Around Me Jesus” and it really spoke to my heart. I dedicated my life to Christ that night for real this time and since doing so, I have learned to love others through Christ and I have forgiven myself for the things I have done in my past.

I never thought that getting my life changed through Christ was possible but now that I am saved, I have a brand new perspective on life because of Jesus Christ and He has brought me more happiness than I could ever imagine. Thank you Freedom Village USA!

San Jose, CA

#2 Oct 2, 2013
I am extremely grateful for everything that Jesus has done in my life through Freedom Village USA. I have the opportunity to be in a loving environment with caring people all around me. I also have the opportunity to do things that I would have never done, like be in choir and on a singing group, sharing my testimony. I am just thankful to be in a place where I can be safe and hear about Jesus and the love that He has for each and every one of us.

San Francisco, CA

#3 Oct 2, 2013
I am thankful for the staff at Freedom Village USA, because they put so much time into our lives, just to see us change our lives and get close to Jesus. If it were not for the caring people at Freedom Village USA, I may be dead or in jail - but I certainly would not be growing closer to Christ, like I am today.

Glendale, AZ

#4 Oct 2, 2013
Christmas time at Freedom Village USA is unlike any other I’ve experienced. Prior to coming to Freedom Village USA, I was living in a hotel with almost no possessions. I came in to the program in November. Christmas was right around the corner. On Christmas Day, I was invited into a staff home. I opened more gifts that Christmas than I had seen in my whole life. The gifts from my family, combined with all the gifts I received from supporters, made that Christmas an unforgettable one. The mere thought of strangers caring enough to spend their time and money to make my holiday a special one was difficult to accept. That day was more than a celebration of Christ’s love – it was a demonstration of it. Each gift that I received carried with it a sense of the unconditional love of Jesus, given by a caring supporter who I had never met. Had I never come to Freedom Village USA, I would probably never have experienced such love and care. Like all of the other young people at Freedom Village USA, I felt blessed to have been given such a wonderful Christmas. I am so grateful to all of the people – the staff and supporters – who make Freedom Village USA such a special place. And I am looking forward to spending my second Christmas here at Freedom Village USA.

Muncie, IN

#5 Nov 8, 2013
They're a religious cult. It is dirty there and needs shut down. They are teetering on bankruptcy and when visiting recently, there were several atrocities. It was more like a jail for the youth, mind control.

San Jose, CA

#7 Nov 22, 2013
Before I came to Freedom Village, school was never a priority for me. I was failing all of my classes and had a very poor attendance record. After I enrolled in the program, I was given a second chance at school. Now I have the opportunity to finish high school and graduate with good grades that would allow me to goto college one day. Thanks to God and to the staff who have given me a second chance.

Wadsworth, OH

#8 Apr 3, 2014
This place is the most miserable I have ever been in my entire life. It is a cult, I cannot believe the doors to this place are still open. 666 I am aware of kids getting pee'd on in the shower. Fights that go on at night in the boys dorm. Staff getting Dui's ,and if you do not believe in God, you are treated like CRAP. Oh not too mention a kid getting molested by a pedophile. Yea.. great place!!!-.-

Brooklyn, NY

#9 May 19, 2014
Lol You guys who posted these positive comments are definitely without a doubt either staff members or writing under the direction as one,Freedom village isnt too bad a place but is truly lacking in alot of ways and a place of spiritual abuse if you ask me,I wouldnt send my kids or suggest anyone go there,I was in the program for 3 years and worked on staff and witnessed many questionable things,Alot of staff left recently due to that. Pastor brothers once personally told me I was going to be a statistic,that I was going to get killed or go to jail when I left and basically shunned me and It hurt considering I saw him as a spiritual father,All that just because I left the program.I've forgiven him bit it left me with a very warped view on God and Christianity that was extremely hard to overcome.

South Richmond Hill, NY

#10 Jun 5, 2014
Can I just say that whoever said that those comments are either, "staff write" or "under the direction as one" you're most definitely wrong.
I went to Freedom Village on September 21st 2012 and I didn't want to go only for the simple reason that I didn't think anything was wrong with me. I only went for school, etc. etc. I had a general idea of God and who he was, but I wasn't interested in him, turns out two weeks later I got saved and found Christ through the motivation of so many others and through the big sister program. I turned from a rebellious young teen to someone God wanted me to be. I earned my levels, got baptized, learned how to work, all in a matter of the time I was there. I never thought I'd come this far.
I left the program August 2013 for medical stuff and I wanted to go back, but there were some issues with my parents saying yes.
It's not a bad place, YES it has pros and cons, what place or what person doesn't ? But one bad day couldn't even beat the good memories and times you have. It's a structure for us to all strive for. Yeah sure it's nice to be at home with your family, without a doubt, but what happens when you can't handle the world and what it throws at you? What happens when you fall in your Christian walk and there isn't 24/7 encouragement? It's harder.. and to know you're in a good place is a blessing. It will always have my heart because it helped to teach me what life SHOULD be compared to how I was living.
I'm so blessed to have been a part of the village and I hope I can go back for my senior year :)!

Broomall, PA

#11 Jun 28, 2014
I went to freedom village in 2004. My honest opinion about the place is that it felt like you were oppressed in every way possible. Pastor Brothers is a horrible leader that uses fear and intimidation to manipulate teens and staff members. I always wondered where the money was really going to. If you have kids I do not recommend sending your child there.

Oshawa, Canada

#12 Sep 5, 2014
[QUOTE wh Io="Chai"]They're a religious cult. It is dirty there and needs shut down. They are teetering on bankruptcy and when visiting recently, there were several atrocities. It was more like a jail for the youth, mind control.[/QUOTE]

Elaborate on these atrocities. What exactly did you see? Why were you visiting?

Oshawa, Canada

#13 Sep 5, 2014
Darkhorse wrote:
I went to freedom village in 2004. My honest opinion about the place is that it felt like you were oppressed in every way possible. Pastor Brothers is a horrible leader that uses fear and intimidation to manipulate teens and staff members. I always wondered where the money was really going to. If you have kids I do not recommend sending your child there.
Why did you go there? What kind of intimidation & fear tactics didcy9u see?
AnonAnonformysaf ety

Halifax, Canada

#14 Dec 14, 2014
This place is a cult. Like Many others posting online on various forums I was abused here from June 97-June 98. Quite a few times was even sexually molested by an "older student" who was 20 and I was 14. Out of fear for me getting a crazy punishment and blame I could never imagine I said nothing. This place is a brainwashing cult and like many others Brothers said I was going to hell for leaving after a year. All they do is cram religion down your throat like thats the answer to everything instead of getting professional help and having the ability to actually talk to them with out fear.... I can only pray that those reading this take my words serious as this is the first time I've ever posted on here about this. While a small handful of people praise this place the rest who see reality tell it how it was and is. The only good thing this place taught me is to hold a door for a girl. No jokes. While I never got any severe beatings I did get a thrashing here and there from Darren Baker and pastor Brothers. I would love to have this place exposed for what it really is. I even called them a few years back and told them on the phone about what happened to me there and the guy just laughed and said I think you have the wrong place and hung up. Maybe a call to the state troopers would help...

Loris, SC

#15 Dec 20, 2014
The last time I heard, the students at the village didn't have internet access, so I'm wondering how those first few testimonies got on there without some sort of staff involvement. They used to have kids write bios for their adopt a teen program, and some of those little stories posted above look amazingly a lot like those bios, not to mention that the level of writing I see above is well above most high school students without some serious editing.

Pastor Brothers feels like he has to constantly control the message. He knows the village can't stand on it's own merits. That's why mail going in and out is completely censored. I had to sneak a letter out with an outside repairman that was there often in order to let my parents know how I was really being treated.

There are a lot of kids that as adults are still recovering from the mental abuse that they suffered at the village, and there have even been reports of sexual abuse among the teens.

And as much preaching as Pastor Brothers did about adultery, fornication, and divorce, I'd really like to know how many wives he has had now. I'm pretty sure it's more than three.
Christopher Coons

New Hartford, NY

#16 Mar 24, 2015
Hi my name is Christopher. I am 31 years old and I came to freedom Village when I was 25. My life was in shambles, and I was hopeless. I was using drugs at the rate of about $800 a day. And in order for me to support my habit I took desperate measures. I was stealing from family members and jobs that I had. I was in and out of jail constantly from the age of 17. And was sleeping in cars and parks. I tried everything to get my life on track but the drugs had such a hook in me nothing seemed to work. I want allowed at any of my families houses for fast I would rob then to get high. So while I was waiting to go to yet another rehabe my sister called me and asked if I was willing to try Freedom Village. Only this is it would be 2 weeks to get in and I was set to enter rehabe the next day. So I said yes I would try it. But reason is so I can have a few more weeks to get high. After the 2 weeks I entered Freedom Village too the men's program. I had did pretty good and raised through the program but after the year I had left and as soon I got off the bus I was getting high. 3 months later I knew I had to come back because if I didn't I was going to end up dead. 3months after conning back on Easter we watched the passion off the Christ and during the movie I remember how tired I was and was falling asleep. And then the holy sprit opened my eyes and by the end of the movie when they have put the spikes in his hands I felt the pain I my hands and knew that it should of been me getting nailed and not Jesus. The minute the movie ended I ran to the alter to give my life to Christ. Since that day my life has meaning. I get to serve my creator and meet my beautiful wife here. Since then we have had are first child Cayden. Like I said I tried so many things the world had to offer to change a person's life but it wasn't until I found my savior. And I thank God for For Freedom Village and what it provides.

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