Kelly Lazar and Mike Butler: Buddy do...

Kelly Lazar and Mike Butler: Buddy dog dies while Connellsville SPCA sleeps

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Randy and Rhonda Jones

United States

#1 Jul 24, 2012
This story has gone viral on facebook, and here's another LINK:

'Buddy the dog' owners cited in animal's death

Following substantial social media chatter and an online campaign seeking "justice," Channel 11 News has learned that the owners of a dog in Connellsville will be cited.

The beagle, now known as "Buddy," died earlier this month in Bullskin Township.

After receiving hundreds of emails and Facebook posts in regard to the animal's death, Channel 11 investigated and found out that the dog was from Fayette County.

“The neighbor that ended up eventually taking it to the vet clinic to have it looked at had been calling the SPCA here locally and several other organizations over the course of the last year to report the conditions of the dog. Apparently he received no help from anyone,” Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Stefani Plume said.
Since first learning about the dog's death, Channel 11 has kept in contact with state police and found out Tuesday that they plan on filing two citations against the owner: one for animal cruelty and one for not properly licensing the pet.

The two people who live in the house, Kelly Lazar and Mike Butler, will have to go before a magistrate and explain what happened to the dog.

State police said they interviewed the Fayette SPCA and asked why they didn’t check on the dog after repeated calls by neighbors.
“Their answer was that the dog wasn’t licensed, therefor they didn’t go out to the house to check on the animal,” Plume said.
Fayette SPCA claims that no one ever called to complain about the dog's condition. They said they first learned of the dog when Channel 11 News contacted them after the dog had died.

Lazar and Butler have not commented on the issue.
lexy c

United States

#2 Jul 24, 2012
thats awful. hope the pup is in heaven where the idiots of this town cant hurt him anymore or pretend they didnt no about the abuse. wait til god gets them.
pathetic but no surprise

United States

#3 Jul 24, 2012
complete incompetence all the way around. prayers go out to that adorable dog. i could barely look at the photo of buddy's body that's going around facebook and myspace

United States

#4 Jul 24, 2012
sad n didnt have to happen shuld be jail for them and the spcaa for depravd indiff to life
Reg Nancy

United States

#5 Jul 24, 2012
Oh don't worry. They'll all have to face Jesus and feel every single bit of the suffering that puppy went through. I only wish we were there to watch it. Buddy's better off away from the morons that owned him and the morons who's supposed job it was to protect animals. They should all be put in a cage wearing a fur coat and left out in the 100 degree sun indefinitely. Only then will they know what compassion is. No one gets away with horrific acts or monumental incompetence like this forever.

Morrisville, VT

#6 Jul 24, 2012
Two citations? How about execution then they can endure a life living in hell to see how it feels. This turns my stomach. I hope if anything this raises awareness. Kelly & Mike, you are scum and deserve everything coming to you.

United States

#7 Jul 25, 2012
i agree with the last poster. even if the cops and judge are bought off, it still wont stop those 2 from being haunted by all the dog lovers on facebook, twitter, etc. they wont completely get away with it, no matter how crooked the spca and courts may be.

rest in peace buddy.

Los Angeles, CA

#8 Jul 25, 2012
Kelly Lazar and Mike Butler are real life monsters i hope they get back in return the caring they showed Buddy. Pieces of Sh*t they are

United States

#9 Jul 26, 2012
Yes, I hope Buddy rests in peace where no horrible humans can hurt him or ignore his pain anymore. The local shelter's reps that lied should be put in prison too, not just the two monsters that murdered that puppy.

Prediction: They will get a judge that is easily suckered and who has no concern for the suffering of animals, nor even human suffering, which is most of the fat lazy judges nowdays. They'll get away with it.

Mount Pleasant, PA

#10 Jul 26, 2012
I find it funny that the neighbor could pick up an abused animal so easily. if it is found out that said neighbor lied about all of this I would hope that they are punished to the full extent of the law.

PREDICTION: they will find that the neighbor lied
and will have to pay restitution. It is easy to pre- judge someone when you only hear one side of a story; Believe it or not ....Not eveyone has a gomputer and can make thier views known.

Mount Pleasant, PA

#11 Jul 26, 2012
shame on everyone who accused these people of abusing buddy the dog. do you know these people? were you there? what happens to a person when they just assume something. shame on all you people who just took the word of a neighbor. To all of you who wrote negative comments, you will see the truth. How would you like to be the one who was being said mean things about? would you be happy if your child was called names and accused of things at such a young age.These people did not have internet to speak up and thats why this all got out of hand. mike was on his way home(left work early)to take the dog to vet and the dog was stolen out of yard by the neighbor, why didnt the neighbors ask them if they were taking it to vet? the truth will come out and there should be alot of apologies on line. this world is sick. when did people stop caring about other human beings? buddy got sick and before tey had a chance to go to vet,it was stolen, would you like this to happen with a dog you were caring for in your yard.Get your facts straight, there are two sides to this story. buddy was never abused or mis treated in anyway, the vet even confirmed that.these are good people raising two wonderful sons.
cindy from connellsville

Mount Pleasant, PA

#12 Jul 26, 2012
unless you know these people, unless you were there how would you know the truth? These people who you call animal abusers are descent people. They are being juged unfairly. i wish there voice could of been heard sooner but t hey did not have internet and now they may never want to get it, knowing how cruel people are on the computer. those ugly comments about there son was terrible. he is just a young innocent child. worry about the drug dealer down your street or the welfare fraud you know for a fact is going on because you have seen it. its summer be with your family,go to church, read the bible. leave innocent people alone.
Alafair Robicheaux

Victorville, CA

#13 Jul 26, 2012
Patty, Bob and Cindy, you are obviously friends with these monsters, Kelly Lazar and Mike Butler. How dare you call them decent people and that awful animal abusing demon child. You all stick together dont you? That dog never had a chance with people like this; no moral or values. Dogs are not lawn or porch ornaments like you all think and guess what, news flash they actually need water and protection from the elements to survive; but you people dont think of those without a voice as living, breathing souls you think of what they can do for you and when they have served their purpose just tie them up out in the back yard and forget them. And Cindy what in the hell does welfare fruad, drug dealers and that it is summer have to do with the deliberate neglect and suffering of a dog at the hands of Kelly Lazar and Mike Butler and their demon child? No one complains or judges people who treat others including animals with kindness and love you will be judged if you leave your dog on a hot porch day after day after day with no water, I see no innocent people here to leave alone Cindy from Connellsville!

Cinebar, WA

#14 Jul 26, 2012
There is no accidental reason for what happened to these dogs. Do not defend this kind of cruelty saying these people are 'good people!' They had the dog, they knew it was HOT outside, and care was not provided otherwise the dog would not be DEAD! These things happen by pure negligence and you have no defense!

Perth, Australia

#15 Jul 26, 2012
The fact that the neighbours had been calling the SPCA for a year indicates that they were worried about the health of the dog. I hope Kelly Lazar and Mike Butler get a punishment to fit their crime. Why leave a dog on a porch me why some people want animals and then just chain them up. Just buy a gnome or something!
Nice try you phony shills

United States

#16 Jul 27, 2012
Nice try with your phony shill ID's "Patty", "Bob" and "Cindy".
The easiest ploy in the world to get out of paying for your crimes is the "You have no right to judge" schtick, or similar words. If your friends (ah-hem) are so innocent, then why is that dog DEAD? That dog suffered needless for eons and is DEAD FOR NO GODDAMN REASON! That's permanent, like your friend's endless stupidity. F*ck you and your indifference to animal life. You're just trying to cover your a$$es now.
Same goes for those indifferent a$$holes at the SPCA. They belong in a cage too.

United States

#17 Jul 27, 2012
exactly. the people further above in this thread are trying to pull the "were you there?" scam, to get off the hook for this horrible crime. where was your great concern for right and wrong when that dog was slowly, slowly dying, you fu*king hypocrites? either these fake posters above are the accused defendants themselves, or their friends, or other people that don't mind abusing animals.

so who's really the animal here? you have enraged thousands and thousands of people worldwide, and this will not just go away. you should have thought of that when that dog needed you. now suddenly you care about fairness? fu*k you.

all i hope is that they find one needle in a haystack, ie, an honest judge that is not lazy or indifferent to life. yes, i read someplace that not all of them are crooks, but i have yet to see that proven.

thank god for facebook and all the other social sites that tell about abuse like this. you aint going to bury this in the dark and hope no one finds out. its far too late for that.

United States

#18 Jul 27, 2012
Nice try you phony shills wrote:
Nice try with your phony shill ID's "Patty", "Bob" and "Cindy".
The easiest ploy in the world to get out of paying for your crimes is the "You have no right to judge" schtick, or similar words. If your friends (ah-hem) are so innocent, then why is that dog DEAD? That dog suffered needless for eons and is DEAD FOR NO GODDAMN REASON! That's permanent, like your friend's endless stupidity. F*ck you and your indifference to animal life. You're just trying to cover your a$$es now.
Same goes for those indifferent a$$holes at the SPCA. They belong in a cage too.
^^YEP! What this person said!!
Helen in Osceola PA

Davidsville, PA

#19 Jul 27, 2012
When does having a license validate owning a dog? WTF! If someone was to leave a chold on their porch day after day after day in 100 degree temps, that WOULD BE AUTOMATIC child abuse and the parents WOULD BE arrested. Do they have a license for their child? NO, therefore if that was the case, no one should go out to investigate reports of child abuse or neglect. Where does common sense come into play in this world today? If you own an animal LICENSE OR NOT, if there is a report of neglect or cruelty, why the hell doesn't someone have the common sense to check it out? Unfortunately KARMA won't happen soon enough for this poor dog, but PEOPLE, OPEN YOUR EYES! Make the enforcement people responsible for this kind of offense responsible for THIS NEGLECT. They ARE as responsible for the dog's death as the owners. We as taxpaying citizens of this state and ALL other states need to start MAKING the public offices DO THE JOBS THAT WE ARE PAYING FOR. CALL again and again and again! Make enough of a bitch that they have to respond If we as THEIR BOSSES (that is what we are, as that is where our tax dollars go) do not get the proper responses then maybe "YOU'RE FIRED is what needs to be said so that at some point we can get the proper actions taken for horrific CRIMES like this!
Helen is right

United States

#20 Jul 27, 2012
I agree completely with Helen, who posted before me. The SPCA's excuse that they couldn't investigate because the dog was unlicensed is so incredibly stupid, corrupt, and negligent, there are no words whatsoever to justify this incredible display of inhumanity and depraved indifference to a poor suffering animal's life. Who, by the way, IS DEAD because of those fat lazy bastards at the SPCA, and those two scumbags who really should be euthanized.

I'll say it again for the retarded (read it real slow, SPCA fatasses): That innocent suffering dog IS DEAD because of those fat lazy bastards at the SPCA, and those two scumbags who really should be euthanized.

Charges for all involved, and my heart goes out to that dog ("Buddy") and the neighbor who desperately tried to save Buddy's life.

But try as they may, YOU JUST CANNOT FIX GROSS IGNORANCE, CORRUPTION, AND the INDIFFERENCE OF UTTER MORONS. They should have their children taken away, before they kill them too.

F*ck you Kelly Lazar, Mike Butler, and the crooked lazy a$$es at the uber-corrupt SPSA. I hope to God you feel what that dog felt, and IT CAN'T BE TOO SOON!

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